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Visitors' Questions during April/May 2004

This page will be revised at the beginning of each month.

The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page.

Peter from Chester in England asked a question about our ability to participate in creating things in the Spirit Lands

Q: Hai has said we come to the earthly plain to learn lessons and that we also have lessons to learn in the spirit realm. I have been reading recently that in spirit one of the lessons we have to learn is that of creation: that is using our energy, focusing our energy to create simple life forms and simple rock structures? Is this true and what purpose would it serve?

Hai: Yes, it is true in a sense, to an extent. But we all participate, we are all of the Creative Mind, we are all of the Creative Force. We are all "chips off the old block" if you wish. We are all part of the One Mind and the One Mind is all creative. It has the seeds of all possibilities. It has the womb of all possibilities. Therefore it is all creative. We as aspects of the One Mind are also creative. We partake of Its power. We partake of Its creative force. Therefore, when it comes to the Spirit Lands we are able to tap into or rather to manifest this creative force to an extent, in some ways in the Spirit Lands. We are able to shape, to create things out of energy. But it is rather that we shape, we form, and we manipulate the energies to create form.

Yet you too also on your earthly plane can be viewed in this way to an extent. For when you create your gardens you shape the energies in a sense. You cultivate your seeds, your plants. You plant them, you nurture them, and you bring them to fullness, to fruition. In a sense this is also participating in the creative force. Though you are only tending the seed nevertheless you are participating in the creative activity. But we participate in greater measure when we are living in the Spirit Lands.

Q: Peter refers to life forms so by that do you mean all forms are life forms?

Hai: Yes all forms are life forms. In the final analysis all forms are life forms. All forms partake of the One Consciousness. In some forms this Consciousness is dormant, not actively expressed, but yet it is partaking still of the Consciousness of the One Mind.

Q: Is this what you've been telling us anyway but the question is expressed in a different way?

Hai: It is a different manifestation of how to present it, yes.

Q: What about the rocks? I don't understand that. Is this the scenery and coastline that Davia tells us we can create to our own liking?

Hai: You may create forms within the lands in which we live. We have to learn to use this gift, this ability, wisely with due respect to what is around us; with due attention to what is around us. All is thought, all is energy my friends, all is Consciousness. You in your world have come to view things too much in a physical way in the sense that you see things as separate from each other in your ordinary everyday senses. This is part of life in the physical world and yet even these objects in the physical world are not like this in essence. In reality they are not like this. Because all is interlinked. All is linked together with one another. There is no separateness anywhere to be found in your plane or ours or anywhere else.

Right Intention

Q: If someone is put in a position which for various reasons means they have to have to swear to something that is not true to protect a friend or member of their family, if we ask for forgiveness, does God understand? Does that mean that the person will have to make amends for that?

Hai: You will not be committed to hell fire (smiling) no, no. This depends upon circumstances. There once was a Roman soldier who swore to his commander a promise, a statement. This he did because if he had not done so the life of his comrade would have been forfeit. Therefore in order to protect his comrade he adopted a form of words. There is merit in his action for his intent was good and he knew for certain the nature of his comrade. The threat of death was beyond justice, beyond reasonableness, beyond what should have been. Therefore I do not know if this answers your question but it is a story for you to reflect upon, yes? It is something for you to reflect upon in the light of the circumstances in which you find yourself.

Karmic Responsibility

Q: When people commit a crime on the earth plane but they pay the penalty for that crime whilst they are here either by going to prison or trying to make amends while they are here, do they still have to make amends in the spirit world?

Hai: Yes if there is need to make amends in the spirit world. This will depend upon what amends they have made before they leave the earth plane. Yet even if they have paid a price upon the earth plane there may still be karma which they have associated with them that they must remedy and make good; which they must live through on the spirit planes. For I have told you before that the act which creates karma, is like a pebble dropped into a vast lake, which creates many ripples on the banks of this lake. Therefore it is vast this potential for this karma and therefore the remedy, the actions which must follow to put things right, may be equally vast, not accomplished in one lifetime perhaps sometimes, whether you measure life in earthly life or life in the spirit planes.

Q: Are some crimes so bad that you would have to come back to the earth plane a few times to put things right?

Hai: Yes to learn and to remedy, to offer recompense.

Wendy from New Zealand asked about someone sitting in a circle when they are pregnant

Q: A member of our Circle has, joyfully, just learned she is pregnant. Should she discontinue sitting until after the baby is born? What are the reasons either for or against please?

Hai: There are no particular benefits and no particular disadvantages. No, if she can physically endure the length of the sitting; if she can physically endure the circumstances of the sitting, there is no harm in persevering with these sittings. There is no difficulty with this. It is more a matter of practical concern.

Eileen then started to ask a follow on question:

Eileen: So if you used her energy during the sitting - - -

Hai: Which kind of sitting is this?

Q: I'm not sure; it's described simply as a circle.

Hai: It does not matter anyway. No it is not important.

Another Home Circle member then asked::

Q: Would the baby be aware of what they were doing?

Hai: It is aware of what babies are aware of. Babies are aware of many things in womb. It is natural; a natural process. No difficulty with this.

Q: Are the energies in a pregnant woman drastically different to when she's not pregnant?

Hai: The energies of the physical bodies are different; (laughing) "drastically different" as you put it, but in terms of spiritual energies it is not the case.

Q: In a meditation circle, would those extra energies be a nice thing to share. Would they make a difference?

Hai: No, no difference. Only difference is perhaps is condition of mind that person puts themselves in because of their situation; frame of mind and preoccupations of mind; the focus of mind. These things may be different and therefore may influence the meditation and its content. But in terms of the general process of meditation there is no big difference.

Question of the Month

Lewis from Oakland, California in the USA asked the following question about Slavery

Q: Slavery has existed for thousands of years in many civilizations. Knowing that as souls we choose to reincarnate, what would a race of people spiritually benefit, from choosing to be enslaved and disenfranchised, for over three hundred years, in the United States of America? Being an African American and now a Spiritualist, I'm sincerely seeking clarification on this cultural phenomenon. Is this suitable for Hai to expound upon?

Hai: This good man, this good man. But this matter of slavery is difficult. There have been many instances of slavery down the years, down the ages, where mankind has exploited his fellow mankind. There have been many different races involved: white, brown, black, through the ages. But it has come about fundamentally because one race has been able, because of its position at the time, to dominate and to oppress another section of human kind. Therefore it is to do with relative power, relative position in a particular age and particular time. Positions may change, may reverse, but while positions are maintained in a certain way, therefore it is possible to oppress, exploit and manage another race.

Much evil comes from this of course as you know, much evil, and Thomas (a "Guest Speaker") has spoken to you of this a number of times. He has also spoken to you of the way in which he was able to transform the conditions. In spite of the oppression and evil which he experienced he was able to transform the consequences in order to enrich his life. Though as he has told you also many times this does not excuse the evil which was inflicted upon him by these misled people. But it is an example of human kind's oppression of his brothers and sisters. It is a lesson for all to look back on, to learn from, to avoid in the future.

Yet unfortunately people do not learn from this in the way they should. They do not take to heart the pain which was inflicted in a bye gone age. And they should take this to heart. For even if we say "that was past" yet there are many instances of oppression, subjugation, dominance, and exploitation today in your world, though perhaps it does not go under the name of "slavery". Therefore, it is one more example of human kind hurting itself, hurting its brothers and sisters, failing to see and respect all as their brothers and sisters.

Therefore, there is an opportunity to learn from this error of the past and to learn from the error of its continuation in its various forms. He seems to ask, to imply a 'why' yes? The why is because of the lack of depth of love, of heart, of those other people who had the power to do this. If we are not guided by our heart of love then our actions may take all kinds of directions of evil, of pain, of subjugation. Therefore if we lack this heart of love the why of this is self evident: that we create these conditions, these circumstances of subjugation and pain for people. Where one group of you is stronger than another group of you, you will have the opportunity for subjugation of the other group. But of course we should rather be offering a hand of help to groups which are less powerful, less fortunate in a particular age, a particular generation. Yet this is so often not the case. So the 'why' is simply that we fail to love. And in so far as that failure to love continues so the evil circumstances continue. And in so far as we are ready to bring about a revolution of our hearts, a reawakening of our love, the conditions which generate such things as slavery will disappear. The weed will not thrive in ground which does not foster it, which does not nurture it. Therefore if we love our fellow human beings the ground will not be suitable to the growth of the weed of slavery. It is a terrible karma of course also; for such things bring about a karmic reaction, a karmic response. Therefore the consequences of such things stretch out far into the future and across the peoples of mankind.

One member of the group asked about the progress and evolution of the spirit.

Hai: Well we are all on a path of unfoldment, of evolution spiritually, but this ground is a training ground upon this earth plane. Therefore the spiritual unfoldment is both occurring, but yet is not occurring, for those conditions which have prevailed upon this earth yet prevail. The pain, the hatred, the division and the duality yet still prevail. Yet in spite of all this the Great Compassion will prevail, the Great Love will prevail. The people have only to discover It, to put aside their selfish ways, their egotistical ways and to embrace compassion. In so far as people wish to score points on their fellow brothers and sisters; wish to make mockery of their brothers and sisters; wish to point out weaknesses of their brothers and sisters; in so far as any participate in this negativity it will contribute to the pain of the world.

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