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Spirit Answers to Visitors' Questions during May and June 2005

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. Please do not use this form for personal questions relating to your own specific circumstances/issues. It is ok to use the form for questions which would be equally relevant to other people. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Alternatively, you can post your question on the Web Board.

The communication below is interesting because it demonstrates the importance of letting go of attachments. Joshua told us that he was of the Jewish faith when last on the earth plane about three hundred years ago. He lived in what was known as Palestine at the time. He told us that he was preparing to re-incarnate but this time into a different country and religion. Although Joshua was from the Jewish faith the lesson here is that anyone from any faith could become stuck if they continue to rebirth to a similar situation just because it seems safe and comfortable and they become attached to it.

The communication yet again demonstrates spirit humour and has its usual share of jokes from Davia in the background. We've typed this up very much as Joshua said it so we hope you can understand the grammar. Joshua told us he was a scribe when last on the earth plane so had to learn scriptures to be able to write them down. He added:

Joshua: I had to pray it, describe it and to reveal it. So it was desirable and necessary to have it internalised in my head that I could (laughs) astound people with my knowledge of the scripture. I was never short of a quotation, a reference, a revealing of a paragraph here, one there and so on. They were stuck for words.

Q: Have you always come back to earth in the Jewish faith?

Joshua: Yes. In the previous incarnations that I am privileged to remember, but not all of those incarnations which I am not privileged to remember. But as I cannot remember all of my previous incarnations I will say to you that I can only remember those ones where I was born a Jewish person.

Q: Did you have a particular reason for reincarnating again in the Jewish faith?

Joshua: It felt good. It felt sure and familiar.

Someone in the group asked if Joshua used to pray at the wailing wall. He confirmed that he did and asked:

Joshua: Are you all good praying people?

Q: Well we probably don't pray like you would have done.

Joshua: (Laughs). You pray second-rate prayer then. (laughs again). He (referring to Davia) do this to me. He pull the plug if I do not behave myself. (Laughs again heartily).

Q: Did you not want to come back in another religion for the experience?

Joshua: No. He,(referring to Davia), sent me through to let me explain something to you, which is about what you ask me. You clever person because you put finger on button (referring to the previous question). He say that it is important for you to know that people who go spirit land may not necessarily be so clever, may not necessarily be so spiritual or what you call, evolved soul, spiritual being, even if they are keen on religion. I visit earth plane many times. I come to same part of world. I come into same religion because I have attachment to place and religion. So I go round in what you call "ever-decreasing circles", getting more and more fixed as the water goes down the plughole - yes? More and more concentrated and focused as water goes down the plughole (laughs.) Is not good; end up going down the plughole. So I learn eventually that I must choose another religion, another place to be born, another country to hold the flag up. I am going to be reborn in a new place. I have made a decision to be reborn in new place.

Q: Can you tell us which place?

Joshua: No.(Laughs). I am looking forward to it because it is going to be a new experience, not a repeat of old experiences but a new experience, enlightening experience, freeing up the locks, the chains that bind me.

Q: Are you coming soon?

Joshua: Mm soon.

Q: Have you chosen your parents yet?

Joshua: No, but it is enough to have chosen country. It's a big step forward choosing somewhere new.

Q: I suppose you could still come back in the same religion even if you come back to a different country, could you?

Joshua: No. Must change religion, must change country. Must change country must change religion.

Q: Are you going to be a man again?

Joshua: There you put finger on button again. I don't know for sure yet but he (Davia) thinks I need to change sex. (Laughter).

Someone in the group commented that from an earth point of view this whole conversation sounded quite bizarre. Joshua laughed and replied:

Joshua: He, (referring to Davia again), say to me: He thought that too when he set this up but he was not bothered because he say to himself: "They are used to bizarre conversations now. And anyway he says, no use complaining because they start plenty of them themselves." (Laughter).

Q: Where did you go to choose your country, did you go somewhere special in the spirit world?

Joshua: I had a look around real countries.

Q: So you simply visited the countries yourself to decide?

Joshua: Yes.

Q: Will you have to go to a special place in order to be reborn?

Joshua: Yes, earth. (Much laughter).

When the laughter had died down Eileen continued:

Q: I mean a special place in the spirit world.

Joshua: No need. Someone come with you sometimes to help you with process but there is no need to go somewhere special. The special place is in womb of woman.

Q: Will you miss the spirit world?

Joshua: No, once I am here I will not remember. I am going to have good time on earth though. Good time.

Q: You know that do you?

Joshua: I am confident; I feel I will have a good time. Even if I don't have such a good time I will have a good time because I am going to learn things now. (Tone changes) I am going to grow now.

Note: It is interesting that Joshua was confident that he would have what he described as a "good time", but he did not necessarily view a good time as we would, but thought of his future life as a growing experience and therefore 'a good time.'

Stuart from the UK asked if there was any truth in the idea of "Chemtrails"

This apparently refers to the idea that chemicals could be sprayed over a population as an aid to control. Eileen read out the question and then asked:

Q: Is there any truth in that Hai? Do you know?

Hai: No not at this present time. But there are your scientists that are attempting to find such things.

Q: Do they transmit certain frequencies to do those things?

Hai: No but yet there are those who seek such solutions. There are those amongst you who are dangerous souls, some would say "evil". We would not use that word, but at the very least misguided, who rationalise their motivations by believing that if they can control the excesses of humanity they will be doing humanity a service. Yet in truth their very seeking is part of the excess of humanity. Therefore they do humanity a great disservice. But there are those among you who believe that it is possible to "control the masses", as they put it and to refer to "the masses" is in itself a dehumanisation of humanity. To see things in this way is abhorrence for there are only the myriad individuals upon this earth; there are not "the masses". Therefore that they try to portray it as a service to avoid humanity's excesses to itself and to the planet is a disservice to humanity. But this will not do, this will "not wash" as you say. And such a seeking is born of arrogance, of egotistical arrogance. There is no solution in this.

There was some discussion between group members and Hai followed with:

Hai: Yes they study such things as ants, to understand how such mechanisms may work, may be adapted. The Oneness of humanity must be hard won through humanity's own choices, through the choices of each and every individual on the planet. It must be hard won through this process of, how you would say, (smiling) "buying in" yes, "buying in" to the One Consciousness.

Q: Is man capable of doing that?

Hai: Yes, yes. (Hai's voice dropped to a whisper). This is the way. This is the hope for the future and it is by seeking freedom from the crowd consciousness by which this one positive constructive consciousness will come about. In part what your scientists attempt has already been accomplished on a daily basis through your own efforts, when you subscribe to a crowd consciousness, when you subscribe to "us" (meaning one group in particular) in contradiction, in contradistinction to "them", yes? When you identify with one group, seeing another group as radically different, this in part is subscribing to a crowd consciousness, which is not productive, which is not helpful. You must keep a strong reign on your governments. Remember that they are horses pulling the cart for you, serving you, but you must keep a strong reign, a strong harness on them, less they run out of control.(Laughs).


Hai was in one of his playful moods and when he was asked the question below about cloning. Before giving us his serious answer he decided to have some fun.

Q: Where does the spirit go in a case of cloning because I know there cannot be a double spirit?

Hai: You must not think this. You must not be sure of this. (Laughs). Davia is experimenting, working with our scientists (laughs again) to try to produce myriad clones of him because he can see advantages in this for him. For it will be a case of many hands make light work or many clones make light work. He will be able to instil his spirit in all of them so that he will be able to sit back quietly doing nothing while they all work for him.

We were all a little surprised by Hai's response so the group remained silent. Hai responded:

Hai: You are all so serious. What is it you ask of this, Caroline?

Q: I was just intrigued because if a spirit gets assigned to a body, if that body then gets cloned will there be a different spirit?

Hai: All matter is spiritual. All matter is spiritual and all matter is of the spiritual essence. Therefore consciousness is in all matter, all physical form. Therefore, though you are not at the point where this is a possibility in human form, but if you should become at that point where this is a possibility, you must know that it is the same as is the case with all human life; that spirit will see an opportunity to take up a temple of residence in the form which you create. But remember that you do not create form yourselves for you do not create from nothing. You do not create without material. Yet if you do facilitate a human form this will be a residence of spirit. We caution again though from experimenting too far with something for you must be ready to deal with the consequences of what you create. You must first be ready to deal with the difficulties of what you create. You have already created many things in your institutions, which you are ill prepared for, which you cannot manage well. Therefore you must be careful of what you create and must deal with the consequences, the moral dilemmas, the difficulties that come in its wake.

Q: Is there a plan for mankind or do we just stumble along until we find the path?

Hai: You ask a difficult question, a reasonable question but also a difficult one, Paul. For the truth is that you are here to stumble along the path because by stumbling along you discover yourselves and discover your path indeed through your stumbling. And so although there is a grand design in terms of the energy which we would see upon the earth, an energy of love and compassion, yet the detail of the path, the detail of the map is open to you to plot and you must discover it though a process of divination, through a process of discovery, of stumbling, yes. And this in itself is of a divine origin this process of stumbling. But we must hope that you do not stump your toe too many times on the rocks as you go.

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