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Spirit Answers to Visitors' Questions during March and April 2007

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. Please do not use this form for personal questions relating to your own specific circumstances/issues. It is ok to use the form for questions which would be equally relevant to other people. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Alternatively, you can post your question on the Web Board.

Names, Roles and Functions of Angels

We thought the communication below would be of interest as it offers an interesting perspective on the popular view of Angels. One member of the group referred to a book she'd read and commented that there seem to be many angels all having different names and roles. She asked Hai whether this was true or was there perhaps just one angel who took on many different names and roles.

Hai: You attach on the earth plane too much significance to these angels' names. There are many angels, but the names which you are most familiar with, that you name, these names are symbolic rather than designating a particular entity. They are symbolic. Therefore, there are many Ark Angel Gabriels, there are many Michaels; they are symbolic of a role, a function, and a service, which they do for you.

Q: We are told that the angels have a specific purpose; is that so or are they all multitasking?

Hai: They can serve many functions but they do specialise, to a point, in these functions. But that is not unusual, because as you know, when you enter the realms of spirit you will have the opportunity to continue your life's journey. You will have the opportunity to decide upon avenues of service, upon roles and functions, which you will enter into. And so it is with the angels that they too may specialise and enter into forms of service which they feel comfortable with, which they feel best fits them.

You have spoken to spirits here that we have (smiles) cajoled to speak to you, who have spoken of their work in liaison, like Harriet (a spirit guest speaker), who have spoken of their work in reconciliation, who have spoken about their work counselling those who have entered the spirit realms about their past life upon the earth plane, and so on. We have spoken to you of those who work in the grey zones. And so it is with the angels, my friend. They may decide to serve in certain ways where their skills and abilities fit the purpose, and opportunity provides for this service.

Q: So is that how we all progress?

Hai: You progress through experience and through service and through unfoldment and through living out the karmic consequences of your deeds, your words, your thoughts, and your actions.

Forms of Spiritual Healing eg: Reconnective Healing, Angel Healing, Reiki, Divine Consciousness Healing

We are now regularly receiving emails requesting information on a whole range of 'new' healing systems most of which claim to be better and stronger than all the others. A previous member of our group who has now moved away but still writes regularly recently sent us a detailed question by email for us to put to Hai. We've printed below, an abbreviated version, of the original question.

Q: Why do we have so many different types of healing energies on the planet such as Reconnective Healing, Angel Healing, Reiki? Are some types of healing more powerful than others? I was looking at a website that stated that most healing arts work with the Divine Energy but do not access Divine Consciousness. It said that it is necessary to work with Divine Consciousness because it transforms the roots of the consciousness, acts as an independent intelligence, and knows exactly where the roots of your issues are held going directly there to transform them.

Hai: Healing is healing. Healing is healing. Sometimes people have a different experience with a different system of healing, but this is not to do with the particular system of healing, this is to do with the permutations of the particular time, of their experience of that particular time, but is not particular to a particular system of healing.

Q: So is to do with the way the person responds to it?

Hai: Yes.

Q: The energy system referred to in the question talked about channelling consciousness energy. I thought Reiki was consciousness energy.

Hai: You cannot channel consciousness energy because (laughs) all is consciousness energy.

Q: Some systems talk about the energy coming from a different source.

Hai: There is only one source of healing energy which you are all conduits of.

Q: But is it easier for some more than others to channel energy?

Hai: Yes, some more than others because they free flow, they are freer channels sometimes. They have faith and trust and the energy therefore flows more easily, more readily.

Hai then gave us an example to demonstrate his point.

Hai: If you see a mountain stream, a mountain stream without rocks in its way it flows more freely, more smoothly, yes? But, if big rocks within its course dam it, then this holds back the flow of water, does it not? And so it is. So we may symbolise negative thinking, negative thoughts, and doubts, as big rocks, which may block the channel, the flow of the healing energy.

Q: So do we just let the energy flow and let our good intent go to the person we are channelling healing to?

Hai: Yes.

Someone else asked:

Q: Isn't it also about living our lives without negative thoughts as well?

Hai: Yes. Any negativity can limit the flow, not only of healing energy to others but also of healing energy within; the out flowing of Divine Consciousness within.

Q: It's not easy to never have negative thoughts though, Hai.

Hai: No, it is a relative thing. You inevitably will have negative thoughts at some point in your life because that is what life is about. It is hard to be positive all the time. That is natural. Indeed, if you were positive all the time it would probably be a forced positivity which in itself is a negative thought, if you follow me. So it's natural for the human mind to be up and down, but we talk here of overall balance, this is what is important, of stability. And you can move forward to positive from negative.

Hai then told us one of his stories to demonstrate his point again:

Hai: It is like a man who eats grapes. He lifts up the grape to his mouth, but it is sour, is bad and it pains him to taste it. He takes up the next grape. If he holds on to the taste of the first grape he will not taste the sweetness of the next grape for he will have hung on to the taste of the sour, bad grape. But if he is able to let go of the bad taste of the first grape he will taste the sweetness of the new grape to its fullness. You follow?

Q: Yes. So we shouldn't dwell on the past?

Hai: Yes, even your own past actions, which you regret. Do not dwell on them also.

Hai was obviously listening to someone in the background. We guessed it was Davia not being able to resist putting in his two pennyworth. Hai smiled and continued:

Hai: Davia tells me he has a great remedy to forget blocking thoughts (smiles): Ss he brings his paddle to your head, in the moment before the paddles hits your head you have forgotten all past thoughts. But if that should not work, when the paddle hits your head you truly forget all past thoughts. (Laughs loudly and continues). He (Davia) says this is a "double whammy" because it has a back up remedy. (Laughs again)

Q: Is this one of Davia's enterprises?

Hai: No. He says it is one of his meditative practices.

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