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Visitors' Questions during January 2002

This page will be revised at the beginning of each month.

The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors. If you would like to ask a general question please send your question by e-mail or post it in one of the forums. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page

This month we will focus on some of the questions posed to WB by visitors. WB tells us that he was a scientist when he last lived on the earth and that he lived in Scotland. He has carried on his scientific interests in the spirit world and this is part of his work with our spirit group.

Q: As a scientific person on the earth plane would you have believed you would have been in the position you are in now?

WB: I will admit to being sceptical when on the earth plane. I think I have indicated before that, while I was sure of what awaited me on my demise, I was still somewhat pleasantly surprised by the events which followed to find myself in my present surroundings.

Q: So I suppose you where delighted to be able to continue in a scientific vein?

WB: Indeed and I have the advantage now of course. I can access an even wider view; a wider view indeed!

Q: The Halls of Learning? Hai has indicated that you only have access to information when you are ready to receive it. But when we talk about the history of the world and our own country, would that be accessible to anyone who wanted it?

WB: Factual information of this nature is obviously more easily and readily avaiable because its significance, while interesting to the individual, is not dangerous to the individual, in the sense that it is unlikely to cause personal turmoil, unless the person was directly involved in the events themselves.

Chung Ching: It gives them the bigger picture of the situation they are in when on the earth. (Another member of the Home Circle has been developing trance and a spirit called Chung Ching, who lived in the same monastery as Hai, has been contributing to discussions.)

WB: But there is some supervision of this, in case they had access to too much information which had a personal impact on them, because of their involvment, perhaps. There is obviously a right time for this to happen. So there would be some supervision, some guidence, over this matter.

Q: Would information on other realms be witheld?

WB: Some information you may need in order to evolve, as painful as it may be....
You are trying to attune to me sir. (to another member of the group.)

Q: Yes, I just saw (clairvoyantly) all sorts of strange devices which I don't understand.

WB: You have seen my workshop on my earthly plane. It was a rather untidy place, I admit, which will come as no surprise to you, as I lacked the benefit of feminine supervision, which is a merit you have been discussing. I will not engage the gentlmen present in response to this. (Laughter). But I was rather untidy, yes.

Q: But I presume you achieved what you wanted to achieve?

WB: Untidyness you mean? (Laughter). I was able to do the experiments which were necessary and bring them to a reasonably satisfactory conclusion. Yes, just so.

Q: You must have been absorbed for hours and hours?

WB: I was indeed! Absorbed is the word for it, to the detriment, as I have indicated before, of other aspects of my life, not least the desirability of feminine company and other relationships

Question of the Month

One night we were visited by a spirit who seemed a little reluctant to give us his name. This is not a rarity as we have often been told of the difficulty of getting names totally correct due to the difficulties inherent in communication. What follows is an example of a question which is not that deep of itself, but lead to a discussion of deep significance. The communication started by the un-named spirit commenting on the difficulties and restrictions of the physical body in relation to communication between the earth and spirit worlds, but concluding that: "if you want to communicate you must put up with the inconvenience and restrictions."

Q: In you natural form are you more expansive and bigger than the physical body?

Spirit: Free-er is the word, I think, free-er.

Q: Does this freedom allow you to think of many things?

Spirit: It allows freedom of movement in particular, freedom of movement, freedom of expansiveness.

Q: What about freedom of thought?

Spirit: Thought is only contained by your own limitations. Whether you are in your physical body or whether you are in a spirit body thought is only contained by your own limitations; the limitations you would impose upon your thought. If you throw back the iron bars of your prison you can be free to fly like a bird with your thoughts. Thought is not limited, though there are those who seek to impose their limits on it. Not merely personal limits you understand. I refer to your governments and other such institutions who would seek to impose limits on your thinking for their own convenience, for their own comfort of mind. But you are all free to soar like a bird.

Q: So we put restrictions on ourselves then?

Spirit: You put restrictions upon yourselves. You draw rings around yourselves in the sand and take it for a finite boundary, a perimeter wall. But it does not exist. It has no substance. But you give it substance by your imaginings, if you follow me?

Q: Thought is very powerful then?

Spirit: It is most powerful indeed. Powerful to bring about containment. Powerful to bring about freedom. Power can be used in different ways: to contain or to expand.

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