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Spirits Speaking from the Heart at Tranquil Spirit.

Spirit Answers to Visitors' Questions during November and December 2007

This page will be revised bi-monthly.

The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. Please do not use this form for personal questions relating to your own specific circumstances/issues. It is ok to use the form for questions which would be equally relevant to other people. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Alternatively, you can post your question on the Web Board.

The Donation of Blood

Q: I have heard it is not right to donate blood. Can you tell me more?

Hai: Why? (Laughs). Why should it not be right to donate blood? If you are trying to help your brother, your sister? It is motivated by love, by compassion. Therefore, what is motivated by love and compassion is good action.

Q: What about receiving blood? Does the same apply?

Hai: It is good to receive love and compassion.

Communication from Mary

Mary told us that she had lived in the early 1700's. She had been an only child. She lost her mother when a child and her father was never able to cope with the pain of the loss. He became preoccupied with his own loss and took it out on his child. "He was so much within himself and so critical of the outer world of others". Mary had been very lonely. She told us she had no friends because she found it so difficult to have friends. She said her self-esteem and confidence had been so undermined by her father that she felt herself not worthy of them. She created a prison around her. She died when she was 57 yrs. She came through pulling a face. Eileen commented: "You look as though you have nasty taste in your mouth."

Mary: I would not say that. (Sounded as though she was going to cry). It was not a nasty taste; it was a nasty feeling. I was happy as a child, but when I grew up I was not happy at all.

Q: What caused that?

Mary: I was greatly troubled all the time, greatly troubled all the time. I could not settle. I was constantly in a state of disturbance. I was agitated all the time, no peace.

Q: What started that off?

Mary: I do not rightly know but I became troubled when I grew up.

Q: When you passed over to the spirit world did you still feel troubled?

Mary: I was met by people to help and they helped greatly but it was still a big task to help sufficiently to become calm. Father was a critical man, could do no right. His eyes would criticise even if he did not say anything. When I came of marriageable age he would say: "Who would want to marry you".

Q: Did you ever get married?

Mary: No, for I had no confidence. If anyone would speak to me I would mutter and mumble and be within myself; and who could strike up a conversation with such a person no matter how hard they tried? It was an impossible task.

Q: What did the guides say to help?

Mary: They did not say anything. They just loved me. They just smiled with compassion and reached out with their arms to me and hugged me. And slowly I realised that I was worthy of love. Slowly I realised that I was of a quality with them. And slowly (voice changes becomes less wingy) my mind shifted. And my thinking shifted and I became a creature of calm composure (voice normal now). I should have been at peace when I was on your plane. But it was not a quick transformation, for much damage had been done and the residue of it continued into the spirit plane.

Q: Was the damage done by your father?

Mary: In the main for he was a cold man. Yet perhaps he reflected his own poverty, his own inner needs which were not fulfilled. I do not blame him now, but in truth his actions and thoughts and words and deeds created a great burden on me.

Q: Have you met him in the spirit world?

Mary: Yes and he was tearful for he had to go through his own pain of transformation. But we are forgiven now, each of us.

Q: Did you have any siblings?

Mary: No there was no one else, which perhaps made the impact of it all the harder, the weightier, because I was on my own. And my mother died when I was young.

Q: Did you stay with him until he died?

Mary: Yes.

Q: And are you now healed?

Mary: Yes I am healed, fully healed, fully at peace, the peace that I should have known when I was were you are now.

Q: And what do you do now in the spirit world?

Mary: I reach out to children who need help, who need support, who need love. And I reach out to try to make them feel the love which I feel for them. And so it is often the case that what we have been through gives us special insight and experience in order to help those who have similar needs to those which we had. Who is better than the person who has gone through it? But yet we must need to have grown beyond it that we may help others, for it is no use if we are still embraced in our own preoccupations, our own sense of injustice. We must have moved forward from that in order to truly help others of similar need.

Q: Are you planning on returning to the earth plane?

Mary: No, no time soon, but I know the time may come when it will prove necessary for we all have to grow and sometimes we have need to be planted in soil which will encourage, promote that growth. Sometimes the soil is not comfortable and yet it is the soil that is needed for the growth and so we must embrace it.

Mary was asked about other planets. She told us:

Mary: We know of many planets in your realm, in your dimension, where there are other beings. This I know. I have seen it with my own eyes.

Q: How far away from us are they?

Mary: I do not know for sure. They are a long way away. Some can visit you though for they have their technology to enable them. Others could not for they are no so advanced.

Q: How do you see them, Mary?

Mary: I wish myself to be there and I am there.

It was time for Mary to finish.

Mary: Be at peace. Have great hope and peace within your souls and minds and know you are worthy sons and daughters of creation. Bye.

Davia's Christmas Cracker Jokes

One Christmas some members of the Home Circle tried out some jokes from Christmas crackers on Davia. Each Christmas he now gets his own back by giving us his own Christmas cracker jokes. He jokes that he has to be careful to make sure that they are not too good, because then they would not be of the right quality. Sometimes he would use Hai or any other communicator who happened to be talking to us at the time to relay his jokes. Here is a small sample of them:

Q: What do you call a three-toed mushroom?

Answer: Toadstool.

Q: What was the figure head on the prow of Noah's boat?

Answer: An Archangel.

Q: What nationality can you put in a stew having cut it up into small pieces?

Answer: Swede.

Q: What is the most military fish in the ocean?

Answer: A swordfish.

Q: What did the axe man say to the person who had his head on the block?

Answer: Don't move and it won't hurt.

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