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Channeling Spirit Communication through Trance Mediumship

Spirits Speaking from the Heart at Tranquil Spirit.

Spirit Answers to Visitors' Questions during May and June 2008

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. Please do not use this form for personal questions relating to your own specific circumstances/issues. It is ok to use the form for questions which would be equally relevant to other people. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Alternatively, you can post your question on the Web Board.

Agnes on empathy for people experiencing illness, disability and the effects of old age. Conditions in the Spirit World. The value of accepting help from others.

Paul, the medium, looked very uncomfortable as Agnes came through. She told us she'd spent the latter part of her life bent double. She told us she was keen to pass on the message to be sympathetic to others in her situation. She clearly found it difficult to talk. Someone asked:

Q: Is it hard for you to talk?

Agnes: Well I was bent over you see when I was a little old lady (laughs now) and it was most uncomfortable you know. I don't know if you've seen little old ladies bent over like me, but, if you have, perhaps you've wondered that it doesn't look very comfortable. But until you've experienced it, it is not very easy to understand. It is very uncomfortable to be bent over in back. You can't breathe properly, it constricts your breathing, your chest, you see (medium having difficulties breathing) Breathing is such a problem, very much a problem. ( She sounded as though she was experiencing her condition through Paul). I suppose it was the consequences of living to a ripe old age, but who would want to live to a ripe old age like this?

Q: How old were you?

Agnes: 89 about 150 years ago. I remember seeing sailing ships on the bay. Men of war.

Q: So are you feeling all bent now because you've reconnected with the earth plane?

Agnes: I'm not bent now dear but it was the way I was and I'm just coming over to you the way I was. I just wanted to explain to you how it feels (Paul having difficulty) because the people of the time did not understand how it feels. I was not one to complain, but it was difficult to breathe and to feel comfortable. If you come across anybody who is as I was I want you to try to understand more the discomfort I was in and to empathise with the way they feel. Of course there are many people with such conditions, in different forms, different ways and I suppose they are all in a state of discomfort to a greater or lesser degree. I can only speak for my own condition. But I would ask you to be empathetic to them with their discomfort and pain because it lessens it you know; it does lessen it to know that someone is of sympathetic heart.

Q: I bet it was good when you arrived in the spirit world and realised you didn't have the problem anymore.

Agnes: It was. Funny thing is though, I was so startled by my surroundings for a second or two (smiles with amusement) I didn't notice. I was so taken with all around me that I did not immediately realise my condition had totally changed and I was erect and young again. That was nice being young again.

Q: I thought it took some time to become young again in the spirit world.

Agnes: Well I can only tell you what my experience was dear. But I was immediately younger and very pleasant it was too. (Laughs quietly). He (Davia) says, "Yes, that's it Agnes, play the youth card; it's always a good one to play." (This was yet another of Davia's frequent enticements in jest to buy an early ticket to join him in the Spirit World). He is a card. (Laughs again).

We shared a couple of jokes together, mainly instigated by Davia. Agnes was then asked:

Q: What do you do now in the spirit world, Agnes?

Agnes: I like to meet people when they come over. Of course they are sometimes met by their family or friends initially, but then I like to take over and play my part, show them round and help them to acclimatise. I familiarise them with the immediate environment and facilities.

Q: What kind of facilities would you show them?

Agnes: Well there are facilities for learning, facilities for making contact with ones you wish to make contact with.

Q: Do you help them to get houses then?

Agnes: I explain to them what the process is. Sometimes they already have a house because of the work of their friends or family. It is not something they always have to do for themselves though sometimes they do.

Q: So sometimes families prepare a home for someone do they?

Agnes: Yes because they know what the person wants. It is not like they design a house according to their wishes. They know what the person wants so it is not a problem.

Q: How do they know?

Agnes: They attune you would say, they know, they connect with person's energy field and they know. You may ask somebody what kind of house they would like and you would use your words and at the end of it you may be wiser and you may not be wiser, or you have made a mistake, a misperception of what they would want. So then if you drew a picture of what you think they want you might find it is all wrong. That cannot happen when you connect with their energies because you get an altogether clearer picture.

We chatted for a while longer until someone saw a spider and panicked. Everyone started to move to avoid the spider. Eileen thought Agnes had finished so decided to end the session.

Less than a week later Agnes returned. Many of our spirit friends return to talk to us again during a subsequent session. However, Agnes's communication had been difficult both for her, it seemed, and the medium, so we were surprised that she'd returned so soon. Agnes began her story again, this time we thought it was for the benefit of the new group of listeners; however, it soon became obvious that she Agnes had not finished her message when she'd been so rudely interrupted last time. After going over what she'd told us in her last communication Agnes continued:

Agnes: I was not so fine when I was living where you were living. Your body goes all twisted and your joints go all stiff and you can't get hold of things properly and you don't have the strength to do what you want to do without even thinking about it. And you are dependant upon other people all the time too. I didn't like to be a burden to the people around you, but you can't help it when you get to a certain point in old age; you've got to rely on others around you. You know I believe it was instructional though to have to rely on other people and when you've been an independent spirit you don't like it. But you have to accept it and I feel it was good for me to have to accept it. Does that make sense?

Q: Why was it good for you?

Agnes: Because I had to learn to accept help. I was used to standing on my own two feet, but by that time I was not in a position (laughs) to stand on any ones feet.

The next bit of the recording faded but Agnes told us that we come closer to people when we allow them to help us and so mutual benefit is gained by both parties. This was what she learnt from being old. It is good to be independent, but we should also accept help when we need it too. The recorder began to operate normally again and she continued:

Agnes: I think I learnt that when we need it we should accept help and I needed to know that because I was so independent. There is nothing wrong with being independent, but when we need help and when people offer this help then this is how they show their love for you and their care and concern for you. Because if you are so independent that you need no one then where would love be? So it's important to accept help and love and care when you need it. And you know, when you accept that love and care you find yourself in conversation with someone about something and suddenly you, kind of, meet in the middle. There is a connection. So I am grateful for my difficult old age. It helped me to learn to be dependent when it becomes necessary and it helped me to allow others to show their love and compassion for me and I am very, very grateful that I learnt that.

So I would say to you that if you come across someone old be kind to them, but not patronising. Some people would talk across me to my daughter as though I was some kind of animal and couldn't speak for myself. If I had had the use of my legs I would have kicked them in the shin (laughs loudly).

Q: Agnes!

Agnes: Well it's not very nice being patronised is it? It's like you're some kind of curiosity and not a very capable one either; that will not do.

Eileen told Agnes of a time when her auntie, who was in a wheelchair, was taken into a shop to buy a TV. The assistant addressed Eileen, totally ignoring her aunt. Agnes replied:

Agnes: That's what they used to do to me when I was in the old peoples home and my daughter used to visit me. I used to say: "I haven't lost the use of my voice and I can hear well enough too."

Well my friends I must go, but I beg you to bear in mind what I have said. Goodbye my friends.

A Question arising from one of the The Dalai Lama's books. - Separate Souls / The Oneness of all.

Q: The book is suggesting that you don't have a separate soul. It seems in contradiction to what we do here.

Hai: If you made a knot in a piece of rope and you could make many such knots in this piece of rope. A simple knot with the rope continuing from each end of the knot. And so you could have many such knots. The rope is like the One Mind, the knot is like each and every one of you individually. If you were to undo the knot, could you say that things were different fundamentally, could you say the Essence had changed fundamentally?

Q: No.

Hai: No.

Q: So in that sense then.....

Hai: You are the One Mind.

Q: But if we keep our memory and personality to some extent.....

Hai: All is illusion.

Q: That's an illusion?

Hai: All is illusion. I will give you another parallel. The vast silver mirror. And as you look in this silver mirror you see all manner of things, the story of the world unfolding, the actions of humankind mirrored in this mirror. Yet all is contained within the mirror, yet all is illusion in one sense for the only thing that endures, the only thing that has its unchanging being is the surface and depth of the mirror, the One Mind. All other things come and go within the depth and surface of the One Mind. You are the One Mind.

Q: So for those who do manage to progress as far as they can, do they loose all their thoughts and memories, and personalities that they've had on the earth plane? If it's all illusion, do they just drop that illusion?

Hai: They are then in a state of being which is beyond words.

Q: It feels to me that we become almost extinct in the way we know ourselves now.

Hai: You will be more alive than you have ever been alive, more active than you have ever been active.

Q: Would we be still capable of individual thought?

Hai: (Smiles) What makes you think you are capable of independent thought now. (Laughs)

Q: Are you saying we are not capable of independent thought?

Hai: All is illusion.

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