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Spirit Answers to Visitors' Questions during November and December 2005

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. Please do not use this form for personal questions relating to your own specific circumstances/issues. It is ok to use the form for questions which would be equally relevant to other people. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Alternatively, you can post your question on the Web Board.

Cosmetic Surgery

The group had been discussing a TV programme about cosmetic surgery. Hai was asked:

Q: What do you think about the ageing process Hai?

Hai: The ageing process; (smiles) this is as it should be; this is a natural process. We must all age, yes. You can try to do a magic trick to hide your ageing but yet your body ages within. Better to go with the flow.

Q: So you don't agree with cosmetic surgery?

Hai: No, it is a fixation, which people have about their appearance. They become captivated by the need to manifest a particular appearance and they become prisoners to this.

Q: We sometimes hear of young people who have some feature that they find difficult to live with and which holds them back. Is it ok then?

Hai: Well this is to do with the expectations which others have of the human form, of the human condition. Therefore it is a matter of preference, a matter of choice, and a matter of decision. But these things are fundamentally of no importance provided the person can function in the world, provided the person can function with their health.

Q: Have some actually chosen to come here this time with some disfigurement?

Hai: Some may choose such a condition to experience the feelings and thoughts of others when they manifest this condition.

Q: Do they forget that when they are here and try and correct it?

Hai: Yes that can happen also; that they become captivated as I say, by the expectations of the days in which they live. But you know, times change, expectations vary from age to age. Therefore, why put yourself through misery to conform to expectations of a particular age when another age will view your attributes in a different light?

Q: When people have cosmetic surgery and it goes wrong, does that help the person to get things into perspective and realise what really matters?

Hai: It may, but it often creates bitterness and morbidity. For they have selected an option whereby they see themselves as trying to improve themselves. When it goes wrong they see a disaster and therefore this brings grief and bitterness.

Q: When we come to your world, Hai, are we still worried about our physical form?

Hai: No, for there is more uniformity in the physical. But we have learnt that the form, which we take, is less important than our Essence.

Donated Organs

Q: If someone's next of kin gave permission for an organ to be used after death but the person who'd died would not have wanted that, would the spirit feel distressed about it when in the spirit world?

Hai: It is likely that they would accept it because what is an organ of the body at the end of the day? Tis only the organ of a body; it is a mechanical thing not the identity of the person, which is being given away. Therefore is has no significance in this way.

Assisted Suicide

Q: Hai, what is your view on assisted suicide?

Hai: This is difficult because there are sometimes situations where people are finding themselves in terrible pain and anguish. In such situations your doctors should try and do what they can to relieve this pain and anguish without necessarily shortening lives though some of the drugs they give may well shorten life as a side affect. But it should be the goal of your medicine to prolong life but also to preserve the quality of life. It is no use preserving life if the quality of life is nil, if the quality of life is pain; therefore, it is no easy matter. There is the possibility of abuse if those who have the power to take life can take life without restriction. So there is no easy answer to this question which you pose. But we do not say that it is evil in all circumstances for the motivation of some may be to relieve the pain and suffering of those who are in this terminal state.

Q: I heard of a case recently of a woman who, because she was paralysed from the neck down, asked the court if her husband could help her to commit suicide. In a case such as this would the husband be just as guilty as a doctor who decided to take a similar action without the patient asking?

Hai: The principle should be to maintain life as far as is humanly possible and to maintain a quality of life as far as this is humanly possible. It should not be given over to another to decide if life should be shorter, to have the power to shorten life. This is too easily open to abuse. Yet again we can foresee situations where a person is in great pain and torment and someone is available to them who may help them to shorten their pain and torment. We would not judge them. But the fundamental principle is to prolong life and its quality as far as it is humanly possible, for even the manner of passing is part of life. The manner of passing is also the path of life.

The group talked for a while about a similar question Eileen had put to Hai some months ago. It was a case where, at the request of the patient, a court had agreed that the patient's life support machine could be switched off. Eileen had asked Hai about this later and he'd said that this was ok because without the machine the body would have come to a natural end anyway. This brought about another question to Hai.

Q: So is there a difference here between that case, that Eileen has just described, and the form of assisted suicide that we've just asked you about? If, for example, someone has been in a coma for many months, are you saying that it is ok for the life machine to be switched off, or should the person be kept alive regardless?

Hai: No, because this is a natural process, but the keeping the person alive by artificial means is artificial. The body's processes left to their own natural inclination would terminate. This is a clearer situation.


Q: Is abortion an acceptable thing?

Hai: It is not desirable to have an abortion because it is life. Yet we know, that there are many people who find themselves in very difficult circumstances and therefore we would not judge. But we say to you that it is not desirable. Yet in spite of this we know there are people who find themselves in difficult circumstances. Sometimes it is best perhaps for a child not to be born if this child is going to be unloved, unwanted, uncared for, or discarded, even though they are born into the physical world. But this also is an unfortunate occurrence for every vestige of life should be loved. Every being born into your world should be loved.

Q: How would the spirit feel if it were aborted? Because it hasn't had chance to be loved, has it?

Hai: But you must remember, Janice, that you have all been on this earth many times before and therefore you have experienced love, or the lack of it for that matter. Therefore it is not that this is the person's one opportunity to live on this earthly plane for there may be many opportunities to live on this earthly plane. But we say that life is sacrosanct; therefore, it is ill advised to terminate life. However, as we say, there are those who find themselves in extreme difficulty and we would not judge their circumstances.

New Planet

Q: Astronomers think they've discovered another planet and astrologers think it will affect the astrological chart quite markedly and, apparently, our emotions. Do you have an opinion on this, Isleen?

Isleen: Planets are symbolic of things for you, if you do not take it all too literally; they are symbolic of things for you. A new planet is symbolic of new possibilities, new hopes which indeed has to do with the emotions, for hope lies in the refinement and reform of your emotions; not yours personally but the world at large. Change must start with the refinement and reform of the emotions.

But this is only a first step, only a first cautious step, for the road is long and must be travelled to true refinement of love and compassion. If the raw emotions are refined and reformed it is the start of hope, the start of the new road towards true love, true understanding and compassion. And so many do not constrain their emotions, many are the victim of their emotions, of their fears, of their anxieties, of their ego, of their hatred, of their prejudice. These rampant emotions created thus by these forces are so destructive to your world and to your relationships. So in the first steps towards their refinement we find new hope - but the road is long.

Ego and Non-Attachment

When last on the earth plane Thomas worked as a slave in the cotton fields in Alabama. He was not one of the original spirit group, however over the years he has talked to us many times. He has a lovely soft gentle manner; we have become very fond of him and now consider him as much a part of our spirit group as are the original members. Hai has always told us that to be an effective medium it is important that we learn to put aside our ego. In this communication Thomas talks further about this subject. Thomas also talks about war and the necessity for non-attachment. The communication started when Eileen referred to what another spirit visitor had said about ego and commented:

Q: Other spirits that have come to talk to us have always said we need a certain amount of ego on this earth to enable us to survive and yet we have been told to let go of ego. There seems to be a contradiction in this, Thomas.

Thomas: No, it's not a contradiction. You see your problem is that when some folks feel their egos have been affronted, they feel they've got to retaliate; they've got to rebuff the other person, fight back. They think that if they don't fight back they are diminishing themselves. But what they've got to realise is that they can never diminish themselves, for they are who they are, whatever they do, whatever they do not do; they are what they are. This is their value, their essential quality. Therefore there is no need to retaliate. No need to rebuff because: I will give you a little analogy.

Picture if you will a castle or a hill. Picture one of those old scenes; ancient scenes were there's an army throwing rocks at this castle with those machines. But the walls of the castle are so strong they are impregnable, rocks just bounce off without doing any damage. But what would you advise the army within the castle to do? Would you advise them to charge out and do battle with these mischievous people who have these machines? Would you let them sit tight and weather the storm? They've got plenty of food and water to see them through the winter while them folks outside will starve and go thirsty. So it's a bit like that. You are strong, each of you within your fortress. If you must sally forth, do it for the good of the other person not out of a need to retaliate.

Q: Would you say then that a country that was under attack from another country that they shouldn't fight back but allow the invaders to come in?

Thomas: No I do not rightly say that for there you have a different situation. If you get some other country trying to invade you, you've got to show strength to them and you've got to stand your ground and you've got to debate with them. You've got to try to bring about peace through cooperation, through talking, through standing your ground; but also be prepared to talk. Sometimes those folks will still want to beat you up. You've got to be prepared to stand your ground but I don't mean looking for a fight; this is about standing your ground and trying by whatever means you can to avoid the battle. The truth is, trying to avoid the battle and the hardship that will come, not just to them folks but to you and you kin and friends and to the kin and friends of those soldiers on the other side who are innocent in all of this.

Q: It's a hard one though, this non-attachment, Thomas.

Thomas: Yeah but if you are non-attached you will make good decisions, you will make good judgments, for you are non-attached. You have no wish for one thing or the other but only the truthful way, the good way, the best way, without fear or favour.

Someone decided to change the subject and asked:

Q: Have you been able to look at some of your other lives?

Thomas: Yes, I spent one life in Egypt but most have been spent in Africa.

Q: Were your other lives more pleasant?

Thomas: Yes, but like I have said to you before, there was a richness in my life in Alabama and in what came from it. I would not wish anyone to go through it but equally I do not regret it.

Q: Did you choose it before you were born?

Thomas: Well I knew it was a possibility because of what was going on at that time but it was not sort of inevitable.

Q: If you hadn't been captured would there have been some other way you could have achieved the same learning from that life?

Thomas: I do not rightly know mam whether I would have been as richer a person at the end of that life than when I was at the end in Alabama. I do not rightly know, for it taught me forbearance, it taught me love, for in great suffering great love can be born, great compassion can be awakened, great patience can be developed.

Q: It's hard for us to imagine choosing a life where there was a possibility that we would suffer like that. Are there many of you together, Thomas from that same time?

Thomas: Yeah there are quite a number who grew up together, you might say, in spiritual life.

Q: Did they all reach the same level as you, Thomas?

Thomas: No not all. People vary in their ability to respond to the situation. It's not easy.

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