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Spirit Answers to Visitors' Questions during May and June 2006

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. Please do not use this form for personal questions relating to your own specific circumstances/issues. It is ok to use the form for questions which would be equally relevant to other people. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Alternatively, you can post your question on the Web Board.

Birthdays and Enlightenment

One member of our group asked Hai if he would wish her father, who is in the spirit world, a happy birthday. Hai agreed and added:

Hai: So you must wish me a happy birthday also for it is my birthday today. I am many hundreds of years now but you would never think it to look at me. (Laughs)

Q: What year where you actually born in?

Hai: 753.

Q: Do you actually celebrate your birthdays?

Hai: Yes we do. We gather together and have parties. Which birthdays are we taking about? The birthday when you are born into the physical plane or the birthday when you depart the physical plane. (smiles) We have birthdays for many different things. (laughs) Good excuse for parties.

Q: And when it is the birthday of your birth on earth, do you get together with the people who you were with on the earth

Hai: Sometimes, yes. It depends whether you have maintained a connection, the relationship with them. Things change. Not everyone can be present. Some people have moved on back to earth plane or have moved to other planes; therefore, it is a meeting of the available. (Laughs).

Q: How old are you since your creation?

Hai: It does not make much sense to count all these lives, Andrew, for there has been so much coming and going over the ages. I lived in animal form first and most of you have also; for we are all one consciousness, one sentience, one commonality. But in human form I am many thousands of years old - many thousands.

Q: Did it take a lot of lives before you reached enlightenment?

Hai: Yes - yes because the mind is ever fickle. The mind is ever like the honeybee, flying from flower to flower, from one distraction to the next, from one enticement to the next. It does not centre itself willingly, does not settle itself willingly and to reach enlightenment it must be centred and settled. It must see beyond and through the illusions of life, the changing panorama before its eyes to see the Changelessness within and beyond all the phenomena. And when it sees That it cannot but help laugh and smile. It is like; it is hard to describe; but it is like someone who had banged a vast bell of enormous size and the ringing penetrates all of existence. And when you have had enlightenment, you can hear and feel the great bell (voice changes to almost a whisper) the great toll resonate throughout all existence; you feel it as you know it and you laugh, (laughs loudly) you laugh and smile for all the pain and suffering are but illusion, are but magic tricks. There is Changelessness - there is great security - within the all-embracing One Mind, the One Mind, which you are all part of, the One Mind, which you are all of.

Q: Is that what enlightenment means, we are all light and worry free?

Hai: You see through all the illusions Helen. You see through all the manifestations to the Heart of Life, to the Essence of Life. And more than you see it, you know it, you feel it. You have a saying, "You feel it in your bones," yes? But I tell you, you feel it in every pore of your skin, in every corpuscle of your blood; you know it, you live it, are it, the enlightenment.

Q: Have any of us here been around as long as you Hai?

Hai: Yes some of you have been around as long as I've been around. You like the part of the honeybee too much, to fly from flower to flower.

The Spirit and the Soul. Cremation and Burial

Marianthi from France asked the following question:

Q: Dear Sirs, and all those helpers of knowledge in Spirit, I need your views and knowledge to help quiet my heart. I live in France and there is not any access to Spiritual Churches or beliefs. Is one's spirit the same as one's soul? I thought it was and when one left the physical body in death, the spirit (or soul) was taken to the other world and to the light.

Hai: The spirit goes to the light. This is not a matter of being taken; the spirit goes to the light. It is a free soul, a free spirit. It finds its own way home but there can be those who are available to help if need be. But it is a free spirit, an independent spirit and there is no difference between the soul and the spirit.

Q: My second question is: Some religious friends here have argued very forcefully that it was ESSENTIAL that one's body after death was left untouched in repose for 3 days as stated in the Bible and that it was IMPERATIVE that burial in the ground was had, and cremation was the WORST thing ever to do. In fact, if this is not complied to, one becomes more or less "a lost soul" not knowing where to go. Why is this a worry for me personally? Because I have organised that my body be sent to a teaching hospital for students to learn and after it is no longer needed, it is disposed of at the hospital. You see, I find funerals here extremely depressing and melancholic and I just can't bear the thought of that.

Hai: This is a light-hearted person. Many would find it difficult to do what she has done, to volunteer her physical body to study. This calls for a high level of non-attachment to the body. But it is a good sentiment, good impulse that she has. She should rest assured and have no anxiety regarding what these other people say about the necessity of burying the body in the earth; this is of no account.

Her impulse, her view of the human body is the correct one. It is only a vehicle; it is only a manifestation of spirit in the physical world. We have spoken of this at your trance demonstration in Canada. People there asked a similar question about body and spirit and we said to them, spirit animates body, body without spirit is just inert, it is just a mechanism. But spirit animates the mechanism and while your spirit is in your body then you have close affinity to your body, you manifest yourself through your body in the physical plane. But the body is only a manifestation of the spirit animating it; therefore, when the spirit has no longer use for the body the spirit disassociates itself from the body and the body reverts to the elements of the earth.

What would these people wish to do with the physical bodies when they are done with them? They are put into the earth, yes? And maggots eat them, flies buzz around them, the chemical processes break down the body and the body's elements return to the earth. Of what use is the physical body then? Therefore, these people are too attached to their physical body. Rather they should view it as doing them good service while they live on the earth plane and their sprit animates it. Beyond this it serves no purpose for them. They have moved on, they are elsewhere; they have no longer anything to do with the body.

The person who asks this question has the correct view and should rest assured in this, should rest calm and confident in this. It is difficult when she is surrounded by so many with opposing views but she should rest assured and be calm and confident, yes.

A member of our home circle made the following comment.

Q: I suppose it's difficult because some religions don't like cremation and do teach that souls can be lost.

Hai: No. No. They are lost in a simple expression of that word. They are the ones who are lost in a mistaken view. You should know also if you plant roses above ground in the earth in which these physical bodies are decaying and the roses grow beautiful with the elements available to them. (Smiles). How will they repossess their bodies from the roses?

Two questions, also on the theme of death, followed on:

Q: Is it possible for someone to die and not realise they are dead?

Hai: Yes this can happen sometimes but it is rare. There are those who seek them out who are willing to help them, to shine a light for them, someone who will reach out to them. You should have no fear on this count.

Q: I heard recently that someone who had a heart transplant was suddenly able to do things that the donor had been able to do. Is it possible for a donor's gift to be transferred in this way?

Hai: Some memory may be transferred. Your bodies retain the code. Your bodies have the imprint of the code of your abilities within and sometimes this may be transferred to another. But you should not view it as this artist's gift or that artist's gift for the gift is the gift.

Soul Mates

Jeanie from Indiana in the USA asked the following question:

Q: What is a soul mate and what does it mean when you feel at home with another person?

Hai makes a joke and tells us that Davia is saying that we are all mates with each other. He then continues:

Hai: But this soul mate idea which people are often asking us about, because they seek a soul mate, they seek someone who is of like mind, of like heart, of like energies together. They seek someone with a view that they are destined for them; they are destined for each other. Now this idea is correct in some ways for as you enter upon your physical life in this world you may have arranged to work with some people while you are here. You may have arranged to make a connection with certain special people while you are here, people who are willing to work with you, people who are of like mind and heart with you, who have similar beliefs, similar wishes. And one of these people may indeed be a life-time partner whom you feel particularly close to, whom you feel a bond of intimate love and affection with, whom you feel like you are one half and they are the other, of one identity, of one soul.

But you must know as we have said often before, that you have all had many lives and you can multiply the relationships which you have in this present life many times over. Some of these relationships you have on this plane at this time, in this life of yours, you have known before. You have shared relationships with the people before, though the relationships may have been different relationships. So the brother of today may have been the mother of yesterday, the sister of today may have been the husband of the day before. You follow me? So relationships may change many times over, through many life times. And sometimes you may feel closer, may be drawn closer in a relationship to a person. Yet in another lifetime it may not be so close.

But we take a long view of this, eternity, yes. And there is much change, much changing as you go through life, existence to existence. But all things come around, all things grow and develop, all things are on the eternal path of love. Therefore, in a sense, you have many soul mates, but the soul mate who may work with you in this life may not be the soul mate that has worked with you in a previous life. But this does not devalue any of your relationships, this does not devalue them in the slightest way, for all relationships have the potential to be divine unison, a beautiful thing, a loving thing, this closeness, this intimacy of relationship. Therefore, we understand this search for a soul mate in your present life; we understand it well. And it is a beautiful thing is it not, to share your life with someone or people who are of like mind, who are of like nature, where you feel you truly do complement each other, where you feel you enrich each other's existence; this is a beautiful thing. But you should not have the view that this soul mate of today is perhaps a soul mate that has been fulfilling this same role throughout many lifetimes. This may be so or it may not be so, but you must remember that all your relationships are evolving just like everything evolves. All your relationships grow just like everything else grows and as we walk the eternal path everything grows, everything evolves towards fulfilment, its ultimate unfoldment.

Q: I've read something recently about the concept of a group soul. Can you comment on that?

Hai: What I would say about this is that we are only a group soul, yet we are also individual souls. We are all sparks of the One Mind. We all come out of the One Mind, are from the One Mind, yet even as we are individual sparks of the One Mind we are yet of the One Mind, we are not separate from It. There is no division between It and us. I have often compared this, when people have asked me, to the vastness of the ocean. If you look at the vastness of the Ocean, especially when the wind does blow, yes, you see the individual crests of the wave, the mighty waves of the ocean. And it is like, if I give you a parallel, I would say the mighty sea is the One Mind, the vastness of the One Mind. And the individual crests of the waves are like we, individual. And so, though there are individual crests, yet they are only part of the mighty sea; therefore, though we are individuals, yet we are only part of the One Mind. Do you understand this parallel? The problem comes when the individual 'crest' thinks it can cut itself loose, it can direct and dictate what should happen, what the mighty sea should do. This is when we have the ego trying to take control and there is trouble (laughs and repeats) there is trouble. And the harmony that is within the sea becomes disharmonious. But of course it is not just one little crest of one wave that becomes like this, (laughs) many of the crests of the waves become like this, all fighting and vying with each other causing difficulty, causing disharmony. Yet we would say, it is only because of their lack of understanding, their lack of awareness that they are part of the same sea, that trouble comes. If they could only turn in on themselves and see that they are truly part of each other, of one identity, one Common Identity, of one Common Heart, of one Common Mind. Who then would want to cause trouble with their brother and sister? They would understand their oneness, their unity. They would feel a love that flows through the mighty sea for all. And the sea rejects no one, rejects no thing. The sea cannot reject us for we are part of it. We belong in it, we are of it, and we are of its nature. It would be like; if we could for a minute imagine all these crests of waves as arms coming up from the sea. Would the sea want to cut its own arms? No, no, no. Therefore, your religions which talk of hell, which talk of a casting out are in error, for the Mighty Mind, the Oneness of the Mind, the Loving Heart, embraces all, is within all, loves all, accepts all. And though it beckons us on to our eternal destiny, to our evolvement in love, yet it would never cast out; (voice reduced to a whisper) it cannot cast out; has no wish or will or willingness to cast out. It is Love; it is Loving Embracing-ness, Loving Embracing-ness.

Q: So when you say it cannot cast out, is it possible for the waves to leave the sea and go on their own way?

Hai: No. They delude themselves that they can cut their own path, that they can cut themselves loose, that they can lord it over others. But they do not understand that their fundamental identity is 'of the sea', is of the One Mind. And yet there is a paradox here, my friends. For though we are of the sea, the One Mind, yet we can bring our own unfoldment, our own evolvement, expressing the One Mind though our individuality, through our own peculiarity. And therefore, we have this paradox whereby our identity is within the ground of the One Mind but yet we may express it in our own way, to particularise it in our own way. And therefore, it is at one and the same time a vast embracing-ness but yet it also spurs us on to individual unfoldment, development, an individual spark, an individual flavour which, though having its flavour, is its own unique flavour also. And so I come back to your question, John, though I think you know where I have been leading you in my thinking, that to think of a group soul, I would say to you; there is no other than a group soul, for we are all encompassed by the One Mind. We are expressions of it, yet we have our hearts, our souls, and our identities within it. It is also true though that, souls may come together for a particular purpose, souls may gather together for a particular purpose and some of you may think this is similar to this concept of a group soul. And to a point I would say that we are of a group soul that work with this group here for we are five spirits in the main that work together, though there are others who support us as well, but we are five main spirits who work with this group and we are of one mind, of one heart, of one identity but yet we are individuals.

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