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Visitors' Questions during July/August 2004

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page.

Amarola (the prostitute)

Amarola said she lived before the Egyptian times in that general area of the world. She said she became a prostitute after her parents died. She was eighteen years of age and had two young siblings aged six and seven to take for. There was no one to look after them. Her relatives had problems of their own and couldn't help.

Q: Well they say that prostitution is the oldest profession.

Amarola: Yes well it could be pleasant on a good day. (Laughter)

Q: Did you enjoy your work?

Amarola: Yes (laughing) on a good day. Depending upon whom you were with. Some were unpleasant characters; dirty, nasty characters. Some were kind. It is funny, they all came for the same thing, but they were all very different characters. (Laughing). The whole swathe of humanity passed through me. You will forgive the analogy.

Q: Did you have to do it for the money or did you just choose to do it?

Amarola: It was a way to make a good living.

Amarola then explained that she was a 'classy' prostitute and had eventually owned her own brothel. She explained that life was hard. The peasants were poor and starving. She had continued to look after her young brother and sister along with the girls in the brothel. She told us that her girls had no families also and so were glad of the family life and protection she offered. She had never married explaining that she had many suitors on the earth plane; 'many dear, dear friends' but her family had her first attention and responsibility. We asked if she had met anyone she felt particularly close to since going to the spirit world. Her voice changed and became more solemn. This was her message.(Notice how she uses the term we)

Amarola: Yes we have seen someone whom we would perhaps like to spend more time with. It has been difficult for us to settle on one person because we have been so used to living in a crowd of people. It was beautiful at one level because it was such a sharing, supportive atmosphere; one big family like I have indicated. We all shared each other's lives and cared for each other and looked after each other. But when you have lived in a big family like that, and I imagine it may be similar for, what you might call a 'proper family', it can be difficult to enter into more intimate relationships with a single person, one individual. Do you follow me?

It is important in our lives to have the experience of being able to do both of these things, to be able to embrace a large number of people and to relate to them in close intimacy in compassion and love. But it is also important to be able to give of another person at a more deeper level and to share in a deeper intimacy. Do you follow me? Do you agree with me? Some people cannot do this, as I could not. They have difficulty in giving of themselves to one individual person in depth, in greater intimacy, because they need and get used to having a crowd of people around them whom they may be very friendly and loving and giving towards, but it is partly because it protects them from feeling too much of themselves. You follow me? And you do not get to fully know every aspect of the person because they operate in a certain way when they are with a crowd of people.

This allows them to operate in a certain way and they are able to play and replay a certain way of being. There is danger in this also in families or in groups because people can sometimes get stereotyped or labelled or placed into a certain role or relationship or status within the family or the group. They then become actors or actresses in this role or status and therefore their freedom is restricted. They need to break free from this to discover themselves and that the relationships with all may bear fruit to their fullest measure. But they cannot do this if they are restricted too much by this way of relating to each other, which becomes like the act of a play repeated adnauseum.

Q: I suppose it would protect you from painful emotions, would it?

Amarola: This is true. We can protect ourselves by limiting the depths of our involvement and way of relating to someone. This is partly the lesson which I wish to convey to you also, that to an extent we limited in our brothel, the depth and intensity of the relationships, for they were transient relationships even though sometimes pleasant relationships. We restricted the depth of them because if we did not it would make us vulnerable to hurt, to emotional turmoil, which would then have undermined our work and we needed our work to survive.

Q: You sound very peaceful and calm.

Amarola: Yes I am now. I've had a lot of time to become peaceful and quiet.

Q: Do you enjoy life now?

Amarola: I do. There is a richness, which I did not have and enjoy when I was on the earth plane. I would have scarcely conceived of such a life as this that I now live. I was so immersed in the life of the flesh when I lived on the earth plane.

Q: Will you come back to the earth plane at some point?

Amarola: I do not know. I may well have to. I may well come back when the time is right, but it is not right yet, no.

Q: Does it feel like a long time that you've been in the spirit world?

Amarola: Yes it does feel like a long time only because I have watched the passing of your years and by that measure it seems like a long time. But by any other measure it would seem a short time. Yet I can look back and hear the ceremonial trumpet blow as I heard it blow when I lived on the earth plane. I used to go out with all my girls to watch the processions down the main streets of the city (laughing again) when the king returned from his futile wars and for other purposes like festivities and celebrations. They used to blow big long high trumpets and I can hear them plainly as I heard them then.

Q: What would you say to someone who takes up what you've described as 'classy prostitution' today?

Amarola: It is not ideal. It is not to be encouraged. The sexual act is the gateway to life and should be respected for that.

Q: If it were not for the outlet that prostitution provides, do you think more women would be attacked?

Amarola: (A pause). Well whether yea or nay it shows a necessity for men to grow up in their relationship and dealings with women. Well I think I must be on my way. I am very happy to have spent some time with you and I wish you happier lives. I think, all things considered, you will have happier lives compared to my times. Goodbye. I give you a lucky coin each. (Smiling) It is not tainted money.

John the Entrepreneur

John began by telling us he liked a drink when on the earth plane and the communication started with some jovial discussion about how to drink wine. He told us that he had sold goods and travelled by ship to other countries with his 'specialist' wares. There was further joviality when we discussed how it had been necessary to lean overboard to be sick in rough seas in his day and we compared that to the current modern receptacles available now. The laughter was hilarious and then our visitor appeared to be receiving some instructions from Davia (Spirit Gate Keeper). He then said the following:

John: He is telling me to move on because, he says "there are no appropriate contents for another book in this my friend, move on". (More laughter from both sides followed). "He says they do not have people who wish to spend good money buying some book to hear about the technical specifications for receptacles to gather vomit or for wind direction advice on leaning over the boat". The laughter eventually subsided and someone asked:

Q: What kind of a life did you have then?

John: I had a busy life. I was a trader in wares. No ordinary trader mind you, but what you would call an entrepreneur; a successful trader in other words.

He then directed his voice to the French man in our group and said:

John: As good as any French man on your side of the Channel my friend and there were some good entrepreneurs there I shall tell you, because I knew some of them. The language of enterprise and money surpassed any problems of language of the ordinary kind. We each only knew a smattering of the other's language, but we overcame such meagre difficulties with our talk of commerce. I know my friends -

John stopped mid sentence and appeared to be talking to Davia again. He then told us:

John: "Get to the point", Davia is saying, "Get to the point". The point of this my friends, as Davia so generously puts it, yes: that as we found the common language of commerce was the greater language which we knew. Because the language we had been indoctrinated into at our birth divided us. The common language of commerce was a mightier language by far, which embraced us, which connected us, which struck a deep friendship between us in ways which would be hard to understand. So Davia is getting me to the point, which is - Love. Love is a mighty language that can strike connections in ways that can deepen beyond understanding, but which are sure and certain to connect our hearts regardless of our differences. So there you have it.

Q: Is this about us reaching out to people in the Arab world?

John: Yes reaching out, but not just to those people in the Arab world who we may have spoken to you about of late, but to all peoples in all climbs in all countries, (smiling) vomiting on the seas or not. If you can put up with my sea sickness analogy a bit further: You have to weather the storms. For storms there will be when you do something which some people do not like. For it is against their interests, as they perceive it, their egotistic influences and presumptions. But there we have it and we must still do it. Like your weary old traveller on the road, my friends ( a reference to our guided meditation earlier).

Q: What do you do now in the spirit world?

John: I do various things. I am a man of many talents even though I say so myself. I do a bit of that, a bit of this, a bit of the other, which does not mean your 'other'. I am versatile in my employ. You do not need to strike out on one tack you know, you can pursue a number. You may add variety to your repertoire on this plane as you can on your plane. There is much to be said for that. It keeps your interest alive. I study the books in the mighty libraries here. Sometimes you do not need to read them as such; you can connect with them, their gist and read their inner deeper meaning. Sometimes you can go to the author and ask for a synopsis, (laughs), yes the cheat's way. They shake their heads, but they still give me the synopsis then bid me go back to the work.

Q: Is the library vast?

John: Yes and it expands as you go through it, but time and space are no constraints here. It is like you can go to a section on this, a section on that and as you walk to the section, there it is manifesting before you where some might say it did not exist or manifest before. Yet truly it did manifest, it did exist yet it was not within your awareness until you sought it out. Can you understand this? So there are no limitations on time or space here.

Q: If it is not within your awareness until you seek it out, how do you know to seek it out?

John: Because you have an inner need, an inner knowing and there you are, there it is, before your very eyes.

Q: So you don't know that you know before it is time for you to know, is that what you mean?

John: It's time for you know? Yes well there's a concept, there's an idea. For where there is no time when is the time for you to know? (Laughs). Yes that's a conundrum for you. Time is a relative thing, my friends, constructed like you construct your buildings and works of art.

Q: Isn't time just a measurement as in distances?

John: Yes it is a measurement at one level but yet there are other measurements of time are there not, in your world? The measurements of change yes, but in the middle of vast Changelessness where does change pertain also? Change itself is an illusion. For within the change is Changelessness, which makes the change possible for you. Change is only possible because of Changelessness, the nature of the very essence of all.

Q: Is change and changelessness a synonym for evolution?

John: No it is something different. For on your planet you have evolution, which is indeed a synonym for change at one level, but yet there is a Changelessness within evolution, within change itself. There is a mighty Knowing, a Oneness at the Centre, a Stillness at the Centre and this Stillness absorbs and generates all change, knows all things and it is certain of Itself yet embracing all - embracing all (smiling again.) Even the poor marina with his head stuck over the boat vomiting. It embraces even him in his moment of pain and agony.

Q: I would think he would be hoping for some change in his circumstances.

John: Truth; you are right sir. Change for the poor mariner is a respite, having emptied the contents of his stomach overboard.

There was some further conversation about the kind of goods our visitor traded in and he told us that he was last on the earth plane some three or four hundred years ago. He explained that he'd had a wife on the earth plane but explained that 'the connection was not well established on this earthly plane' because of his interests and activities. He had sought female company when on his many journeys, which had not bode well for the marital relationship. He is not with his wife in the spirit world. He finished with:

John: Well I think it is time for me to be upping anchor, so I shall be away with the first wind. You can call me John, John the entrepreneur. We do so like these add on's you know. It so much captures the flavour of us than merely our name. Fare thee well then and fair sailing to you all with smooth seas, (smiling), without the requirements of your cardboard box.

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