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Visitors' Questions during June 2004

This page will be revised at the beginning of each month.

The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page.

Peter from Chester in England asked a question about the role of the soul in controling the physical body

Q: I've been reading a book that said that it was never intended that the mind and the senses would have control and that the soul should have been in control, but for some reason the soul has been suppressed. Is that true?

Hai: It is an over generalisation. We would not take issue with the main point of this person, but it is an over generalisation. For it is rather like the analogy of the cloak we have used before. It is like, when we take on a new earthly form, it is as if we don a cloak, a cloak that shrouds our soul, our spirit while we are on the physical plane and it is this cloak that others see. Indeed it is this cloak which we ourselves see when we look at ourselves through a mirror or when we look down at our hands and our limbs. So we look down and we see the cloak, the outer manifestation. I would suggest that it might be useful to think on this cloak, to think of this cloak as being capable of different manifestations itself.

We may think of a cloak where the cloak is of a lightness, of a fabric which is very light so that his owner is hardly aware that they are wearing it, because it is so light and so easy to carry on them, you understand? I would liken this situation to someone who is very spiritually developed, who has a body, a cloak, but this is no hindrance to them. They are able to express themselves fully through this cloak. This cloak does not hamper the manifestation of their spirit.

But we could think of another situation where a person is wearing a very heavy cloak indeed, a heavy cloak which weighs them down, a cloak which they are so conscious of, because of its weight, because it hampers their movement, it hampers their communication and their ability to display themselves. Therefore I would suggest that if we think about this heavy cloak. It is perhaps the situation of the majority, because the situation of the majority is that they wear their bodies heavy to the point that their bodies dictate their lives rather than their spirit dictating their lives. Do you find this analogy useful?

We become so identified with our bodies that our bodies become a part of us. Our bodies feel an oneness with us. If we are able to bring about a great harmony then this is no problem for our bodies mirror our souls, our spirits, and our inner hearts. They display what is within and manifest what is within and translate what is within. But if our bodies and souls do not achieve this harmony our souls may be hampered indeed in displaying themselves, in displaying their inner qualities to the our world through the medium of our bodies because our bodily needs, our bodily desires, our bodily excitements prevent this from happening to its full extent and therefore hinder its communication.

A member of the Home Circle then asked a follow on question:

Q: Is there a way in which we would know how much we are expressing our spirit?

Hai: You know if you look within. You know if you feel your own heart, your own heart beat. If you touch your heart, you know.

Q: How much of our personality that we have now is part of our normal spirit?

Hai: (Smiling) "Normal", as opposed to "abnormal" spirit. You are much more than you know. You are all much more than you can possibly know in your present form, in your present life. For we have all lived many lives my friends and we have all suffered much and we have all developed much accordingly. Therefore you are much more than you know now, but on your return to the Spirit Land you will at the right time become aware of the richness which is you, the totality which is you.

It is not that these things are two separate things or many separate things. It is rather that you are like a stem coming out from the parent plant and expressing itself in its own form in the world. But it does not lose its Oneness with the parent stem, the parent plant. And therefore this is a bit like you and your totality, the richness that is you. You have shot out a stem for this lifetime to experience the world in a particular way, to manifest in a particular way, to test yourselves in a particular way, to display yourselves in a particular way. And with this particularity in this life time you have many experiences, many developments, much movement forward. This you will incorporate into your parent plant.

Tom Elliot from Ashby de la Zouch in England asked questions about Light Bearers and Remote Viewing

Q: Does the term "Light Bearer" mean anything to you?

Hai: "Light bearer" is someone we see as bears the truth, evidences truth, witnesses the truth and conveys this to others; who passes on the light to others. This is the way we see "Light Bearer". But you know we are not keen on labels, on names, for these names can get us into difficulty. For somebody calls themselves a "Light Bearer", then they take on an aggrandisement, a positive label. But who is to say how much of a "Light Bearer" they are? Who is to say how good a "Light Bearer" they are? Who is to say that they continue to be a "Light Bearer"? So we would question what use or value some of these labels perform; what usefulness they are.

Q: Do you know anything about me?

Hai: (Laughing). Yes, he is Tom Elliot.

Hai then continued with the answer to the first question:

Hai: It is good that people wish to portray, to carry forward, a reflection of the truth; to portray this, to give this to others, to light their flames with it. But we would caution on becoming too concerned with such names. They can in their own turn cause difficulty.

Q: It's the human desire to categorise everything, Hai.

Hai: Fundamentally there is only one category, which embraces all categories. The One Mind embraces all categories and is in itself category-less, yes?

Q: The popular term is "Light Worker".

Hai: Yes, so we like to think of this. We like to think: "I am a Light Worker". This gets us into difficulty. It becomes yet another entrapment for the human soul. Rather than: "I am a Christian"; "I am a Buddhist"; "I am a Taoist"; "I am a Muslim"; we have "I am a Light Worker".

We then continued with Tom's third question:

Q: Do you recommend remote viewing as a useful discipline for psychic development?

Hai: It depends upon your purpose. What purpose do you wish to serve through this remote viewing? It can be an interesting exercise if you can compare, if you can check your facts afterwards, yes. But it is not useful in terms of communication with the spirit world in terms of promoting communication between the realms. It is less useful than other means, through meditation and so on.

Q: I think we are just best developing and not getting tied up with all these names and terms because it doesn't mean anything if you can't produce anything.........Hai has no comment?

Hai: No, it is not that I have no comment. But what you say is correct; that people are enchanted, entrapped by such names as "Light Bearer", "Light Worker" and so on. They like to have positive terms, words, concepts to apply to themselves and this is ok up to a point. However it can cause them difficulty because they become stuck to these terms, this terminology and this can cause them great difficulty because they are no longer then free. They are entrapped by these words and terms and the words can become lifeless things of no meaning. They are only meaningful in so far as we attach meaning to them. But what is more important is what they hint at; what they refer to; the processes which are underlying; which go on behind the scenes. But these processes are independent of these terms and words.

Therefore we may apply the term 'Light Worker' to someone who no longer has an interest in the Light; who may have had an interest in the Light, but has since put It to one side, or who has grown disinterested. Yet there are others who are indeed "getting on with the business" as you put it, yes, in terms of not so much giving messages, but in terms of promoting spirituality in the world and they will carry on with their task regardless of this terminology. They "get on with the business" regardless of what people call them, regardless of what labels people attach to them. They will be unconcerned with this for they will simply be "getting on with the business".


A circle member had detected Eileen's guide in the room and asked:

Q: Is Red Cloud in the room, Isleen?

Isleen: Yes he is over by you. He is grinning at you. He has his tomahawk in his belt. (This has become somewhat of a circle joke because the particular member involved has often commented that Red Cloud's strong energy sometimes has an unnerving affect on him).Grey Wolf is also here. (Grey Wolf is the guide of another circle member and Eileen commented that it was a pity that she couldn't be here tonight because she had attended a funeral out of the country.)

Isleen: Grey Wolf is saying: "No sadness, a star is born!" Hope, trust and positivity like Hai was saying to you, even within death, even for those of you who stay this side, those of you who have not bought Davia's ticket yet. (The reference to the ticket is another joke the circle members have with Davia). Even for those of you who stay this side, when letting go of a loved one, still hold onto hope and positivity.

Q: Why do we deal with death so poorly?

Isleen: Because we distort its meaning. We do not see its full meaning and richness. We build it into something it is not. It is merely a transition, a crossing over of a bridge like you cross many bridges during your earth life and you do not see them as so significant. But with this bridge you see it as very significant. And truly it is just a continuation, another journey, a moving on. But your faith dims you see, does it not? While you speak to me now you may feel more convinced of the Spirit Land. But you go away and in your moments of darkness, of depression, you doubt, you cast doubt on yourself and wonder.

Q: I'm like WB, a natural sceptic.

Isleen: True, WB knows you for it. (Smiling). WB learnt the error of his ways (Laughing), but it is natural sometimes to doubt. It is the condition.

Q: Also surely it is right to question as well?

Isleen: Yes it is right to question, my friend. It is truly right to question. But you know in your heart what is truly right, what is truly correct, what is truly real. So hold on to that inner knowledge, that inner circle of truth and the mental questions about life are not important in the final analysis. Whether you wonder about life and death and whether there is life after death. Whether there is meaning. What the meaning is in life? What is the nature of Being? The answer to all these questions is Vast Beingness; Vast Beingness, where these questions are lost in the deep pool of certainty.

Q: Isleen, you are sounding like Hai now.

Isleen: (Isleen Smiles). I am a good student. But it is like you could cast all your questions and all your doubts into a vast pool of such Great Clarity they will all disappear and melt away. Yet the Great Clarity would still be there. The knowing would still be there. The Being would still be there.

Transit of Venus

Q: Is there any spiritual significance of the transit of Venus?

Isleen: No, just the physical phenomena, but it is an expression of your closeness to the planet and all planets and all creation.

Q: As it is known as the planet of love, will it bring any positivity in the Middle East?

Isleen: No, the only thing that can cause positivity in the Middle East is love in the Middle East. But if you would reach out across the ocean, across the land to the people of the Middle East this will be helpful. This will be useful.

Eileen: We've talked about this reaching out to the Middle East before and I do try, but I don't find it easy given the language barrier and the practicalities of reaching them.

Isleen: Well you can only try, Eileen, to reach out. You may only try. You can relay the message as best you can. You could relay a special message relating to this, (referring to the present communication) embracing all.

Question of the Month

Hai and other spirits have asked us several times this month to reach out to people in the Arab countries and to send them our love and positive thoughts. The following communication started with a comment by a circle member on the Iraq war. Unfortunately our mini disc was not running at the start of the communication so the original question was not recorded. However we did manage to record most of Hai's reply, which continues on the theme of positivity and the need for us all to reach out to our Arab brothers and sisters, as indeed we need to reach out to everyone, in love and positivity.

Hai: People always say: "We cannot do this"; "We cannot do that"; "We will not succeed in that or this". But if they could only harness the power of their positive thinking, positive thoughts, power of the unconscious mind, this would accomplish so much.

Q: Do we draw things to us if we are positive, Hai?

Hai: It is more that we take things out from us if we are positive. It is contagious also. It is hopeful. It is optimistic for many. It is like we send out a vibration of love and positivity and there are others who are caught up in the vibration, by the vibration. And they in turn send out vibration of love and positivity and so it builds, it grows. This is why we say to you, please my friends, reach out to those of your Arab brothers and sisters with this vibration of love and positivity that the vibration may gather momentum and swell to influence the world.

Q: If we give off this vibration does the receiver consciously acknowledge it or is it something that triggers......

Hai: It strikes a chord. It is like flint. Strike a flint and the fire catches, yes? So it like that. It is like you strike a spark and it ignites the straw of their fire.

Q: When we have a thought and we action that thought, say in a good way, do we also release the full spectrum of that thought in its positive and negative sense? Could an evil person actually cotton on to the other end of the scale so to speak and perform a bad act on the very action of our idea?

Hai: No, not on the very action of our idea, but you are correct that they will flavour, bring their own negative flavour to any influences which you bring about, which you direct to them. They will try to destroy the influence which you try to convey. They will distort the intent that you try to portray. But this is their own doing. It is not given strength by your thought or your action. It is they who bring their influence to bear to distort what is good and make it appear evil. There are many who specialise in this.

Q: Can we override this?

Hai: You cannot override them. You can merely continue the tide of your good vibration and in time you will prevail; for good will always prevail.

Q: So even though we interpret our thoughts to the highest level that we are capable of, we can't actually stop the reverse happening? Would it be any less worse for us giving the initial thoughts?

Hai: You can always prevent, modify the growth of evil by your own thoughts, your own positivity, your own loving affection. It is not that this cannot be. It is true that it must be. You have great power in you to influence the world for good, but you must have confidence and faith in it. You must not do it in a faint-hearted way, in a cautious way. You must have faith and trust and hope in the end result, in the end direction of all your thoughts and vibrations which you send out.

You may of course generate negativity within you as well. This is not to do with evil as such or harm doing to those outside you at least, but you may bring about negativity within your own minds, within your own thoughts, that create harm, negativity within you. This is also a force, which can be kindled.

Q: Is that like not recognising the truth of a situation, trying to bury it inside yourself?

Hai: It is perhaps not recognising the truth of a situation, but it can be also not recognising the truth of you. It can be about not recognising the cause of things.

Hai then gave us one of his 'stories' to illustrate his point.

Hai: We must convey one more thing about what we have spoken, about positivity. We would say that you must truly love the frog and kiss the frog as a frog for you to see the prince. Yes, you know the story of the princess and the frog? This is what I say. You must kiss the frog; truly kiss the frog as a frog before you will see the prince.

There was some discussion about Eileen trying her best to love the slugs in the garden.

Hai: (Smiling). This is not the point of the story. We speak of power, of negativity, and positivity. We speak to you that you must have faith, hope and trust in the fact that good and love will prevail. But in order to do this you must have great faith, great hope, great trust, like the princess who kissed the frog in the story. You must kiss the frog in all its glory to enable you to then see the transformation to the prince. So you must embrace that which you are not inclined to embrace, which may repulse you, which may create discords, disharmony even, among many, but yet you know it is right to embrace it, to embrace people. Therefore you must do it in order to bring about the transformation.

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