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Visitors' Questions during August 2003

This page will be revised at the beginning of each month.

The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page.

Healing and Karma

Kelly from Florida in the USA asked: "Can there be karmic consequences to healing someone?" (for example, if the person subsequently committed an evil act.)

Hai: There is no karma where there is no attachment to results, to consequences of action. Therefore, if you are non-attached to the consequences of your healing, the possible consequences of your healing. You do it from open, loving heart. Then there is no karma to this. If you do it from the point of view of exercising control over someone, achieving control over someone, then this would be poor motivation would it not? And this would attract karma to you. Likewise also, if you did it from the point of view of: "I am a good guy to do this. Aren't I a nice guy to do this?" This also is to do with the ego and therefore also generates karma in the act of healing.

But if you pursue your healing, use your healing gift without attachment, out of love, out of free love, then there is no karma attached to this. The person who is the recipient of the healing is the one who must bear the full karma.

The Essential Nature of Things

Q: What is the essential nature of existence?

Hai: The essential nature of existence, of our being, of the universe is that there is at one level everlasting change, eternal change, yet at the other level, the level within, there is never ending Sameness, Suchness, Identity. Therefore these two things, these two characteristics of Suchness, Sameness, Identity and change, the ever changing forms around us, these two aspects are as One when viewed from the mountain top. (Hai is reluctant to speak in this way as he says to do so implies a duality which has no place in Reality.)

Spirit Intervention

Q: Sometimes in life nothing seems to go right for us and at other times everything does go right even in spite of ourselves. Is this spirit directing us?

Hai: Sometimes when everything is going wrong for you it is going at its most right for you. Do you follow me in this? For we are not here to have things made all simple and easy for us. We are here to learn in the classroom. We are here to learn the lessons of life, the lessons that we may learn in this life, which is a special life to you and each other person on earth. Therefore sometimes when things do not go right they go very right, for you are learning much; you are learning your lessons well and this is important. This is what you are here for. This is what you carry forward with you. You may not appreciate these lessons. You may not recognise their importance at the time, but it is like the camel's hump of which one of my colleagues spoke. You gather your leaning together within you. You may not know its significance at the time. You may not appreciate its significance at the time. But you may draw upon the hump of knowledge and learn from this perhaps in the future when youíre ready.

You know people say to me, they say: "Ah well, when this was going well were spirit fixing it for me?" But we've got better things to do than go round fixing things for people.

Q: Do they intervene though?

Hai: We can, may on certain occasions, but more by inspiring, more by guiding gently, yet with the person still possessing their own faculty of responsibility to make their own decisions. But we may guide, we may influence, we may shape to a point, but we cannot take away your responsibility. We cannot take away your free will, your decisions. If we go round fixing everything for you, whatís the point of you coming here in first place? Anyway, you should not call out for too many spirits to fix things for you. Not all spirits are wise spirits. Might fix you good and proper.

Q: But people do not always learn from their mistakes do they?

Hai: No, they do not. This is true. But there is opportunity to learn and they may have to go through many opportunities to learn before they take up the opportunity; before they pick up the stick, yes.

Q: Sometimes people do say they have had very happy lives with few problems.

Hai: This is true, but sometimes it is because they have problems they do not recognise. Life is too easy because they do not have the eyes to see otherwise.

Q: Is that good or bad?

Hai: No this not good for this not make for wise soul. This makes for happy soul temporarily, but not make for wise developing soul. So this not good in the long run. But we all learn. We all learn from whatever experiences we have. And whether these experiences are sometimes happy, sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes unfortunate, sometimes intentional, sometimes unintentional, we can learn from every experience. And from this point of view we can turn around situations; we can milk situations for nourishment, to give us nourishment. Even though those situations were wrong situations, were unhealthy situations, were situations we should not have created, yet they may be milked for nourishment. You understand?

So this is why we talk of transmuting evil, harmfulness, into good. We may learn from all things and turn all things to good. This does not excuse them in the first place you understand, but tis possible to transmute things for the good, the greater good, yes. From this point of view there is always hope. For, no matter how dire the situation that is before us we may use it, we may deploy it, in order to achieve a positive purpose. Although there are paths which are best not trod, there are paths which are painful if they are trod and the direction takes us over many mountains perhaps, arduous footsteps across mountains. It would be better to choose the path of the plane in the first place, yes? But people like to do things hard way, yes?

Question of the Month

Kelly from Florida in the USA asked: "Where does low self-esteem come from? How does it come about? This was Haiís response:

Hai: Low self esteem may come from many quarters, many different ways, many different directions. It may come from our own upbringing during our childhood because of messages which we receive from other people. Not necessarily our parents, but sometimes others also who are around us, who give us, intentionally or unintentionally, negative messages about our own worth, about our own value and abilities.

Yet sometimes we may have an inner disposition to this, to this self effacement, to this low self esteem. And sometimes we may have volunteered ourselves for this in choosing this, our next life in this world; that we go through this challenge; this experience of low self esteem; that we may rise above it, so that we may learn from it in some way; that we may learn the nature of the self; that we may learn the nature of understanding the self. This sometimes can help this process.

But yet also there are other sources of self effacement, low self esteem. Because there are many in your world, your society, who generate, who create, wrong values, wrong measures. Indeed all measures are useless. But they create useless measures, wrong measures, inappropriate measures, false measures. And they compare people, they measure people against the rule which they have created. And sometimes, often in fact, the measures, the rules which your societies create are flawed, are inappropriate, are without merit, without reality. People, for instance, set up certain skills as being important, as being desirable, as being more important than others. They rate people, they measure people against these skills or abilities and come to conclusions about their worth. This is false. This is error. This is great error. For the value of each person simply lies within the inner reality of that person, not in terms of what they can accomplish, not in terms of what they can do, not in terms of the abilities or merits which they possess.

None of these are ways of measuring the true worth of a person, for the true worth of a person, the true reality of a person is within themselves, is inherent within their own nature and there is no one that can take this from you. (Said with great emphasis) You are all, my friends, eminently worthy of great value, of great lovingness towards you. Your worth is without measure my friends. You are worthy of love beyond understanding, beyond measuring my friends. And you must believe this my friends. For there are many of you in your world who do not believe this and this is a sadness to us. It is sadness to us for you are all eminently worthy; you are all infinitely worthy and valuable. You are all without precedent. You are all unique in your worthiness, in your value. And yet, if you put blocks between yourselves and your understanding, your appreciation of this value of yourselves then you fail, you fail to see, to connect with your worthiness, your infinite worthiness and value, your beauty and your prevent yourselves from witnessing our love for you, your love for each other. You prevent yourselves from the experience of this lovingness towards you.

Therefore, we would say to you to cast aside all the measures of men, all these flawed and useless measures, for they are of no account in the infinite reality of things. All these measures are as grains of sand in the desert which blow hither and thither. They form a dune one day and the dune is gone the next. They are without merit. They are blown away over the aeons of time and are forgotten and are of no account. Therefore we would say to you to put aside all these measures of men and to recognise your own value, your own infinite value, intrinsic in itself.

I give you four men who happen upon a flower, a flower in the marshes yes, a beautiful flower, a simple flower of a few white petals with a beautiful blue centre. Four men travelling together happen upon this beautiful simple flower. One says: "Oh, look at the symmetry of this flower. Is not the symmetry of this flower and its form beautiful, so perfectly shaped.?" Another says: "Oh no my friend. This is not the most attractive feature of this flower. Have you not seen the beautiful pale white colour of its petals? So gentle, so subtle, so quiet, so beautiful." Another says: "No my friend, you are mistaken. This is not the most attractive feature of this flower, for this flower has a beautiful centre. Have you not seen all its stamens, all its intricate parts, all its intricate details of its centre?" Another one says: "No my friend you are wrong. Have you not seen the beauty of its centre. You focus upon its detail when you have this beautiful blueness, this essential blueness at its heart, which calms the mind, which raises the mind to spiritual heights?"

And so you have my friends even in this case where these four men agree upon the beauty of this flower, they haggle over the beauty and what is the most beautiful aspect of it. The flower within itself laughs at them all for it says to itself: "All of these things are mine, and I am all of these things. You cannot split them, you cannot dissect me, and you cannot rent me asunder. I am who I am. I am that I am. And so it is with each of us. Therefore, those who would dissect you should take their scalpels elsewhere and waste their time on other activities. Therefore do not let anyone rent asunder your wholeness for you are each whole unto yourselves. There I have finished my sermon. (Laughs)

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