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Wisdom of Hai at Tranquil Spirit.

Channeling Spirit Communication through Trance Mediumship

Spirit Answers to Visitors' Questions during July and August 2006

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. Please do not use this form for personal questions relating to your own specific circumstances/issues. It is ok to use the form for questions which would be equally relevant to other people. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Alternatively, you can post your question on the Web Board.

Reconciliation of Israeli and Palestinian Fighters

Someone asked how the Israeli and Palestinian fighters reconcile their differences once in the Spirit Land

Hai: This is a great problem for the problem of attitude that is created on your earth plane may not be easily remedied on moving back to the spirit plane. For we create our mood, we create a pattern of thinking and we create mental events within our lives that carry forward into our life in the spirit plane. The spirit plane, therefore, is made difficult because of this. Merely passing to spirit does not change problems, does not rule out problems, for we carry forward our Karma into the spirit land. We carry forward our bitterness into spirit land and we must work through it if we are to progress, if we are to revitalize ourselves.

People from these cultures will avoid each other in the spirit land until such time that they have worked through their grief and worked through their bitterness and anger. And anger, as I have said before, can create a barrier, not only to those whom they are angry with, but to other spirits also. It makes it difficult for them to be reached and to be in communion with other spirits because of the bitterness that they hold. For if you are prepared to die, if you are prepared to blow yourself up and kill many other people with you, this shows a basic lack of respect for life, lack of love, which has its impact on other relationships also. We can understand how such bitterness comes about. We can understand the pain in people's hearts that drives them to such actions, but the path of love must be trod regardless of the pain that is inflicted upon us, regardless of the dire circumstances in which we find ourselves.

I know this is easy for me to say, for I no longer walk the earth plane, but I truly say; it is the path which must be truly trod while we are on the earth plane. We must overcome our bitterness. We must overcome our fears. We must overcome our pains and reach our hand to our brother, to our sister, to bridge the divide, to bridge the gap, to attempt to establish bonds of love. Your whole world has a responsibility to try to bridge this gap, to try to create circumstances where bitterness may be buried, where love may grow.

Religion & Peace

This question continued on from the above.

Q: Is there any hope in our lifetime of the different religions living together in peace?

Hai: There is hope of this, the different religions living together. There is hope. There is the possibility of this. The people must look beyond their identity; must look beyond their belonging to a group, their attachment to a group. Identity also is a trapping of a particular incarnation. It is nothing to do with the soul within, the Divine Essence. People would do better to ask themselves about this Inner Identity, this Essential Identity. If they ask themselves about this; if they pressed home to themselves: "What is my Essential Identity;" there is only one conclusion they could reach because they share their Essential Identity with all of human kind.

Therefore, if they would only realise this their allegiances to religion, country and so on would fall away. I have given a comparison before, I think. It is as if the branches of a mighty tree all fight with each other - yet they are fed by the same trunk, their sustenance fills them through the same trunk. Without the trunk they are as nothing; they would die. And the trunk needs the branches. The branches, full of leaves, could symbolise human beings along the different branches, which symbolise different religions or different countries. The trunk of the tree needs these as much as they need the trunk. And so we have once more the One Mind, the Essential Unity. Does it make sense to war with each other when this is the Reality, the Unity, the One Mind? It is madness surely to imagine that we should war with each other. It is against our Essential Reality. It is against our interest. It is against our life.

Human Progress

Q: Do people keep making the same mistakes because they don't remain in the spirit world long enough to learn before coming back or would they still make their mistakes anyway?

Hai: The wisest soul is put to the test when they return to the earthly planes.

Q: Could you expand on that please?

Hai: You know that there have many saintly men who have started out right but have slipped back. So we cannot take things for granted. In the heart of the greatest saint there is the heart of a sinner and in the heart of the sinner is the heart of the greatest saint.

Q: How does all this learning equate with the One Mind?

Hai: We must rediscover ourselves. We must find our roots in the One Mind. We must recognise our essence in the One Mind. And so far as we are constant, so far as our identity is within the One Mind Itself we will not go astray. We will manifest It's love and compassion on the earth. But we must put aside our own egos to achieve this. We must put aside our own preoccupations. We must put aside our interpretation of the One Mind's purpose and the One Mind's love.

Q: So if every person on earth were able to do this what would there be?

Hai: Harmony would prevail, great love would prevail, and security without question would prevail.

Q: Would people still have to come to the earth plane to learn?

Hai: So far as souls in the spirit lands would need the earthly experience then also they would have to manifest this expression of the One Mind; to manifest the harmony amongst the peoples of the world. The road may seem a long road but you have heard the saying which I have said before which is: "the journey of a thousand miles is started with the first footstep" and as footstep follows footstep we are assured of the end of our journey.

Q: Are you still on your journey?

Hai: We are all still on our journey.

Q: So do you still have plenty to learn and are still evolving?

Hai: We have all got things to learn myself included.

Q: Is there any end to the learning and education or is it infinite like the universe?

Hai: There is no end to the journey. There is identity with the One Mind. There is the return Home. There is the knowledge of who we are but the expression of who we are involves a never-ending journey, an exciting journey, a journey of constant discovery.

Eileen commented:

Q: If I was an evolved soul and knew that I could make a mistake by coming back to earth and so would have to return again to put things right, I think I would want to quit while I was winning.

Hai replied with amusement:

Hai: You are not gambling so you cannot simply cash your chips in. No, this does not work like this. You know, great gains, great advances must be won and with great chances we must be prepared to take risks, to take chances to learn to move forward, to grow, to develop. If we do not take chances we do not grow, we do not develop. We make mistakes along our way but no one should blame us for this for, if we make these mistakes in good honest heart, what more can people ask of us.

We will make mistakes and we must put up with those mistakes, recognize them and acknowledge they are part of our growth. We should not reprimand ourselves too severely for them for we all make mistakes; some are more conscious of their mistakes than others but all make mistakes.

A "Lightweight Question"

Following a rather serious session with Hai, the member of our group who'd been responsible for the serious discussion decided to lighten things up. He asked with undisguised humour:

Q: Can I ask a lightweight question, Hai?

Hai: This must be a first for you.

Q: I was wondering whether you had a favourite possession with you in the spirit world? Some of the spirits who have visited have told us about theirs.

Hai: I have a favourite possession, a possession that I do not posses: It is recognition of the beautiful Communion of the One Mind. When you recognise this, what possible attraction could any possession have? Lightweight question - not lightweight answer - but simple answer.

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