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Visitors' Questions during June 2002

This page will be revised at the beginning of each month.

The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Occasionally, we may ask people who have received responses to personal questions if they are happy to give their consent to posting on this site an extract of the response which they have received if we feel that it could also be of benefit to others.

One night a spirit called James came through and visitors had a discussion with him about the Spirit World and some of his own experiences.

James: I am very pleased to visit you.

Q: Have you spoken in this way before?

James: Yes, I am used to talking to people in this way.

Q: Some people have diffficulty.

James: It comes with practice. But once you have achieved your practice you may gain your certificate (with humour) and you may find it relatively easy to come through. It is a matter of slipping in unawares you see. Slipping in subtly, quietly, unawares. Linking, blending with the energies of the physical body and the mind. I am very at home in this. It is not a problem to me. I am equally at home with this as I am in the Spirit World. I have regularly spoken through various mediums, various people in this form. It's practice makes perfect and so it becomes more easy to adapt to the ever varying plethora of forms of minds of mediums, of physical constitutions. If you practice in this way you become more adaptable and you achieve a greater range of possibilities without discomfort.

Q: What is your favourite activity in the spirit world?

James: Strolling through the spirit world and taking in the sights and the scenes and indeed the beautiful people in the spirit world. Beautiful buildings, beautiful landscapes, beautiful invigorating air which feels like it is filling your lungs with energy, energisation. It is a beautiful experience just wandering through. In fact you know, you feel at times that is all you need to do in life; just walk through the Spirit Lands, just taking in the scenes, taking in the sounds, the sights and breathing in the air, the energising air.

Q: Do you meet interesting people on these journeys?

James: You are sure to meet interesting people. I met a young woman only the other day, quite by chance, who was an enchanting soul and we talked about our experiences upon the earth plane and we exchanged our experiences which we had had on the earth plane and reflected upon them. And it was most convivial, most enjoyable, most experiential. There is no shortage of interesting people to meet as you take your promenade.

Q: Do you live near the sea? (Laughter) (Eileen has a wish to meet a spirit who lives near the sea in the Spirit Land. All the spirits who have come through so far have not lived near the sea)

James: I do not live near the sea. I fear this may be becoming a Davia joke to drag out indefinitely in your quest for someone from the sea shore. (Laughter). But I too have seen the sea of course. I visit the sea most often. It is a most pleasant experience to visit and see the sea; its energising waves, its beautiful swirls of water energy; beautiful swirls of clouds also over the sea surface. But these are clouds of creative imagination, creative form, creative imagery, rather than your clouds which deposit their rain on your head.

Q: I wondered if the sea is really as beautiful as other spirits have indicated?

James: The sea is a beautiful sea. You cannot drown in the sea. You can enter the sea and it is perfectly safe. It will buoy you up. It will leave you on it's surface. It will not harm you. It will not let you go. It will not let you drown.

Q: Why don't any of the other spirits who come though seem to live near the sea?

James: (With humour) Davia will know what is in your thoughts, your desires and the more you want someone from the sea to come through the more he will tantalise you by not sending that person.

Q: Do you live in the country?

James: I do, but I certainly visit the "hubub" on a daily basis.(the group has christened the Spirit World's nearest approximation to a town or city as the "hubub") Indeed I like a bit of activity from time to time. I like a bit of "hubub". I like a bit of life going on around me.

Q: What did you do during your life on the earth plane?

James: I certainly did some painting, of the sea in fact. I used to paint scenes of the sea. I used to paint scenes of the summer flowers. I enjoyed the sea. It was a hobby though you know. I remember painting the sun flowers in France once. They are so symbolic of the summer energy are they not? Summer energy. So bold, brazen almost. Such a statement of life, of energy, of beauty, of boldness. There are qualities, are there not, which we can emulate in these flowers? Qualities of the earth. We may emulate these qualitiies to good effect if we would read them and take them into ourselves and express them. There are lessons to be learnt here in the forms of the earth and the forms of creation. We may take these to ourselves and use them to good effect and display them in our character. They are symbolic for us at times of great advancement within our souls. Great sources of strength.

Q: Do you have anything with you from the earth plane?

James: I have a little box, a little ornament you understand. But it was of strong sentimental value to me. A lot of associations with love. It was a gift you see. I valued it for this reason. Where we have these associations with love and our objects, our artifacts, are imbued with this love, or the memory of this love, they have a special meaning for us and we may wish, choose, to have them represented with us in our spiritual life.

Q: I thought "you can't take it with you when you go".

James: Oh well you can you see. You can with some things at any rate.

Q: I have a ring which is very special to me.

James: You will be able to take the duplicate and the duplicate is as much the real thing as the real thing. They are of one esssence.

Question of the Month

Susan from Colorado in the USA asked the following question:

Q: On the "Attunement" page you talk of having loving, happy thoughts of loved ones who are in spirit, rather than having sad, regretful, longing thoughts. Would you say this is true of the people we know on earth, too? Maybe people we have lost touch with, or with whom we've had a falling out or misunderstanding? Is it the very same thing? And, really, what tangible difference does it make, whether you are having happy or sad thoughts? Are people who are "far away" (for whatever reason) really influenced by our thoughts?

Hai: Well, you know it makes a tangible difference to you, whether you have happy or sad thoughts. It makes a tangible difference to you does it not? Yes it disturbs your harmony if you have sad or agitated thoughts. This can be a big problem. But we say this to you originally because we were concerned at the time with the issue of you communicating with your relatives who have gone beyond to the Spirit Lands. Because they are sensitive to your vibrations. They are in tune, in touch with your vibrations. Therefore, if you send out vibrations which have a sad tone, a sad note, a grieving note, to them, then this can be a problem for them, for they are receptive to this vibration of yours. This vibration will affect their own comfort, their own harmony, their own harmonious conditions. Therefore if thoughts which you send out can impact upon their lives they are receptive to your thoughts.

This is not quite the same with you on the earth plane and those whom you know, but nevertheless, people are still receptive to your thoughts, your vibrations. You give off vibrations and people pick up these vibrations, yes? And talk about "feeling the vibes", yes? People pick up on these vibes, these vibrations. Therefore these vibrations can still be important, still important to you on your earth plane, in your relationships with others. But it is more exagerated, more extreme, more important in relation to your loved ones in spirit, for they are able to access your thoughts, your vibrations, to a more sophisticated degree than it is with your friends on the earth plane. We would generally say though, that it is better to have positive thoughts where we can manage to have positive thoughts. But we know this means that sometimes you must "clear the air" because there are rifts, as this person says, there are bad feelings, there are "fallings out" and so on. This is not desirable, but it happens. It must be overcome by exchanging thoughts and feelings in so far as this can overcome the impasse, overcome the problem. We know it is not always easy to mend bridges, mend the rifts that are brought about between people, but we should all try and not bear inharmonious thoughts or grudges to others, in so far as we can achieve this. If we do not harbour inharmonious grudges there is greater hope of repair to the damaged relationship.

Members of the group then asked some follow on questions:

Q: I heard a medium say once that a particular person had to stop grieving for a person because it was holding him back.

Hai: Yes, because this pain which you feel, this pain which people feel draws their relatives, brings their relatives back to them. It limits them, it confines them if you like and creates difficulties for them. So it is better that people are able to move on and not hanker after their relatives, but think harmonious, loving thoughts, happy memories of their relatives which may help to move them on with their thinking.

Q: The medium went on to say that the deceased man was feeling the grief too. It was in equal parts. Neither could move on.

Hai: Yes, the thought, the feeling, permeates, attaches itself to the mind of your loved one in spirit, to the point that their own thoughts are unable to overturn the thoughts of negativity.

Q: Many people create shrines of people who have died and especially in the case of young children where quite often whole rooms are kept undisturbed. Does this have a similar negative affect?

Hai: If they honour them with loving thoughts and are able to a degree to achieve contented thoughts with the passage of time, then this does not constitute a problem. But if they are harbouring a sense of grief, an attachment which cannot be solasced, then this is a problem to the child in spirit and the child will be drawn back, will be firmly attached to their family.

Q: I suppose we must all accept change.

Hai: We must and these are wise words which you say David. We must accept change. We do not find change easy to accept. Whether it be death or whether it be other big changes in our lives. But we would be wise to accept these changes and to look upon them philosophically. For these changes are inherent in the very nature of life. But within the centre of all this change is the Heart of No Change. We should remember this. There is a Vast Stillness, a Vast Changelessness in the Heart of things. This is a paradox of life that ultimately there is no change for the Essence manifests Itself in the changes of time while remaining Changeless in It's nature.

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