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Visitors' Questions during February 2004

This page will be revised at the beginning of each month.

The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page.

Lewis from Oakland, California, USA asked a Question about Satan

Q: Is there a Satan? Where did the concept originate?

Hai: Yes there is a Satan and this Satan lives within each and every one of us. Because when someone would ask you for some help and you think you cannot be bothered, this is Satan. When you think: "Oh yes my friend, what is it you wish?", this is Jesus. This is the good manifestation. Therefore the potentiality for harm or for good lies within each of us but it is up to us to make our choice, to make our decision. In a sense, therefore, we shape who we are; we create heaven or we create hell.

Yet there is a deeper mystery beneath this. For you all know that there is the One Mind in all its Suchness. And in this One Mind we have our place of abode; we have our place of origin; we have our very existence. And indeed we exist in It and It in us. There is no separation. But where we create division, where we create illusion of separation, of conflict, then this brings out the worst in us. It is when we assume, consider ourselves as separate entities, as separate beings who stand apart from other beings. And yet this is not the divine reality for we are all of one Suchness, we are all of One Being.

Therefore the origin which Lewis speaks of, is because we set ourselves apart, aside from each other, assuming our separate existence and aggrandising our own importance, compared to the importance of others, which is great error, grave error, for we are all one, of one Suchness.

Q: I am surprised that you used the name "Jesus" when you normally use the term "One Mind". Your answer had a Christian "ring" about it.

Hai: I speak only of Jesus as an exemplary person.

Parents and Children. One circle member asked if her children were not on the right path was there any way she could help them to be on the right path.

Hai: And who is to judge what is the right path, my Jane? Who is to judge what is the right path?

I will tell you a story: There was once a monk who was travelling to a village, a place in China. He came to a cross roads and he told someone who was waiting at the cross roads, just passing the time of day, that he wished to go to this town. So he said, "I am going down this road now". This was the right fork to this town, but the person who was stood at the crossroads said: "My friend, you should not go down that road. You should take this other road here, through the mountains, it is a short cut, and you will be there much quicker by taking this short cut." So the monk said, "Thank you my friend I will take your advice and use the short cut."

And so he set off through the mountain path, but as he was going through the mountain path the rains came down. There was a storm and thunder roared and there was an avalanche of rocks in the mountain pass and so the monk had to turn around and make his way back to the cross roads once more because he could not overcome the fall of rock. So he returned to the crossroads. There was no one there. The man who had been standing there was long gone. So he said to himself: "Well I must now start back along my old road, my old road of choice." And so he walks along the path and by nightfall he arrives at the village. He finds himself lodgings and enjoys the warmth and peace of his evening.

There was a long pause, then Hai continued:

But because he first went along the mountain path and then had to return to the crossroads and take the other path, he was three hours late in reaching his destination; but even more of a pity, he missed the sage who was crossing the path three hours earlier.

Q: So he should have obeyed his own instincts?

Hai: Yes.

Q: And my children have to do the same?

Hai: Yes. You must be like wise sage on the path, travelling sage on the path. If your children wish to trouble you with a question you must readily offer them your sagely sayings.

Question of the Month

Babies Who Die before Birth

A member of one of our Psychic Development Groups told Hai about a dream she'd had about a baby. Hai confirmed that the person had lost a baby before birth. He gave her some personal information and added that he thought that a relative was simply letting her know that she has cared for it. He then went on:

Hai: My friend, you know we send our love to everyone, to all of you, to all of human kind. There is no deeper love than the love of a mother for its child, yes, a beautiful love. But for all the children whom you have borne as mothers, all the children whom you have cared for as fathers, you must remember that you are guardians, you are guardians for a while, for a time, for this soul. But these souls pass through your care. For they are themselves, who they are, and they must walk on. So we are given a divine charge to act as their guardians for a portion of time and then we must let them go on.

You experience this with your own children while still on the earth plane: that you must let them go on, to move on, to walk on. For you cannot keep them to your apron strings all the time. You cannot keep them to your side all the time. They would not grow and this would not be in the desired nature of things. Therefore when you lose a baby, when you lose a soul, when you lose a loved child, a loved sister, brother and so on, when they are grown up even, you must be thankful that you have known them and they have known you. You must be thankful that you have contributed to their life while on this plane and they to yours, but you must let go of the fingertips in love knowing that those fingertips will join again at some time in the future. But in the meantime they must have their own path to walk. So we must let go with peace, with thankfulness, for they are who they are, thankful that they are able to go on being who they are and safe in the knowledge of our Eternal Nature, our Eternal loveliness and safe in knowledge of our fundamental unity in love.

I say this because there are some who hang on to the baby whom they have lost and this can be a great sadness to some, because they feel their life is never complete afterwards, because they think about what may have been. They think about their baby who is in the Summerland. But yet this is not the way of it. This is not the healthy way to view things. For that child may have needed that brief experience in the womb or of the physical life and then may need to move on. So we should not think that because a child has died, has not been born from the womb that things have necessarily gone wrong all the time. It may be that the experience was given to us to deepen us, to deepen our love, and the child which may have been in the physical world has given us this gift. Do you follow me? And this I know is none of it easy, but yet it is given in love and the essence of this is love. So you see it comes back to the fundamental principle of life: non-attachment and walking on. This is the healthy way to live; to be in this world, in all worlds for that matter; non-attached and to walk on in love and hope.

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