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Visitors' Questions during July 2002

This page will be revised at the beginning of each month.

The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Occasionally, we may ask people who have received responses to personal questions if they are happy to give their consent to posting on this site an extract of the response which they have received if we feel that it could also be of benefit to others.

On a recent night the discussion with Hai focused on the realms of the Spirit World, travel between them and the subject of enlightenment. The conversation started with someone asking Hai if he had been busy and what he had been doing:

Hai: We've been busy commuting between realms.

Q: Do you get a calling to go to these realms or do you just go of your own free will?

Hai: Yes there is a schedule. But we may also have unexpected appointments

Q: With these unexpected appointments, if you for some reason you couldn't travel to that particular realm, could you just communicate with your mind or would you have to actually go to the realm?

Hai: We could communicate with mind but it is not as effective as being there. But you are right, we can communicate with mind. But it is something like your own conversation. It is better than that, but still it is not as good as being there.

Q: So all these matters you deal with, is it something personal or is it political, if politics exist in the Spirit World?

Hai: No, it's not political. It can be about matters, matters of concern which need deciding, not just personal matters.

Q: So is it like a Council?

Hai: It is of some similarity to a Council.

Q: Would it be you and others?

Hai: Me and others who would discuss and deliberate over the issue.

Q: So would each of these deliberators have a field of experience or a field of expertise?

Hai: Well, we have a field of expertise which we share. It is not limited to a particular function, but rather it is a function, a skill, an ability which we share in common.

Q: So as well as a Council do you act as an enabler to draw people together to make things happen?

Hai: Yes we may call upon people to come together for particular purposes, who are concerned with these issues, who wish to contribute, who wish to help. We would call upon them to assist with these situations.

Q: Do these situations come about because there isn't a harmony or because there needs to be a change?

Hai: They come about because of varying conditions. They sometimes come about because of changes going on, changes in the vibrational harmony or interchange between the different worlds, the worlds of spirit or the worlds of earth and universe. Therefore we must monitor these vibrational interchanges and make adjustments as is necessary, as is desirable, to regain the balance.

Q: Well that must be a very sensitive issue, because quite often you can make a decision and what comes from that can be many things, as it has a knock on effect down the line.

Hai: Yes, yes, it does indeed. It is like karma, making decision and reaping consequences of that decision. Throwing stone into lake, ripples are endless.

Q: Are there any realms that you can't travel to?

Hai: There are many realms of existence but within these many realms of existence there is only the One Essence which we have spoke of before. Therefore, when we speak of travelling between realms we speak of travelling between one illusion to another for the fundamental basis, the root of all these realms is the One Mind and there can therefore not be any travelling between realms. But we speak of travelling between realms as a way, a means, an expression of expediency. But the realms are not so different for they partake of the One Essence. If you speak of travelling between realms there are no realms where I cannot travel, but this is not the whole story. But I cannot find words to express the fullness of meaning beyond this.

It is like if we think about the mighty ocean as sybolising the One Mind. If we think about how islands, continents may be formed, may be pushed up from the mighty ocean, we may compare these land masses as realms of spirit and we may talk of traveling between these realms of spirit, these land masses, these islands, these continents, yes? We may speak of traveling between them. But there is potential for more land forms, more islands to come out from the sea of the One Mind. Because the creative process is ever creative it knows no limitations. So to speak of travelling between all realms is only a relative affair, for they have no absolute existence, they have no absolute unique fundamental existence. For they are dependent and have their origin in and their essence is at one with the One Mind. But other realms may materialise, so to speak, from within the One Mind, its Essence. Therefore, to speak of traveling between all realms you must be at one with the One Mind. For in this sense alone only can you speak of being a realm traveller of fundamental ability.

Q: I find it interesting that the One Mind is constantly changing, developing and evolving then.

Hai: Nothing stands still but the One Mind is Changeless. It is not developing in its fundamental essence. For in its fundamental esence It is at quietude, at stillness, in the Changeless Now. But in its expression of Itself, in Its manifestation of Itself in the spirit and physical realms, It is ever creative, It is ever manifesting change. It is the great paradox beyond which we must leap to be enlightened.

Q: Perhaps one day.

Hai: One day assuredly. One day assuredly.

Q: Do you think enlightenment will just come purely through experience or just through meditation or a combination of many things?

Hai: It will just come when its ready to come. What you speak of may help it to come, may help the apple to ripen that it be ready to fall from tree. But it come when it come.

Q: So could you literally be maybe in the middle of cooking the tea and suddenly have this revelation?

Hai: Yes.

Q: So from what you said in previous conversations, it would change everything but nothing, Enlightenment?

Hai: It would change your perception of yourself and your perception of your world and your perception of the Essence of things. And is this not something to think on? But we have said before that this is only beginning, only start. For this insight, this awakening, this enlightenment, must then be translated, interpreted, into your everyday life.

Q: I suppose that would be hard because you would have to adjust every way of thinking and the way you do things wouldn't you?

Hai: But fudamental insight help you in this. For if you have fundamrental insight you naturally want to change things to be in accordance with it. But still hard work.

Q: Do you think somebody receiving enlightenment might suddenly decide to sell up their home and live an almost nomadic life?

Hai: It is possible but not necessary, for they must live in world still. That has not changed.

Q: Would you know that you had received enlightenment Hai?

Hai: You would know. You would know because it would bring about revolution within your mind and heart. You do not question coldness of stream when you plunge hand into mountain stream in winter.

Question of the Month

Michael from Toronto, Canada, asked the following question:

Q: What is the greatest impediment to manifesting God's abundance in our lives? How pervasive is "poverty consciousness" in mankind?

Hai: Well you know if you wish to manifest the bountifulness of nature, of God's providence within your life there must be trust within your lives. There must be trust in the manifestation of this abundance. But there is a difficulty here. For how shall we define this abundance? What does this abundance mean? What meaning does it have? For we would suggest that abundance can be different things; can be different things to different people. What is abundance for one person will not be seen as abundance for another. We all seek abundance in our lives but what we seek when we talk of this abundance might be very different things. One person might see abundance as being in the wilderness, in the beauty of the wilderness, with all the sufficiency of nature around them. For another this would be immense poverty and for them abundance would be the sights and sounds of a city. For another it may be riches beyond measure in their pocket. For another it might be living in simple poverty within which they find a richness which is beyond their imagination, beyond their wildest dreams. Therefore it is difficult to answer this question for it depends upon how we interpret abundance; what meaning it has for us; what it is that we seek in life.

It may be also that abundance can change for us from one lifetime to another. In one lifetime abundance might be richness of experiences, tasting the whole of life and what it has to offer. But in another life it might be depth of experience, which might mean that we hardly move from our base, from our home where we put down our roots. Yet who is to say that one is more abundant than the other in its richness? We cannot say this can we? Therefore what is it this person wants? What is it this person wishes? It depends upon what they want in their lives.

Some would say that they are blessed because they receive the riches of the earth. Some would say that God has blessed them because they receive the riches of the earth. But we cannot say this for sure. For some may be cursed by the riches of the earth rather than it be a blessing. Therefore even this is hard to deliberate over. It is not that we should expect the riches of the earth in any one lifetime. For the earth has not these riches to give to all of us. Nor is it that it should be so for we all have need of different experiences within our different lifetimes. It would not do that they were too similar, for our needs are different and varied. And therefore one person in their lifetime might indeed need the riches of the earth to learn the lessons which they will bring with them. But another person may need immense poverty to learn the lessons which it brings with it. And so it is hard to answer this question in a simple way.

Q: So the answer to the question is unique to each individual?

Hai: It is unique to each individual. But I would say to you that within your own circumstances, from within your own viewpoint, abundance is to be found. Abundance is to be found by not grasping, by not gripping, not holding on, not being attached to the pursuit of this or that. For there is abundance in the moment, in the moment, in the Now, if we could only still our minds we would see this abundance all around us and within us. Great peace must surely be our ultimate aim, must it not? Peace of mind, peace of soul, peace of being. If we can achieve this would we not think of ourselves as living in immense abundance? But this achieving of great peace, of great stillness, does not come from outside events or conditions. But it comes from within. It is not easy to find perhaps, because our minds are drawn without. We are conditioned by the world around us to seek things without. But we should turn within. We should look within. For within we will find a great abundance within ourselves. A self-sufficiency which is borne of the One Mind.

Hai: We would only say this further, and it is a big "only" perhaps, but it is right and proper that we should share the riches of the earth among the nations, among those who are poor, among those who are needy. For I would say this: That we must share, we must reach out to those other nations which are poorer than our own. We should seek to relieve the conditions and oppression of their peoples by reaching out with our love to them. For as you may say truly: "There, but for the grace of God, go I." Therefore, we should reach out to our brothers and sisters in these far lands, these lands of poverty and do what we can to relieve their plight. The riches of the earth are given that we may share them fairly and equally. That we may redistribute them, distribute them, to meet the need of our brothers and sisters.

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