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Visitors' Questions during October 2002

This page will be revised at the beginning of each month.

The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Occasionally, we may ask people who have received responses to personal questions if they are happy to give their consent to posting on this site an extract of the response which they have received if we feel that it could also be of benefit to others.

Spirit communication between different realms:

Q: I was thinking about the different levels of the spirit world and wondering if, whatever level you and Davia are on, would you still be able to communicate with us?

Hai: Yes we may still communicate with you. We are able to transcommunicate accross different levels, different planes of spirit world and your planes also. We are able to bridge the gaps, the dimensions across time and space, in order to reach you. So this not a problem for us.

Q: I just wondered whether, when you reached the top, you would still be able to communicate.

Hai: Reach the top? (Laughter).

Q: Is it the 7th level?

Hai: We have difficulty when we move on to more refined, more nebulous levels, this is true. But, within constraints, we are able to attempt communication with you. I am able on my level to communicate with you and many other dimensions, many other levels, planes. Therefore this not big problem for me.

Q: I wondered whether, even if you are able, you wouldn't get permission to do so?

Hai: No not about permission, not about permission. Tis about conditions, tis about ability, skills, ability to adapt, to refine self, own vibration, to enable engagement with other realms, other spheres, other levels. No policeman waving hand to stop me.

Q: I had thought that perhaps you were not allowed once you had gone so far?

Hai: No, it more to do with level of refinement, rairified condition. This make it more difficult sometimes to return to energy levels of other planes, to operate in energy levels of other planes. Sometimes more difficult.

Q: Is it as much that other spirits may not want to move around so much?

Hai: This true, this true. They are cut off. They are participating in the new realm, in the other more rairified, realm, this is true. And therefore their attention, their interest, is more locked into this realm than on previous realms they may have travelled through. But those who have deep love, deep afinity for other realms from which they have progressed, can more easily retain ability to travel across the dimensions. Like if you retain skill, you develop skill, you keep skill, yes? But if you put your skill to one side you become rusty. It falls out of use, it becomes difficult. It is more in the nature of this. We like to visit you and your realm.

Q: Why is that Hai?

Hai: We have deep karma towards your realm. We have deep attachment towards your realm.

Q: The desire to help?

Hai: Yes and to share.


Q: Davia is becoming very serious and philisophical these days.

Hai: Yes, we are getting through to him. He would say he is getting through to us. But he deep philosopher in own right. He deep thinker in own right. But he like to make people laugh. He like to make people happy. Therefore he make point of doing this, but he deep waters behind shallow presentation.

Q: I think the most valuable thing you can do is to make people laugh.

Hai: Yes this is so, but laugh from the heart not the mouth. Laughter from the heart great medicine. Laughter from the heart great cure. Laughter from the mind and the mouth not so good.

Q: No, I don't like tacky jokes.

Hai: Even putting aside tacky jokes, some humour, some jokes, are more light, more of the mind. This is ok so far as go, but if some humour, some laughter, come from heart, whole person laugh. When you laugh from heart, this is good therapy. This is good for health.

Q: Do you mean comedy situations, like in general life?

Hai: Sometimes there is much to be found in life. Much laughter to be found in life, in ordinary conditions of life. Good to have awareness of funny side of life. Good to be ready to laugh at the funny side of life.

Electro-Magnetic Therapy:

Q: I have heard of a particular therapy where magnets are used to promote health. Does this do anything or is it just another case of it helping if the mind believes it will help.

Hai: The body is magnetic in energy nature. If it possible to affect, some times, some parts of the electrical magnetic system of body, this may be of some benefit. But you must know what you are doing. Not many on your plane understand the energy systems of body yet. Do not understand full nature of electrical magnetic condition of body. Therefore this therapy still limited because of ignorance, because of low knowledge of people who practice this therapy.

Q: Could what we know now actually cause harm to people?

Hai: It is not likely to do much damage. Not likely to do much good either. Early days, but there is a future in this long term.

Q: They sometimes seem to put them on acupunture ponts. Is this some benefit?

Hai: Some benefit.

Contradictions in views of Guides over reincarnation:

Q: I spoke to you some time back about Abu (another medium's Guide) who says that reincarnation does not happen. Is that because the Channel was not able to accept it?

Hai: Some people cannot accept reincarnation. This not important in scheme of things. For accepting reincarnation or not, not essential to living good life. Therefore, it is not worth losing sleep over if person unable to accept it. But, for those who are able to accept it, it is indeed the truth, the reality.

Q: Does Abu lie then when he says there is no reincarnation or does he genuinely believe that there isn't. And can he still be a guide?

Hai: There are many factors which affect all this. For it may be that the mind of the medium has intervened in this, also. Because, if the medium's mind is against reincarnation, against the notion of rebirth, then the spirit guide may be unable to convey these messages through this medium. For the medium's mind is all powerful in many ways, if the message is rejected at the unconscious level.

Q: Colin Fry's guide, Magnus, also rejects the idea of reincarnation.

Hai: We know this, but he have perhaps block. He have perhaps opinion that reincarnation not the case. You must remember also, though, that some spirits who come to spirit land are in spirit land for what seem an eternity. They in part of spirit land with other spirits who are also in same part of spirit land as if for eternity. Idea of reincarnation may seem jubious, you understand. Because we are in spirit land does not mean we are all knowing, does not mean we know the whole truth or the whole reality. Does not mean that we know what goes on everywhere. Therefore, you must be cautious with what you hear from us, all of us. This is why we tell you to question, to question and test and decide what fits with your understanding of reality. You know in your heart if something go against the grain.

Q: There will surely be some things that we will hear that will surprise us. Don't we need to know some things that are new to us to make us think?

Hai: Yes it's true.

Q: So these spirits who have not moved on very much and are not aware of reincarnation; would they still be allowed to act as guides?

Hai: Well, there is no Police state. People connect with their minds, with their thoughts, their beings, their spiritual beings. There is no police state to stop this. Spirit lands are as varied as the world which you inhabit, with as many differing opinions and views as the world in which you inhabit. You must not think otherwise. You must not think us clones of each other, who have lost our individuality, who have been imprinted with a grand stamp of some kind. No, there is much viriety, much variation of views and thoughts.

Q: So is the truth, then, the truth for anyone as they know it at that particular time?

Hai: Yes.

Q: Which could change the next week or the next month?

Hai: Their understanding of the truth. The truth does not change, but their understanding of the truth may draw nearer to the reality or may withdraw, retreat from the reality.

Q: But the truth is the truth.

Hai: The truth is the truth in the sense of the ultimate experience of Reality. The ultimate experience of Reality cannot be questioned. It is beyond conjecture. It is beyond argument and debate. But those who have experienced the ultimate experience of Reality are relatively few, compared to the millions of beings who have lived.

Q: Those few people who have experienced It, will they all see the Truth in the same way?

Hai: They would see the Truth, or rather they would know the Truth, in the same way. But when they express the Truth it could vary in the forms which they use to express It, particularly when they try to convey their experience to those of the earth plane, for they have to use the forms and symbols of the earth plane to convey their experience of Reality. And, therefore, they are bound and constricted and restricted; constrained by these forms and symbols.

Q: But would those few express the Truth in the same way to each other?

Hai: They would know what the experience of the other had been and in this knowing there is a oneness of experience, a oneness of understanding, at the level of experience and understnading. But in expressing their experience, their understanding of their experience, we have variation again.

Question of the Month

Wendy from Scarborough in England asked the following question:

Q: Many years ago when I was developing I saw a man who had gone into trance and he disappeared before my eyes and a holy man stood in his place. I was left with a feeling I cannot discribe and it lasted for two weeks.I was told this 15 years previous to it happening. Before I saw the holy man I was looking at a Centurion who was watching over a young boy in the congregation and he was talking to me by thought and told me he was calming him down for what was to happen on the rostrum. No one has ever been able to explain this to me. The holy man I saw was Zodiac. Still i think about it and wonder. Did I see a dematerialisation of a person living and a materialisation of a spiriit? It never ceases to amaze me.

Hai: Yes, she has seen an apparent dematerialisation of this other person who was on platform and an apparent materialisation of the spirit guide Zodiac. But this was proof for her of spirit survival, of the spirit world, of the spirit lands. This was proof, special proof, given to her of the spirit world. But she not see person dematerialise in actuality, but rather see spirit materialise in her mind yes. We can use special faculty of mind to convey sights and images, can use special faculty of third eye to convey special images, special sights that person may see as if they are in physical world. Therefore this is what happened on this occassion, that we are able to manipulate the visual system of this person to bring about an apparent dematerialisation and an apparant materialisation.

This is no the less outstanding, amazing, because we have done it this way. It is still a marvel, an amazing experience which few have had. Therefore we would say, we would encourage this person to accept this for what it is. To accept it as evidence for her, special evidence for her, special proof for her of spirit survival, of the reality of the spirit lands. That it has been given to her through the mechanisms of her mind is no the less a marvel than if the person had simply materialised in front of whole congregation, for whole congregation to see. It is special proof for her. It may be that boy also saw this happening. She must ask boy what he saw, what he experienced. It maybe that he and some other member of congregation saw this thing. But she should not let herself be agitated over this. She should just accept experience for what it is as giving special evidence for her, to her. That it was Zodiac is significant because as it is him rather than any other spirit, rather than an ordinary spirit, this giving special sign to her of the guidance which is available to all. The guidance which is available to her also from enlightend spirits. Therefore it is giving further evidence of divine guidance which directs and guides whole creation.

A member of the group asked a follow on question:

Q: Who is Zodiac?

Hai: Zodiac is enlightend master. Zodiac is enlightend master, what you may call, some people may call "Ascended Master". So there are many of these.

Q: I'm still not sure what an "Ascended Master" is.

Hai: Master who has gone on to higher realm.

Q: So he's somebody!!

Hai: He "big cheese", hah.

Q: There seems to be a lot of these "big cheeses".

Hai: All small "big cheeses" compared to Great Cheese.

Q: So one of these days you might be a Zodiac type level person?

Hai: How you know I not already, hah? No matter. These things are matter of place, of value, of role, station, no matter.

Q: Doesn't he talk about Christianity though Hai?

Hai: Yes, he more linked to Christianity, but in divine scheme of things he want to channel for Divine Truth. But there are many channels for Divine Truth. Some channels use the forms, the symbolisms of other religions. This does not matter. Most important thing is Essential Truth behind all religions, this One Truth behind all religions which finds It's own expression in these myriad forms of religions.

Q: Are there other spirits at the same level as Zodiac?

Hai: Oh yes, and higher and higher.

Q: Is Silver Birch an Ascended Master?

Hai: Yes, but it is not important this "Ascended Master", "Middle of the Road Master". This not important. Most important thing is the truth which they convey. They all may convey truth according to their own ability, according to need of people whom they talk to. This is what important.

Q: Silver Birch always came through as a humble indian didn't he?

Hai: Humble indian of great stature.

Q: I have not felt as comfortable reading Zodiac as when reading Silver Birch, but perhaps we all need something different.

Hai: This is so. We all need some different expression of truth according to our ability to understand it, to interpret it, to appreciate it. Therefore we all need some difference of presentation. There is no harm in this providing the One Truth is expressed in these various forms. But we have spoken before of how these forms may be adopted and distorted for man's ends. This of course is great shame, great pity, great travisty of Truth. But providing forms mirror, find expression for themselves, expression of the One Mind, the One Truth, there is no harm in these different, myriad, mirrored, forms of religion.

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