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Visitors' Questions during November 2001

This page will be revised at the beginning of each month.

The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors. If you would like to ask a general question please send your question by e-mail or post it in one of the forums. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page

Q: Is there only harmony on your side?

Hai: It depends where you are. The spiritual lands are many. There are many realms, as there are many countries on your plane. There is not harmony in every realm accross the realms.There are realms which are peopled, populated, by those who have wavered from the path of love. There is not harmony there in that realm.The realms vary to the degree they manifest the harmony, to the degree they reflect deep love, which is our essense. We do not change merely because we move to the spiritual lands, the spiritual realms. We carry with us what is in our hearts on the earth plane and manifest it on the spiritual. The realms are without the same restraints and heaviness of the physical world. At least most of them are. But some of the realms have there own heaviness, because of the conditions which are created by the minds and hearts of those who people them and are attracted to them. Loving hearts create harmony. Nothing else, nothing else.

Q: Do visitors from other planets visit us? Do our governments know of this and are covering up?

Hai: There have been visitors from other planets, from beyond your solar system and there have been incidents where these beings, these craft, have been seen by those on your world. There are those in your governments whom are aware of the evidence for such beings. But you should not enter on flights of fancy about influences beyond the stars. Your governments are well aware of the problems of your planet, of the global problems with which you all struggle. There is no need to hypothesise about influence from other beings, from other worlds. The problems are obvious. The will to do something about those problems is the problem is it not? There is not the serious intent and cooperation to address these problems. And the problems are deeper than you think. But it is to be hoped that eventually governments and countries will work together to rejuvinate the planet, to put right what has been done. These beings from other planets take an interest in you, but the longer term contact with them is some way off yet. The time is not right yet.

Q: Is evil in any way responsible for evolution in the sense that destruction progresses evolution through change?

Hai: You should not see evil in this way. No. The One Mind is on a voyage of discovery and the voyage of discovery. And evolution is one avenue of discovery. There has to be change for growth. There has to be change for movement foward. So you should not think of evolution as being linked to evil.

Q: Is the process of evolution infinite?

Hai: Infinity is the very nature of the Moment. Infinity is the very nature of your Essence. So to talk of evolution being infinite is not particularly useful. There is change, but the essence remains the same. This is the great quest for you: to see the Changless in the midst of change.

Q: Are we back to duality again with this?

Hai: No, because I ask you to look for the Changeless. If you look for the Changeless you must put aside duality, the very notion of duality.

Q: I'm going to have to ask you about this again when I've had a think

Hai: Our conversations have a certain element of conversations accross time. For you ask a question one night. I answer it. But then you think on it again while we are apart and you continue with your question a week later and I answer it. And so we go on. It is interesting. It is interesting and illustrates the unimportance of time. Because are separate conversations are linked accross time as if the gap of time did not exist.

Question of the Month

Q: When we go from the earth dimension to your dimension is it possible to get lost or are we always met by someone?

Hai: No, you are always met. Somtimes people are briefly on their own as they feel, but there is sombody ready and waiting to come and guide you, to meet you. You should have no worry on that.

Q: Are you always with the people you loved on the earth plane?

Hai: "Always" is a long time. But you will be able to meet up again with those with whom you have the bond of love. The bond of love, I have said before, cuts accross all bariers, all barriers of time and space, and the barriers between the two worlds. I use "two worlds" here in a simple sense to convey the meaning, but you understand what I mean? The bond of love cuts accross all barriers. But if you ask: "Are you with those you love for all time", in the sense in which you use time here, then this is not the case, because there is ever change, there is movement. There comes a time for instance when our loved ones must move forward, into other realms for instance, and we would not wish to hold them back. Sometimes they do hold themselves back because of the attachment that they have for those whom they love. But change occurs even in our world, though the time scales as you would understand them are much greater. The important thing is the love that we have for each other. This love is a strong bond and carries on infinitely. While we have this bond of love we can never really feel separated from those we love. You should be aware though also, like I've said, your present life is like the blink of an eye. You have many others whom you have loved, whom you have a strong bond of love with, who you do not remember, who you have had lives with in the past, whom you have known in the past. And your love for these people was as great as the love you have had for anyone in your present lifetime. So you view you situation from your present vantage point. But ,as I said before, your present vantage point is unable to take in the wider picture.

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