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Visitors' Questions during December 2002

This page will be revised at the beginning of each month.

The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Occasionally, we may ask people who have received responses to personal questions if they are happy to give their consent to posting on this site an extract of the response which they have received if we feel that it could also be of benefit to others.

A happy New Year to everyone from Eileen, Paul, and all the members of the Spirit Group

Due to the present troubled conditions in the world it is not surprising that recent visitors have wished to discuss the issue of war with Hai and some of the other spirit communicators. We give below extracts from some of the discussions.

Q: Do soldiers usually end up in the darker realms if they have killed when at war?

Hai: This depends once more on the nature of the situation, nature of how the situation unfolds. This depend on many things. It depends upon their own conscience, of whether they do what is right or not. It depends upon their own conscience. It depends upon why they want to be a soldier in first place. It depends on many things. It depends upon whether they start to enjoy the killing, the having the power to kill, also is a factor. It depends upon whether they choose to kill when they could leave alone. This also a factor.

Q: So if they have been called up and feel they have no choice but to kill the enemy or get killed. Would that go against them?

Hai: Well no, providing they act in good conscience. But you indicate a responsibility which we all have to decide whether such an action, such as going to war, is good, is just. It can never be good of course in the fundamental sense. But whether it is necessary, whether it is justified given the circumstances? But we each must ask our own question here with this. It is not enough to say Ďthey called me upí. Tis not enough to say this. We each must bear responsibility for our actions. We cannot point the finger to someone else. We cannot delegate, pass over the responsibility to someone else. They must carry their responsibility, which is a heavier responsibility. For if they order many to their deaths; if they order many to fight; then they must bear responsibility for that authority which they carry with them, with their words, their decisions. But we must each make our decision in good conscience also.

Q: So it would be the leaders who would carry more responsibility when they pass over?

Hai: But I say that each person faces responsibility. For each person has to make decision to pull trigger, yes? But, of course, those who take on responsibility for managing, for organising affairs of this world, must carry a greater burden of responsibility for there are many who follow them. Many follow them without question.

Q: How would Winston Churchill have been accepted in the spirit world? Because, although he was a great leader, he did actually order soldiers to kill the enemy to save our own country?

Hai: Well it was the times you lived in then and we cannot foresee a different outcome to this. Therefore he act in good faith. But with this war that you speak of and with all other wars everyone, and those who have responsibility for the affairs of the world especially so, everyone must put more effort, more undying effort, energy, into finding solutions to grievances, to injustices, to oppressions, that these wars may be avoided. For wars start because of people feeling hard done to, of feeling oppressed, of feeling the underdog, yes? So we must bring about change to these circumstances that people do not feel these things, but feel rather that they have respect of others.

Q: Can you see a time when the wars will stop?

Hai: Yes, there will be a time when wars stop. For, if you think of war, the only logical outcome to war is more war, more unending war, with more sophisticated weapons of war, which you have now available to you. The outcome of this will be the devastation of the earth, if things go on in their present state. Therefore, it is important that your leaders direct their energies and efforts to creating world understanding across all the nations. World respect, world love, across all the nations, for where there is love there will be no war; there can be no war. There can only be respect and love. Therefore, we must put our energies, our efforts into this my friends, not into designing weapons which you have a plenty.

One night another spirit named Gregory spoke to us of the need to influence the future of the world in a positive way.

Q: Do some spirit people want to look into the future?

Gregory: Yes, yes. They know that the merits of looking into the future is to shape the future, to try to shape the future, for the future is not set in your cement. It is flexible, it is malleable. Therefore we must forecast the future with a view to changing it, shaping it in the most positive way?

Q: Do spirits then try to pass that influence onto the earth plane?

Gregory: Yes, this is the purpose of it, to influence those on the earth plane to conduct their affairs in prescribed ways, better ways, to achieve a positive future rather than a negative one, yes.

Q: Does this work with our heads of state?

Gregory: Ha, unfortunately not always so. They are not always the most receptive. But there are always some who are receptive and therefore we reach them and do what we can to inspire them. This is the most we can hope for.

Q: I presume that is going on today is it, with all the troubles at the moment and the possibility of war with Iraq?

Gregory: Yes, we try to influence those who have control, who have power of men and women, who can influence the affairs of the world to a great extent. We try and influence them, their minds, their hearts, to take them in positive directions, to avoid the evils which afflict you. This is no easy task of course and you must do your part in this matter of influence, yes.

Q: You mean by thinking?

Gregory: By thinking, by sending out positive thoughts, by writing, by contacting your leaders, by trying to shape their motivations, their focus, their orientations to positive avenues, yes. If people reach out with love and love is evident in their intent, in their message, behind their message, then you will find that people will listen and take you seriously, because it is appreciated that you do not have any 'axe to grind'. You do not have any motivation of yourself, of your selfhood, but your motivation rather is inspired by the love of all. And this, therefore, makes your message clear; that you are selfless in your message and it is a message inspired by love. And those listen to messages inspired by love. Well, my friends, I must be on my way. I am most glad to have had this opportunity to speak with you, most pleased to have had this opportunity. I will wish you well. I wish your world well in your future time.

We have now had a number of visits from Thomas who has told us that he spent his last incarnation as a slave in Alabama. On this occasion he seemed to come through in particular to relay his good wishes for the season. However, he also had a further message.

Thomas: I know you're not expecting me, but I thought I would come through just for a couple of minutes to let you know Iím still around and to wish you all a right good Christmas time in your world, yea. I was keen to do that in case I donít get another opportunity to come through and say that to you. I wanted to wish you your seasons greetings, yea. I would like you to pass that on to them other folks you have who come here. I wonít get chance to talk to them direct I donít think. So you pass them on for me.

Q: How are you?

Thomas: We are most well. It is kind of you to ask me.

Q: Will you celebrate Christmas?

Thomas: Well, we expect to celebrate it with you.

Q: Did you celebrate it when on the earth?

Thomas: Yea we did. But you know Iíve come through for a purpose. Because youíve been asking old Hai about folk and the nature of things and togetherness. These things that you talk to him about. I would say to you in response to your discussion with him that you could usefully think about my situation when I was last on your earth plane. For I was a slave, as you know in old Alabam and therefore I had my masters and mistresses who thought they owned me at the time and treated me like a slave at the time. But when they looked upon me, you see, they saw a slave. They didnít see old Thomas too much. They saw a slave, you see. You see my point here, yea? So they had false eyes you see, for they saw what wasnít there, yea. But if you could put away that label of slave as some folk could. Some folk could, give them their due. If you could put away that label of slave you could see another loving, dignified human being, yea. You understand me folks?

We cause ourselves a lot of bother. We have trouble with these labels we use on each other. If you can put those labels to one side and put aside your preconceptions, your prejudgments of folk, then you can see them for what they are. You can connect with them as you should, as you can in reality connect with them. For you are all of one nature, one loving nature. But you got to put aside all the barriers, all imaginary barriers to feel that one loving nature. Yea.

So Iíll leave you with that thought my friends. I would exhalt you to pass that on in whatever manner you can to make other people think about this, for it is an important thing to think about, where we can get rid of all these barriers that stand in the way of one to the other. So, in whatever way you can put across that message, Iíd be mighty grateful folk, mighty grateful. Well Iím gonna be on my way cause I did not intend to disrupt your activities tonight. But I just wanted to take up the opportunity which was afforded to me by the man with the paddle (Davia, our spirit stage manager). To just come through and say my dues.

Q: Are you happy where you are now Thomas?

Thomas: Well, Iím mighty happy now, mighty happy, mighty happy, yes. Iíll be on my way now folk. My good wishes to you all.

Finally, during the month one of our visitors asked Hai why he wanted to communicate with people in our time and why he wished us to write the book which we are working on.

Hai: We wish to make teaching accessible to others, many others. We wish to make accessible to people of all religion and none. Wish to make accessible in words of your time, in manner, in mode of your time, yes. We wish to reach out with loving heart to people of your day, your time. In reaching out to people of your day, your time, with loving heart, our hearts connect in the beauty of mutual love. Why cannot people reach out? Why cannot people reach out with hearts of mutual love my friends? Why can they not look each other in the eye and find love in their hearts for other person? Why is this so my friends? So much beauty staring at you with eyes. Yet there are many who cannot do this, who do not do this, who will not do this. For they often have preconceptions about other, they often have opinions about other genders, yes? But if they could only be open. If they could only be free of prejudices, of opinions, of distortions. If they could see person for who they are. If we offer person, another person, something positive, a sign, symbol of our own good faith, of our own love for them, of our own wish to work with them in brotherhood. This undermines the seeds of evil. This undermines the seeds of hatred, and revulsion and will bring about a revolution, a transmutation of hatred into love.

Question of the Month

Mandy from London asked the following questions:

- When infants/babies die do they live on in the spirit world in the same form as when they passed, or do they grow into adults?
- What happens to a baby that dies before it is born eg: miscarriage or via termination? Do they go across to the spirit world or not?

Hai has spoken to us on many occasions about these issues and we have given some extracts from his comments during a number of discussions. In essence he reminds us that first and foremost we are all spiritual beings so the spirit of a baby that dies, from whatever cause and whether still in the womb or not, will go to the Spirit Land. What happens from that point on seems to vary according to the needs of the spirit. Though it can be hard for us, Hai bids us to view these spirits and indeed all spirits from the perspective of a broader love. We perform a time-limited role even for those sons and daughters who are with us throughout a lifetime. However, roles change but love endures throughout all these changes.

Q: At what point does the spirit enter the womb?

Hai: This can vary somewhat. Usually when conception has taken place a spirit will see an opportunity and will link to the feotus, but will not necessarily enter the body at that point, but wait sometime before joining with the physical body. There is no need to join very early, but there is some variation in the actual time when the spirit joins the physical. It is not too important about the actual time and point the spirit joins the physical, because once the spirit has formed a bond with the physical a bond is formed with the natuaral parents also. The actual point which the spirit joins the body is not too important. Its importance can be exagerated. It is important, though, that, once conception has taken place life is viable and new life is starting to form. Therefore, it is important that life is acknowledged as having sanctity. We know that not all life which has been conceived achieves birth in the physical world and there are many reasons for this. People sometimes make difficult decisions. Intent is important, but in principle, once life is conceived it should progress to birth.

Q: Do spirits somtimes enter a body to try out the experience and then leave again possibly to re-enter again later?

Hai: It may be that in the early stages a spirit may enter the embryo and move out later. The bond is still malleable, if you like. It is not fixed. But generally there is no need for spirit to try out the physical body because they would be well aware of what they were entering before they entered.

Q: When does conception actually take place?

Hai: Conception take place when egg meets sperm.

Q: Before it goes into the womb?

Hai: Ah yes.

Q: At what stage would a spirit enter?

Hai: Usually some time after, but once conception takes place a spirit may identify with the egg and the potential for new life.

Q: Is it about seven months before the spirit enters the embryo or earlier?

Hai: It will usually be earlier, but the spirit may come and go a bit while the egg is still developing. But all life is sacred. When conception take place there is potential for life. We must respect this. We must respect this.

Q: It seems then that there is no set time for spirit to enter the womb and in fact it can come and go as it desires?

Hai: Spirit may already have formed a bond with the fertilized egg very early on. There is no fixed point, but as the embryo develops, the association between the spirit and embryo grows stronger and stronger and the potential is there, the potential for a spirit life lived in the human form. When the spirit has embraced the embryo a bond with the mother has formed. This is what I would say to you.

Q: So even if the spirit is not in situ the bond is there anyway?

Hai: Yes. The spirit may enter the womb, may enter the embryo and reside there or it may withraw again, but yet preserve a connection with the embryo and return.

Q: What would happen in the event of a miscarriage? Would the spirit still be attached to the mother, spiritually I mean?

Hai: Well, when there is miscarriiage spirit must return to the spirit lands obviously. But after that it depends on a number of things. Sometimes they may stay in spirit lands, for a time at least. Sometimes they will find another body, for they have the need of earthly experience.

Q: Would the spirit feotus continue to develop in the spirit world as would any other child?

Hai: No, not necessarily. For there has been no life experience whatsoever with the case of a miscarriage and the spirit may have need of a life experience. And so, if this is the case, the spirit may well find another body.

Q: I have always believed that women had the right to abort a child if necessary and that men did not have the right to try and prevent this?

Hai: Well, we know you have circumstances. We know you have difficulties. We know you have trials, tribulations, which you face on the earth plane. For we do not judge. But it is something which must not be undertaken lightly.

Q: Would the physical effects of birth have an impact on the spiritual development of a baby?

Hai: All experiences you have while on the earth plane contribute to your development and to your spiritual development. You cannot separate the two. You are of your essence spiritual beings and you have many experiences while on the earth plane. Some of these affect your physical development and growth, but inevitably, they also impact upon your spiritual development and growth. The two cannot be separated.

Q: So would a baby in the womb be affected by the emotional state of the mother?

Hai: This may occur. Because the physical condition of the mother may affect the physical condition of the daughter or the son while in the womb. But you know we have spoken before of the influence of inheritence, of genetics. We put on this cloak of this body and, as part of this experience, we experience the world in a certain way because of the body which we have incarnated into. But when this life is over we put aside our cloak when we return to the spirit land. Some time later we may reincarnate, rebirth, into another body, another cloak. So we put on a new cloak and experience the world in a different way through this cloak till we put it to one side again.

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