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Spirit Answers to Visitors' Questions during May and June 2007

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. Please do not use this form for personal questions relating to your own specific circumstances/issues. It is ok to use the form for questions which would be equally relevant to other people. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Alternatively, you can post your question on the Web Board.

Kelly from Florida in the USA asked a question about the potential benefits of a Women's Rights Movement in the Middle East

Q: I feel very uneasy about what may happen in our world with all the fighting and war. I was curious to know that if women around the world who are in countries who treat women equally were to create a women's rights movement in the Middle East would it have an impact on the path of our future? Could it possibly change things if the women in the region had a voice and were treated equally?

Hai: It must grow from within. It must grow from within, within all these countries. It cannot grow from outside, but those who are outside can encourage, can engender support, can encourage those women who are within these countries. But the strength must grow from within. Too often force moves from without. Even when the force from without is well intentioned there are too many dangers; therefore, ways should be found to encourage growth from within, to nurture growth and strength from within.

If anyone can point the finger to such things coming from without the movement will be undermined, weakened, yes, for they will say: "This is something from another place, another country, someone who has another agenda to pursue, not our well being." Therefore, movement must come from within. But there is no harm in encouraging communication between women and all who seek peace, all who seek peaceful means, all peaceful souls. There is no harm in encouraging such communication to build up a swell of peace that all may know that the people want peace, peaceful ways of resolving problems, and peaceful ways of resolving conflict. When the power of the people, the swell of their power, has grown, those who pursue other means will be overwhelmed or rather they will be educated, yes.

Kelly must not be discouraged. If you drop a small drop of ink in a pond that drop of ink may seem insignificant but yet it will colour, to some degree, the whole pond of water. Therefore, whatever effort you put in place, whatever effort you manifest, will have its positive effect. And if you all place one drop of ink in the pond it will not be long before the whole pond is ink colour.

Does Jesus Have Special Significance? The Dangers of Righteousness. The Value of Humility. Difficulties of Communication Between the Earth and Spirit Planes

Hai suggested that the following communication would be useful for the website. Eileen had been reading some lectures from a medium who had channelled a spirit guide sometime between the years 1950 and 1970. One lecture talked about Jesus and said that Jesus had more of God within him than any other spirit ever had and as such we must be grateful to him. The guide added that though there was no need to worship or pray to him, unless we were grateful to him we would never be enlightened because we would still have 'blocks'. Eileen acknowledged that there could have been some misunderstanding in the translation of this communication. Nevertheless, because it seemed contrary to what Hai had always taught she asked for his comments. Often when Hai wishes to make a point he will remain silent for a minute or two before he answers a question. This was one of these times. After a minute or two Hai replied:

Hai: I have spoken. (He then continued). But the sermon can be spoken also.None of this is important. None of this is of any great significance. The Being, the Source, the Manifestation is as much within that crystal which is in front of you as it is within anything else. As it is in you, as it is in the petals of a flower, as it is in the rabbit that skips and hops over the moorland. There is nothing but vast Oneness everywhere to be found, vast Consciousness, vast Being. You only limit the vision because of such speculations as this person (the medium or guide) has speculated upon. If you could still your minds, my friends, if you could make them quiet, truly make them quiet, in an instant you would see revealed before your eyes all the Reality and you are that Reality. And you would see as you look around you the reflection of your own reality just as your reality is reflected when others see you.

Therefore, there is only vast Oneness, vast Consciousness, the One Mind.It is only because people do not believe this that they cause such mischief to each other, for they imagine all kinds of things. They imagine that this person is more enlightened than that person. This is the seed of all misfortune for it is only a small hop, skip and a jump (smiles) like the rabbit, yes, to, this person is more righteous than this one, this person more worthy than this one and so on. You see that? Therefore, you should see all as vast equality, brotherhood and sisterhood of equality, vast Oneness, one blood flowing through all our veins and through the veins of the universe. But how many truly believe this? They make their minds dissect, to separate this from that, to set apart this from that. But this is the seed of error, seed of error.

Q: The guide did say that we all had the seed of God in us but that Jesus had more and was able to manifest more of the God that is in us all.

Hai: The essence is what is important. Therefore, if I pour out orange for you all and, Eileen, I fill your glass full and David's glass half full and so on. Do you have something fundamentally different in front of you?

Q: No. But some of us would have more.

Hai: You have orange juice. That is all there is to it, orange juice.

Q: So it doesn't matter that one has more than another then?

Hai: It truly can be that some souls, at that particular point of their evolution, at that particular point in their path, may manifest (smiles) the orange juice more fluently but that is all. Such things are error that you have been given; such things are unhelpful, and such things are without merit for they sow the seeds of dichotomy, of splitting this from that, of imaginings, superstition.

Another member of the group joined in the conversation.

Q: It's easy though to see how people think themselves different from others because of the variation of opinions and such like?

Hai: They seek, my friend, to be the big 'I Am' (smiles). Even those who seek such pious things, who manifest an outer display of piety, yet by their very motivation to be correct, to be following the "right path", they seek the big 'I Am'. Therefore, better for them to think; I am a humble soul in great error (laughs). Who would they act against then my friend, if they thought of themselves in this way, a humble soul in great error? Would not the world be a more peaceful place? It is the big 'I am's' who wage war on the earth and on each other, for they have the certainty of 'correct-hood'; they have the certainty of being "right", of "righteousness". Righteousness is a wicked sin. I do not mean that literally, but you follow my meaning? And those who can understand that righteousness is a "wicked sin" can understand where I am coming from.

Q: I accept what you say and have always thought in the way you've taught but when I read the lecture I wondered whether my view of Jesus was too fixed. I see him as a good man but I see other religious leaders as good men too.

Hai: Love Jesus, yes. Why not love him? But you do not need to see him in the way you have read about.

Q: Is the distortion due to the blend of energies between the medium's mind and the guide?

Hai: The medium's mind has to be used in its frameworks and structure; therefore, we are limited or constrained. We have obstacles to overcome and we are not always able to overcome those obstacles. Therefore, the message is coloured by the philosophy or structure of the medium's mind. This can be a difficulty, yet we must use what is available to us. Communication is never easy, but we believe it is best to make use of what is available than have no communication. But those who give messages, of whatever kind, should be aware that their own minds might colour the message. Therefore, this is an inevitable problem, constriction. But yet we persevere; for we believe communication between our worlds is for the greater good.

Q: A lot of the things he said were good and acceptable, just what we'd expect from you.

Hai: Yes. So you divert the flow of the channel, yes, divert the flow of that which you cannot relate to, which you feel is erroneous, down one channel, then accept what you in your good mind believe to be wisdom. Let that be directed down the other channel, the channel of acceptance. You my friends cannot avoid the decisions which you must make with your own mind, your own soul, as to what is edifying, what is error. This I have said often both in relation to what I say or what anyone else says.

Hai then laughed and told us what Davia had said to him.

Hai: That's right, old Hai. Tell them to pull the rope on your trap if they do not believe what you say. And you (Hai) disappear through the floor. (Laughter)

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