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Visitors' Questions during April/May 2003

This page will be revised at the beginning of each month.

The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page.

Preparation for Meditation

Q: Some leaders of meditation groups advise that we should have only minimal or no food before meditating. Is this necessary?

Hai: No it is simply a matter of not having a full stomach. A full stomach will make mind go to stomach, but otherwise there is no point in starving yourself. So it is what you are comfortable with, what you know from your own experience. This is more important than your rules that you speak of. Happy medium, as in all things.

"The Only Way to the Father is though Me."

Q: Some people say, that Jesus said, ďThe only way to the Father was through HimĒ Did he say that?

Hai: No he does not mean this. He means the only way to the Father is through His spirit, in sense of loving spirit. The only way to the Father is through encapsulating the Christ Spirit within you. But this is not Christ Spirit in the way some talk of it, no. This is Christ Spirit in the sense of loving spirit, which is in all of us. If we adopt Christ Spirit we are at one with Loving Spirit of all; of Christ Himself and all loving spirits, we are at one. Therefore to approach Father, we must embrace loving spirit, Christ Spirit, yes. Therefore this must be done to make yourself Christ like, yes. For if you cannot make yourself Christ like, how can you approach Father anyway. For it is not like you knock on the door of Christ and ask for introduction to Father, yes? To God, yes? This second hand stuff (with laugh). What we must do is make ourselves Christ like, loving spirit like; we knock on door for first hand experience.

But our loving spirit is itself the key to open the door to God. Our loving spirit is the key to God. And this loving spirit is identical with the spirit of Christ. Yes, loving spirit. It is great error this; those who speak of, Ďby Christ aloneí because this is second hand imitation of what Christ means. This is not the way to God. By emulating Christ we put ourselves on the road, but we must become as Christ to unlock the door. Some would see this as blasphemous. Yes? But in truth it is the only way to God. To say that we must make ourselves ĎChrist likeí is not blasphemous. It is a statement of fact, a statement of reality. We are not saying that we are ĎChrist likeí now, but that we are on the road to the wish to become Christ like, for we know this is the only way to love all.

Eileen went on to tell Hai about an email sheíd received, regarding her Reiki healing, from someone purporting to be a Christian. The person suggested that she should renounce sin, and say the prayer that accompanied the email. This was Haiís response.

Hai: This second hand religion; is counterfeit religion. The way this person speaks and acts is counterfeit religion. Not real thing, not real religion. Real religion must change heart inside, must turn around heart; awaken heart. It must be like an experience you have on your earth plane of putting hand into cold mountain stream. It must be that kind of experience, that kind of reality. Not trading in words, not trading in books, not pretend religion, but real religion which you must experience through your hearts, yes, through your hearts.

Q: Will someone like that, when he goes to the spirit world, stay with like-minded people?

Hai: Yes stay with (with amusement) tight-minded people. Yes until he learns to unfold his mind like the lotus.

While our group were still discussing the above conversation, Sam came through. He eventually told us that he had been a preacher when last on the earth plane. It soon became evident that what he had to tell us followed on the theme from the previous discussion. The theme was about rules and control.

Sam the Preacher

Sam: Yes you speak true. I have a particular experience of what youíve been talking about for I was born in the deep south of the USA where we were mighty religious, mighty religious. We had so much religion it was coming out of our ears. And God help you folk if you werenít mighty religious, with it coming out of your ears. Yeah siree. Not a pretty sight, religion coming out of your ears.

Q: Did you find it difficult to adjust when you went to the spirit world?

Sam: Well I did so find it mighty difficult to adjust when I came up here. Up here being a manner of speaking. But yeah I sure did. I was talking to this guy soon after I came here. And he was talking to me and I said to him: "Well where are all these folks I heard about, where are all these happenings I heard about when I was on the earth plane?" And he said to me: "What you on about? What kind of happenings? What kind of folk are you looking for?" So I told him I was looking for all those folk in the bible. So he said to me: "Well theyíve all gone on their way my friend." So I said: "Well where are they?" and he said: "Well theyíve gone on their way up a level or two." So I said: "Well I thought theyíd be here. I thought Iíd see them and talk to them, but they ain't here." So he said: "Well no, so what you going to do now?" So I said: "Well what do folks do now?" So he said: "Well you just get on with life. Thereís plenty of folk to talk to without those biblical folk, plenty of interesting folk." So thatís what I did. I got on with my life.

Q: Is it easier now that you donít have to worry about religion?

Sam: It is. It was such a burden. I did not realise it at the time, but it was such a burden, yes. It was like you had to wear it on your lapel all the time. It was an effort. It was an encumbrance. It was a heavy load, yes. But I didnít see it that way at the time. I did not recognize it that way at the time, no siree.

Q: Were you drawn to people of like mind when you first went to the spirit world?

Sam: Yes I was drawn to some people of like mind. Yes at first I was. They were all looking all around the place too, for all these biblical folk. Thinking well, "Where are we? Where is this place? Itís not what we thought it to be. Not where we thought we were coming." So we all talked about it. We all bounced ideas around a bit to work out what was going on. We all looked around a hell of a lot to find out what was going on and where we were, but you get tired of that after a while. Yet some of them are still looking you know, sure are; got their compasses out and going round in circles. (Laughs)

Q: Didnít someone come and tell them that there were no biblical folk around?

Sam: Yeah well you know, you can tell some folk, but they donít listen. They say: "Youíve all got it wrong. We must just be a little out from where we should be." They say: "Well if itís right what you say, youíve got to prove it." But I canít prove it to them Ďcause I canít take them by the hand and find all those biblical folk whoíve gone up a level or two. So I canít prove it, so they wander around the place you see.

Q: Did you realise straight away that you had left your earthly body behind?

Sam: No you donít realise straight away sometimes, because you just sort of stand around the place like you would here, you see. It all seems so natural. You see all these places, all these people. It looks sort of a bit different, but it still seems natural somehow. You donít think too much of it. You think: "Oh this is a nice place", but then you start to think: "Well where am I, and where is this place? Where are all these people from?" All this kind of stuff. You wonder how you got there and then you start to realise you must be dead, but you donít feel dead. "If this is dead then whatís alive?" Yeah you feel more alive than when you were alive; thatís the truth of the matter, yeah.

Q: When you were alive did you ever discuss Spiritualism?

Sam: Oh yeah, the work of the devil (laughs). I ainít seen the devil by the way. I donít even know if heís around. I ainít heard anything of him too so Iím wondering if heís really existing.

Q: Did someone meet you when you passed over?

Sam: Oh yeah, lots of folk came to meet me. They came looking for me Ďcause they heard I was coming and they were members of the congregation when I was down here. They were looking for some guidance; trying to find things the way they should be.

Q: What did you do when you were last on the earth plane?

Sam: I was a full time preacher and when I say "full time", I mean "full time".

Q: You mean twenty-four hours a day?

Sam: You bet you. Full time. Inside the cloth and outside the cloth; inside the church and outside the church; in the parks, on the sidewalks, in the streets.

Q: Were you a hard liner?

Sam: Fire and brimstone.

Q: Did you put fear into everyone?

Sam: They needed it you see. They needed that fear to keep them on the straight and narrow. I did it for their good. Yeah (laughs heartily). I knew what was good for them. You see the ego?

Q: And now you are in the spirit world do you think you did so them some good?

Sam: No, no. I gave some of them some structure; that did some of them a bit of good; some of them needed a bit of structure. Yeah, I did some good. But for most I did no good, for I got their minds down a tram track and their minds stuck there, yeah. And you canít have your minds down a tram track Ďcause your mind has gotta go off exploring to find the way.

You gotta try things out; you gotta test things out; you gotta do a bit of meandering here and you gotta do a bit of meandering there, because you gotta learn the hard way. You go reading these books of rules and just follow the rules and you learn nothing. The time will come my friend; and you can tell everyone this for me and I would heartily beg you to; time will come when youíve been sticking to your rule book and youíve been trying to act out your rule book, then your understanding of that rule book will get sorely tested. And if you havenít been meandering around a bit; if you havenít been exploring the territory; if you havenít been testing yourselves out a bit and learning the hard way, you wonít follow that rule book anyway, Ďcause youíll find the rules will break you. ĎCause you gotta learn the hard way, through life, not through the rule book; no not through the rule book. You follow me? So therefore you gotta be allowed and you gotta make some mistakes in your lives for itís only by making mistakes, some big, some not so big, that you really learn things and you internalise them into the heart and you make the experience, the knowledge, the wisdom, your own, yeah.

Q: But you did it with the best of intention, didnít you?

Sam: Oh yeah (laughter), I did it so, with the best of intentions. There are so many folk up here who have done so much with the best of intentions (laughs). I met a guy who used to screw some poor souls' thumbs, "for their own good". Now how does that one work? You tell me.

Q: Is that because some people want to control others rather than wanting to do good?

Sam: The power of the mind. You see folks we have responsibility for keeping control of our minds, Ďcause our minds are deadly powerful my friends. Power of thought is deadly powerful. So if we allow our minds to go down some road, some road of concrete that we canít turn back from, that we canít see any roads going off to the side because we think: "This is the straight road; this is the long straight road."

Samís voice became very loud and he sounded just like an evangelical preacher

"Yeah I gotta follow, yeah. You hear me brothers and sisters, we all gotta be on this road to the sun, to the Light. You must not deviate down Satan's byways. You gotta stick to the straight narrow road that heads to the Light my friends.

After weíd all recovered, Sam was asked:

Q: Is that how you gave it to them?

Sam: Yeah this is how I gave it to them, but if you can only see that long straight road to the light that you have tarmaced (laughs); well my friends, your minds are trammelled; your minds are trammelled from either side. All you can see is that straight road of concrete, which you have laid yeah. And God forbid, if that straight road of concrete, that you think is headed to the light, is headed to another place, God help you. You understand me? You follow me in all this?

Sam was back in his preacher mode again

So I say to you my friends, there are many a person on your side of life who has created a straight road for themselves which they think heads for the Light, but they are headed for the darker realms yeah, the darker realms is where they will be headed. For they have mixed in this straight road with their own ego, their own ill intent to their poor brothers and sister. So this is the test. This is the acid test. Do our actions lead to the welfare, the true welfare of our brothers and sisters?

I do not say by some imaginary criteria, that in the after life this will have done you good my friend. I mean here and now. Does it do them good, here and now? Does it cause them pain, here and now? Does it cause them enlightenment, here and now? Does it cause them feelings of love and enjoyment, here and now? This is the test my friends. So I would say to keep your minds open yeah, keep your minds open, tolerant and patient, tolerant, patient, tolerant, patient. I cannot emphasise those words more than I should. I repeat this for effect, tolerant, patient. So you gotta get tolerant, patient minds. You gotta resist your mind getting into some kind of straight jacket, narrow road that you cannot see from. You cannot see the scenery of life. You gotta keep your mind open. Test things out. I donít say go exploring here there and everywhere, with no thought of what will come of it, but I say you gotta explore, you gotta look around a bit, you gotta test things out a bit. This is what you gotta do, but you gotta resist the temptation to adopt some catechism, just following the sayings by rote. Just following it blindly is not leading you anywhere, is leading you down a hole.

Q: Do you mean anything?

Sam: I mean anything but especially religion, Ďcause religions got the most powerful thoughts of all yeah, especially religion.

I had a strong powerful mind and a strong powerful voice to go with it. So when I spoke from my pulpit, my God I reached out to those souls who were sat down there in front of me and by God they listened to me. By God yeah. But I should have listened to them. I should have encouraged them to say what they thought.

Q: Did you, and others like you, do it because you enjoyed the control you had over other people?

Sam: I enjoyed the limelight. I enjoyed the authority, but I also truly did believe that I was doing them a service. But they looked up to me. They saw me as someone who had authority, who had wisdom, who could give guidance. Therefore I did it with good intent, but I was misguided, for I should have helped them to explore their own way, their own path and not go laying the road ahead for them of my own making.

Q: Isnít that sort of...?

Sam: Arrogance my friend, arrogance. Not big mindedness; it was narrow mindedness. You think your interpretation is the right interpretation, but the fact of the matter is, those books that we read, those bibles, those others books we read, were based on someone elseís interpretations of someoneís elseís interpretations and so on. Then we come along, and we make our interpretations, and so it goes on. Truth of the matter is we know what the truth is in here (pressing chest). We know what the reality, the heart of the matter is in here (pressing chest).

Q: Will you come back to the earth again?

Sam: Yes well I think Iím gonna have to come back and make some amends. I donít mind too much, because I think the time will come when I have to come back. Not yet but itís gonna have to be.

Q: Will you go to the same place?

Sam: No, but I think I will go to a similar kind of place which has got the problem of this place, and put across a different perspective, if you see what I mean. So it doesnít matter too much that itís geographically where I was, but more mentally where I was. You understand me, yeah? So I can bring along another mental way of looking at things. Yeah thatís what Iíll do. Yeah, speak it as it should be spoken. Except now I am trying to do that truly, yeah. I spoke it like I thought it should be spoken, but I had my eyes opened when I came up here yeah. But now, I am truly speaking as I think it aught to be spoken; to the best of my ability, without preference, without pretext, yeah. So Iíll leave you folks. Sometime our paths might cross again. Well Iíll be seeing you. May the Radiant Light shine on you all.


Q: Is it better to become vegetarian?

Hai: Yes it would be better if people were vegetarians, but we know this is not easy; we know this is a gradual thing to be achieved on the earth plane. The Buddha taught that people should be vegetarian and this was correct. He however was patient and sensitive and tolerant of those who found this too difficult, or could not understand the reason for it. Blaming is not useful, serves no purpose. Gradual awareness is the way.

Q: Does this include fish?

Hai: All fish are animals. So yes I would include fish in this. We can only try and do our bit.

Question of the Month

Using Trance Mediumship to Contact "Unsavoury" Spirits

As background information for our overseas friends we need to explain that there is a regular TV programme shown in the UK called "Most Haunted". This involves a team of people spending nights at some of the most haunted places in the UK. An experienced and respected medium who often provides very evidential information, accompanies the film crew on these nights and connects with the energies and spirits. Quite often he goes into trance and spirits talk through him. One of our group had seen a recent episode in which an unpleasant spirit (this is putting it mildly) had come through the medium in the trance state and he had found himself physically thrown backwards. This event took place after a previous contact with the spirit when the nature of its character had already become clear. Someone in the group said that she thought what he does could frighten people off from trance mediumship.

Hai: Well you must be careful when you are opening yourself, exposing yourself to influence, to territory of the evil spirits who do not have your best interests at heart. So you must be careful if you expose yourself to them. For they can only harm you if you make yourself vulnerable to them. Therefore, if you go seeking them out, if you go making yourself available to them, if you put down the drawbridge of your castle for them to walk through, to walk along, then you are heading for difficulties, you are asking for trouble. For you are the guardian of your temple. You are the guardian of your castle. If you throw the doors open and say: "Look! Welcome to all of you. Welcome to everyone. Walk in, come in freely friends", then you may get some unwelcome visitors as well.

It is truly as if a great city throws open its doors knowing there are thieves in the woods round about, yet do nothing to monitor the thieves entering the city. They do nothing to stop them, prevent them from entering the city. Therefore it is unwise to expose yourself, to make yourself vulnerable, especially if you do not know what you are dealing with; if you do not know the measure of the entity of whom you are encouraging to link with you. Therefore you cannot then complain that this is a "nasty one", this is an "unsavoury one", this is an "evil one", for you have thrown open your gates, you have thrown open your doors and invited them in. Therefore you have responsibility to monitor those who connect, who enter the gate.

Q: How would you know if someone undesirable was around you?

Hai: We speak of situation where this person knows there are disturbed souls, disturbed spirits and he go looking for them yes? Now it may be possible to connect with these spirits in varying degrees, in different ways, different formats. But we say that if you loose control, if you do not exercise control over the manner of this connection, then you are laying yourself open to difficulty. But we do not speak of you here who are opening yourself to spirit, because you seek the best and the good. So because you seek the best and the good you are protected by this vow, this undertaking, this seeking, this intent. So we are not going from this place, wandering the streets and the graveyards, wandering the haunted places saying: "Ah, who would like to talk to us, we not too particular ha." No we are not saying this. We are starting from this point where we sit and we reach out for the greater good and the benevolent.

Hai then went on to comment on the Guest Speakers whom the Spirit Group encourage to come through to communicate.

You know we encourage various people to come to you, various people who are on various stages of development. So everyone who comes to your circle is not an enlightened soul; is not an all good soul. But they are souls who are on the road, who seek the light, who seek the good and even when we invite souls who are only on the first rungs of the ladder, they are on the first rungs of the ladder and are pointed in the right direction. We do not go dragging unwilling souls to you who are climbing down the ladder, who are on backward rungs of the ladder. We seek out souls for you who are climbing upward. And even if they are on early rungs of the ladder they may have something of benefit to share with you; their experiences on this earthly plane or indeed from their experiences in the spirit realms. So we seek out spirits for this reason. But they are not all of the same level, not all of the same degree of evolvement, of understanding, but nevertheless can contribute in a worthwhile way to your endeavours.

Q: I was just concerned about the image that the medium was putting out to the general public.

Hai: Yes this true what you say and it creates an impression and because it is a dramatic impression it is all the stronger for that. So therefore it may cause some difficulty in perception, some difficulty in understanding and it may affect things in a negative way.

Q: If any of us were visiting an historic building and sense a presence and be tempted to pry a little bit more. Is that a good idea or not?

Hai: Well you know you can exercise some control over this for you can become sensitive to an energy without entering into trance state. When you enter trance state you loose more control over the connection. Not totally but you loose some control. Therefore it is best to try to connect mentally with this energy in this place like you speak of. In connecting mentally you get some appreciation, some understanding, some awareness of the level of these souls with whom you are dealing. Therefore in having some understanding, some awareness of the level of these souls with whom you are dealing, you are safeguarded, you are forewarned, you are prepared. So it is best that you treat it in this way.

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