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Spirit Communications through Trance Medium in response to Visitors' Questions during September 2001

Topics: Research on human embryos, cloning, human love and communion, vegetarian, feet binding, mental health, reincarnation, learning on the earth plane

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors. If you would like to ask a general question please send your question by e-mail or post it in one of the forums. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page

Q:What are your views on genetic manipulations on embryos and cloning?

Hai: Care must be taken here .There is danger in some of the experiments which your scientists are trying out.They do not understand the consequences of some of their experiments. I have said before that in many areas of your research of your scientific knowledge they are still babes in cradles and they should therefore be careful before experimenting in certain directions. There may be a form of arrogance here of which I have spoken before .Knowledge is good. It is right and proper that knowledge should advance. But this must be tempered by common sense and good judgment. Some experiments appear to be experiments because your scientists know they can do it .This is not a good enough reason. All experimentation must have a firm basis in advancing the welfare of human kind and your animal friends which share the planet with you.

Q: What is the most beautiful thing that anyone has ever said to you?

Hai: The most beautiful thing that was ever said to me was not said. The most beautiful thing I've experienced was the loving look of another soul and the sense of communion and harmony and love which went with that. Is that not the way with you? We have the advantage in spirit as I have said before of directly experiencing that love because we do not have to rely on thoughts or secondary means of conveying our thoughts. With the look goes the experience for us of communion.

Q: Is it better to become vegetarian?

Hai: Yes it would be better if people were vegitarians. But we know this is not easy. We know this is a gradual thing to be achieved on the earth plane .The Buddha taught that people should be vegetarian and this was correct. He,however, was patient and sensitive and tolerant of those who found this too difficult or could not understand the reason for it.

Q: Did spirit influence the stopping of the custom in China of binding the feet of female children?

Hai: This is a disturbing practice. This is an abomination. It should not be. But people will use their own free will to do such things. This is within their control. They must relearn, put aside such practices as these. It is an abomination. There is so much harm which may come to us in the world through natural causes. But to cause each other such harm as this without cause is deplorable. You also though should be aware that people do such things as this to peoples' minds. It is not just a matter of the physical body. But by the conditions which people create in life they can cripple the mind as easily as they can a foot. You understand? So your society has a responsibility to provide conditions which support and nurture health of mind and body. The health of the mind is easily neglected because it is less physical, less concrete. But it is not less important. No less important.

Q: Why do spirits need to learn by coming to earth?

Hai: There are opportuntiies on the earth plane which do not present themselves on the spirit planes. There is a particular kind of experience, a particular depth of experience, which is available to you here which is not so in the spirit lands.

Q: Someone suggested to me that to believe in a spirual existence and reincarnation is arrogant because we are not that special.

Hai: No. She misunderstands. It is a matter of reality. It is a question of reality. It is a matter of fact, if you like, not one of arrogance.

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