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Visitors' Questions during March 2004

This page will be revised at the beginning of each month.

The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page.

We've had a few requests for 'more of' Davia so we thought you might be interested in the following communication. Those of you who've read most of our pages will know that Davia is our Gate Keeper, but prefers to be known as our 'Stage Manager', whose other role is to keep us light hearted by telling us funny stories which make us laugh and raise the energies. We have seen the odd glimpse of the 'other', more serious, Davia but generally it's very difficult to get him to be serious for more than a minute or two except perhaps for the closing prayer. The following communication shows just how versatile Davia is. He fluctuates several times from being his usual jokey self to the more serious Davia, which we see so little of. The night started with Eileen asking Hai a couple of questions that our visitors had sent us and this was followed with a meditation from Isleen on the same theme. When Davia came through later he continued with the theme. He began by talking about balance in our lives.

Davia on Balance, Attachment and Destiny

Davia: We must keep things in perspective. We must not let ourselves loose sight of what life is all about. We are here to enjoy ourselves, to enjoy each other, to be at one with nature, to be at one with the world. We've got to try to do all these things. We've got to earn a living, we've got to do the business (laughs) so that's ok, but we must not overdo it. We must keep things in balance, in perspective. Would you agree with me, Paul? (a member of the group)

Paul: Well, yes, but sometimes I think that if I go out with my friends I won't do as well with my exams.

Davia: Oh I no, but you can overdo it can you not? You can fill your mind so full of stuff that you cannot find it (laughs again) in your filing system. So you've got to have balance.

Paul: It's so hard though.

Davia: Well this is true; you've got to work hard in this life. You are all here to learn about life and development. But you've also got to keep things in balance, because one of the most important things that you learn on this earth is the issue of balance. It truly is my friends. You see, part of your big problem, Jane, (referring to what she got in her meditation) if I dare, you can sometimes, perhaps, on occasion, (laughs heartily) suffer from lack of balance, as we all can, you see. This becomes a problem, because you see, when we lose our balance then this attachment thing becomes the problem. It is like someone who spends all the time cleaning their house you see; they've lost balance. So if this person can be persuaded that they also need to be doing other things like a bit of art or enjoying the company of others, or something, then they are a more well rounded person and they lose their attachment to cleaning the house pretty dam quick.

The conversation became very light-hearted (all around balance) and then Davia continued:

Davia: I know it is difficult because you have this way of life, but you must not overdo it. You must not lose your peace of mind over it. You must not lose your balance over it. You must maintain the equilibrium of your life. You must maintain a balanced life in its different perspectives.

Paul: But we only have so much time on this earth, this time around.

Davia: But you have so many different cards to play. You do not need to do it all this time around. No you do not. You can next time play a different role, a different card, to do some of things you have not done this time if you wish to. You do not need to cram your life full of stuff.

Paul: I don't want to come back again and you haven't come back yet have you?

Davia: I have not done everything but I have done a lot in my different lives and you can experience things as well in the spirit land you know. You can achieve some lessons here. Admittedly not the deep hard knocks you need on the earth plane, but you can achieve some lessons and development here. You see there are so many ways to grow. You can turn up every Friday to listen to some poor souls chanting. (This referred to our Friday night sessions when we sing and brought about much laughter from the group).

Eileen: But what would happen if I took more time out and the next book didn't get written?

Davia: Well we are grateful for what you do but we would have to find another way. You see we are writing books every week, all the time. We write another book tonight. Janet takes a little chapter off here, Paul takes a little chapter there and so on you see and even if you do not speak to people directly about this evening, in the tone of what you say you may convey something of it nevertheless. So you see in a way your book gets written anyway, whether you like it or not.(Laughter)

Janet: Is everything in life destiny?

There was a silence. Janet then asked if Davia understood. He replied in a different, more serious, tone than usual:

Davia: I understand what you mean but I have a problem with it. You see, we come here and we talk to you and we hope that you feel our love, that you enjoy our company as we enjoy yours and we hope also that you take something away with you that is useful, either for you or to others whom you meet. And you can convey these things in different ways appropriate to the moment, to the time and person. So we hope all this will happen. If we did not come to meet you tonight to say this to you there would be no message. But we come and we make our message known to you.

Now whether you call this destiny or not I do not know but we come and we do our bit and you may do your bit in your turn but it is more like a river than a path, than a road. There are all kinds of possibilities you see. We come, we drop a pebble in the pond here. You may go and drop a pebble in numerous ponds elsewhere. You may reach many, many more people than we can, through your lives, but it is up to you to choose how many pebbles you drop in how many ponds. There is no destiny in this. There is potentiality in this. It is up to you. But you must not feel under a burden (laughing again) to wear yourselves down with a mighty bundle of pebbles. So you must drop the pebbles in the pond as you see fit, when you can. You know there are some people who cannot go by a pond without throwing in a pebble; it is a bit like that. You see a pond, you chuck a pebble in, you watch the ripples and who knows, that pond, that person whom you drop a pebble into, may also drop a pebble elsewhere and so it goes on you see because we are all connected (laughing) on this big internet.

Someone commented that this applied when you gave healing to someone. Davia responded:

Davia: Yes this is it, there is a mighty karmic connection between all. Therefore what is done for good may have far reaching good consequences beyond your imaginations. What is done for evil may have bad far-reaching consequences, also beyond your imagination. But we are all connected my friends. We are all in one big mighty web (laughing). But there is no spider at its centre; there is a mighty Heart, which reaches out and embraces all. And indeed the strands of the web are like the reaching out of this Heart to embrace us all, yes.

There was some further lighthearted chit chat followed by Davia saying:

Davia: I want to come back to your destiny Janet, for I do not want you to be troubled with this destiny too much. You are free; you are all free agents. You are all free beings. So it does not help to think of destiny too much, for destiny can be a limitation and there are no limitations in eternity. There are patterns, there are paths, but even with these paths that you may, in general terms, have agreed to before you came on this earth plane; yet even these paths are not written in stone. There are directions but within these directions all manner of things may come about. But the important thing is that we would hope and we know that all things ultimately work for good. Even the bad things that happen can be transmuted, turned around to good. This is the most important thing, most important principle.

Eileen: I thought that that Janet was referring to the book we've written when she spoke about destiny.

Davia: Well what do you mean by destiny by writing a book? We have an idea we would like to meet you, to work with you, so we reach out to you and you to us and so we are able to form a bond, a connection; so we are able to have communication. Where and what is destiny in all this. There is a mutual reaching out, a connection established. Opportunities came about which facilitated the bringing about of this connection. But it is like there are vibrations in this vast web we speak of and these vibrations can sometimes reach, can arch over towards each other, and connect. When a connection is formed it makes the distance of space and time meaningless. Because if you walk along the strands of the web you walk pretty dam far, yes, to meet someone, but this vibration thing cuts across all this. This vibration thing makes meaningless time and space. We can connect in spite of time and space; it is as if it does not exist. Like when you connect with your Kelly in America, many thousands of miles away. (Laughs). No job for canoe boat but because of the marvels of your technology today you can make that distance and time as nothing. So it is a bit like that when we establish communication with you. We are able to transcend the barriers of time and space. It is like we create another dimension, in which to reach you, that connects you, which transcends time and space.

They (meaning the Spirit Group) are all watching me you know. They say: "You watch it Davia. They are trapping you. You reveal too much of yourself."

Someone commented that Davia had many sides to him. He became humorous again and replied:

Davia: Yes many sides and many wives. You need many sides to have so many wives you see. It is important, for they each have their own needs for a different aspect of me you see. You've got to be versatile at this job. You see it would get boring if I were the same to all of them. They are an excitement for me you see, for I have to uncover, unfold, my different aspects for them. It's creative you see.

Eileen: What's your strongest side, Davia?

Davia: The strongest side is the side I am presenting at the moment, at each moment. The strongest side you see is for the wife I am with, at the moment.

Eileen: When we come over will we meet the philosophical Davia or the jokey Davia?

Davia: You will meet the well-rounded balanced Davia. (Once again referring to our earlier discussion). And there ends my sermon for tonight. (Laughing).

May I return to my theme, yes? So I let you take my theme away with you tonight please my friends. Be balanced and well rounded in your lives, to be at peace. Goodbye my friends. God go with you. The Great Spirit go with you. The One Mind be with you.

Worlds Resources

Q: It is said that our resources will come to an end in thirty to fifty years. If that happens what will be the result; will we have anarchy or will we find some way out of it?

Hai: There is scope for finding other sources, other means of fuel. There are many other possibilities open to you if your scientists and your technicians explore these possibilities. There are some, which they are already aware, of which they must yet develop and refine and bring to fruition, but there are many other possible resources. (Smiling) There is no need to go back to your caves. You have your civilization and your civilization has grown with reason for a purpose. It would not be in keeping to revert back to the cave because of a lack of fuel. Therefore you must decide what is the way forward; what means of fuelling your technologies are safe and profitable and desirable for the future.

Q: People don't seem to want to realise the urgency of it.

Hai: Yes it is urgent in the sense that the work must begin so that you have the work complete when you have need of its results. This is the urgency of it. For your own generation will not be badly affected by this but those who come after you will not be happy with you if you have not addressed the issue. There are sources of energy in space also that you can tap. They have not yet discovered them but the are radiation energies within space which can be tapped and channelled.

Q: Is it similar to solar winds?

Hai: Yes this is not it but it is of some kindred to this.

Q: Do the scientists have an idea that they might be there?

Hai: They know what some of the possibilities are but they have not focussed on them yet. For there are many possibilities but they must focus their minds on particular ones to bring them about to fruition. You have your hydrogen, which you may use on this earth plane to effect.

Q: Development is needed to make something like hydrogen work, for it to be available and of benefit to people.

Hai: Yes this is the problem that it must be further developed and refined.

Question of the Month


Q: Is Easter an important time in the spirit world?

Hai: Not particularly. You refer to the Christ Spirit; you refer to the crucifixion, yes? Well this was a great sadness, a great misfortune, but there were many who were sacrificed in the course of right, in the course of truth; the great teachers as well as humans.

Q: When the great teachers go over to spirit are they considered special?

Hai: They are advanced souls. They are advanced souls here as they were on the earth plane and in fact have continued to progress in the spirit planes.

Q: Have you visited these levels where these advanced spirits live out their existence?

Hai: I have been fortunate in being enabled to visit such planes.

Q: Were you in awe of these advanced souls?

Hai: There is no need for awe because you feel the love of such souls and the love is evoked in you also. There is no need for awe. Awe is out of place.

Q: Is that because of the harmony one finds in the Spirit World?

Hai: It is because of the amount of love you find in the Spirit World.

Q: Is the name Hai your surname?

Hai: Yes.

Q: Is your first name Hui?

Hai: Yes.

Q: Where you known as someone who is referred to as a well known teacher?

Hai: You should not become too attached to this because my words speak for themselves. You must judge them accordingly. You must not become attached to persona, a personality. Because if there is truth in my words you will know it in your heart. Equally if it is not you should discard the words because you will know there is something wrong in your hearts.

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