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Channeling Spirit Communication through Trance Mediumship

Spirits Speaking from the Heart at Tranquil Spirit.

Spirit Answers to Visitors' Questions during January to June 2009

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. Please do not use this form for personal questions relating to your own specific circumstances/issues. It is ok to use the form for questions which would be equally relevant to other people. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Alternatively, you can post your question on the Web Board.

Jim asked why guides seemed to have such difficulty creating communication with us now when the process of communications seemed to be easier in times even prior to Jesus

Q: 'Thank you for listening because this question is so important to me. First I want to thank you for that book, The Unfolding Lotus. My wife died and so I bought so many books that I swear they all copy each other and say nothing. I have so much more insight into the sprit world now, but I do wonder and I am trying to weed out to see the truth of things. They say that Jesus was the best medium and think of what supposedly Moses did. Well, if this really happened why can't we do it now? Why would the guides be baffled on how to make a connection with us if they could do it before with Jesus? I am confused on what to "buy" here; to me the spirit world have that information having done this before? That info should be in the akashic records of how they communicated to Jesus. I have sat for ever and never heard a peep. Please ask spirit for an answer for me I already feel in debt to you because of your book but I would appreciate an answer back. Thank you both so much and wish you the best.

Hai: Much of what is written in your holy books did not happen. Therefore, it is false to compare what is written, imaginary happenings, with the reality of what you experience now, in the present time. It is false to compare the two. For much of what has been talked about in the past did not happen in the past. So this is one thing. As regards spirit communication, it is not an easy thing to achieve. We have said many times that it requires both your energy reaching up to us and our energy reaching to you. There must be a synchronicity, a connection. It is like a spark of electrical charges meeting; we must have each charge reaching out to the other and then, in a flash, a connection is made.

But it is not an easy thing this connection. It depends on many things. It depends on your ability, it depends upon your patience and endurance, and it depends upon our deliberation, upon our energy to connect with you. Therefore, it is not an easy thing to achieve this meeting of different energies. For, though we are all one and of the One Mind, in truth, for this is the ultimate truth, we are all of the One Mind and connected in the most intimate way you can imagine. But at another level we are different energies. And for these energies to connect with one another is not an easy feat for we are on different vibrations. And these vibrations do not connect, communicate naturally, easily, spontaneously. There needs to be a reaching out from both sides in order to make the connection. But you must reach out not with your rational, scientific minds, you must reach out rather with your creative, artistic, intuitive minds. This is difficult. For many wish to seek proof, wish to seek evidence, wish to seek concrete facts of the existence of the spirit realms. This puts their minds in a difficult place to actually experience the communication of which we speak, for their minds are in the wrong place to achieve it, if you follow me.

Therefore, it is often necessary to suspend the scientific quest in order to achieve the connection and the communication. Then you may look at the evidence as an after thought. But while you are seeking the connection, you need to be meeting us with your intuitive, creative, artistic minds. There must be an openness, a stillness, an intuitiveness, an imaginativeness even, yes, for this to happen. And we have spoken oftentimes about the difficulty, the dilemma in this. For as you use your imaginations to reach out to us, you then doubt yourselves and you say: “Well perhaps it is only my imagination.” But you must have faith and reach out with your imaginations my friends, for (voice goes very soft and quiet) we are then able to tap into that imagination, to connect with it, to speak to it, to influence it and therefore the communication can then take place. But it requires an act of faith, patience, endurance even, yes.

Eileen had received a message following a question to her guide a few days earlier that had left her feeling confused. She asked Hai:

Q: What do you do when you receive an answer to a question that leaves you feeling confused about the meaning?

Hai: You must work on it as best you may. You may find other communications come to you at other moments of time to clarify this point, this confusion. For, as we realise that we have spawned confusion, then we may try again to create another message to balance the first, to add clarity to the first.

Angel Cards/Psychic development

Q: I received some Angel cards for my birthday. Is it true that angels can actually intervene through the cards with messages?

Hai: Well if you are responsive to the Angel you may turn up a card, but the card you turn up is not significant to any great extent. What you find significant is what the card awakens in you, what the card prompts in you to help you attune to an aspect of the angel, to receive communications from angels. But the actual card is not too significant in this, but the meaning of the card, meaning which you associate with the card at the time is important.

Q: So the words we get on the card are only in relation to how it affects us?

Hai: You could get one card one night and you could be prompted to think of certain thing, certain message with this card, but you could pick up the same card the next night and be prompted to think of something else. Therefore, this helps in communication if you are open, if you are not closed, if you are not pre-empting the meaning, if you are not connecting with your own meaning. Do you follow me? You must be open to reception of meaning, of communication. It is dangerous if people use cards, like tarot cards, this is dangerous if you get a tarot card and without question you associate a particular meaning to the tarot card because you are reading from the book. But if you use the tarot card to connect with tarot card with open mind, with free mind open to communication then you may find that they will help you to communicate, to receive communication. Therefore, they are a tool.

Q: But the card you pick out is the card that you are meant to pick out isn't it?

Hai: No not always. It is not always so.

Q: So you could pick out any card?

Hai: Yes, but you could get different meanings to the same card and if you are free and open, as I say, then you may receive communication from agents who use these cards to convey a meaning to you. But some people use tarot cards like a book and attach definite meanings to each card. They get too hooked on all this. If they are too fixed on their interpretations of meanings according to the book, this is potentially dangerous because they are open to suggestion. Those with a not strong mind are open to suggestion and this can cause difficulty for them.

Q: Do they just help you to attune then do they?

Hai: Yes and others to attune to you. You see if someone picks up a card with a sword on it, what would you think of this?

Q: Aggressiveness, a need for protection?

Hai: You might think that. You may think that death has come. You may think that injury or threat has come. You may think all sorts of things, but you could also think of a positive thing. You could think it symbolises the sword of truth to cut through deceit, to cut through danger.

So there are many interpretations and we must go with our intuition when using the card. It can mean a negative thing at times but you may also find that you are attracted to certain aspects of the symbol of a card on different occasions. So you may have a symbol of a sword with gleaming light on one point of it. Sometimes you may focus upon this gleaming light. Therefore, this sword has positive associations for you. Other times you may focus on another aspect of the sword to bring about a different meaning. So we must go with our intuition and use our intuition and allow those who are benevolent communicators from other worlds to communicate with us.

Q: Would we get clearer messages through dreams?

Hai: It depends upon the dream. Some dreams are not so clear.

Q: Is there any harm in looking at the cards every day or should they be left with a much longer gap between?

Hai: No, there is no harm in looking at the cards but it is better not looking at them too frequently for it may blunt your intuition, may affect intuition. It is better to do it regularly but not too regularly, if you understand me. Six months is too long. We will not be prescriptive but we say pick a reasonable regular time but not like clock work but reasonably regular, for you need to practice in your use of these cards if you wish to use them. So too great an interval is a hindrance but too frequent use is also a hindrance, for your active mind will become too active on them if you use them too frequently, yes, and you start to associate, you start to become too rigid in your associations of the cards.

Q: So you could come to rely too much upon the cards then?

Hai: Yes you could but you also blunt the intuitive faculty, because your mind becomes too active. There are different energies with these symbols. So you need to be able to come to them with a fresh mind each time and go with your mind, go with your intuition.


Q: What happens when a loved one commits suicide?

Hai: We have spoken of this before. It is a difficult thing, suicide experience. It is difficult for the one who commits suicide. It is difficult, in some ways more difficult, for those who are left behind, loved ones, who try and make sense of what has transpired. And it leaves them with feelings of guilt for perhaps not being as aware as they think they should have been, for not being able to help the person out of their pit of despair.

They should not feel this way, but they often do. Therefore, it is part of the karma of creating suicide that you create, by necessity pain not only for yourself but for those whom you leave behind. We have spoken oftentimes of the parallel of the boulder, the person who throws the boulder into the great lake or sea and the boulder creates so many ripples on the water, rippling out to the far, far shore. And so it is with someone who commits such an act. They create many ripples of karma, much pain, much torture.

It is understandable how people may come to this point in an earthly life, of a feeling of despair, of a feeling of overwhelming discouragement that there is no joy left in life. But this indicates often that the balance of their minds has been disturbed, that they no longer see things in a clear balanced way. For all things can change, all things can change. And though we might find ourselves in the pit of despair this day, this year, yet soon it may become as yesteryear and we will find ourselves in a much better place, a brighter place. It is a lack of faith in life this act of suicide. It is a great "NO" to life, whereas life must be embraced. Often the person who commits suicide is viewing life in an incorrect way, for they are comparing their present time perhaps, with a better time in the past.

Yet life is changeable, it is the very nature of life to change. Do we not change from childhood to adolescence to adulthood? Do we not even change in the various phases of adulthood? Therefore, we go with life, go with the flow of life. We must not set conditions; we must not set preconditions for our engagement with life. All these things will come to awareness when the soul has left the earthly life and returned to the Spirit Lands, but it can take some time for this awareness to come, to develop, and to be refined. And those souls who commit these acts sometimes may find themselves earth bound, as you call them, attached to the earthly realm, for there are so many issues that they have not resolved, so much unfinished business. But even those who progress to the spirit lands may find themselves in a lonely place, the grey regions. Not because they are malignant, not because they are wilful or wishing to harm others, but rather because they have isolated themselves, cut themselves off from the flow, from engagement with the community.

Yet it is difficult to generalise on this for the act of suicide is not one act with one particular character. There are many variations, many situations, many circumstances, which bring such people to commit the act of suicide. Therefore, we must not generalise. But all we can say is that they are bidding to escape pain, but such pain cannot be escaped; for if they fail to face it upon the earthly plane they must endure it and face it in the spirit lands. Therefore, there is no escape; they must win through by their own efforts, albeit with assistance. They must face their nightmares; they must face their challenges. There is no easy fix. Therefore, they have their work to do when they come to the spirit lands, the work that they failed to do upon the earthly plane. And there are many who help them here (spirit lands) but they, at the end of the day, must be their own task master, they must make progress. They must face responsibility for their actions. They must face responsibility for creating change.

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