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Visitors' Questions during September 2004

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. Please do not use this form for personal questions relating to your own specific circumstances/issues. It is ok to use the form for questions which would be equally relevant to other people. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Alternatively, you can post your question on the Web Board.

Honoria: Divine Inter-twiningness

We'd had a phase of constant questions to Hai from the members of one of our meditation groups about the One Mind. Hai has always told us that the One Mind has to be felt rather than intellectualised and one night, to demonstrate this, Isleen provided us with a very different experiential meditation that aided us with this feeling process. The same week we were sitting for our usual physical phenomena night when, just before we were about to finish, a spirit came through to speak to us. She gave us the name "Honoria". Honoria told us she was from a planet that was far, far away from the earth and it soon became clear that her reason for coming was to continue with Hai's theme of the One Mind. She offered us, in her own way, another illustration of the vastness of the One Mind.

Her message was, that in spite of the distance between us we were nevertheless all intertwined, and all One. She would not allow us to ask questions about her planet and said that she had not come to talk about that. However, Thomas came though straight after and filled us in with some of the details. Below is the communication of Honoria followed by a visit from an old spirit friend, Thomas. N.B. We noticed a marked difference in Paul's voice. The tone was formal and 'laboured' and initially didn't flow as well as we've come to expect. In fact we've not experienced anything of the like before; the nearest we can describe to it is when the angel, Zeon, came through. Notice the formality and wordiness of her language and her use of the term 'we' instead of 'I'.

Honoria: We are honoured to be with you this night. We wish to speak to you. (Introductions took place). You may speak of me as "Honoria".

Q: Have you come to speak about something in particular?

Honoria: I have come to speak to you.

Q: How long ago were you last on the earth plane, Honoria?

Honoria: No, I have not been on your earth plane. I have lived my existence on another far off plane. I speak to you of vibration, of Intertwining-ness.

Q: Do we know of this planet?

Honoria: No it is far, far away; far, far away. Though I speak to you about it, because though it is far, far away, out of your site and imagination, yet I speak to you of it to make you realise that it is intimately entwined with your own; intimately entwined with your own. And though we are far away from you, out of your site and imagination, there is an intertwining-ness of our existence. Yet the riddle of this is: if your people knew of our planet, saw our planet through your instruments and knew we were inhabitants, were beings upon this planet, they would see us as a threat; they would see us as a potential danger. Yet we are a planet of intimate intertwining-ness with you. So how is it that the planet of intertwining-ness with you, which stands beside you, which stands close to you, which is in intimate loving relationship to you, can be seen as a planet of otherness, of separateness of being out there-ness. How is it possible?

We were all a little taken back by the wordiness of all this, but eventually one member of our group asked:

Q: How is it possible?

Honoria: Yes, yes. For it is as it is, for each of you. You live upon your earth plane in a brotherhood, a sisterhood of intertwining-ness, yet you see your brother and sister as separateness. How is this possible? How can it be?

We weren't sure at this point whether we were actually all getting a telling off, but another group member ventured:

Q: Do your people view yourselves as One?

We think she nodded.(We were sitting in the dark).

Q: Is your life span the same as ours?

Honoria: Longer, much longer.

Someone brave started to ask further questions about the way Honoria lived but she replied:

Honoria: I do not come to you to speak to you of this. I come to speak to you of the parallel.

Q: It is hard for us to understand just what you are trying to explain.

Honoria: We stand before you, along side you, with you. In our essence we stand with you. Yet if you were to see us with your telescopes from afar, you would see us as beings that live afar, separate from you, different to you, a threat, fearsome perhaps. Yet we are beings of Divine Intertwining-ness with you.

So it is with you, my friends, upon your earth plane. You are all beings of Intertwining-ness, of each other, with each other. In your inner reality you stand beside each other, with each other, close to each other, but yet you "know" each other as being apart from each other, separate from each other, other than each other. But you, my friends, in your inner essence, in your hearts, are beings of Divine Intertwining-ness, Divine Intertwining-ness. So how can you view, for a fraction of an instant, yourselves as separate from each other, for even a fraction of an instant, when you are beings of Divine Intertwining-ness?

Honoria left as suddenly as she came and Thomas came through immediately after.

We quickly established that it was Thomas talking to us and he continued, with his lovely soft, American accent, with Honoria's theme:

Thomas: You know in your hearts, in your inner being, the truth of what the lady said to you. It don't need no reflection. It don't need no convoluting thinking about it's the truth and you know it. It's like that meditation Isleen gave to you the other night. She tried to give it so that you would feel it, so that you'd know it in your bones and not to think about it in your head; for its deeper than that. It is beyond contradiction, it is beyond question. It is because it is. Do you follow me folks? It is its own certainty, reality; all else is illusion, all else is fabrication.

But human kind, folks, over the ages, they've been keen on this fabrication. They take hold of stuff. They take hold of things and they fabricate something. They make something of it; what they wish it to be, not the reality which it is. This causes all kinds of problems like the slavery which I was subjected to when I lived on the earth plane last; because some folks fabricated a reality on top of the reality. Do you follow me folks?

So we just got to let go of all our fabrications and we gotta touch base, if you like, yeah. And that's putting it mildly. That's not doing justice to what I'm trying to say to you. But I cannot express it much more clearly than this lady that has visited you this night. She tries to convey in her own way, in her own terms, by giving you this parallel of this planet in this galaxy far away from you. Yet she's trying to convey to you the intimacy, the intertwining intimacy of this planet with your own and with your lives. Though you never meet these folks, though you never know of this planet, my friends this planet and its folks are nevertheless in this state of Divine Intertwining-ness with your own. It is like she says, a closeness beyond closeness; a closeness beyond your wildest imagination of what closeness is, yeah.

Q: Is it like a melting into....

Thomas: There are no words, no imagery, which can do it justice, Jane. You are all so close to each other, so divinely intimate with each other, there's nothing that can do it justice. Nothing, nothing.

Q: Do they understand that on their planet, Thomas?

Thomas: They know of you and they know of this truth, this reality. But they know equally that if you were to see them, some of you folks would be oblivious to this reality. And therein lies the danger for them.

Q: Are they from the same planet as Lopaz? (Lopaz is one of our spirit group who lived on another planet when in the physical).

Thomas: No, they are a long way from Lopaz.

One of our group hadn't managed to understand what Honoria had been trying to convey and asked:

Q: Are there any other planets that they are linked to?

Thomas: The point of all this, John, is that they are linked to all planets. They speak of the divine One Mind in a different way you see, but they are speaking of this Divine Interconnectedness, this Divine Intertwining-ness which runs through the whole of Being, the whole of creation, the whole of none creation for that matter (laughs.) There is nothing but, nothing but, you see.

Q: Are they what we would describe as highly evolved beings?

Thomas: Yeah they are highly evolved, they are highly spiritually evolved, and the two do not always go close together, hand in hand, as Lopaz and others have spoken to you about in the past. But on this planet of Honoria's, they are highly evolved, spiritually and physically; they are, one, in fact. The evolution of this species, this planet, this being, they are one. They are beautiful, folks, they are beautiful, yeah.

Q: Why do they need to be born again on a planet if they are so evolved, Thomas?

Thomas: They wish to express the spiritual in a refined way in the physical. They realise the two are not two, they are one. But they want to manifest this oneness in the physical universe (laughing). Yeah, they up for the challenge you see.

Q: Is Honoria still in the physical realm or in the spiritual realm?

Thomas: She is on the physical, but (smiling) she is spiritual. There is no contradiction for her in this. The two are one and she has absolute connectedness with the physical and the spiritual. You could say she stands astride the two worlds if you wish to understand it this way. She is living on her planet in the physical condition but is cognisant and has a foot in the other camp too. She lives at the intersection of the two worlds. For in the purity of the physical manifestation there is no contradiction in this. There is a possibility of being astride two worlds, having connectedness with the two worlds and their being one.

Q: Are they all at that stage on her planet?

Thomas: Yes.

Q: If we were to physically see one of them what would their appearance be like?

Thomas: They would appear to you as beings of light, but yet their bodies are bodies, but of a refinement, a refinement within the physical universe which you cannot scarcely approach in your conception.

Q: Would they be interpreted as being angels then?

Thomas: They would if they were seen by you folks and you did not know their origin. You may be fooled into thinking that they are angels. And there would be no harm in that 'cause (laughing) assuredly they are angels in their inner being, their inner disposition, they are beautiful angels, but they are of the physical world. They will appear ethereal to you yet are of a substance; they are not only spiritual beings, they are of substance. They are light years ahead of you in your evolution, both physical and spiritual yet they are your brothers and sisters.

Q: Is that just because they are an older species than us?

Thomas: They have been around a long, long time. They pre-date the evolution of your world so they have been around a long time and have had the opportunity to endure through their trials, their tribulations, to become refined in their development both spiritual and physical. But you would approach them, some of you, with fear. This is what she tried to convey to you. But there are no grounds, no substance to this fear for you are Divine Intertwining-ness.

Q: Do they visit us apart from coming to talk through Paul now?

Thomas: Yeah they can sometimes visit you without you knowing, without you being aware. They can transcend time and space at will.

Q: Do you think our species will ever develop that far, Thomas?

Thomas: In the fullness of time you will evolve; you will grow and develop. But the times of much hardship will come. You will have to go through the times of much hardship before you will get there. But human kind is no stranger to times of much hardship.

Q: What is the name of Honoria's planet?

Thomas: It don't matter too much because you won't know it anyway. It's not even in your conception. It is not on your maps. It's not within your imagination. So if we give you a name what does it accomplish?

There was some laughter then when Thomas laughed and said that in future they would make sure all guests showed their credentials and Davia (gate keeper, stage manager) would ask for their calling card. Eileen asked:

Q: Would Davia have stopped her coming through if he hadn't liked the look of her?

Thomas: Yeah he could stop them, but he wouldn't want to stop this beautiful lady though. You know what he's like with the ladies, Jane.

Q: Did he go and seek her out for us, Thomas?

Thomas: No he sort of became aware of her and invited her.

Q: Are there any other evolved creatures or species like Honoria?

Everyone laughed at the use of the word 'creatures' and Thomas replied:

Thomas: You know folks John's given me some thoughts here that it's useful to share with you because he was asking about creatures. Well what you need to do, folks, you want to turn that word 'creatures' into creators for surely you are creators and that is part of the problem she was talking about folks; because we create our worlds. Yeah, and our creations are not always bonny children (laughs.)

I do believe it must be time to finish and I wish you well. Goodbye folks and Davia is telling me to tell you: 'Happy hearts, and easy minds'.

John from the UK asked a question about "evil people" in the Spirit World

Q: When I die and pass over, will I be able to know what has happerned to the spirits of evil people, such as Hitler and others like him ?

Hai: He will not be able to find out where all the evil, bad spirits have gone, but he will be able to find out where all the poor misguided spirits have gone.

Q: So you don't call them evil or bad?

Hai: No, the consequences of their behaviour may be evil, but within them they have the seed of all loving compassion. Therefore we must find this loving compassion; help them to find this loving compassion in themselves. Therefore we do not speak of evil spirits but of spirits who have wandered off the path.

Q: Will he be able to find out what happened to those people by going to the Halls of Learning, or will other spirits be able to tell him?

Hai: Yes, or as you say, other spirits may know.

Trust in Providence

A spirit called Dimitri came through to speak on this theme and then responded to people's questions

Dimitri: I have come to talk to you about Providence. You must take advantage of Providence for Providence is all around you my friends. Providence will support you, float your ship safely, buoy you up. But you must tack the sail to catch the wind of Providence. You must do your bit to help the gods who would help you. You must wear their amulet, but you must do your bit to assist them. Sailors of old kept their allegiance to the Greek gods, but they at times relied too much on the efforts of the Gods and not their own efforts. But in truth the efforts of the gods are made manifest through our own efforts. Therefore my friends you must do your bit. You must tack your ship in the right direction to ride the storm and Providence will do the rest, the gods will do the rest. All we ask is willing sailors to work their ships and the rest will come.

Q: How can we be sure we are pointing in the right direction?

Dimitri: You must just do your bit. You do your bit in good consciousness, good trusting faith, we shall do the rest.

Q: It's not always easy to know how the wind is blowing.

Dimitri: Put your finger up to it sir. Wet your finger and put it up and feel the breeze, feel the good strong breeze and trim your sails accordingly.

Q: How did you use Providence?

Dimitri: I worked diligently, worked diligently to do my bit, and had trust in the rest. You can do no more than your best. And even though you err you can do no more than your best. To err is human; to err in good faith is divine because assuredly the divine will come to your aid and rescue.

Q: What did you accomplish with it?

Dimitri: Peace, peace, what more can you wish for in this life but peace? Peace of mind, peace of soul. What more could you wish for than this?

Q: Sometimes we don't always recognise opportunities when we see them.

Dimitri: You must recognise the opportunities as best you can. You may have dim eyes, you may have strong eyes, but what opportunities you will see can be seen through your eyesight and you will see. This is all you can do. You cannot see with the eyes of someone else who has stronger eyesight. You must see with your eyes, not with the eyes of others. Those others should not criticise you for what you cannot see that they can see. For you have not their eyes. You have your eyes. And if you use your eyes you must use your eyes honestly and in truth and openness. What more can we ask of you? If you do not leave yourselves alone, harangue yourselves, tirade against yourselves - this accomplishes nothing. You must also be careful that after you have seen with the eyes of the moment, and have moved on, that you do not then look back with the eyes of hindsight. For the eyes of hindsight are a hard taskmaster. We should say to the eyes of this harsh taskmaster who has these eyes of hindsight: "Then where were you, where were you at the time I needed you?"

Q: Following on from what you were saying about catching the moment, sometimes a situation can be such that your judgement will be impaired by it.

Dimitri: You can only do your best sir. You can only do your best. And no one has a right to ask more, least of all yourself. You must do your best with honest heart and straightforwardness. And if there are those who would criticise you for this then it is their loss, their problem. For what is done with honest heart and straightforwardness is divine action. And though it be impaired and in error sometimes, nevertheless it is divine action. And what comes from divine action can be transmuted; can be refined; can be made pure and perfect.

Eileen commented on the Iraq war and commented that although some of the politicians had acted, in her view, unwisely, nevertheless if they had done it with an honest heart then perhaps we should consider that when judging their action. There was a long pause and Dimitri replied:

Dimitri: Honest heart but one not born out of arrogance of course..........Well I shall leave you now. Dimitri is my name. (Paul had commented earlier that he'd got a picture of a man in Roman times). He (referring to Paul) sees me as in Roman times. Yes I was in Roman times yet I was a Greek, a Greek Administrator. Very well (and he left us.)

Question of the Month

Kelly from Florida in the USA asked the following question about the origin of God.

Q: how did God originate? Where did God come from? Is there an origin or center of all of creation?

Hai: There is an Is-ness, an Is-ness beyond origin, beyond creation, beyond all things. This Is-ness exists yet does not exist. For if you speak of existence you must also speak of non existence. This Is-ness simply Is. It is the origin of us all if you wish to call it, if you wish to talk of this in this way, of it being the origin. And yet in truth It is us and we are It. And therefore we also do not have an origin. In our essential reality we are at one with this Is-ness. Therefore there can be no fear. There can be no concern. There can be no problem. For we are all of One Suchness; are at One with this Is-ness which is Everlasting which is Eternal Life, which is All Compassion, which is All Love.

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