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Visitors' Questions during November 2002

This page will be revised at the beginning of each month.

The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Occasionally, we may ask people who have received responses to personal questions if they are happy to give their consent to posting on this site an extract of the response which they have received if we feel that it could also be of benefit to others.

We have a very great variety of spirit communicators who come through, who have had very varying beliefs and occupations when last on the earth plane. Some also had very privileged lives. Others lived in more humble circumstances. They all have stories to tell from which we can learn. One night we were joined by a spirit who was called John. He had been a blacksmith in his previous earthly life:

John: Ah lass. My name is John. Jonathan is my Sunday name. You not got many here tonight. Beacon not so bright, but bright enough.

(The spirits are always telling us that each time we sit we send up a beacon of light which can be seen in the Spirit World.)

Q: Have you been before?

John: No, I've not been before. Been looking at yer. Oh, I been inviting yer. But I've not talked to yer. I've looked from the side lines. Your group's little tonight.

Q: What did you do while you were an earth John?

John: I was a blacksmith hammering the iron.

Q: Did you enjoy your work?

John: Aye, it had a ring to it. But I enjoyed working the iron.

John explained that he was in touch with his family who were also in the Spirit World.

Q: When you meet with your family in the Spirit World do you get together in a house?

John: Aye we sometimes do, but you know, we do not need these dwellings for coming together, for we could come together anywhere, but we sometimes come together in our dwellings, out of habit, if you like, out of routine, if you like, but we don't need them. But we like to come together, like to come together with other folks too.

Q: Do you all gather together grandchildren and great grandchildren as well?

John: The gathering can change, can vary, depending upon the need at the time. It is not important. The most important thing is the love we have for each other. You don't need to always be gettin together, because you have this love for each other, because you can express it in so many ways, can't you? So you don't need to come together all the time. But we know we are in each others' thoughts and we may connect with each other from time to time and know that we are in each others' thoughts and there is nothing to substitute for this. It's not something your used to in the earth plane of course, but we have this up here. It is a marvelous gift, the knowledge that we are in each others' thoughts.

Q: I am surprised that people might not need each others' presence. It sounds like it could be quite a lonely life at times?

John: I don't know where you're coming from lass. The main thing is that you are in contact with people and you enjoy the contact, enjoy knowing the contact, enjoy experiencing the contact. What's your problem with this lass?

Q: Well you said that there was no need to get together with your family?

John: There is no need. They're not in my mind like some "poppet picking" (?) folk you know. It is just that we know there is the connection. It is like you with your telephones. Though you have your telephones and you can talk to people to your heart's content. But you wouldna dream of saying that well: "I can speak on the telephone so why bother seeing them again". You would not say that would you? And so it is with us. We can have this direct contact in our minds but we also like to experience each other more direct, face to face, so to speak.

Q: Is there an extra warmth within that face to face?

John: Ay, ay, you could say that, because there is a close proximity. There is a close feeling which goes somewhat like your close feeling when you meet someone face to face.

Q: I've heard this before and thought it must be quite lonely if you don't need to see people.

John: But you're not lonely, because you know people are in touch with you and you are in touch with them. So you can't be lonely. You can never be lonely here lass like you can be lonely on your land.

Q: But if you are only in touch with them in thought?

John: Well if you were a prisoner in some prison somewhere on your land you could feel very isolated couldn't yer? You could feel very lonely. Only the jailor to talk to. So you feel very lonely. If you could send out a thought, a thought to someone special and they in their turn are able to return your thought with feelings and thoughts of their own, you would not feel so isolated or lonely then would you lass? And so it with us. You cannot feel lonely here. There is a bond, a connection with all, a bond and connection with those you wish to have a bond and connection with. But there's still the want to get together sometimes, because it is as he ses, you feel a special closeness, a special feeling of closeness, when you're up front with someone.

Q: You would still want to do things with other spirits though, like work with them or go for a walk?

John: Well, within the rules.(Laughter).

Q: Well, what work do you do in the spirit world?

John: Well I don't hammer in the irons for sure. They've got no need of them horses here, though there are horses, but they don't need shoes because the ground is soft. It don't wear the hooves down anyway. Ay, so I don't need me hammer. I miss that sometimes you know, working the hammer. Ye I do miss it sometimes, but I would not trade with what I've got now for going back to work with the hammer. Anyway, even if I where to return to your world now, the chances of me using the hammer would not be too good I suspect.

Q: Do you have any plans to come back to earth?

John: No, not really, but who knows, I might have to in the future, but I ain't got no plans for the moment.

Q: Do people in your world generally accept rebirth?

John: They don't know you know. They don't know. They ain't not sure for they not had experience of it. They can't remember or not had experience of people going to rebirth. They not always sure about it. I know this may sound odd to you, but you see, you come here with your fixed ideas and people make the events around them, their experiences, fit these ideas. It's one of those things you carry forward to the spirit world. There is a lot you leave behind with your earthly ways and your bodies, but with your minds it's different. You create your mental frameworks and you bring them with you here and you try and make things fit into them still, until you learn to let them go. Ay tis like if I were to work the iron on my anvil and create a special shape. It becomes a rigid thing doesn't it? Rigid, hard thing. And so it is with your mind. Sometimes you create a rigid hard thing in your mind with your ideas or your minds, your framework in your mind and that then becomes a prison to ye as sure as the bars of that prison I mentioned a few minutes ago to you.

Ah well, I thing I have outworn my time and I'm going to have to go. I thank you for your time and your company.

Question of the Month

Someone in our Home Circle asked the following question about the "Darker Realms":

Q: How few or many souls are in the darker realms?

Hai: There are many, there are many. But these realms are relative also so we could say it is like shades of rainbow in sense. This may sound funny talking about rainbow when talking about darker realms, but if you look at shades of rainbow the shades are gradations are they not, of colours, and colours run into other colours and it is a bit like that with darker realms, like if you could put finger into rainbow and at certain point you would see certain number of people. You look in another grade of rainbow you see another realm of people. So it is like these realms are not graded exactly, but they are dimensions within dimensions, do you understand me? So there are many, but the extent of their depth to which they are in these darker, deeper regions varies enormously.

Q: If people go over to your world with what we feel is an atrocity, but they have done this with the very best of intentions, perhaps for their religion, for God, does that affect where they end up?

Hai: Yes, because they have already ended up where they will end up. You understand me? There is nothing magical that happens at the moment of death. What they have done has already determined where they will be, what they will be. It is what they are which is reflecting what they will be in spirit lands. Therefore, people may do things in good faith, as you say, but even doing things in good faith, the process which has brought them to this decision, reflects an inharmony in their thinking, in their heart, in their compassion. It reflects a weakness, a defect within themselves that they have reached such decisions. So, even "in good faith", the process by which they reached their decision indicates a weakness, a defect which must be corrected, which must be grown out of, which must be transformed. But apart from this, also there are the consequences of their actions. For even if it was possible to say: "Ah, he acted, she acted, in good faith", and we could put aside the matter of intent, even so they would have to make amends, to remedy the wrongs, the pain, the discomfort, the injury which their actions have brought upon others. You understand me?

Q: If someone has committed murder and was in prison for a very long time?

Hai: This has not remedied the harm of their decision. But they may have turned around within their mind, within their heart. This turning around is a massive step in the right direction, a massive transformation sometimes. But the fact of this transformation will also lead them to feel the pain of the harm which they have inflicted on others and would lead them to wish to right wrong, to remedy their actions, to remedy the consequences which they have caused and in some cases these people will deliberately seek out a way to put right, to make amends, to remedy what they have done through service of a particular type perhaps in the spirit world.

Q: Do they remedy that with their victims in the spirit world?

Hai: It may be with their victim, but it may be persons who have undergone similar wrongs to them, pain inflicted upon them. It may also be with souls who commit these wrongs, that these souls try to influence them to make them see aright before they do wrong

Q: Someone has died recently, Myra Hindley, who has caused a lot of harm to others. Will she need to put that right in the spirit world?

Hai: Yes they can continue their actions to put things right.

Q: The conversation has become a bit serious.

Hai: It is serious, but it is hopeful also. There is always hope.

Q: You have talked about the densities of the spirit planes, but in the darker realms is there density there?

Hai: This is another density, another system of energy.

Q: Is it heavier than the earth density?

Hai: No it is not. It is not in this sense. You must be aware that when we speak or when you speak of dense energy we may mean this, understand this, in different ways. Your energy system is more dense in physical sense. It is like if you could spread out the molecules of your body they would be less dense, yes? But if you pull them together in the format you are they are more dense, yes? This is one form of denseness. But if we speak of the denseness of the lower realms we speak of a different matter, a different matter, yes. It is a more focussed, inward looking, inclusive of self energy. It is difficult to explain this to you, but it is like an energy turned on itself. It is as if... I can give you one example. It is as if the energy of the sun radiates out its warmth and light, yes, without distinction, without discrimination, without bias, without prejudice, yes? These concepts themselves are of no significance, no understanding to the sun. It radiates out on all without conjecture, without thought, yes, without hope of return, without any thought of self, yes? In some ways we may liken this to the pure spiritual soul which radiates out their love to all without prejudice, without discrimination and so on, in the way I have just described, yes? But if we were to take this energy of the sun, this energy of the sun was turned within itself, was focused and inverted, turned around upon itself, within itself, the sun would not warm anyone, yes? And so we have something which is approximating what we speak of when we speak of the lower realms and those in the lower realms. Their energy is turned in on themselves and this is not natural; this is not healthy. It is the opposite of loving compassion. You understand?

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