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Spirit Communications through Trance Medium in response to Visitors' Questions during October 2001

Topics: Thought forms and the Spirit World / Land, each person drawn to a particular realm of Spirit World, darker regions, Nostrodamus, prediction, free will, Alpha Course, different religions living together in peace, our Essential Identity, the One Mind.

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors. If you would like to ask a general question please send your question by e-mail or post it in one of the forums. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page

Q: It would seem that the spirit world could be more or less what you wanted it to be. Is that correct?

Hai: The thought form which we can create in the Spirit Land is affected by our wishes, our beliefs, our desires. The Spirit World can be shaped to an extent by our own wishes, our desires. We also gravitate to that aspect of the Spirit Worlds, the realms, which we are drawn to, which have an affinity to our own thinking, our own wishes. So in general terms we will be attracted to that part of the Spirit World where we will feel at home. I don't mean to say "at home" will always be comfortable, because "at home" simply means the place we are drawn to, if you follow me. So those who inhabit the darker regions are drawn there. They are "at home" there. But we may also affect are immediate environment, our immediate surroundings, through our own thought processes, our own desires. So this can modify and enhance or deprecate the immediate surroundings depending on our own state of mind.

Q: Have you an opinion on Nostrodamus?

Hai: People may see into the future, into the pattern, but it is only a pattern. There is not the possibility of knowing something for sure, of seeing something definite. There is a pattern and the pattern may express itself as the person sees it, but it also may not. It may vary from the situation, the unfoldment which the person sees. Because things are not written in granite. There is the possibility of change, of movement within the pattern. So people may see some of the future, but it may not be in actuality as they see it when it unfolds. We may go with the pattern of course and in this case it is more likely for the pattern to unfold in a certain way, a way perhaps which is predicted. But because you have free will this can create great change in the pattern. It can move things in different directions. It is important that you exercise your free will and take charge of the pattern, to affect its unfoldment. For in this way it may unfold in a more beneficial way to you, to human kind, than it would otherwise.

Q: How would Nosradamus have tuned into this pattern?

Hai: You attune to the energies that are prevalent in the world at a particular point in time. In tuning into the energy currents, you may predict, you may see the pattern, as it may unfold in future. But the attunment to energy itself may vary over time. You access the energy patterns at one point in time and you predict certain things as a result. But if you tune in on a later occasion you may find that the pattern has shifted and new things will result. We are dealing with eddies and currents here, not fixed things, and you all have a share, a role to play in altering these eddies and currents. If you are on a boat on the river the boat will naturally follow the current, will it not, the eddies of the river? If you put your oar in the waters it affects the current. It affects the flow. And you may guide the boat in a different direction as a result.This is how we should think of time and future prediction. You may all have an influence in shaping the future. You indeed have a responsibility to shape the future in the most beneficial way for human kind.

Q: I watched a programme about the Alpha Course which shows youngsters how to find God. Will this manifest itself further?

Hai: There are many paths, many paths. What is suitable for one is not suitable for another. We need many paths in order to attract, to welcome people of a certain disposition. We need many paths that they may follow to find their way. So, there is no one path which can meet the needs of all. But if there are many paths to choose from, then we may find one to our liking, which can lead us in progress. Lead us to our spiritual heritage.
When I was in China, when I lived on the earth last time, there used to be many who used to fish in the rivers and the ponds and the lakes. And the fishermen used their line and they baited their hooks with all manner of things. And they knew that if you wish to catch one kind of fish you must use a certain bait. But this bait would be no use for another species of fish. So it is with human beings. We each like a particular bait to bite on. And so, if we provide the right bait to our liking, then we will bite and we will tread the path which suits us.

Question of the Month

Q: Is there any hope in our lifetime of the different religions living together in peace?

Hai: There is hope of this, the different religions living together. There is hope. There is the possibility of this. The people must look beyond their identity; must look beyond their belonging to a group; their attachment to a group. Identity also is a trapping of a particular incarnation. It is nothing to do with the soul within, the divine essence. People would do better to ask themselves about this inner identity, this essential identity. Because if they ask themselves about this; if they pressed home to themselves: "What is my essential identity?"; there is only one conclusion they could reach. They share their Essential Identity with all of human kind and their allegiances to religion, country, and so on would fall away. I have given a comparison before, I think. It is as if the branches of a mighty tree all fight with each other. Yet they are fed by the same trunk, the sustenance fills them through the same trunk. Without the trunk they are as nothing. They would die. And the trunk needs the branches, the branches full of leaves, which could symbolise human beings, if you wish ,along the different branches which symbolise different religions or different countries. The trunk, the tree, needs these as much as they need the trunk. And so we have once more the One Mind, the Essential Unity. Does it make sense to war with each other when this is the reality: the Unity, the One Mind? It is madness surely to imagine that we should war with each other. It is against our Essential Reality. It is against our interest. It is against our life.

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