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Visitors' Questions during September 2003

This page will be revised at the beginning of each month.

The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page.

Magic Seal of Solomon

Q: I have heard that the inscriptions of the Magic Seal of Solomon can bring about events in the physical world. How is it set in movement?

Hai: People are kidding themselves most of the time, so what is there to set in movement? There are some instances where those who practice what you would call the "dark arts" can bring about some change within the physical world. But in most instances, as in the case of these inscriptions of which you speak, they were a magical formula, a ritual in which those who made them had faith, had their trust in them. They put their effort and energies into them that they may achieve their ends, or so they thought. But we would say that in most instances this was without merit, this was without effect. For the effect which they hoped for, wished for, did not come about, would not come about, could not come about.

There are many superstitions in your world. There are many superstitious people in your world who think all kinds of things. Some people think that they must do things in certain order or in certain way or some terrible thing will happen to them; some terrible thing will come about. This is a disease of the mind, an obsession of the mind, a ritual that must be performed in order for things to be ok. Likewise, if turn this around on its head, there are those who are equally superstitious, but they believe by doing things they can bring about change in the world, they can bring about a great effect in the world. Yet if we look at these two things they are not that dissimilar; for if we think in the first case I mentioned to you: the formula, the ritual, the ordered sequence of events, is performed in order that the world will not impose upon the person; but it is a superstition, an unnecessary superstition. But in the second event when the person performs things in a magical sequence the wished for effect is that they will bring about change on the earth, in the physical events of the earth, yes? But if we think about it are these things necessarily so different? For both depend upon the belief, the feeling, that if we do things in a certain way, a certain order, either we can protect ourselves from the earth, the physical forces of the earth, the events that may oppress us on the one hand or we may be able to affect all these things, all these events on the earth by following some magical formula, yes? So both, we would say, are superstition leading to different consequences, different manifestations, but nevertheless are superstitions.

In the case of the magical person of course, also there is a presence of ego, yes? An over-aggrandizement of ego, that they think they can and should be able to affect the world in this way. But yet, likewise, even with the person who is oppressed, who feels oppressed by the possibilities of earth, earthly forces, physical forces which may drown him, which may bear down upon him, he also is attaching too much importance to his own ego, as if he is a target of something. So we would say that in a fundamental way there is a problem of ego in most cases.

Q: Would it be right to think then that people who try to follow this path for their personal development are in a way either kidding themselves or are mistaken?

Hai: Well you speak of magical formulas before yet what you speak of now in the present moment is about development. So we must ask ourselves what is your concern, what is your interest in this. Is it development, or is it some other issue?

Q: It was just general curiosity. Leading on from my first question, I am going on to development now.

Hai: Well development is a different matter all together. But we would say that if you wish to link these in some way we would say, as we have said before, that all formulae, all rigid ways of doing things are not necessary to our development. We have explained to Eileen in the past that sometimes some rituals may be harmless, maybe ok, for the particular person involved, if this helps the person to attune to the energies, to find their way forward, yes. But the formulas, the rituals, the sequence in itself is not important. Whether it is performed or not is not important. The development will take place if the people are concerned, if they are committed and wish to develop. But the ritual, the sequence of action may assist them, may facilitate their minds to become open, to attune, to adjust to that which they need to do. If this is the case there is no harm in this, provided they do not become compulsory things that the person must do and in this case they would take over the person.

Money and Abundance in Life

Q: If you live purely within the Universal Law and concentrate, is it possible to bring unlimited money and abundance into your life?

Hai: Yes if you reach out with honest intent it may be that you will bring to you, draw to yourself the means of accomplishing that which you seek. But it does not have to be purely mental, ethereal, ephemeral. It may be the intent can also impress itself in more concrete actions of your daily life, yes. So you give out signals, in other words, of your need, of your hope, of your intent and others may respond if they are kindly disposed (smiling). They may respond to you to help you in your need. Not that I say that you are needy in the sense of someone who is in great need, but that you have a need to accomplish something for the good of all, the good of others and therefore you may attract to yourself in various ways people who may be of some assistance and help to you.

Q: Is there is a need to keep what we need secret?

Hai: No, if you keep it secret you may find it harder to achieve.

Question of the Month

Divine Love

Q: If in your life there are people who you genuinely donít want to hurt and you care about but make you cross, how does this affect us?

Hai: Then you look deep into their heart so that you loose your agitation with them.

Q: Is this something that I particularly have to learn this time?

Hai: It is something we all must learn. It takes a long time sometimes to learn this lesson. For this lesson goes against human nature to an extent, yes? It is unnatural, not expected of us to like, to love everyone. And yet to love everyone is our destiny, is our divine mission. Therefore as unnatural as it is, as much as it goes against the grain, yes we must try to strive to do this. But I do not say it is about accepting everything that everyone does, condoning everything everyone does, for this would be not be correct. But we must learn to love the person beyond their actions.

Q: Wouldnít you still get irritated with the action? For example, we love our children, but their actions often irritate us.

Hai: Yes this is natural. This is human.

Q: Are we allowed to be irritated, if our inner core really cares?

Hai: But you ask me deeper question, you see. For you ask me ultimately: "What is Divine Love?" You do not ask me: "What is human love?" (Laughing). You are asking me: "What is Divine Love?" And so I tell you what is Divine Love. Divine Love reaches down to the depths of person and does not see irritation, does not perform irritation.

Q: Well we havenít learnt Divine Love then.

Hai: But you have deep love, but your love is not to perfection because you say to me: "Well, I love this person deeply but Iím going to punch them next time because they irritate me." (Laughter). This is creating duality. This is creating a split between your love and your feeling. So I say to you this is ok, (smiling). Not that I want you to punch anyone, but this is ok. For we are all pilgrims; we are all journeying along the road. But you point me to Divine Love so I give you my answer.

Q: Is it possible to experience Divine Love while in the physical body?

Hai: You are Divine Love. You are made of Divine Love. You are Divine Love.

Q: Is that possible in our physical body with our physical mind?

Hai: I have told you, physical body, physical mind, is neither here nor there. It is the instrument for you, the tool for you. It behaves itself according to your need.

Q: Well if we are Divine Love, why canít we be like that?

Hai: Because you are a grain of sand which attaches too much importance to itself. Yet if it could only learn the lesson that it is not important it would discover that it is all important. Yes, another riddle for you.

Q: The problem is that the irritation comes so fast, almost before we are aware of it.

Hai: Irritation, yes, but why do you get irritated? You get irritated because you go into your daughterís room (laughing) and you have concept of what her room should look like. And when you go into the chaos which is her room you are, (laughing), you are bowled over, over ridden by the chaos which is her room. If you go into the room with concept of total chaos, greater chaos, untidiness, muck, dirt and so on, then when you next go into chaos that is your daughterís room you are pleasantly pleased; you are not ruffled.

So these things are relative, they are comparable, they are comparative, and it is our mind, which creates this agitation. For someone used to doing things in a long-winded way, in a way which takes much time, they feel comfortable with this. But for someone who is in a hurry all the time, who does things speedily and quickly, they encounter this person who is slow in their movements, in their doings, in their actions. They become mighty frustrated with this person, yes, but, it is the contrast with their own self, their own being, their own actions, their own temperament and persona that is the source of this agitation. We must recognise these differences between ourselves. We must accept these differences between ourselves for they are the richness of human tapestry, yes, and are important.

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