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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. Please do not use this form for personal questions relating to your own specific circumstances/issues. It is ok to use the form for questions which would be equally relevant to other people. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Alternatively, you can post your question on the Web Board.

Vortex Healing

Q: Do you know anything about Vortex Healing, Hai?

Hai: Yes,(smiles) it is healing from the vortex, which you are all in my friends;(laughs)the vortex of healing. Why is it my friends, upon your plane of earth, why is it the many who seek to generate names? It is amazing to us the number of creations that are spawned on your earth plane; creations of the mind, yes. While there is no particular harm in such creations of the mind yet they should not be held on to as uniquely different, as uniquely separate from other things. For there is healing energy all around you my friends, healing energy within you and you all, in your various ways, may tap into that healing and channel it. Therefore you should not worry too much about these different forms, these different schools, these different sects, these different messages. For you are all within the sea as the fish are within the sea, yes. You are all a part of the Universal Energy. It is like a fish in the sea with all these different names that you put to me at times. It is like a fish in the sea should be able to fill a cup of sea water and call it something different and another fish finds another cup which he fills with the sea water and calls it something different and so on and so on. At the end of the day what do we have? Seawater. So it is with all these different schools and traditions and leanings.

Q: I suspect that some may be drawn to one system of healing more than another and if they are, surely that system will be the best for them.

Hai: Yes and that as I say is all right. That is not something to worry about. But it is something to worry about when people advance their system beyond all others or create doubt and fear in others and say: "If you do not follow my tradition, my friend, you are lost. If you do not embrace the power of my tradition you are defeating yourself for you are in a lesser school or you are with a lesser power that will not be as effective in your dealings with people you are trying to help." All of this creates fear, apprehension, doubt and confusion and where there is fear, doubt, and confusion being created, this is a manifestation of a problem, yes, a negative influence.

Q: That runs counter to the way a lot of marketing is done in this day and age. Do you think the way business is done and therapies are marketed might be fairer and truer in the future?

Hai: Davia says it is like my friend you went down to your market where things are sold, like your fruit and vegetables. And he says one of the sellers hold out to you a beautiful pear and indeed this beautiful pear looks so lovely, so green, so healthy as the person holds it out to you. And he encourages you to buy his pear for he says you will encounter no better, no better in all the market, no better in the whole town than this pear which he offers you. Davia says you should get him to turn the pear around in all its directions so you can see the maggot eating it from the core on the other side of the skin which he presents to you. Therefore, (laughs) if this answers your question my friend you must be careful indeed of things which are presented to us and how they are presented to us. And be especially careful of those who claim to have the best of anything. For those who have the best of anything it may be suspected that they also have the best of egos (laughs). Yes, it is true is it not?

Q: What about attunements? There are various different kinds.

Hai: You are already attuned my friend. The attunements which you have in your reiki and other practices are what we could call facilitations. You are not dependant upon them, but they help you. It is like my friend, if you were to jump a three foot chasm, not a big chasm I admit, (laughs) but say you needed a nudge, the person who attunes you just nudges you so you take the jump. But you can attune yourself when it comes down to it.

Q: And do you do that by intention?

Hai: Intent is all, yes. Reaching out is all. This one (Paul) attuned himself with Eileen's help with us of spirit; no one else did, he did by reaching out. We reached out from our side and we met in the middle. (smiles) He may regret the meeting in the middle now, but we met in the middle, yes, and so we are bonded together for all time (laughs loudly), but we rely upon his continued cooperation, for all of you are self-determined, all of you choose your own fate, yes.

A Question from SW in Liverpool, England about Schizophrenia

Q:I have a close relative who is suffering from schizophrenia. Despite medication and mental health services her condition does not seem to be improving. She suffers from mania and at other times depression. It has been said that sometimes schizophrenia can be a spiritual awakening. Is that the case here or is it something else, as she seems to be detached from people and her actions? Is there anything specific that we can do as a family to help her get better? Is there anything she can do to help herself? Are there any specific therapies that would help her on a deep level?

Hai: No there are no particular magical ways to helping such a person. Such a person needs to feel love, needs to feel acceptance, needs to feel comradeship, communion. But there are no specific ways to help them, for they cut off from the main, cut off from the general flow and current. Therefore, it is a matter of trying to re-engage them with the general flow and current again, through love, acceptance, and togetherness. This calls for great patience, great fortitude, great strength, yes, in the hope that such will win through, will overcome the negativity that has taken hold of them.For they are victims of their own thoughts and thinking, victims of their own energies, of their own psyche. Therefore, it is important to try to adjust the flow of those energies, change the flow of the energies of their psyche to try to engage them with other things, to try to engage them with reality. This is no easy process. This is no easy condition to achieve. But if carried forward with consistency, with fortitude, with strength, with optimism, then it may be possible to break the flow, to change the course of events.

A member of the group asked:

Q: Is it true that schizophrenia can be a spiritual awakening or is that just a myth?

Hai: No. Not often. Not generally so. They may obtain flashes of insight but it is disordered, un-ordered, erratic, confusing.

Q: So are there no specific therapies that would help any more than she is already receiving?

Hai: Only the therapy of great love and great consistency, constancy: To attempt to re-engage them with reality. To attempt to win their minds back from illusion, imagination.

Kenneth the Canon on Friendship, Acceptance and Loving Kindness

Kenneth: So here we are together in the company of friends and it is a wondrous thing to be amongst friends. It is lovely, a feeling of security and peace and acceptance. That is what I always used to say when I was gathered amongst my friends, that it was the feeling of acceptance as you are that was the most wonderful gift that a friend gives you, the acceptance and the feeling of acceptance, a bond of acceptance, which is a wonderful gift that a friend can give. A a gift freely given never taken away. And you I see are all good friends, together. The man with the D (Davia) has spoken to me, he says: "Yes that's true. It is true, it is very, very true. They even put up with their smells." (laughs) Yes that's true friendship indeed. To smile, to pass the moment, the minute, the hour, in total patience and tolerance of the smell (laughs).

Q: What is your name?

Kenneth: My name is Kenneth.

Q: What did you do when you were last on the earth plane?

Kenneth: I read a lot. I read a lot. I was a Canon. (church) I fired off every Sunday morning; (laughs loudly) twenty guns!

Q: Were you a religious Canon?

Kenneth: (Laughs again). The concept my dear lady inspires me to think there may be religious and non-religious Canons. (laughs) But I suppose those that were on Nelson's ship at the battle of Trafalgar could be called non-religions canons. Although some of them I know would be hard to comment thus because those who tended them used to bless them at every firing. (laughs) And they used to wish a blessing upon the recipient. (laughter) So I do not know whether it could be said that they were non-religious canons, (laughs) though I think the recipients would have called it into question.

Q: Did you have a sense of humour with your congregation?

Kenneth: No. I was once asked by my curate, how long a sermon should be and I said to him: "Well, Jeremy, it is in the eyes. You look at their eyes as you deliver your sermon and you let the time pass to the point that you start to see their eyes glazing over and then you abruptly say something, anything, to bring them suddenly to. And this I said creates in them a healthy feeling of guilt for the week. (laughs raucously) They are then endeavouring of their best efforts for the rest of the seven days by which time you must administer another portion.

Q: Where you happy with your work?

Kenneth: I was content at it. I was very comfortable at it. Yes comfortable is the word I think. And I was a reasonably kindly soul I think. If anyone was in need of help or encouragement I would always give them the time of day. I would always sit down and talk to them about their complaints and problems, their trials.

Someone asked if he was a Roman Catholic Cannon. This started him laughing again and making more jokes about the cannons on the ships. When he finished laughing, he continued:

Kenneth: I was altogether quieter in my temperament and approach. I did not need to deliver a broad side to my parishioners or to the charges in my care. I felt that a more subtle approach on the whole was of more benefit to them. Sympathy and kindness I found won more hearts than a broadside, yes. The thing is with the broadside it leaves a hole in the heart whereas loving kindness brings a feeling of warmth to the heart. And there is so much need for loving kindness in your times as there was in mine. If only people could inculcate in themselves a feeling of loving kindness towards others. They would see then the benefit. They would feel the good that they did, the warmth that they received in return, the bond of acceptance.

This my friends is a wondrous thing to do; to help others, to feel the loving kindness flow from you. I do not say I always achieved this, you understand, but I made it my aim. In the space of the moment loving kindness can wither, can it not, in the trials of the day and the press of the day. But if we but try to keep the aim of it then I think that can be all that is expected of us, to come back to again and again; to maintain that aim, that feeling of loving kindness to others. That is the beauty. Even when we are given rough treatment in return, even when we are given a rough tongue in return, even when we feel let down in return, yet if we can maintain that loving kindness my friends, we will reach all without question someday. We will reach everyone without question some day, without question. Not everyone in their present lifetime perhaps but undoubtedly one day we will reach them.

That is the philosophy we adopt when working with those in the greyer realms; to reach to them with loving kindness. The difficulty is, as is often the case with people on your plane, that they do not judge themselves worthy of loving kindness and that is a terrible affliction and a terrible barrier for us to surmount. For if they could only put down the barrier they would feel our loving kindness and all would be well. But they put the 'port cullis' down, the barrier, and prevent it from entering them, prevent the loving kindness from flowing to them. So they cannot feel it for they deny it. And they deny their own worthiness of it. They deny the possibility that anyone would have loving kindness toward them. And in doing this they deny themselves, they deprive themselves and they block us out when all we would do is shower loving kindness upon them. It is a sad thing is it not? A sad, sad thing. But we persevere and we endure and we would persevere until the hell freezes over (laughs) if there were a hell to freeze over. But we would persevere till the ends of time. But that will not be necessary, for we shall prevail, we shall endure and we shall win over those who would deny themselves, who disparage themselves, who do not see their own loving worthiness, but we do, we do. Goodbye my friends, my beautiful friends. Remember the Canon (smiles).

Q: Do you work in the grey realms?

Kenneth: Yes I do work in them. I work in them as you might work one day if you so wish, but I work in them now. Goodbye.

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