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Spirit Answers to Visitors' Questions during July and August 2008

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. Please do not use this form for personal questions relating to your own specific circumstances/issues. It is ok to use the form for questions which would be equally relevant to other people. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Alternatively, you can post your question on the Web Board.

Conflict between countries. The need for impartiality and respect. The conflict between Georgia and Russia. Conditions in China.

The group had been discussing the difficulties between Russia and Georgia. One member commented:

Q: Ghandi's philosophy of non-violence was to reach out to the perpetrator at a human level with peaceful resistance. I don't think you could have stopped Nazi Germany by not putting up a resistance, so how do we decide when there is no other way? Which of the two positions do you support, Hai?

Hai: You must adopt skilful means, my friends, so far as this is possible. You must always adopt skilful means. And these skilful means are not adopted in proper measure; people do not adopt skilful means; they do not have their finger on the pulse. They do not respond to situations before these situations escalate out of proportion. Therefore, you in your world, your politicians, especially your diplomats, must become more skilful, must become cleverer, and must become more knowledgeable. It is not about forming alliances with one country against another or with one country in preference to another. It is about reading a situation and finding the way forward as you would find your way forward through rapids in a canoe, yes? You do so skilfully, pragmatically, and you find a way through.

But you in your world, your countries are not even handed. They are not dispassionate, impartial. They have preferences, they have leanings, and they have friends, yes? This is not good when you are trying to resolve conflicts and problems between your different countries. Therefore, it takes someone like the sailors who used to sit on top of the top-most mast of the ship to gain a better view. So your diplomats must do this to gain a better view, a more impartial view, a dispassionate view, to see the truth of things as far as they can, to get a broad perspective upon things and to find a way through, neither favouring one nor the other. It is because you are not forward thinking, not dispassionate, not impartial, not looking ahead at the consequences of things, that causes things to escalate out of proportion. Once things have escalated out of proportion then you may find yourselves in military conflict and suchlike things. And once military conflict is entered into there is no way out that is easy. There will be much bloodshed, much tears, much loss, much grief. It is to be avoided at all costs in so far as this can be done. For it reflects failure when military conflict occurs; it comes about as a failure.

Yet in your world these things will come to pass sometimes. It is inevitable given the evolution of the human species. But it is to be avoided in so far as it can be avoided. When you all respect each other's rights, respect each other's wishes, be prepared to compromise, be prepared to give more than you take, then these things will be avoided at their root, at their source, yes.

Another group member then commented on the situation between Russia and Georgia. Hai said:

Hai: Russia is the big bear, yes? It is the big bear in your world. You do not poke at a bear, no? If you poke at a bear, what will happen? You will get bitten perhaps or clawed. It will not just stand there and let you poke at it. This is what I mean by a pragmatic view. You must find the way forward. You must find the way being guided by the Greater Truth, but the Greater Truth does not necessarily poke fun. It does not assert its correctness. It does not assert its rightness. It finds a way of fulfilling itself without provoking, yes? Can you understand this?

Q: The politicians think that they should have kept a closer eye on Russia.

Hai: All the time your countries interfere with each other in ignorance. If they were less ignorant; if they took the trouble to understand each other, then these things would not come to pass. But it is not about rightness; it is about treating each other correctly. It is about seeing the broad picture, the greater span, the greater truth, and finding how we can arrive there. It is not about asserting limited relative truth.

Q: It's hard to come to terms with that with countries like China who don't even seem to have basic human rights.

Hai: They have come on a long journey, the people of China. You expect too much of them.

Q: That's what they say.

Hai: Therefore you must wait. You must encourage; you must praise where praise is due, but you must encourage rather than using the stick. For they are not as you are; their history is not as you have had. They have their own history, their own background, and their own culture. It is not their way to be democratic in their history or culture. You cannot expect this of them at this point of the proceedings, but democracy will come. Yet is this democracy of which you speak not a relative thing? For you do not have it, even in your own countries. Therefore, someone from a faraway planet would come to you and scoff at your democracy. (Laughs). Yes?

Q: People say that China never does anything voluntarily and only improve things when they know that if they don't they will be penalised by the rest of the world in some way. So one view is that the world does have to keep pushing them all the time. Is that true Hai?

Hai: You must push but not in a critical way. Rather in an encouraging way, in a showing way.

Q: What's the alternative? If you liberalise everything in one go you would have the same thing that happened in Russia in the 1990's.

Hai: You would have chaos. You would have disintegration of society; it must take time. You have seen what has come about in the country you call Iraq? It has been destabilised. This is not to say that what was, was good; not to say that things will not get better. But for the moment it is destabilised.

Guest Speaker on Patience and Spreading Your Wisdom to Others

One night we were joined by a Guest Speaker who was very focussed on giving us his message. He did not provide us with a name.

Q: What did you learn from your life?

Guest Speaker: I learnt to be patient, to be greatly patient for there is no merit in being anything else but patient; patient as you grow up. Is it not a fact that children especially when they get to a certain age want to grow up fast? Then they regret growing up, for they value what they had in their childhood. And then as we grow older we wish to be married, wish to advance our career, wish to seek retirement and so it goes on. Rather than valuing each moment as it comes and being content. Therein we seek forever the illusive (smiles) philosophers stone yet not realising that we have it within our grasp. Every moment of every day, we are in our own contentment if we only could learn to be content, to be content. All will come to pass as all will come to pass soon enough. No need to hurry it on. Better to be happy and enjoy the moment, (big sigh) yes.

Q: Did you enjoy the moment when you were on the earth plane last?

Guest Speaker: Yes I tried to, I tried to be calm and philosophical and to enjoy the moment. Not always easy of course for the mind succumbs to its games; fails to maintain that calm of mind which is necessary to see things clearly. But I did what my best effort would accomplish and I tried to keep my mind calm and at ease. And so for much of the time it was and so for much of the time I was relatively wise. There were many who rushed about the place; many discontent with their lot. Some of course had reason to be discontent with their lot. Some were living in poverty. Some knew not where their next mouth's food was coming from. But I was blessed by at least being and knowing my own security, security of life.

Q: It's easier said than done to be calm.

Guest Speaker: Yes, easier said than done, but you do not have to allow that train of thought to carry on you see. You need to arrest it, to stop it in its tracks, to return the mind to its centre of composure and peace. But not therein to hold it in a strangle grasp; rather to allow it to be free. But if the mind is calm so it can also be freed to express itself and its divine nature. The secret is to bring it to its still point of calm composure and then to allow it to be free; to express itself freely.

Q: Is that what you wanted to learn in that lifetime?

Guest Speaker: Yes. It is gold, veritable gold; great riches which many would not see or appreciate for they were too keen on the riches of the world, the outer riches. But I say to you I was as wealthy as any wealthy man who walked the earth with my inner riches. I did not do enough to try to pass on that wisdom to others and therein was my sin: too content within my own world having discovered my own path I failed to pass it on to show the way, the route, the path to others. This is what I should have done; this was my neglect. Therefore whatever wisdom you have, in all modesty not out of conceit or aggrandisement, I beg of you yet but to share your wisdom, your knowledge with those who accompany you upon your journey upon this earth at this time. I beg you to share what light, what little light you know, that you may give light to their path that they tread; to make their onward journey more sure of foot, more comfortable, more pleasant. This I beg of you my friends: to share your wisdom, your spiritual wisdom. Bye my friends.

Richard Dawkins Television Programme on Darwin's Theory of Evolution, God and the Bible

A number of group members had been watching the TV programme on Evolution by Richard Dawkins recently shown on UK Television. There was some discussion and Hai then commented:

Hai: The Bible story is a symbolic story.

Q: He is also saying that there can be no God because of how cruel nature is. A God would not allow creatures to be treated cruelly by other creatures.

Hai: You must not assume God is benevolent kind of chap. (Laughs heartily). God tries things out; is like chemistry man in lab. Mixes one thing together with another to try it out. But things are unfolding my friends, yes. Things are unfolding in a good way, positive way. But it is not nice and tidy in chemistry lab, yes?

Q: I don't have a problem with marrying evolution with a spiritual belief but I would have a problem if I was a Christian and believed in the Bible as it's written in a literal sense. I think Richard Dawkins had this pointed out to him, but he shows how cruel insects can be to be each other (paralysing the host).

Hai: Life progresses towards perfection, life evolves towards perfection. It is not perfect now, on one level anyway, but it is perfect at another level. But in its manifestation it is not perfect, yet perfection is the goal, the striving for. Yet you are partakers in that act of creation my friends; you also shape creation, by your minds, by your energies, and so does all life too. But as life evolves it will enter a greater harmony, a greater pattern of harmony, a greater being of harmony. But the path of life has been endless already yes? And it goes on endlessly into the future, evolving all the time. There is a driving force behind all this evolvement which you too are part of; this force.

Q: Does that mean the earth will last an infinite amount of time then?

Hai: A long, long time, yes; a long, long time yet.

Q: And will humans still be on it?

Hai: Yes they will be on it yes, but they too will continue to evolve and unfold in their physical beings and mentally.

Q: It seems that a lot of us have lost our perspective at the moment.

Hai: Yes, then they will have to regain their perspective. But you must be patient and tolerant of each other and the different countries that inhabit this earth and the different peoples that inhabit this earth. They are at different stages of development and unfoldment, even though in principle you are all the same, at the same level. Yet in the different countries of the world you are at different expressions of unfoldment and therefore you must be patient with these peoples. You must not try to drag them kicking and screaming, but must encourage, yes, must encourage unfoldment.

Q: But it's thought that if no radical changes come about by 2050 the human race could decline to nothing because of the damage that's been caused over the centuries.

Hai: It will not disappear by 2050, no, no. Yet there must be change.

Q: Will the numbers of people reduce?

Hai: The numbers will not reduce dramatically in the foreseeable future. But you must wisely husband the earth.

Q: There has been radical ideas such as vertical farming where certain food crops would be harvested from tower blocks. Is this the kind of thing that could help save us?

Hai: We do not believe so. Yet there is a need to husband the resources of the earth wisely, to use what land you have wisely, to use the resources that you are given wisely, to strive forward with your science to find ever better ways of fuelling your necessities. And you will reach out to space in the course of time, not in your lifetimes, but you will reach out to space and harvest the resources of space.

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