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Spirit Answers to Visitors' Questions during December 2004

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. Please do not use this form for personal questions relating to your own specific circumstances/issues. It is ok to use the form for questions which would be equally relevant to other people. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Alternatively, you can post your question on the Web Board.

Our last session for 2004 was full of surprises. There were only three of us besides Paul, the medium, and it was scheduled for a meditation night with Isleen. However, instead of Isleen another spirit came through. We realised the night was going to be different when the spirit guest quickly indicated that we had all known each other in a past life and that he'd been a relative (uncle) to one member of the Meditation Group. He began to talk to the person about his previous life; gave him a message from his wife (of that time) and then went on to supply details of a previous life to another member of the group.

The night continued along the same theme with two other spirit guests following on from the first, who also supplied us with some personal details of previous lives. Each spirit guest expressed a lightness and fun in keeping with the festive spirit and the second literally came through sounding quite inebriated. He told us he'd been quite wealthy when last on the earth plane (Charles 2nd period) and had spent much of his time in an inebriated state. He said that the purpose of him coming to earth as a wealthy man was so that he would have the opportunity to be productive with his life. Of course we all have free will and apparently James had chosen to make use of his wealth by taking life easy and spending his money on drink. The point he made was that he had wasted the time he had on earth because he had not been productive with his life. (You can read extracts of this communication below.)

Our final Guest Speaker, Jolin, told one member of the group that he had been his schoolteacher in a previous life. He began by telling him that he had not applied himself too well to his studies. He referred briefly to the fact that we all have many lives. Eileen commented that she believed that her "task" this time was to refine her patience and this brought about a talk from our guest about the need for patience and how we would know when we'd managed to cultivate it. (We've printed extracts of this part of the communication below)

By the time Jolin departed it was approaching time to finish. Davia came through, we thought, to have a short chat and say goodnight. We were wrong again; Davia lost no time in informing us that he did not want us to feel done out of our meditation so he would give us one instead. (We need to say here that Davia has promised (or threatened) to give us his "Crocodile Meditation" for several years now, but has always said we weren't ready for it - yet.) Well tonight was the night.

Davia first told us that although we should close our eyes, we must not go within, and he told us - we had to "trust him". Those of you who have read Davia's page will realise that when last on the earth plane Davia lived in Papua New Guinea and he had many, many wives. He told us that the crocodiles where his friends and his favourite dish was a plate (or the equivalent) of big juicy maggots. Not the sort of maggots we get here he is quick to add. You can perhaps understand then why Davia felt it was necessary to emphasise that we had to trust him.

Our usual meditations with Isleen last about twenty to twnety-five minutes. Davia's meditation (or story) lasted forty-three minutes. He took us to a Spirit City. To get there we had to cross a massive river, and guess what - there was no bridge to cross to the other side. Surprise, surprise; so whom do you think came to help with the crossing? Yes you've got it - no other than twelve of Davia's crocodile friends. He described how they were all looking at us with big smiles and beautiful white teeth. We had to walk across the back of each crocodile to get to the other side of the river and you can imagine how much Davia made of the description of the crocodiles' lovely smiles, gleaming teeth, and long tails that could whip us up at a whim.

When we (eventually) arrived at the city we were taken to the "Resident Applications" office and asked what kind of house we would like when we became permanent residents. We were then shown around the place to see which area we would like to live in, what size house we would like and whether we would like a garden with "low or high maintenance". This part of the journey contained many references to the light-hearted jokes Davia had shared with us over the past few years. We laughed so much that our eyes watered. We could not always keep them closed so we simply left them open and continued to listen to the story as it unfolded.

Having been shown around the Spirit Land, chosen our plot, house, and garden we were eventually returned to the office of "Resident Applications" and asked to sign on the dotted line. Then came the crunch: Our attention was drawn to the small print at the bottom of the form. Davia read out the information. The agreement contained many things, many which Davia had joked about over the years; such as helping him with his "gate keeping" activities, helping him meet people at the "gate" when they come over including some other more outrageous things that Davia says when in his more "mischievious" mode. The final job on the list was the cleaning of the crocodiles' teeth (with a tiny tooth brush so that we could get into all the crevices). Needless to say, in view of our hesitancy, our agent declined to allow us to sign the agreement. Davia decided, that we were obviously not yet ready to cross over permanently to the Spirit Land. So we were brought back home (until we were more suitable.) This time there was a bridge over the river but it kept dematerialising, then re-materialising, only to dematerialise again. Of course, during this time all Davia's crocodiles are waiting below with their grinning white teeth looking up at us just waiting for the bridge to dematerialise again. Eventually Davia allowed the bridge to remain intact while we crossed and we returned from our "meditation" safely.

Jolin the Schoolteacher: Feeling principles in our hearts, not just knowing them with our minds

Jolin lived in Scotland when last on the earth plane and was a schoolteacher. He gave some information to a member of the Meditation Group about a past life and was asked whether the person had returned to earth since then. Jolin gave the person the information and then added:

Jolin: Who is counting there are so many. (He was referring to us all having many lives here). They are like chapters in a book. We read one chapter, we live one chapter, and then we move on to another chapter. Sometimes it is an exiting chapter. Sometimes it is a boring chapter. Sometimes it is a chapter rich in experience. Sometimes it is a chapter (laughs) boring with experience. Sometimes it is a chapter full of relationships. Sometimes it is different.

Q: What did you learn from your last life on earth?

Jolin: To be patient.

Q: Do you mean when you taught the children?

Jolin: Yes to be patient; to be patient in conveying learning to them; to perceive the longer picture, the broader picture. There were many who were not patient, but because they were not patient it put people off learning. They grew irritable, impatient with the speed of learning of the children, then got irritable with them and put them off. But if you were patient, even if the child did not get it at the time, did not have the interest at the time, at some point in the future they may come back to it because of your patience.

It is like a kettle on the stove, if you keep heating it, even gently, the water will simmer and eventually boil. So you must be patient. Nature is patient but we do no learn from it. We think: "Oh, that is nature, it's different with us." It's got to be now (laughs). But we should learn from nature to be patient. Everything in its own season, and its own time and place.

Q: I am told I came back this time to learn patience, or to refine my patience.

Jolin: You have one with you (a guide) who could not be better to help you. She's so gentle she's like a flower unfolding, so gentle, a beautiful yellow flower, golden flower.

Q: How does she influence me to be patient?

Jolin: You feel her aura. She touches your aura, touches your vibration to help you to experience her patience, to feel her patience, and then you know what it is. For when we learn things, qualities, dispositions, ways of being, we must touch them, we must feel them. You understand me? Not just with our minds. We must not just think them with our minds, through our concepts. We must feel them here (touching the heart area). So you could speak of patience, you could write books about it, and you could talk about it endlessly. You could develop all kinds of concepts about it, but yet still not really know it. Do you follow me? You know it when you feel it inside, when it is part of your inner soul and being. Like it is, - oh, how shall I say? It is like the wood of the tree. It is ingrained in you and you know then what it is to be truly patient and you can feel it in your bones; feel it in your bones this patience, that's when you know you are patient. (Smiles). You must feel it inside, like a cup of tea, which you have drunk and you feel it inside.

Penn the Drinker (Charles II period): Constructive application to life

Q: What did you learn from your life?

Penn: Apart from learning to drink in moderation, I learnt you must be productive in your life, must not fritter it away. Because time is of the essence and when you are under the influence it passes more quickly and you are in tomorrow (laughs) before you have even experienced today. It is wasteful I must admit. Therefore you must be productive with your life. It is like a journey and if you do not journey you will not experience anything. You will not see the sights. You will not experience and learn things from it. So I learnt this.

Also because I fritted away my life, in a sense the drinking was not important. Important in one sense in that I had become the slave to it, the vice if you want to call it that. But even more importantly my life was fritted away because of it. I did not use my life constructively. I do not say that you therefore should become obsessive in terms of making something of your life because this could be obsessive in the other direction, if you follow me. But it is important to be constructive with our opportunities to live on this plane of life; to use it to best advantage that we may learn and grow from it. You follow me?

So this is my main learning point from my life on this plane. The drink was just a symptom, if you wish, of the underlying cause, which was a lack of application. Application to drink and not application to life. It was an enjoyable life (laughs) by all accounts, though it was like living in a sense of anaesthesia.

Q: Would you like to come back to the earth plane again?

Penn: I might come back, if you come back as a serving wench again, especially if you wear that frock. (He was referring to his last life and he'd previously told the person concerned that she'd been a serving wench in the tavern that he'd frequented.)

Q: Did you have a particular reason for coming back last time?

Penn: Yes well I've already told you, it was application.

Q: So did you have to come back last time because you hadn't learnt that previously?

Penn: It was not that I had not learnt it in a previous life but given my f r e e d o m because of my resources, I had total freedom to apply myself to anything I would wish but I did not use my freedom wisely. I neglected it, yes. So that was the test you see: to have my vast resources at my disposal and yet to waste them; to fritter them away; and not to apply myself because I did not need to apply myself because I was well provide for.

But whether we are well provided for or not. Whether we do not need to lift a finger because we are well endowed. Yet you must be enterprising. Yes, you must find some way of expressing your individuality, your gifts; being constructive with your life.

Penn had sounded very drunk during the first ten minutes of the communication. Not only was the medium's voices slurred, his face showed all the hallmarks of someone drunk. Eileen had never seen Paul in this state before and asked:

Q: When you first came through Paul did coming close to the physical body make you feel drunk again?

Penn: I can experience it more as I touch the physical. An unusual experience touching the physical again, yes. I lived until I was old you know in spite of my drink. I had big rings on my fingers.

Eileen commented that his visit had been a unique experience for her. She had never seen or heard Paul drunk and had some idea now what he would look and sound like. Penn answered:

Penn: Shall I come back sometime and share a tot with him. (Laughs). What does he like to drink?

Eileen informed Penn that Paul liked to drink wine. The answer did not impress him and he continued:

Penn: Spirits, there is more bite in spirits. Takes longer to get to that pleasant state with wine. Well I should be going I suppose. It's been very pleasant talking to you. Goodbye.

Davia concluded our last session in 2004 with the following blessing:

Davia: Well we wish you happy hearts and easy minds. Have a good Christmas all of you and think golden sun. (Laughs and adds): In spite of all the dim lights you have in the rainy season you think golden sun inside you and you find that golden sun warms you from inside and brightens your day. Even though it not be too bright from outside it will brighten you from inside. You do that for me, my friends and you be happy.

And think of Davia on Christmas day. Each time you pull your cracker you think of Davia and you say the joke; (laughs again) and we'll see if they are any better this year. Well I got to go now; so you look after yourselves and when you are ready to sign up (joke regarding signing up to go to the Spirit Land in the meditation) I'll be ready with the pen. Bye my friends. Bye and take of yourselves.

The above, we hope, gives a flavour of our last sitting with the Phoenix group in 2004. The evening had provided some serious learning, which was offered in a light-hearted way and finished with the "Grand Finale Meditation." It was clear to us all that Davia and the rest of the spirit group had planned the evening with much love and care to detail. We offer you the above synopsis to demonstrate that life in the Spirit World, and indeed communication with our friends in the Spirit World, does not need to be serious. The communication can have a serious thread running through it at times, especially when there is a point to be made. However much of what our friends wish to impart is said in a light-hearted way and we still get the message. And at times they can joke and be frivolous just like any one of us. In fact that is a message in itself, - don't take life too seriously. There should always be space for a laugh and a joke.

we found the evening particularly surprising (although we've learnt over the years not to be surprised at anything) because, although some small detail of a previous life has sometimes been offered to a visitor to our group, Hai has usually discouraged requests for information about past lives. He has indicated that it is the present life now we should pay attention to and has been concerned that the seeking of past lives could detract from the Now. Our "Guest Speaker," Jolin, spoke of the need for patience and of things coming to fruition, "like the seasons." We believe that Hai knew that the season had come for the people who attended our group that night to benefit from the knowledge they received and that is why he made the concession on the night before Christmas Eve.

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