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Visitors' Questions during February 2003

This page will be revised at the beginning of each month.

The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Occasionally, we may ask people who have received responses to personal questions if they are happy to give their consent to posting on this site an extract of the response which they have received if we feel that it could also be of benefit to others.

Human Life as a Separate Existence?

Tom from Ashby de la Zouch in the UK, asked: Are there some humans who do not have a spirit that has melded with them?

Hai: No, we would not say that this is meaningful, for we would say that the human condition is a condition of body and spirit in unison. The human being is only a human being with the body and spirit in unison, united inextricably together as one. Therefore, we would not speak of human beings without spirits. We would not speak of this. For a body is a body, a physical machine, without the spirit inhabiting it.

Trapped Spirits

Philip from Gloucestershire in the UK, asked: How can we help a trapped spirit?

Hai: You must reach out to this spirit with your love and compassion; with recognition of this spirit and the cry of help of this spirit. And as many have spoken before you should direct this spirit to the Light, the Love which is behind them which they do not recognise because they look forward. I use this as an analogy you understand. If they would turn to the Light, to the Love, which they will feel if they look for it, if they search for it, they will be healed. Their condition will be healed and they will be rescued and embraced. They will be drawn in to the Light.

But you know sometimes spirits become trapped, become locked in a condition because they have allowed their minds, their sentiments, to become locked in that position, in their situation. There are no greater bars than the bars of the mind, the bars of thought. These are the bars of their prison. So if we encourage them to look beyond the bars, to throw away their bars which contain them, then you will free them for the Light, to receive the love of those who reside in the Light. But you may also pray for these souls. You may pray for souls, for guides, for spirits, for wise ones, to come to them, to come to their rescue. To come to touch their hearts that they may know the love of another heart, another soul, another spirit. And when they have opened themselves to the expression of the love of another spirit then they are rescued indeed. Then they are free indeed.

Earth's Future and the New Age

Stuart from the UK asked: I have a great interest in the afterlife. I end up surfing the net and coming across lots of different sites. I end up worrying myself with what quite a few people seem to be predicting about the earth's future, in that if we don't change our ways and our attitudes there will be lots of natural disasters with many returning to spirit. People say that because of the coming Golden Age things will change dramatically before the New Age can be welcomed in.

Hai: We should not look to New Age dawning which is apart from your own heart. When the New Age dawns in one heart there is the hope, the start, the beginning of the birth of the New Age for all. Therefore the New Age must take root, must have its birth within the hearts of all. Then there may be hope of great progress, great change. But you should not view natural disasters as some kind of affliction from heaven; some kind of punishment from heaven. If this is the way, perhaps, that this person is perceiving this, it is not the case. Natural disasters are of the physical earth, because they are the nature of the physical earth. Forces, powers which are released within the earth, must have their expression at times. It is not as a punishment to mankind.

Therefore, we would say not to worry about the dawns of new ages but rather to awaken in your own hearts the promise of the dawn of a New Age by embracing your brother, by embracing your sister in love. For it is through great compassion, all embracing compassion, that the New Age will unfold. It is through this means alone. We would not wish you, we would not say to you, that you should be distraught or discouraged or apprehensive about your future, the future of the earth; but walk forward in hope, in optimism. Walk forward above all with love and compassion and embrace all and embrace all nations with your love and compassion and through this means you will spread love around the world.

The Special Value of an Earth Life

Peter from Chester in the UK, asked: My question concerns the need for the physical plane. I know Hai has said that there are lessons that can only be learnt here, but he has also said that the power of thought is great and we can create our own environment in the spiritual world.

Hai: Yes, but lessons of the earth plane are great, great indeed, because the earth plane provides conditions, conditions of our experience and it is by living through the experience of the earth plane that we may learn much which would not so easily be learnt on other planes. The earth plane conditions our experience. It frustrates us. Sometimes it constrains us. Sometimes it limits us. Sometimes. But by these very limitations and constraints it creates experiences for us which we must partake of; which we must wrestle with perhaps sometimes, and by this wrestling, by this living through these experiences, we gain much that we still do not fully understand while still on the earth plane. We gather much from this sojourn upon this plane and therefore we should be grateful to it. We should be grateful to the earth, to the earth plane. We should be grateful to this experience. We should love it as a brother, as a sister.

It is true that we may gain experiences on other planes also and our learning does not end, does not finish. It goes on for all eternity. But the pattern of these experiences, of these learnings within other planes, is not of the same degree, not of the same order as those of the earth plane. But these different learning experiences on these different planes may complement each other for they are not at odds with each other. They may complement and supplement each other, but they are different in their intensity, in their degree, in their format, in their possibilities. Therefore it is not to be shunned this earth life, this earth experience, for it gives us much and there is much opportunity to gain from it and therefore we would encourage you to embrace it while you are here. You may miss it when you go, even though Davia speaks of the glories of the spirit plane, the beauty of the spirit plane and the beach and the seas of the spirit plane. Yet, there is something that the spirit plane cannot give you: experience of the earth plane.

Possibility of Spirit Guides Speaking in their Original Language and English

Wendy from Gillingham, Kent, in the UK, asked: Is it possible for a native guide to channel his own native words and then to speak them in english?

Hai: Well yes it is possible. You have heard it for yourselves. You have heard a spirit guide come through with his other tongue, Aztec tongue, but then communicate with you in your own language. So there is no problem with this.

Question of the Month

During February someone asked Hai a question about "vengeance". It is rare for him to make particular requests about what we post on the web site, but on this occasion he made a point of asking us to post his response.

Q: Is it true that the saying: "Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord" came from the Bible, Hai? And what does it mean? We understand from you and from Spiritualism that we judge ourselves. Is it a man made expression?

Hai: No, it’s not an expression of religion. No, it is not a case of: “Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord”. You are right that this is not correct. This is not true, for there should be no vengeance. There is no room for vengeance in the Divine Light, in the Divine Love. No room for vengeance. There must be responsibility for our actions, for our karmic actions, our responsibilities. But it is not a matter of vengeance. For vengeance helps no one. Vengeance corrects nothing. Vengeance puts right nothing. None of this is of help, of assistance, of Truth. For vengeance breeds more vengeance.

For if I kill your brother and you seek vengeance on me and you kill me, then my brother will seek vengeance on you and so on and so on for all eternity. Therefore vengeance gets us nowhere. It creates a cycle of hate, a never-ending circle of hate. So it is of no usefulness. It is of no help to us in our loving life. Therefore, vengeance must be put aside; even by those who have been seriously aggrieved, seriously wronged. It helps them not to seek vengeance. They lose from their heart that love for that loved one whom they have loved, whom has been taken away from them. And in losing this love, this heart of love, they lose the life which they shared with their loved one. They lose the love, which they gave to their loved one, for their heart becomes contaminated with the seed of hatred. Therefore vengeance can help no one. Vengeance is no truth. It breeds hatred, breeds discord, breeds confusion. Therefore, it is of no usefulness. If one is lost due to the actions of another, though our impulse may be to hurt this other, to seek vengeance from this other, we should put this to one side; for we should remember the love which we have given to our loved one. We should remember them in our hearts. We should remember their face, their being, their personality, their persona in our hearts and not fill our hearts with the seeds of hatred and vengeance. For this does even greater violence to the memory of our loved one and their own death.

Q: I always accepted that saying when I was young but not so now.

Hai: Mankind is old now but yet still young, yes? But tis like "day one wisdom", yes, "day one wisdom". No good for now, this present day. We should have grown up by this time. We should have developed an understanding by this time, an appreciation of love, of life, of Eternal Life.

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