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Visitors' Questions during December 2003

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page.

President Bush's Visit to the UK

It is unusual when Hai starts the session with a Ďlectureí without a question to prompt him. However, we had not had time to start the questions when, referring to the bombing in Istanbul, (when President Bush was visiting England) he had the following to say:

Hai: We know your earth has been afflicted this day with those who have done harm to others. It is a sadness to us, a great sadness.

Q: Do you think it has been made worse because President Bush is over here?

Hai: Well it has been made worse by the original actions. Not by his presence here today but because of these other actions, which have initiated this. I speak of the waring effort. This waring effort was no way to solve the problem. Unfortunately all the waring efforts add to the furnace of energy, which is unleashed then upon the world.

Q: But it was timed to happen while he was here. So if he had not come would it still have happened?

Hai: It was timed to coincide with his visit to your country, but yet the original spark was already in motion. The original spark had already lit the touch paper. Therefore it was inevitable that there would be problems of this sort, of this nature before too long. They must find reconciliation. You must put the fire out at its source and not where it has spread to.

Q: The government treats demonstrations with derision and treats them as though they donít matter.

Hai: You must bridge the divide between your countries and between the peoples of your countries and not over rely on your leaders. You must break down the barriers between nation and nation, between people and people. For you all have common cause. There is no this and that, no us and them. We are of one brotherhood, one sisterhood. We are all human beings sharing this earth and sharing the Divine Eternity. We must therefore link with each other. We must hold our hands out to each other in comradeship, in brotherhood. We must embrace each other. We must put aside anything that gets in the way. But above all there must be fairness and justice, which is seen to be done, that this may happen. For there are many good willing souls who would wish to embrace each other. And yet there are others who would see some injustice done unto them from their point of view, from where they stand. And if these injustices are not remedied, if they are not brought to nothing, they will never see the way; they will never embrace each other. Therefore we must bring even handed justice to the world, fairness to the world; that truly people will believe that: "Yes, we are all seen as equals to each other. We are all seen as brothers and sisters to each other of equal standing in our Fatherís eyes."

Q: I donít think that will happen in our lifetime, Hai.

Hai: You must not be pessimistic. You must walk forward in hope, in great hope.

Q: I think we can have hope, but when the world leaders see a solution to the problem which is different to what the majority in the countries want how can we do anything to bring about change?

Hai: You can reach out to them. You must make the weight of your opinion felt, in calmness, in tranquillity, but also with conviction. But yet you must also reach out and establish bridges yourselves between different peoples of the world in order to express your lovingness, your compassionateness for each other that you may create a strong force for good which then may gather momentum and bring about its own remedy. For as strong as these leaders in your world are, as strong as they see themselves, yet they are really leaves in the autumn gale when it comes to the true power of the people. They cannot resist.

Q: The problem with the leaders is that they often see themselves as spiritual people who are right. How does the spirit world view them?

Hai: Yes this is a big part of the problem. You are quite right. For all the ages of your world you have had those who say "God is on my side. We speak for God. We are the hand of God." You had it in your crusader times also yes? The crusaders waged war against Islam and said: "God is on our side. We fly Godís flag. We draw our sword in Godís service." Yes? And then on the other side, the prophets said: "Allah is our God. We speak for God. We put down the infidel; we carry the truth of the word across the world." But yet all the time what they are doing is they are speaking not on part of God but from their own ego.

Therefore, we should have no one saying: "I act for God. I act for my religion." For how can they know this? They speak from arrogance. Those who speak truly from their own religion will not evoke it against their brother or sister. The way of God, the way of Allah, the way of the Divine Essence, the way of the One Mind, is to embrace and to be patient. It is not to wage the war, to draw the sword, no. But you know these people who invoke religion. If there was no religion they would invoke some other "divine", "sacred" thing. They would invoke their patriotism. They would invoke their need to protect their country and so on and so on. And indeed you have some of this now with your present situation anyway, do you not? But all these things are images. They are concepts without validity. There is ultimately no country. There is ultimately no man of any special race, and there is no person of any gender. There is only the One True person within each of you and this One True person is also your sister, your brother.

My friends we must not grow too morose, for we must stay hopeful. We must stay hopeful. For in the midst of hope there is hope. Yet if we give way to despair we dampen the flames of hope. You would agree with me? So we must stay hopeful. We must carry our love out into the world, as you do. But there is merit in trying to influence your world leaders. There is merit in focusing their eyes upon the real nature of the problems of the earth, of your societies and not on its symptoms. You could forget your terrorists if you could solve the base root of the problems; for they would be voices crying in the wilderness. And I do not make any parallel with religious sayings here. I just mean literally they would be voices crying in the dessert with no one to listen to them. There, I have spoken enough I think.

Q: Itís a pity you canít speak to all the leaders, Hai.

Hai: Ah, I would not suit them. They would say it is just some madman that goes into trance so that some voice can come through him. They would devalue whatever did not go with their way, if they could find a way.

Q: It would show their true colours though wouldnít it?

Hai: Well, this is part of the problem, that instead of listening openly to what people say to them and reaching a fair judgment, their minds are set and their ears are deaf to alternative ways, yes? They say they listen, but unfortunately they do not listen too well.

Q: When you say that the leaders donít want to hear, it sound very much like when you talk about the spirits who donít want to be rescued from the darker realms.

Hai: (Hai smiled). Well I would not wish to make too close a parallel, but I would agree that when we are trying to reach those spirits through the darker realms it is like shouting through a fog and in truth some of your world leaders are embraced by a mighty fog. All of their own making often, of course, like they have some kind of fog generator there. You see they speak of democracy, yes? This democracy is a fine idea. I would heartily recommend it to you, as Iím sure you do to each other. Yes, it would have had much to recommend it in time of ancient Chinese Emperors (laughing), but difficult to bring about in those times of course. But your democracies are a political device. They are a political device that is useful to ensure that sections of community are represented and heard but not to lord it over the other. So this is a good principle. This also makes it necessary to discuss things with each other, to not overrule each other just because you have the power to do so. This is the principle of democracy, I believe, so this is a good principle to abide by.

But yet your leaders turn it into something else. They say: "Ah you have made me a leader and therefore I shall do everything for you whether you want me to or not." (Laughter.) Yes, am I right? So they become the manifestation of your democracy. They become one-man democracy. This is not the way of it, I understand, from the principles involved, from what I understand of your democracy. Because I have never lived in a democracy you understand. I lived in a one-man democracy who did not pretend to be a democracy; an Emperor, in other words. So you must also perhaps remind your leader that he is there to listen, to listen, to act on your behalf. For again this is how I understand your government. They are to act on your behalf, yes? It might be as well to remind them of this sometimes, I think.

Q: Actions are often taken for financial reasons.

Hai: This is not the way of it in principle. We must try to bring people back to this central principle (democracy), which is a worthy principle. (Smiling) And so we have political philosophy night!

Q: Weíll put this on the web and see what we can do.

Hai: Well you can only do what you can do. It will at least give thought to some people to think on what is said and make their own mind up, as we insist must always be the way. They must make their own mind up. We do not want to substitute one-man democracy for another one-man democracy which would be all the worse for being unaccountable since you cannot reach me very easily to lay your hands on me.(Laughter)

Q: I am concerned with how the war could affect relationships with people in America who agreed with the war.

Hai: You also have people in America who do not wish to go down this road. Therefore you can create a bridge with them. You can show your one hearted mindedness, sharing of thoughts with them also as well as people of other countries. This indeed is important. (Smiling). Yes, you could establish Anglo-American government of the dissenters.

Hai left and a guest speaker with an American accent immediately followed him. Tommyís voice was full of feeling and it was clear that he felt very sad about the results of war. Nevertheless he had retained his sense of humour, which came through from time to time.

Tommy: Yeah, itís a great shame, the situation thatís been created.

Q: Have you lived in America?

Tommy: Yeah I lived in a town in the Civil War. (Tommyís voice became quite emotional). It was a fearsome time. I looked them brothers in the eye across the field when I fired on them. We could see each otherís eyes because we were that close at times. And you see them fall. At the time you was glad it wasnít you, but when I reflect upon it from my standpoint now it is a great pain to me. You understand me? Because when youíre on the earth plane; when youíre engaged in your life and you just get on with your life; you do what you think you have to do at the time. But the truth of it is, even if you act in good faith there on that day, you still gotta revisit that day when you come up here. And you revisit that day not as you were then. You revisit it with fresh eyes. And itís a pain folks, itís a pain. For the more you are akin to the truth when you come here; the more you are turned to the light; the greater the pain to see what you have participated in. Can you understand that folks?

Q: You were following orders though. It wasnít your own doing was it?

Tommy: No I did not choose it. I did not wish it. I did not want it. But the truth of the matter is that I was involved in it. I was involved in it and therefore Iíve gotta take my share of the karma for being involved in it, whether I liked it or not. Iíve gotta take my share. You canít say when you come up here: "I was just following orders." (Smiling). It donít wash. Even if you try to white wash it, it donít wash. (Laughter)

Q: So when you went up to spirit, did you have to relive the whole thing again then?

Tommy: I didnít exactly have to live it sir, but yeah you naturally did. Itís hard to explain it to you if you havenít sort of been through it before. And you probably have, (referring to the persons other lives), but you wonít remember. But I had to go through it again not because someone said: "Hey son sit down here and throw this tape in and play it to youself." It was more because I became aware of so much when I came up to the spirit world I naturally looked backwards, you see, and in looking backwards I revisited that time and it was a painful thing for me to do, but I had to do it. But you know one good thing out of all this was there were them boys on the other side who were doing a similar kind of thing to me at the same time and they too were watching their lives, watching what had happened, watching while they shot the folks on my side and seeing them fall. So I tell you, when we all came together we just embraced each other with tears in our eyes.

Tommy laughed once, then repeated:

We just embraced each other with tears in our eyes. So you see, in spite of everything, there was a beautiful end to this story. But it donít excuse the story. You follow me? It donít excuse the story. But all things in this great creation can be turned around for good. Thatís why youíve gotta have hope like the gentleman (referring to Hai) said to you before. All things can be turned around for good.

Iím being told that Iíve gotta make my way off now (laughing) and I donít think heís the kind of gentleman you would refuse. (This aroused a good deal of laughter as we knew he was referring to Davia) So Iíll be on my way. But I would commend you folks what Iíve said and I would hope that you would reflect upon it. I wish you well folks. I wish you well in your difficult life upon this plain.

Question of the Month

A member of the group referred to a recent television programme that was about a couple that had a baby in order to save the life of another of their children. Hai was asked for his view.

Hai: Well this is a difficult question, for they are afraid for the child which they have, the life of this child. Therefore they wish, which is only natural, to do what they can to help this child, to safeguard his life. Yet they should not put the health of another child at risk. This is the first priority. They should not do it to the detriment of the other child. It is difficult because the parents should not assume the right to use the other child to heal this first child. They must not usurp the rights of this new child. There is a problem also if they have another child purely because they seek a solution to the needs of the first child. For this can devalue the life of the new born child in their own understanding, yes? It is their own understanding of the new child that we are considering here. Therefore the second child must not end up with a message which says: I am only of value because of what I bring with me. So this also is a consideration.

Q: Would the soul have known before coming into the body that it would be used for this purpose?

Hai: Whether the soul knows or not is not the point. For, whether the soul knows or not, the human beings upon this world must find the best way forward, the loving way forward, and the right way forward in all cases. They must not assume, they must not take for granted that: "Ah this soul has been born into this body knowing what will happen to it. Therefore it must be happy with it. Therefore we shall do this thing to it." We cannot do this. We cannot go down this road. We must make our decisions based upon the needs of all present, but also with due regard to the sanctity of life, with due regard to the welfare of all in the long run. There is no easy answer to this particular question which you give me, but that it must be thought through delicately and carefully. The right motivations must prevail and there must be no harm to any concerned.

Q: I am also presuming that the sex or genetics of the child would have been selected to meet the requirements before the foetus was implanted into the motherís womb?

Hai: Well we have a difficult situation here. If the child has been manipulated in some way in order to create the correct genes, cells, or whatever. We must remember, as difficult as it is, that we are not in the business of preserving life at any cost, at all costs. We are in the business of preserving the quality, the sanctity, and the principles of life. In some cases this might mean that people will die young, that people will die without a cure or whatever. But life, of itself, is not the "be all and ends all", for we are spiritual beings with eternity before us. And therefore, as difficult as it is, we must take the broader picture.

If we used as a principle that we must preserve life at any cost, you and your scientists would go down roads that would not be becoming, which would not be skilful. For this would take you down one path. But if we seek the path of Universal Love this could be a different path to that one. You will have many difficult decisions to make before you, in your time upon this world. I speak of the time of your species, the species that I was also. You will have many difficult choices to make as your technology, your sciences advance, but you must keep before your eyes all the time the sacred flame to guide you along the right path. There will be mistakes made in many areas of life within these scientific developments and technological innovations. There will be errors made, but you learn from these errors and you will find some correct adjustment to the way in which to develop them and the path to tread.

Q: It must be very difficult for parents to say no if a doctor tells them that another child may be able to save the life of their sick child.

Hai: Yes it is. Our heart goes out to them. Yet they could find themselves in a conundrum here. For would they say that, but for the possibility of restoring this first child to life they would not have had second child regardless of this possibility? Will this new child, born into the world, will it have the understanding that it was born into the world to save the life of this other child. These are the difficulties of which I spoke. For we can end up with situations where the child who becomes an adult person may become confused as to their significance, their role, and their identity. Therefore we must take a broader picture and safeguard the welfare and rights of all in these situations.

Another member of the group expressed concern about the newborn childís feelings, if it could not save the life of its sibling.

Hai: And this can compound the difficulties for this new child. For if it is not successful in its purpose, in the sense of not producing what is required, where then will it go in terms of its thinking. So we can create many difficulties here and who has the skill amongst you (referring to the world population) to deal with them?

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