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Visitors' Questions during June 2003

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page.

Susan from Denver, Colorado, asked the following question about Edgar Cayce.

Q: I have a question regarding Edgar Cayce, the well-known psychic. Much of his information seems incredibly accurate and helpful, but on the other hand a lot of it seems steeped in Christian doctrine. I've found that the Bible is simply not the book for me. How can a psychic be right on in one area, but not so accurate in another? How can you ever know who to trust for information?

Hai: We have said before that we use what vehicle is available to us. Therefore, some vehicles have been indoctrinated into Christian faith, someone else into Buddhist faith and so on and yet each in their way may be suitable vehicles to transmit the truth, to transmit wisdom, to transmit teachings. Therefore we use them as best we can to convey our messages. They for their part are acting in good faith; believe in the religion of their choice, which they were brought up in perhaps. They are committed to their religion. They have put that shoe on their foot and they walk with it through their lives. So that is fine, that is ok. We can work with that.

But you must distinguish the communication that comes through from the background, dogma, context in which it may be spoken. It may not be a problem, but sometimes it may be, depending upon how ingrained, how committed the person is to their particular religion and their version of truth. It may affect the message, sometimes it may not.

Therefore, there is no easy answer to the second part of the question, about how we should choose, how we should know, how we should identify when truth has been spoken. It is rather that we already know the truth in our inner most heart. And when it is spoken it resonates in our heart and we know it to be true; we know it for the truth it is. Therefore, we know when it resonates with our own hearts. We cannot put aside the responsibility for making this judgement, this assessment. We must take responsibility for ourselves, for divining what is the truth and what is not. We should not accept what anyone has to say, no matter how saintly, no matter how benevolent, no matter how learned they appear. We should not accept anything from anyone unless it resonates in the truth of our own hearts, when truth is honestly sought.

Susan also asked a question about the relationship between the spiritual and physical worlds.

Q: Is the spirit world a mere shadow of the physical world, or is it the other way around -- is the physical world a mere shadow of the spirit world? Or, which is closest to the truth?

Hai: The spirit land is a mere shadow of the physical world and the physical world is a mere shadow of the spiritual world. There is a Oneness in all things. What would you have me say; this part or that part of the vast Oneness? If you could even speak in this way, which you cannot, but humour me (smiling), because if I say this part of the vast Oneness, the Suchness, is more real than that part of the vast Oneness, the Suchness, it makes no sense, makes no sense. And we cannot even talk of this and that when we speak of the One Mind.

A group member commented that she had read in a book that the physical world was based upon the spirit world.

Hai: There is One Nature and all is based on this One Nature, whether in the spirit or in the physical. One Nature prevails. You trouble your minds with all manner of things; your poor minds you trouble them so when all is simplicity. When you split your minds with some of your questions you give yourselves anxiety, confusion, when there is simple Essence within, behind, underneath this question; simple One Truth, One Essence. Some questions are useful to ask, others can create confusion in the mind. Yet even in asking the question it points to the Truth, the Oneness, the Suchness, the underlying Reality. It is like, if I give you an analogy: what is the most important part of the football the outer skin, or the inner skin? What is your answer? How can you split outer skin and inner skin? You cannot.

Karena from England had a question about some of her experiences.

Q: I have had experiences of spirit world tugging my quilt then soon after that my ornament changed colour under the glaze. I went to a spiritualist church and they say I am gifted in some way. It happened 3 year ago. Just wanted to know if there was a logical reason why that happened to me? The colour changed fom light brown to a mottled blue.

Hai: Well sheís open to spirit influences, sheís open to spirit communication, spirit energies. Therefore sheís had these experiences. Someone has tugged at quilt to let her know that they are there, to attract her to the energies about her. And also she is senstitive to energies within things, energies within physical things. For you must remember that we are all on different vibrations. Everything is on different vibrations, but linked vibrations, so it is not a matter of seeing things in physical world, things in spiritual world, but rather they are on different energy vibrations. Therefore they are all linked. Therefore our sight, our perception of all these things is linked. But she is sensitive to the energies of these things about her, her ornaments. Therefore sheís sensitive to their energies, their energy fluctuations, changes, shifts. Therefore she is sensitive to the world around her at a deeper level, more fundamental level. If she practices and keeps herself open to these things, the influences, the vibrations, she may be able to develop her skills.

A group member asked: Does the colour change have any significance?

Hai: Yes blue is spiritual yes, spiritual wisdom. Itís a good colour.

Stuart and Zena from Birmingham in England asked a question about the "Bible Code".

Q: Our question concerns the Bible Code, I've just read the book by Michael Drosnin and Eli Rips. It was a very thought provoking read. I don't know if this has been covered before, but, does Hai know if all this is true, or is it a hoax or a fake, or a major major coincidence?

Hai: No, no, this is coincidence. I tell you if you take any book you wish to choose and you create a code, create a formula, which you will apply to the book, you will come up with something. You can work from code to create meaning of anything.

A group member asked if the authors believed it to be true?

Hai: Yes, they do believe itís true. There are many who believe that such things are true. For example there are those who take astrology too far and believe all manner of things connected with astrology. There is a grain of truth in astrology perhaps, but you can take it too far.

Derek from Kent in England asked a question about Euthenasia

Q: The News has items regarding the approval of some countries allowing individuals to be given the opportunity of choosing an early death of dignity using humane medical assistance to pass over. Does this earlier and self determined termination of life before the due day have any implications in passing over?

Hai: The questioner leaps on to the secondary question without the first one being asked or answered. It assumes that this is ok practice in the first instance, then moves on to ask what are the consequences when the person moves on to spirit lands. But I say to you that it is not a desirable practice. It is not a desirable practice in the first instance. For although it can be frustrating, painful life in cases of some people yet we should try to make life comfortable and pain free as far as possible in the final stages, but without assisting, accelerating the death of this person.

But there is no blame in this matter. There are no serious consequences in this matter in terms of their death coming about; in terms of them moving into the spirit land having accomplished their death in the way you speak of. But they will learn that it is not the best way to proceed to the spirit land. That it is best to let nature take its course, with help to live peaceful, pain free life as far as possible in the latter stages.

A group member asked: Sometimes when people have been in great pain in the past doctors have given more morphine than they should knowing that it would hasten the end for them. Does that affect the person if it hasnít been their choice to bring the end of their life nearer?

Hai: Well the personís doctor tries to act in the personís best interests and within reason it is relieving their pain rather than accelerating their death. Therefore thereís no big deal over this. But it is better sometimes if the person can have some awareness of their gradual movement from this realm to the next, rather than to be zonked out (smiling) and to wake up in the spirit land unawares. In the transition it is useful to be aware of this movement.

Q: You mean so that it is not a shock?

Hai: Yes and so we do not have an uphill struggle to convince the person of their death.

Peter from Chester in England asked a question about Spiritual Progression.

Q: I have wondered about our progression through the experience of past lives. Do we progress steadily through each lifetime, step by step, or could it be likened to a game of snakes and ladders? Could we fall from the higher realms to the lower?

Paul: We have asked Hai variations on this question at different times. He indicates that while the hope is that our development is one of gradual "upward" progression, the reality may well be that it can be like snakes and ladders, though of course it is not as arbitrary as depending upon the roll of the dice. He tells us that we are on the earth to learn and this may well mean that we make mistakes in the process, as we sometimes have to learn by making mistakes. In view of all this it is entirely possible that we may "fall from the higher realms to the lower". Though less likely this can even happen to the most saintly of beings. When we are put to the test and temptation who of us can be sure of our responses? Our hope lies in the fact that we are all eternal and therefore ultimately we will all attain our spiritual destiny.
(There is an earlier comment by Hai which is relevant to this question. Please go to Visitors' Questions during December 2001 and see Question of the Month.)

Question of the Month

Do people belong to particular Spirit Groups?

Q: Do we have a particular spirit group to which we belong? I know that we are all one, but within that Oneness, do we have groups of spirits that we feel more attuned to and are always connected to?

Hai: Well I would give you this analogy of a tree. The tree, which has clusters of berries on its branches and the trunk, feeds all these branches all these clusters of berries. Therefore all these clusters of berries are joined together through the tree and yet these clusters of berries, these individual berries, are close to each other in their clusters, closer than to clusters of other parts of the tree. Therefore there is a Oneness within the Oneness. But if I were to tell you, if I plucked one of these berries and could attach it to another cluster of berries, yet it would be happy still.

Therefore we can have our groups. We can participate, join our groups and coexist in our groups for a while and enter into a special harmony. But this does not mean that you would necessarily be in the same group for ever, eternity; for this would not be good for us; would not be good for others. For, where we have no change we have stagnation and in the vast eternity of time, though there is a Suchness, a Changelessness, yet there must be a changefulness within this also in order that the Changelessness may pursue its purpose. But that there is a Changelessness within all this changefulness. I speak in riddles but I think you get my drift. Yes?

Q: Do we sometimes separate and then come back together again?

Hai: Yes, therefore you may find you are travelling your spirals and sometimes these spirals may bring you back together again. Sometimes they may throw you apart. But it is like if you look at a star system, a galaxy. You look at the centre of galaxy. You look at outer circle of galaxy and you see a vast spiral. But this vast spiral, is formed by the force, from the centre. So the spiral of stars, of lights, is all linked by this one central force that has created it. And so it is with us. And so it is that the spiral may be drawn together again so that what was thrown asunder, what was thrown apart, can be brought back together again into harmony. So it is with us. So nothing is forever. No parting can be forever either, for we are all part of one, of each other. And though we are scattered far from each other at times we assuredly will meet again with each other. And though you may be taken a thousand miles from your loved one for the purpose of the One Mind, to fulfil some aspect of its mission; yet though you are a thousand miles from your loved one you are joined together, you are at an onement with your loved one in the vast Suchness of the One Mind.

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