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Spirits Speaking from the Heart at Tranquil Spirit

Channeling Spirit Communication through Trance Mediumship

Channelling Personal Consultations with Spirit through Trance Medium

(Please note that all trance channelling is of an experimental nature and by asking for a personal consultation you are agreeing to participate in the experiment. The modest charges are for our time and materials. The pages of this web site should give you a good idea of what to expect from a consultation. You should in particular read the Guidelines.)

We have had an increasing number of requests for Personal Consultations with Hai and his Spirit Group through Paul, trance medium. These take place at our home, "Tranquil Spirit", in Northwich, Cheshire, England. People request this opportunity for many varied reasons. They may have a current problem or concern in their life or relationships, or they are trying to make sense of a difficult experience. Some are at a point of change in their life and they are seeking the best way forward. Others may be seeking guidance and advice relating to their psychic development, spiritual development or development of their channeling ability.

A personal consultation offers an opportunity to discuss such issues in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. People have been struck by the warmth, compassion and humour of Hai and other members of the Spirit Group, andhave found benefit in the insights and guidance which have been offered. The Spirit Group quite often encourage other spirits to come through in order to share their insights gained from experiences in an earthly life whichoften have a bearing on the issues of concern to the person.

Hai and his group will never tell you what to do or make decisionsfor you. They respect your own and others' uniqueness and right to self-determination ashuman beings. They will also not forecast the future. They say that we often agree the general pattern and general types of experiences which we will have in our present lives before we are born and subsequently our own actions can also create "patterns in time". However, they also stress that the future is not "written in stone" and that the exercise of our free will can change events. They say that this exercise of our own free will to make our own decisions and choices is the crucial way by which we learn and grow during our time on this earth. If everything was destiny/fate we would be like clockwork toys wound up at birth to meaninglessly act out our programming.

Before coming for a consultation it is best to spend a little time thinking aboutthe issues etc which you wish to discuss in order to ensure that you willget the most benefit from your meeting with Hai and his friends. It is best to try to be as clear as possible in describing the issues which concern you and any circumstances around them. People sometimes think that just because someone is in spirit this makes them wise and all-knowing. This is a common fallacy and neither statement is true. Your own relatives in spirit will spend time around you and therefore may know more about your circumstances, though even their knowledge of your life may be patchy in some respects. (They have their own lives to live and cannot spend all their time with you). Also, depending upon the time they have been in spirit and whether they have used this time to further evolve, they may not necessarilly be able to offer a wise or spiritual perspective on your life. Evolved spirits like Hai may know about some of the details of your life to varying degrees, but it is best not to assume this. They will be able to offer a wise and spiritual perspective on your life and the issues which you face.

The consultation itself will last for 45 mins to an 1 hour, but it is desirable to plan for a further 20 mins or so at either end to allow time for introductions before the consultation commences and time for discussing your experience with us at the end. Prior toattending a consultation please read these Guidelines.

The cost of a sitting is 20. (Please bring an audio tape if you would like us to record the session).We are aware that this is well below the cost of similar opportunitiesoffered by some people. We are able to offer a consultation at this price as we do not rely upon such activities for our main income and our overheads are relatively low. We also wish to make this opportunity available as widely as possible.

If you would like to arrange a Personal Consultation, or if you would like further information, please contact us on 01606 590288 or Mobile 07904 162904 or please click here to send us a message using a Contact Form.