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Spirit Answers to Visitors' Questions during November and December 2006

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. Please do not use this form for personal questions relating to your own specific circumstances/issues. It is ok to use the form for questions which would be equally relevant to other people. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Alternatively, you can post your question on the Web Board.

Ouija Boards

Q: Do you recommend that people try and contact spirit through Ouija boards?

Hai: We do not generally recommend it, yet we know you are aware that this was the manner of first contact with Paul and Eileen. Therefore (laughs) we cannot say, do not use it, because we have used it ourselves. But we say that it must be used with care for there are spirits who are near the earth vibration who would take advantage of such devices. It is easier for them to move them than it is for us to move them oftentimes. Therefore you should take care. You should reach out as we have said, always with love, always with best intent, always seeking highest spirit, highest connection. Then there is a case that you may contact spirits of good intent, of benevolent intention, as was the case with our friends here. And then we may connect with you and advance our purpose together. But you should always be discerning with the contact which you establish. You should always judge the contact carefully. And you must be of strong will, of strong mind. We would certainly not recommend anyone who is not of strong mind, not a stable mind to experiment with the Ouija board. It is too open to abuse by less savoury spirits; therefore, you must have strong will and strong mind.

Q: Do you have to protect yourself before using a Ouija board?

Hai: You protect yourself by your intent. This, as we have always said, is the best protection. You protect yourself with your intent. No manner of rituals are any protection for your best protection is your own intent, your own earnest seeking of the good.

Another member asked:

Q: Can you elaborate on what you describe as less savoury spirits? Are we talking about advancement here?

Hai: If you wish to view it this way, but it is no different to your situation on the earth plane. For are there not many spirits who inhabit your earth plane with varied intent, varied intention, varied degrees of compassion. So it is on the spirit plane also.

Q: If it is true that we review our life when we come to the spirit world, would this not give us some personal insight. I'm just thinking that if we get insight then how can there be less savoury spirits in the spirit world?

Hai: But not all spirits review their life straight away after death. If a spirit is one that is locked in to its own remorse, locked into its own grief, locked into its own evil intent, would such a spirit reflect and review its life? I think not. They would be otherwise preoccupied.The ability to review our life is an ability that only comes when we have reached a certain point in development. There are those in our world that assuredly would seek contact with us to help us to review our life but yet we are not all always ready to review our life at that point in time. Therefore, there are spirits who persevere, who seek to establish contact with those who do not seek to review their life, to enable them to do such a thing, to enable them to reflect and review their life. But it is not necessarily something that comes, as I say, immediately upon death, it is sometimes the case with some spirits whereby it comes much later, yes. To review your life is the act of a self-aware soul. Those who have no self-awareness have found no need to reflect upon their life or review their life. And is this not so in the case of souls who inhabit your world? There are those who do not reflect, who do not review their lives or their actions. Why should they suddenly start to when they enter the spirit land? Yet conditions are brought to bear, opportunities are brought to bear whereby they may in time undertake this task, this awareness, when they are ready. Does this answer your question my friend?

Evil Deeds, Karmic Consequences and Self-Awareness

Q: Recently there have been a few cases of fathers killing their children. Would the children have known this before they reincarnated?

Hai: No, not always so. Things are not preordained, not pre-planned to the nth degree. Some things are planned; some things are preordained even, you may say, in terms of the general experience that a spirit may experience on this plane of yours. But not all is written in stone, not all is written (smiles) even in sand.

Q: So referring to your answer to the last question, if the father were ready to reflect on what he'd done, would there not be any consequences to his actions?

Hai: There is great consequence. There is great consequence, for though I said that there is not in every case the act of reflection or review of their life, this does not mean there are no consequences. I portray to you a soul who has done great wrong upon this earth plane of yours. And they find themselves in an area of the spirit lands, which is dark and grey and dismal. And they find themselves in great distress, isolation, and morbid disposition; the consequences of their acts you see. Do you follow me? Therefore you create your own karma; you create your own conditions which you will find yourselves in, in the spirit land. Yet there are those in the spirit land who will also look out for you, who will seek you out, who will try to entice you to lighter planes, who will try to entice you to develop self awareness, who will try to guide you to the light. But the light can be a painful thing to approach, because as you approach the light you see your own errors, you see your own disfigurement ever more clearly. And in seeing this disfigurement and impurity so much more clearly you experience the pain of that, and indeed the very love of those who seek to help you are like the burning irons on which the blacksmith works, upon your own very flesh. No pain is intended but pain is nevertheless received because of the condition of such souls. Can you follow me in this? So the pain is inflicted by themselves, the souls who have pursued such things. But all will be brought within the fold; all will be embraced within the light; all without exception.

Q: And are the children given advice about why their father did this?

Hai: The father did this because of clinging to their separateness, their own ego, their own distorted needs, and their own excesses. You must not try to reason so much about these things because it is beyond reason in one sense. There is a deeper knowledge, a deeper understanding beyond reason. It is only by applying this that such things become at all tolerable. Not in the sense that they should ever occur because they should never occur, but yet they become intelligible in a sense; but it is all due to a distortion, the excesses of the human you.

Q: Does that mean that if you don't experience the dark side of your soul on earth then you have to experience it in spirit?

Hai: No. No. What I have spoken of is an unbroken thread between the experience of the earth plane and the spirit planes. But those who do such deeds, who give over themselves to such excesses, will experience the karmic consequences upon themselves within the spirit plane. And as they find themselves drawn to the light they may find this to be a painful experience, not because anyone inflicts pain upon them, but because of the experience of their own awareness developing and the full understanding of the consequences and implications of what they have done; those deeds which they have committed. Therefore it is not necessary for people to experience the "dark side of the soul" as you say, but inevitably many will, yes to a greater or lesser degree.

Someone in the group who's job it is to work with criminals asked a follow on question.

Q: When we work with people who are very disconnected or if they cross our path in some way, how much difference do you think we can make by, for example, leading by example and perhaps sending love and compassion. And even though they will not be aware we are sending it can it have a positive effect on such a person?

Hai: Intent can always help, Mary, yes good intent can always help; compassion can always help. By putting your intent into the pool of compassion, of love, then that pool of compassion and love may affect those who live in your world. So there are many levels by which to help someone. You may help someone with what you would call prayer, good intent, reaching out in prayer. But you may also help as you implied, by direct example, by showing love and compassion to those who need your love and compassion. But yet your love and compassion must be an aware love and compassion. Do you follow? It must not be a compassion which is taken advantage of. You must give your love and compassion in awareness.

Q: Do you mean we mustn't be naive?

Hai: Yes for it helps no one, to be naive. (Smiles) He (Davia) says to me, "a doormat," for love must often challenge. Those wise ones who help the souls in the darker regions they may make progress through gentle challenge but challenge they must, for if they do not challenge, (laughs) no one will go anywhere; they will go round in circles.

Lewis from Oakland, California, U.S.A. asked about the significance of candles burnt on altars for those who have passed on from the earth plane.

Q: White candles are burned typically on altars constructed for deceased loved ones. Do our loved ones in Spirit aknowledge these altars and what is the significance of the burning candle? What role does it play?

Hai: Tell my dear Lewis they do acknowledge, they do recognise these altars that have been made for them. The candles are of symbolic significance. From our point of view the white of the candle symbolises hope, symbolises love, which is sent to your loved ones, to us. You must when you think of these things think of them in that way. You (those of us on the earth plane) often talk about your loved ones, the loved ones, as if they are in the third person, but you should see these things in a more personal way. So when I say that we feel your love through such acts then you should think of your loved ones in the same way, that your mother, your father, your brother, your sister or whoever it is that has 'past on' feels your love through these acts. And the bond, the connection is as intimate, as strong, as loving, and as real as it ever was while they were on your plane. Therefore, you should feel a connection, a togetherness, a lovingness, an embracing-ness, but your loved ones are aware of every such act; they connect you with them. Whether it be actions such as these or whether it be loving thoughts, loving memories, you are connected with them.

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