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Visitors' Questions during January 2003

This page will be revised at the beginning of each month.

The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Occasionally, we may ask people who have received responses to personal questions if they are happy to give their consent to posting on this site an extract of the response which they have received if we feel that it could also be of benefit to others.

Why Hai Communicates Now

Q: Why do you wish to communicate to people on the earth at this time?

Hai: We wish to make teaching accessible to others, many others. We wish to make it accessible to people of all religions and none. Wish to make it accessible in words of your time, in manner, in mode of your time, yes. We wish to reach out with loving heart to people of your day, your time. In reaching out to people of your day, your time, with loving heart, our hearts connect in the beauty of mutual love.

Why cannot people reach out? Why cannot people reach out with hearts of mutual love my friends? Why can they not look each other in the eye and find love in their hearts for other person? Why is this so my friends? So much beauty staring at you with eyes, yet there are many who cannot do this, who do not do this, who will not do this. For they often have preconceptions about other. They often have opinions about other genders, for example, yes? But if they could only be open. If they could only be free of prejudices, of opinions, of distortions. If they could see person for who they are. If we offer person, another person, something positive, a sign, a symbol of our own good faith, of our own love for them, of our own wish to work with them in brotherhood; this undermines the seeds of evil. This undermines the seeds of hatred and revulsion and will bring about a revolution, a transmutation of hatred into love.

The Nature of Human Life

Q: Are humans a symbiosis of a physical human being and a spirit being and if this is the case, are spirits depriving the human body of their separate existence?

Hai: Funny way of looking at thing, yes? Well, we would say that human form was developed, physical human form was developed, in order to provide an opportunity to experience on the physical plane. But it is as I have said many times to you before, it is rather to be looked upon as a cloak, a coat, a glove, which we wear while we are on this earthly plane. A cloak to enable us to experience this world, to experience the environment, this situation, the circumstances, the fabric of this world. Yes, without this human cloak we would not be able to live, to experience this world. Therefore it is there for us, comes about, to enable us to experience this physical world. But it is no more than that.

It is like your robots that you make these days, yes? They have a long way to go. But it is like a shell, a shell with its own programming. But the programming is to enable us to experience the world and to react to the world through the medium of our physical form, yes? But this physical form is a house for our spirit. It is the medium through which our spirit impacts upon this world and the medium through which the world impacts upon our spirit. It is a "go between" if you wish to view it this way. Therefore, it is not appropriate, it is not correct to view it as a separate being of itself, a separate life form of itself. For it depends upon spirit to animate it, to resurrect it, to move it, to enable it to have its function within the physical sphere.

Planet Heading Towards the Earth

Q: My wife wanted me to ask a question. There are reports of a planet which is heading towards earth and will arrive in May and they call it Planet X. Do you in the spirit realms know anything about this particular planet Hai?

Hai: We know of no Xs and Ys (with humour), but there are many bodies which come close to your earth over the course of time. But they do not impact upon it in the direct sense of the word, though their passing may influence conditions, circumstances upon the earth. Yet they do not impact upon the earth in the truly physical sense. Therefore, there is no need to worry about impact, if this is what concerns your wife.

Q: She was wondering whether it would cause weather changes?

Hai: Oh yes it can affect weather, can affect energies around the earth. It can affect weather systems, the energy systems of the earth. These bodies can affect such things, yes.

Q: Was there supposed to be a meteorite coming in 2017 as well?

Hai: Yes, we know of this. There are meteorites, some big, some small, but of course your scientists' concern, focus is with the big ones, yes? But there are many others who come close to you. But thereís no concern, thereís no problem with these bodies coming close to you. They will not impact upon you, not in the window of the future which we can see.

Q: So we donít to stock up on tins of Tuna then?

Hai: To what end would you stock up anyway, if such an event were to occur? For if such an event were to occur and it was a disastrous event, you would have no need of Tuna.(Laughter).

Question of the Month

Someone asked a question on behalf of some people who are caring for an elderly parent relating to all the problems and difficulties that they faced. She asked Hai if he could give any advice.

Hai: They know the answers to their dilemna, but it is not an easy situation as it never is. We are cared for by our parents when we are young and vulnerable. They put their time, their effort, their love into caring for us. It is natural that we should wish to do what we can to care for them in their time of need in later life when they become vulnerable also. But the situation, the circumstances of this can be very difficult we know. And there are boundaries to our resources, to our ability to care for others. We are only human, again. So there are boundaries to our resources, to our strength, to our abilities.

We would not judge any decision, as we have said. No one is in the business of judging in such situations. But while people do try to care for their vulnerable parents in their old age, there can be many difficulties. Some of these difficulties do not relate to the illnesses or disabilities which they have to contend with, through which they are trying to support their parents. Some of these difficulties relate to personality, do they not? And the way in which people react and respond to each other. And from this point of view the particular difficulty is not a new one. It is just a continued experience, but with the added complications, disease, disability, vulnerability which of themselves may aggravate the original relationships of difficulty.

The way forward is to give of our understanding, our love, our empathy for the circumstances of life and the trials, difficulties, which our elderly parents have to endure. And recognise the restrictions, the restraints upon their pattern of life which these difficulties impose upon them. And to put ourselves in their shoes, in their experience and to imagine what such a life would be like. For no matter how much we care for them. No matter how much they are protected, the quality, the richness of their life must be adversely affected. Likewise, we should try to help them understand without becoming oppressive, the impact upon our life, the care, the responsibility which we take on for them willingly and with an open loving heart.

In short it goes back to what we were speaking of before, about frankness. There should be frankness, but with love behind it, with love at its base. It is only through understanding that things may move forward. But this is dependent on all being able to respond with love, with empathy, with caring; reaching into the reality, the experience for each person.

We recognise that there may come a time when our care of our elderly parents may run out. We may no longer have the resources or the skill to perform the tasks effectively and that time too must be approached with love and sensitivity, with an honest discussion of the problem, the difficulties; with an honest exploration of each person's feelings and giving each the necessary time.

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