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Wisdom of Hai at Tranquil Spirit.

Channeling Spirit Communication through Trance Mediumship

Spirit Answers to Visitors' Questions during November 2004

This page will be revised at the beginning of each month.

The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. Please do not use this form for personal questions relating to your own specific circumstances/issues. It is ok to use the form for questions which would be equally relevant to other people. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Alternatively, you can post your question on the Web Board.

Dale from Norwich in the UK asked a question about the existence of alternative versions of ourselves

Q: In my dreams and meditations it has been hinted to me that there are "alternative me's" existing. Kind of like different "Dales" who have made different choices in his life. In some experiences I have had I have met other versions of myself who, for instance, have not had children and are more focused in other areas of their lives - such as my music ambition. Is this a true phenomena? Is this something that you know anything about? Am I experiencing one branch of a tree but there are other me's experiencingother branches? Are these other me's as conscious as me? Or are they only "possibilities" that have remained un-realised? If these other me's ARE conscious, I suspect that in the afterlife I will "merge" back with them? Is the an accurate idea? I am slightly confused by this issue and would appreciate any thoughts you have about it.

Hai: You must send Dale the story of monk in kitchen.

Hai then went on to relay a previous story he'd told us:

Hai:Monk in kitchen ask for enlightenment. He asks Abbot in kitchen:
"How may I achieve enlightenment?"
Abbot say to him: "Have you eaten your breakfast?"
Monk say: "Yes."
Abbot say: "Then wash up your bowl."

You must tell this story to Dale. In other words, he must focus upon his one unique self and not worry about the thousand permutations. We believe it is important to focus upon the here and now, this present life. It does not help to speculate on many lives, many aspects of self and so on. In a sense there is some truth to his question in that there are many aspects of each of us within this present life; many aspects for us to discover about ourselves; many strands, many different aspects to ourselves. Yet to think of different aspects of ourselves having independent existences in other dimensions, this is confusion. For how then could this other aspect of ourselves be our self if we are oblivious of it? It would be no more our-self than would our brother or sister who we see as being separate to ourselves yet in truth they are aspects of our- self. For if we see our origin, and recognise our origin, as being in the One Mind, of all of us being expressions of the One Mind, we are in a sense then all expressions of each other.

Therefore Dale's speculation about 'other selves' is only another way of saying, in a sense, what the nature of the fundamental reality is anyway: that we are all aspects of each other.We are all aspects of the One Mind. To talk of 'many Dale's', to talk of many different aspects living independently, is not helpful, is not useful. On another level we may say that we live on this earth plane at this moment in time to reveal one aspect of ourselves, to discover certain characteristics of ourselves. But we have all lived many, many lives and experimented with ourselves, discovered things about ourselves, manifested characteristics of ourselves. And so in a sense we only manifest certain characteristics in one lifetime, develop certain aspects in one lifetime. But when we return to the spirit realm we, what you might say, can be aware of the broader picture, to be aware of the multifarious aspects of ourselves. Therefore I do not see where his question will lead him other than into confusion. I do not see it as a useful voyage of discovery. (Smiling) He will run aground on rocks, I think.

Dale asked a further question about the nature of souls

Q: Has the information that has been presented regarding souls been simplified so that we can attempt to comprehend them? Something is bugging me about “souls” and I can’t easily describe what it is. I believe that a “soul” is not as straight-forward as it’s been made out.

Soul idea number one:

People talk about about souls in a way that suggests they are individual things. For instance: “the soul joined the baby at 4 months of age”. That indicates the soul is a body of some kind, Like an “alien” being that merges with another being (the human animal form). If this is the case – are humans' bodies designed to merge with a soul? Can a human “host” live without a soul? Are there people who are soulless? Can a soul join with ..say... A robot?

Soul idea number two:

We also hear about a Great Spirit/Oneness. The Great Spirit is in EVERYTHING. In truth there is ONLY this one Great Spirit. So, if a baby was born, would it automatically act as a vacum that “sucks” a soul into it. Let me give you an example...If the wind represents the great-One-Spirit of self-awareness, and a plastic bag represents a body, if I hold the plastic bag up in the sky, it fills with wind. So the plastic bag gets a spirit within it.

That answers the population question – because no matter how many bags you hold up, the wind will always fill them all; the Great Spirit never “runs out”. The “ego” self happens when the wind in the bag considers itself separately to the other wind. But the separateness is an illusion and at death the wind from the bag can re-intergrate into the other wind.

My question is, which one of the two soul ideas is most accurate? Personally, the idea that feels right for me, is number two. If comparing to a radio set, with the Great Spirit/Consciousness representing radio waves, option one would be like saying: “the radio waves choose to enter the radio” whereas option two would say: “you build a radio, and if it has the ability to pick up the omni-present radio waves, and it’s tuned right, then it will” I think what I mean is, a body doesn’t contain a soul, no more than a radio contains radio waves. We are like radio sets. How accurate is this idea?

Hai: Well we give Dale a symbol, which we have given you all before. We give you the image of the sea and its waves and each of the crests of these waves is like a human being on the earth plane. Each of these crests indeed is like a spirit anywhere in the spirit planes also. The mighty sea is the One Mind of course. So the individual crests of the waves will imagine themselves to be independent entities. Yet the very ground of their being is within the One Mind of the ocean. This is some similarity to Dales second hypothesis, I believe. But yet it does not follow as he says when physical death of body comes it is destruction of spirit soul. For he imagines it is as if the Great Spirit fills a human form and so becomes individualised in this form then dissipates on the death of the physical form and returns to the One. He has not allowed for the fact that the individual spirit is already existing within the One Mind prior to inhabiting human body. So in a sense first hypothesis is also of some merit (Laughing). But we say to him that the confusion of his mind over this is because he approaches this problem with his mind, with his rational intellect. You may say to him (smiling) that it is his rational intellect, which has its limitations.

He then laughed heartily and said:

Hai: In order to truly understand this thing, which he wishes to understand, he would need to attain the broader perspective of enlightenment.

An Interview with Hai (A Brief Guide to the Spirit World)

Recently we had a special sitting for a group of people. A number of the questions asked that night were concerned with general questions about the Spirit World and we thought they may be of interest particularly to newcomers to the site.

Q: What happens and where do you go when you die?

Hai: When you die you are met by someone friendly. You are met by someone who will help you across the divide; who will make you welcome in this new abode. When you come here you will feel that it is familiar yet it is not familiar, if you see what I mean. Yet it will seem familiar to you. You will not feel that it is an alien place, a difficult place, or an unusual place. You will feel that it is familiar to you. So you will feel that it is a bit like returning home. You will not be too surprised when you get here. It's a beautiful place. There are many realms though within these spirit worlds, many realms, and each person is attracted to the level that they wish to be attracted to. They come to the realm that they see as a suitable environment, a fitting environment. So the ancient law of like attracts like applies in this also; that you are attracted to the realm, the world, that you are accustomed to; which is suited to you.

Q: Does it look like earth?

Hai: Yes it looks like earth but it is a lot better.

Hai laughed and indicated that Davia had made a comment saying:

Hai: "It is better because it is sunny." But it is like the earth, but not like the earth. For the colours, they are different, more vibrant, yet more subtle also. More subtle, more vibrant and it is like everything, every place, everywhere, is alive. You feel the Divine Consciousness in all things. This is true of your plane also, but it is like It is veiled more on your plane and many of you are not adjusted to It, do not see It, are not sensitive to It. But on this plane in the spirit world, you will be aware of It, sensitive to It. It is like a blood flowing through all things, a vibrancy flowing through all things, and you are aware of It. It is like the flowers sing out and reach out to you as you look at them.

Q: Is everybody equal in the spirit world?

Hai: Yes everyone is equal. There is of course difference in experience, difference in wisdom, in the degree of unfoldment. This is purely a matter of, you could say, time, yes. For we all can be wise, we all can unfold our wisdom, but some have treaded further along the path to wisdom so at this point they may be further along the path. But you all follow the path too, so everyone is equal. Yet some are more wise, in the sense of being able to see the bigger picture perhaps, more than others. We are all aware of our divine brotherhood, divine sisterhood within the One Mind.

Q: So what happens to people who've been bad on the earth, do they go to the spirit world too?

Hai: They go to their own place. They are attracted to their own vibration. But you must know that we talk of a great variety of vibration, a great variety of orientation here. Some people have indeed not had the best interests of themselves or their brothers or sisters at heart while they have been on the earth plane. Therefore they are attracted to a realm where this way of thinking prevails. But we do not speak of this in terms of those who have erred in a minor way on the path. We speak of those who have made a, what shall we say, "vocation" of harming others. They are led by their own drive and desire to a realm where such views prevail, where such vibrations prevail. It is not a pleasant place. There are many such places, some less pleasant than others. But they are there out of their own volitions, their own wish. They would feel uncomfortable in our place that I speak about, for there they would feel out of place, uncomfortable. Yet we try to reach these souls. Tirelessly those who work with them try to reach them, try to entice them out from their prisons to join the community of light.

Q: How do you spend your time?

Hai: It is not like time on your earth. There is not the constraint of the clock. There is not the same sense of time. Time does not apply in our realm. But yet we can measure things by our activities, by the enterprises in which we engage and we can also be aware of the passage of time on your plane; the passage of events, the changing of events. Time does not apply in the normal sense in our realm; we are free of time.

Q: Do you stay the same age as when you die?

Hai: Age does not apply because time does apply and the change, which is time, does not apply. Therefore you may think of it as staying the same age (laughs) but it is not quite like that. But there is not the change, which you have become accustomed to, the change which is part of your life and indeed which is part of the fabric of your life; a necessary fabric that you experience the physical world in.

Q: Are all families reunited in the spirit world, whether they are young or old?

Hai laughs. He is obviously listening to Davia and replies:

Hai: He says,(referring to Davia): "They are reunited whether they like it or not."(Laughter). But this is a simplification. We would say that it is a case again of like attracting like. It might well be that on the earth plane you have put up with each other. (Smiles). You have got by with each other. But there may not necessarily be merit in you staying together in the spiritual realms. Can you understand this? This does not mean that you have animosity to each other or that you have a desire to be away from each other, but that it may be more appropriate for you to be with other people. But this is a matter for individual choice. Where there is a bond the bond will survive the passage of events. Where there is a bond of love it will survive all things. Therefore, though for a time you may be parted from someone whom you have loved on the earth plane, yet assuredly the bond of love will bring you back together again; for the bond of love is Eternal my friends.

Q: That's lovely, thank you.

Another visitor asked:

Q: How do people with disabilities fare when they arrive in the spirit world?

Hai: They are cured of their affliction because their affliction is purely to do with the body. Yet there can be a greater affliction of the mind. The affliction of the mind is more difficult to cure for the affliction of the mind carries its way across into the spiritual being, the spiritual mind if you wish. Therefore this can be more difficult if harm has been done to the person, either by others or by themselves in terms of the affliction of the mind. Therefore they may need help and loving caring to help them to move forward, to help them to transcend their affliction. There are many in our realms that are ready to do this task lovingly and caringly.

Q: What is your favourite thing about the spirit world?

Hai: (Hai smiles and muses). "My favourite thing". My favourite thing, I suppose I would say, is my little retreat.

Q: What is that like?

Hai: It is very small. It is somewhere I go to meditate, somewhere that is no bigger than this room, as a comparison. But it is like a garden in which I meditate. This I suppose would be my favourite thing but (smiling) as Davia has said many times: "When you have so many things you are spoilt for choice." (Davia was clearly taking part in the discussion, in the background. Hai was quiet for a minute). Davia says to me: "Yes that's right old Hai. Convey the spiel for the ticket sale."

NB: We need to explain here that it has been an ongoing joke for some years now with Davia and his talk of selling us "reduced" priced tickets to the spirit world if we go now instead of later. Amongst much laughter he tells us he needs people to work with him on the "gates," so to entice us to go now he takes every opportunity he can in telling us how beautiful the spirit land is. There was some joviality as Eileen explained to the visitors about Davia's need to sell tickets. She added that Davia's tickets were just one-way tickets and the same visitor asked, with amusement, if there were any refunds. Hai responded smiling:

Hai: You will not need a refund, Davia would say. You will not wish for a refund. But yet though we paint an attractive picture, and though many who come here say they can't wait to go, they still seem reluctant to take the ticket from Davia.

When the laughter had subsided, Hai was asked:

Q: How old are you, Hai?

Hai: I was living to ninety or more when I was on the earth plane. But where does age apply now? I may present myself to you as a young man, a middle aged man, an old man. What does it matter? What does it matter? Age does not apply now.

Q: Do spirits get reincarnated?

Hai: You may be reincarnated but this is usually often a matter of choice; that you see some purpose, some usefulness in reincarnation, to experience something new of life, some new aspect of yourself by experiencing earth life. Therefore you see it as an opportunity to grow, and you may feel moved to take up opportunity.

Q: Do you get over the sadness of leaving your loved ones on the earth plane?

Hai: Yes for our plight is less severe than yours. For though you may connect with us through your mediums or through a sensitivity of your own, we are better placed to maintain the connection. For it is easier for us to see you than it is for you to see us. It is easier for us to come down from our vibration to connect with you than it is for you to concretely connect with us.

Therefore it is less difficult for us, though frustrating. For we can be in your presence and you may not be aware of it. You may not be aware of us standing beside you. This can feel a lonely, isolating thing. Therefore this may be difficult.

But we would say to you when you think of your loved ones in spirit, to think of them with love and affection; to think of happy times you have shared together; to think of joyful times you have shared together; to rejoice in the person, in the relationship and your knowledge of them. This is a positive way to think of it and also a positive way to connect with your loved ones. For we connect with you through thought and feeling my friends. When you send out a feeling of loving affection your loved ones will automatically connect with this, like you had switched on an electric current. They will connect with you as surely as when you switch on your sockets and switches and you have light. Therefore you must not doubt this my friends. If you reach out to them then they connect with you, even though you may only be dimly aware of it. But if you reach out with mourning and grief it brings sadness to them. Some mourning and grief is inevitable in your world for you suffer the loss of a loving relationship, of spending time together. But we would caution you to try to keep this mourning and grief in moderation so that it does not become a hindrance, a blockage to you in connecting with your loved ones in the spirit realms. For if you reach out in mourning and grief and sadness this could create sadness in those whom you love. It creates hindrance to those whom you love. So therefore it is best to think of them with loving positive thought.

Q: Is there anything you wished you learned while you where living on the earth plane; any life lessons?

Hai: Yes - greater patience.

Q: Do we all have spirit guides?

Before answering this question Hai smiled and commented that Davia had told him it was time to move on. Nevertheless he answered the question first.

Hai: You all have spirit guides, my friends, yes; many spirit guides sometimes. You may have one main guide but you may have many helpers. Spirit guides may also change during your life depending on your own need. For this is part of non attachment. We provide ourselves and are willing to help you according to your timely need. If your need moves on, your need changes, then we are willing to step aside and let someone else more fitting help you. We do this even with this group. When we started with this group's, what you call "psychic development nights", we sent through many spirits to work with you, to try things out, to see how they work with you, to find best fit, best connection. We have tried many spirits in this way, but we found eventually the best person for the job, best fit for you. This is not to say that other spirits are not the best fit somewhere else, but for you we found Jacob, so Jacob has worked with you for many a month now. Goodbye my friends. We are pleased you have made this journey and to have met you.

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