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Wisdom of Hai at Tranquil Spirit.

Channeling Spirit Communication through Trance Mediumship

Spirit Answers to Visitors' Questions during October 2004

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. Please do not use this form for personal questions relating to your own specific circumstances/issues. It is ok to use the form for questions which would be equally relevant to other people. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Alternatively, you can post your question on the Web Board.

Unusually, there have been no general questions from visitors to the web site this month. We give below answers given to questions raised by Home Circle Members

Medjugorje and the "Virgin Mary"

Someone commented about the recent story in a newspaper about the visions of Mary at Medjugorje and said:

Q: It has been said that when the children have received all ten prophesies it will be Armageddon. Is there any truth in the prophecy, Hai?

Hai: No, no Armageddon. The children have seen someone. They have seen the manifestation of whom you would call "Virgin Mary". But you must not interpret this too literally.

Q: One prophecy is that the downfall of the Catholic Church will occur.

Hai: (Hai smiled and shook his head). Whatever man makes will be torn asunder. Whatever is built up will be struck down by lightning; by whatever. Nothing lasts forever, whether it be bricks and mortar, or whether it be one of your institutions. Nothing lasts forever. Can you point to anything that existed five thousand years ago which is still standing? No. Can you point to anything from your time that you can confidently say will be standing still in five thousand years? No. So everything changes. But human nature, human heart, remains the same. Though it evolves, it remains the same. So it is no significant prophesy to say the Catholic Church will crumble. All things change. It is only mankind who likes to think they will not change. Yes.

You have your modern-day empires, yes? They know that other empires from the past have long gone, but they think: "Ah, but perhaps it will be different with our empire." There have been stronger, more durable empires than any which exist today, which have crumbled; gone the way of the dust. So it is.

Q: They have marked the death of the current pope as being the start of these prophesies.

Hai: (Hai smiled and shook his head). When the poor man dies he will have died.

Q: Why is there an incredible feeling of peace on the sites where the Virgin Mary is supposed to have manifest? Is it because the people expect it to be so?

Hai: The feeling of peace is brought about by the faith of the people, the visitations of the people. Because as you say you associate a particular thing with a particular place. It creates an aura, a feeling, a vibration, which you then project onto it. You will feel therefore more peaceful, safer in this place.

Q: You referred to the children seeing the divine essence, which we know of, as the "Virgin Mary". Who then is this divine essence? Can you expand on that please?

Hai: There are spirits who will manifest in this way in order to connect with them.

Q: Is this essence highly evolved?

Hai: It is benevolent. It is seeking to communicate, to educate. Therefore it is not useful to mull over too much where this essence comes from, but rather, as with us, listen to the message and decide what you wish, what you think about it.

Q: We don't know what the messages are.

Hai: Yes. well you must be careful if you don't know what the messages are.(Laughter). If you met someone who said to you: "I have got a message for you but I've locked it up in this casket and I will reveal it to you later", you would be kept in anticipation and uncertainty.

Q: Did the essence appear in that way because the children were in a Catholic country and would accept the entity?

Hai: It is a way to connect, yes.

There was a pause and Hai continued:

Hai: If you unleash Armageddon on yourselves, it will be you who have unleashed Armageddon. This is why we speak to you of love; of reaching out across the countries of your world: to generate love between the different societies and between the different peoples. This is not a time in your unfoldment on this planet to draw up bridges, to create wars. It is a time to break down wars, to lower the drawbridges, that there may be flowing communication. Therefore this is important.

Q: Is that why in recent times the momentum has been for events like the Berlin wall to come down?

Hai: You have reached a time when you know that such things must go, must pass, but it was a natural event and it had come to the time for it. It is not that there are special influences at work anymore than usual. It is partly that the spiritual influences are at work anyway, but the time of the history of this Berlin wall, for instance, was due to finish and to become nothing. Therefore it is the same with other things, as we have said often before. It is like, we work together, you and we. You work in your direction. We work to help you from our direction. And we hope that our efforts come to fruition in the middle.

Q: What do you think about the wall that is being built in Israel?

Hai: This is an anathema. It is anathema. How can you get to know each other when you face a wall that you cannot see through to see each other? They must find a way of living that does not involve fighting. They must find this way, they must find it quickly.

God and Oneness

Another spirit then came through briefly who did not introduce himself. His message was somewhat in the form of a riddle to think about:

Spirit: God bless you. God bless you all.

He then spelt out the individual letters. G O D. and added:

Spirit: Let go of G O D and God bless you all.

The group finished the evening by speculating on the meaning and decided that it was something to do with letting go of the image of God that we hold and being open to the Oneness of all things.

Question of the Month

Divine Law and the Meaning of Non-Attachment

Q: Do divine laws exist, Hai?

Hai: In the sense that there are consequences to all our decisions, all our actions. In the sense that we are all seeking to be reunited with the One, to discover our way Home. In the sense of that if we turn away from the gate Home we open other gates which have less fortunate consequences. In this sense you could speak of divine laws. But there is no one pushing the button as you said before; no one pushing buttons.

Q: Is this something we can learn like learning the Ten Commandments and also know the consequences if we do not follow them?

Hai: There is only one commandment. Non-Attachment, Love and have Compassion for all things and all people.

Q: Isn't that three?

Hai: It is one. (Smiling). The other two, which you count, enables you to do the Great One. If you are attached your love will be of no avail; it will go astray. Therefore I qualify my exhortation to Love and have Compassion by saying: it should be in non-attached way.

Q: Does that mean, not let our ego get in the way?

Hai: Yes. Mankind always allows ego to get in the way and turns into evil principles, principles of light. So even love becomes a beating rod, a hammer on his fellows. 'I do this out of the love of you' they used to say, as they were torturing people, 'saving them from the error of their ways'. What kind of love is that? But they believed it. Is this not sadness?

Q: Does that mean that we should not be attached to our families then?

Hai: You must not turn 'non-attachment' into not being attached, Susan. We so often think of things in terms of opposites while we are on the earthly plane. But this is not the point. When we speak of 'attachment' we speak of our egos being attached; of being attached to the end result; a consequence. When we speak of 'non-attached' we speak of not being attached to any consequence, or any agenda, or any aim of our own, but simply viewing, loving the person, as they are themselves. Therefore, it does not mean, "do not be attached" and then stand back emotionally. It means "do not be attached" and do not be emotionally attached to your own aim or objectives for these people.

One member commented:

Q: So you love them but you let them be?

And another:

Q: So you don't try and sort things out for them?

Hai: (Smiling). This is a most subtle way of ego, most subtle ruse of ego. "I am not my ego; I am merely sorting these people out for themselves." (Laughter). You can engage with them obviously in communication, in guidance and dispassionate advice, but they must make their own minds up. So we should seek to give advise where it is sought. (Smiling). We should not impress it upon their heads.

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