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Spirit Answers to Visitors' Questions during January / February 2005

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. Please do not use this form for personal questions relating to your own specific circumstances/issues. It is ok to use the form for questions which would be equally relevant to other people. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Alternatively, you can post your question on the Web Board.

The Pope

We had just heard on the TV news of the deterioration in the Pope's health. One member of the group referred to this and asked Hai if the spirit world was concerned. Hai responded:

Hai: Well it is like with anyone else. With health we would have concern and wish the person health and well-being. Yes, but he is limited to what he can achieve in terms of his health now because he has come to that passage in his life where he is on the final chapter. And that is ok, because we all have to be on the final chapter at sometime.

Q: I wondered that because, he is held in high esteem by so many people, you might take more notice.

Hai: Well, he is an important person, yes, because of his influence. Therefore he has big responsibility. Sometimes this can weigh heavy on the person who has a big responsibility. Those who take it seriously I mean. For they are, what should we say, sometimes reserved in their going forward. They are reserved in their movement forward. They prefer to cling to the past than to move forward with the future. The past is the past and there must come a time when the past is left behind.

The past is like the river, yes. The river constantly moves on, ever flows on. If you would turn the river to crystal yes, then you would have it frozen in time, but there is no such thing as a crystal river; no such thing as a fixed river; it flows, it has to flow of necessity. Therefore, life is also like a river, a flowing river. We must not try to freeze it; we must not try to hold it within our grasp. We must go with it on our boat; yes ride the currents on our boat.

Q: Does the spirit world have any involvement in the choice of the new Pope?

Hai: (Hai smiled). Davia makes motions to me as if to indicate that we could indicate this in some way with some kind of scoring of some nature. (Laughs). But this is not the way, no. Of course these men who make the decision to elect a new Pope, to enshrine a new Pope, or make similar decisions can affect the lives of many millions, yes, because of the dogma, beliefs, which are promulgated by this person whom they have put in place. Therefore this is important, but yet it is open to the vagaries of all other things. There is no guarantee that the best person for this role will emerge; no guarantee the most enlightened person will emerge. Therefore we must work with what comes, work with what is.

Q: So the spirit world doesn't try to influence about the best choice?

Hai: Well there is influence in the sense of influencing the hearts of men and women, but in influencing their hearts in a more general way. (Laughs). Not that we try to engrave a name on their hearts, (laughs again), but that we try to influence their hearts in a more general way which in its turn may influence their choice. They may feel that another choice is appropriate. But we do not directly influence this.

Q: Do you think the Pope should step down now, Hai?

Hai: Yes, there comes a time to all of us when we are ailing and infirm and old and we need our rest, we need to relinquish the reigns and pass them on to someone else who is more fit, more capable of the role and its demands. But this is often not the way of your human institutions. Your people hang on. There can be some ego in this of course, this hanging on.

Q: Because of the healing and good wishes that are being sent to the Pope, is he more likely to improve than a person with a similar condition who only has healing from a few people?

Hai: Well the healing will help; the benevolent thoughts will help. But you know his condition is reaching a point where this can only ameliorate this condition. But you ask a question about the quality of the healing intent and the volume of the healing intent, yes?

Q: Yes.

Hai: Well it is not a simple mathematical adjustment. For there can be issues of volume in a sense but there is also an issue of the quality, of the intent of the healing. If there is genuine compassion in the intent of the healing then this healing is of a higher order than a mere wishing well of the person. You can understand this, yes, for you understand purity and a variation in your own emotions, yes? Therefore if we are truly able to free ourselves of our ego and devote our intent to the well-being of a person then this intent is of a purer nature than if we were wishing someone well in part because their illness causes us pain; we are then wishing that they do not leave us and depart for Davia's better world, (laughs), yes you follow me? So there is an issue mainly over this in terms of the quality and purity of the intent.

Q: So one person with genuine concern could...!!!

Hai: (Completing the conclusion for the person). Could equal the prayers of a hundred or a thousand.

Healing Symbols (The Crystal Lotus)

The group had been talking about the 'healing symbol' that Betty Shine used to send to people who'd asked for healing. Eileen asked Hai:

Q: Is it possible that someone can receive healing through a symbol, Hai?

Hai: This depends upon the intent behind it. If there is intent in relation to this symbol then yes. A symbol is only significant if it has been given significance by those who have set it up. It is not significant if it has not been set up. Intent is all, Intent is all.

Another group member asked:

Q: Does that mean that if you think you will receive healing you will?

Hai: No I did not say that. I said, if there is intent on the part of the person who set up the symbol, because the symbol symbolises the healing energy, the transmission of healing energy.

Q: So if we came up with a symbol...

Hai: It would help others to connect with your healing energy which you send out.

Q: And if we gave everyone who asked for healing, a little symbol to think about, would it help?

Hai: Yes it would help you to connect with them and them with you.

Q: Would it help significantly or not a lot?

Hai: (Smiling Hai replied).It would help. What more do you want, John? It would help.

Hai's reply caused some discussion within the group about what symbol we could use. There was a pause then Hai replied:

Hai: You could use a lotus crystal; a lotus crystal with all the colours of the rainbow in it. And as you look at it, because it contains all the colours of the rainbow, you will find and absorb that colour which you need the most.

One member of our group quickly volunteered to work on this symbol with his computer. A week later the symbol was ready and we asked Hai:

Q: Do we have to imbue this symbol with energy or go through any ritual to make it work?

Hai: Every time that you focus upon this, you lend it power. The power you must know, and you understand I think, that the picture is symbolic of the image. Therefore as you focus upon the picture, upon the symbol within the picture, you give the symbol within, the power which it has. The healing rays of the crystal lotus stretch far.

Here is the symbol which the group member produced:


The topic of enlightenment comes up on a regular basis. Sometimes Hai initiates further discussion on this subject, but often visitors have their own particular questions about it. Regular visitors often have an on-going discussion of enlightenment which they pick up again when they next talk to Hai.

Q: Is enlightenment given or is it reached?

Hai: Enlightenment is your condition already, Peter. You have only to realise it.

Q: So it's got to be reached?

Another member of the group commented:

Q: It cannot be something to be reached if it is there already.

Hai: Just so.

There was some banter about John having to go to the back of the line (after us) and Hai further responded with:

Hai: It is a queue or line in which everyone already is at first place, (smiling), but who will open their eyes first? Enlightenment is like the lotus flower that opens and reveals its heart, its essence.

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