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Spirit Answers to Visitors' Questions during January and February 2008

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. Please do not use this form for personal questions relating to your own specific circumstances/issues. It is ok to use the form for questions which would be equally relevant to other people. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Alternatively, you can post your question on the Web Board.

Will we become more multidimensional in the future?

Q: Is it true that we are to become more multidimensional in the future and if so what does that mean?

Hai: This great world is a great universe of which you are a part and has many, many dimensions of which you are aware, yes? Therefore, as you progress through your earthly plane existence, as a species I mean, you will find that you become more aware of these dimensions. You are already touching upon many. If you think about periods earlier in your history you would not have had things like radio or television or your satellites or such things. But your inventors have invented these things or rather they have discovered the potential that these things can exist because of the underlying nature of reality. Therefore, in a sense, all you are doing is exploring the many layers of an onion as you pull back layer by layer and discover more and more. Therefore, in a sense you unravel these dimensions as you become more wise, as you become knowing, as you become more aware of the nature of the reality in which we all live.

There are many discoveries to come, many discoveries to come. And this world, or your experience of this world, will change beyond all recognition in the course of time. We do not speak only of your own lifetime though; we speak of the lifetimes to come.

Q: In what way will the world be different, Hai?

Hai: You will be more aware of the nature of reality, the nature of the universe, of the vibrations that permeate it. It is like the bee that we have spoken of before. If you could see the world through the eyes of the bee you would see a radically different world to the world that you see now with your eyes. And so it will be with future generations, that they will experience and see a world in a different way, as if they had new eyes, for they will be open to new realities, new possibilities, new vibrations.

Q: Is that because they will be generally more evolved or just that we are going to....

Hai: There will be a reaching out of consciousness. But this is only, in one sense, a continuation of the reaching out of consciousness which is already underway, which has been underway through the whole of evolution. But it is not that you become more spiritual in a sense, it is merely that you grow in your spirituality but not only in your spirituality but in your husbandry of the world, of the universe. You become both more at one with it and able to reap its benefits to experience the fullness of its bounty, to manage the resourses which it unfolds for you.

Q: That sounds very optimistic.

Hai: And why should you not be optimistic?

Q: Well there seems to be so much fighting everywhere at the present time and it is hard to imagine a time too near in the future when there will be improvement.

Hai: Yet if you were to be embroiled in a battle around a mountainside and you were to take the path high up the mountain, you would reach the peak and you would be able to look beyond the lines of battle, to places of great peace and tranquillity and progress. Therefore, if you take the longer view, the wider view, all these things will pass in time.

Q: Will that have anything to do with more peaceful people reaching positions of power in Government?

Hai: This will help, but it will not be down only to individuals of good influence, it will be down to the people seeking such influence, seeking leaders who will bring such influence to bear. Therefore you should not rely on good leaders emerging without the will for them to emerge, but rather the people will bring them forth.

Q: So we will probably all be back here then but with a different coat on? (Referring to reincarnation).

Hai: (Hai smiles). Perhaps, perhaps not.

Q: Will this be all gradual or will there be a major bang?

Hai: No, there will be no major bang, but there will be some bangs which will, how you say, (pause) knock your heads together, which will cause some people to rethink, to think there must be a better way, a more productive way.

One member commented that he found it hard to be optimistic when there seems to have been continuing trouble and differences between the peoples of the world. Hai responded:

Hai: People, my friend, must not see others as opposite to themselves, different to themselves. They must look at their brother and sister and see the mirror of their own image reflected, for we are all One as I have said many a time. We all share a common Life Blood, a common Energy within us all. Therefore, they should see this within their brother and sister. Tell me who would hack off their own arm? But they do not see this. They look at their brother and sister and see an alien being, but this alien being is an alien thought of their own creation, their own projection and thus they hate it when they should love.

Q: In the past when there's been an injustice, for example discrimination against women and ethnic groups, the scales often seem almost to tip in the opposite direction before we find some comfortable balance. Do you think this will need to happen between the Christian and Muslim societies before there can be proper balance?

Hai: There should be a reaching out, my friend, with arms of compassion. There should be a free willing sharing of knowledge of your technology to enable those lands who are without, to have. Therefore, technology should be a gift for all, as a service to all so that there be no rich nations, no poor nations but rather a commonwealth of loving compassion and support.

Q: But can that happen without the scales tip in the opposite direction first?

Hai: Yes. It can happen without the scales tipping, but oftentimes in your history, as you have rightly said, the scales have been required to tip to bring about revolution, improvement, progression, change. But is it not better for things to come about in a planned and gradual smooth evolution rather than militant change?

Q: It often doesn't happen like that though.

Hai: It is your choice as human beings who minister to your planet how this change will come into being, but it is better that it be a smooth slow transition. People respond to loving help and support. They may doubt its intent at first, but if it is constant and straightforward then they recognise this as constant and straightforward and trustworthy and they will respond to this. But it must be even-handed for there are many situations where help is given, but it is not even-handed. This breeds further mistrust, further violence, further discrimination as you call it. Therefore, it is important that all are reached, all are reached in equality of help and support.

Jackie from the UK asked a question about Planning an earthly life and issues around predestination and free will

Q: If we choose our next lives for our better growth and so the same with our children, being a group choice, how can we have free will? If the parent(s) err from their path, wouldn't that alter the child's chart and its ability to continue with its life choice, thinking its life would be with the parents. Or would they know before hand of the event? If both parents and children have formerly charted these together it would seem to me to be predestined, but then where does the free will come in? There are no mistakes and no rights or wrongs? I can't get this together and cannot answer another's question concerning this.

Hai: This person is becoming lost in a maze of her own thoughts. It is not so difficult. The reality is that we may pick the general pattern of our lives, but as we have said before, we can change that once we are living upon the earth plane. Therefore there is a synchronicity also between the paths of parents and children; there is no contradiction in this. Parents choose the pattern of their life to a greater or lesser extent. Children choose the pattern of their life to a greater or lesser extent. And within these patterns there is much freedom, movement, and much freedom of choice. Therefore, there is no predestination in the sense of which the person speaks and indeed there is room for right and wrong choices within the pattern.

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