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Visitors' Questions during November 2003

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page.

Adoption of Unwanted Embryos to Avoid Them Being Used for Research or Terminated

A recent item on this issue on a TV news programme prompted members of the Home Circle to ask for Hai's views

Hai: Yes, well there is no need to do this. There is no need to do this for there is the opportunity within the research with the human body to enable some research and investigation to be done which will in the long run bring about improvements of your condition, bring about the disappearance of illness and disease. So there is no need to experiment with human embryos, no.

There is some danger in this because it becomes a case of new potential life being sacrificed for the life of those who are already alive. But should the lives of those who are already alive be placed above those who are yet unborn, who have the potential for life? We do not think so. Though you may acquire a disease, an illness, you must bear this philosophically for as long as you must. You must bear it patiently. I know this is a difficult thing, but by bearing illness and disease patiently you do acquire depth, a strength of character, of soul development. So though it is painful and it is not to be opted for, sought or desired, yet in adversity, if we can bear it with patience, with forbearance, we are the richer for it, though this may sound perverse to you; but we are the richer for it in terms of our development, in terms of our soul development.

Also, we have had our life, a full life, a rich life and indeed in one sense we have all had a rich life by living. Yes, whatever our environment, whatever our circumstances, we have all had a rich life by living and we should not sacrifice the lives of those who are unborn to perpetuate, to enrich, the lives of those who are alive.

But this is complex question you ask me, for there are many different aspects, strands to it. For the other aspect you ask me is what of these embryos, should they be implanted in another womanís womb so that they should, man and wife have a child? Well I would say that this is permissible, this is good, because it is acting out of love and compassion, provided it is out of love and compassion and not for monetary gain. But you must also recognise what the children may face in future time, because of their confused identity perhaps. So this needs careful consideration, will need careful work with them in order to ensure there are no difficulties or problems and that things will progress well for them.

It may be that it is desirable that they also have contact with their physical parents. But this programme was recognising the fact that mother and father figure is not just about the physical source. It is about what a man and woman give to that child. And that is important. But in some ways it breaks down the rich boundaries of kith and kin and to an extent this is good for the broadening of human compassion upon the planet. For it breaks down these rigid barriers of kith and kin whereby those who regard their family as sacrosanct, as special and different; and they protect them at the expense of others and so on. It breaks this down; it broadens out the human vision of love. So to an extent it can have beneficial consequences and aspects to it.

Q: Some feel that one couple that have managed to adopt two embryos have used this in a political way to put pressure on the government to change and ban research into these embryos and the feeling is that these children should not be used for political motives.

Hai: Well yes, we can see this what you say. But it is a difficult matter, for we are inclined to say that it is not desirable to undertake this research upon the human embryo and we would say that this should be argued with your governments and so on. But it is a matter also of how this is done, the process which is employed to do this and the approach which is adopted. We would say though that it is not desirable to create more embryos than are needed in the first place. Why do this? It is efficiency is it not, and we have spoken of efficiency in the past.

Q: I think itís because it doesnít always work first time.

Hai: Yes we know this, but it is an activity which should not be entered upon. For if you create more embryos than you need, you create a problem.

Q: Iím not sure why they create more than they need.

Hai: They inseminate more than they need to be sure of some working, yes?

Q: I know that you say that an embryo is potential life, but would the spirit have actually contacted the embryo at that stage?

Hai: No, but yet it is a sacred process this creation of life and this process must be safeguarded. It must be safeguarded because it is your future, the future of future generations. Therefore it is dangerous to meddle with this process. This process is self-regulating, is self-evolving. It should be left to its own devises. For if it is interfered with in some way it may go arry and may be detrimental to your race, your species, in the long term. This has happened on other planets and it is of great concern. It has gone arry with severe consequences.

Q: Is genetic engineering not desirable for human medicine?

Hai: What do you speak of when you say genetic engineering?

Q: I was referring to genetic researches and techniques that are applied to cure diseases.

Hai: Genetic research is ok in itself if it is pursued with caution and care ó with reverence. But it should be pursued with reverence and care for you are meddling potentially with the genetic processes, the programming which sustains life. Therefore it is important to work with these processes, with this programming and not to interfere to the point were it might fundamentally affect the programming. But we speak primarily here of human life, of meddling with the processes of human life. You must all do your research and you must do your research out of love. For you see, it is a paradox I know, but there is truth in this paradox in that I have told you already, that those who have to endure must endure illness, must endure disease. They grow strong because of it if they can have the attitude, the mental attitude the approach of life towards it to enable them to make use of the experience, to strengthen themselves, to grow in their spiritual development.

But likewise also, those of you who are researchers, scientists, or doctors involved in research, then you also, from your point of view, must pursue the research aspect of this to enable people's conditions to be alleviated, to remove some of these conditions. And you do this also out of compassion and out of love and by pursuing this course you also are enriched in your spiritual development. You see what I say to you? So there is no paradox in this though there apparently seems to be one. The course of action should always be motivated by love and compassion and love and compassion in a sense will meet in the middle from the point of view of those who suffer disease and from the point of view of those who counter it.

Q: Are you allowed to interfere with what happens on the earth?

Hai: No not at all. And yet we do interfere in a sense by just talking to you. But you must make your minds up about what you hear and you have your own decisions about your own lives to make. Therefore we are just voices in the wilderness speaking to the wind. And whether you choose to hear us or to think on what we say is up to you and this is quite right.

Q: I was just wondering that if we had three proposals about research into cancer would you be able to say which one was likely to be most effective?

Hai: I may give you my view on it and I should have an opinion perhaps. But your scientists will pursue the right way for them.

Q: When you referred earlier to research on the embryos not being necessary did you mean that the research could be carried out on human bodies?

Hai: Yes you could research on human bodies by taking the materials from human bodies, which are not fundamental to the processes of life. There is much to do, there are many places to go with this research. There are many aspects of this research which are yet to be discovered and developed in ways that are scarcely thought of yet, which are dimmed behind the mists of life.

Q: I can understand all that youíve said tonight, Hai, but as a woman I suppose I believe that women have a right to decide whether to continue with a pregnancy or not.

Hai: No, by agreeing to be implanted, by agreeing to give life this must carry its own responsibility. But yet we have said that there are many circumstances and difficulties which arise, conditions which are brought about upon women and they have much difficulty. They have a hard life at times. There are many things to consider. Therefore it is not helpful to judge, nor should we judge.

Q: Some women are raped and it must be very difficult for them.

Hai: Yes it is difficult, it is difficult, and yet even in this there is a human life, a life that may be loved. Yet in truth it is a challenge to all who encounter this life, to love this life, to give freely to this life, to cherish this life. And yet if those who are around can arise to this occasion it is again a possibility, a potential, to demonstrate the heights of human love. But unfortunately, often it demonstrates the weaknesses of human love. I do not speak of the mother towards the child but I speak of those around them. You know people speak of love and yet the love they speak of is only on the foothills of the mountains and must climb to the mountain peaks in its aspirations.

Question of the Month

Wendy in New Zealand asked:

Q: Referring to Demonstration 2 Question 1 : How can you speak English if you are a (Chinese) Buddhist? The answer given of connecting with the mind prompted my thoughts on how wonderful the mind is in physical and spirit form. I guess my question is: When a medium is in trance and spirit is speaking through that person are the thoughts coming from a separate spirit or are they from the mind of the medium from another incarnation. The reason I ask the question is because I know there are mediums who speak foreign languages when in trance that they have no knowledge of when in their "normal" state.

Paul: I am going to have a go at answering your question Wendy pulling together a number of responses we have had from Hai and other spirits over many months.

They have indicated that it is possible for a spirit to communicate through a medium using a language which is unknown to the medium. We have had apparent instances of this in our own Home Circle. Spirits have come through a number of times over the years and spoken on some occasions in what appeared to be some form of chinese and on other occasions we have had spirits speak in what appeared to be some form of early South American language such as Inca. On a couple of occasions two spirits were apparently having a conversation with each other in the latter language, one of them speaking through another member of the Home Circle who goes into trance. Of course we had no way to validate the authenticity of the languages at the time. It is something we may attempt in the future. There does not therefore seem to be any need to postulate that the medium has lived a life in a previous incarnation where they have acquired the "foreign" language.

In reality the situation, as ever, is not so straight forward. We have all had many past lives so perhaps there is some residual memory/vibration which at least assists the spirits in trying to speak a foreign language through us. Hai has informed me for instance that I spent a past life in a Buddhist monastery with him.

The whole subject of spirits communicating through mediums whether in trance or otherwise is a lot more complicated than many people often suggest. Hai and others repeatedly tell us that it is achieved through a blending of energies and consciousness. As such the medium's mind is both an aid and a hindrance at one and the same time. An aid because Hai has said that they are able to use the reservoir of language and accumulated concepts which sometimes facilitates the nature of the message being communicated. A hindrance because the medium's own beliefs, blocks and limitations can influence the message in the transaction of energies between spirit and medium.

I am aware of the majority of what is being said through me in the trance state. They have told me that they are working towards "knocking me out totally". I used to think that this would result in a purer communication. But Hai has said that as far as this is concerned it is more important for the medium to have an open and unbiased mind than for she/he to be unconscious, as even in the unconscious state the contents of the medium's mind can influence the message.

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