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Visitors' Questions during May 2002

This page will be revised at the beginning of each month.

The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Occasionally, we may ask people who have received responses to personal questions if they are happy to give their consent to posting on this site an extract of the response which they have received if we feel that it could also be of benefit to others.

During a particular night a line of questioning from some of the visitors present focused upon Atlantis and other past civilisations. Here is some of what Hai said in response.

Q: Do you know anything about any previous civilisations prior to this one that might have existed prior to the last ice age on earth. I've read books that say there have been previous civilisations and that they were completely different from our existing one now and where they communicated by thought. Do you know anything about this?

Hai: Those civilisations which existed before you were not so advanced as you would suggest, as what you have heard. The thought communication on your planet has yet to evolve.

Q: Did the island of Atlantis exist?

Hai: We have spoken of this before. You people have a facination for this. Why do you have a facination for this?

Q: Curiosity and "curiosity killed the cat".

Hai: Curiosity killed several cats. Atlantis did exist, but you should not hanker after the like of Atlantis. You should firmly ground yourself in the Now, in the present, for it is the present which holds the seeds of your future. It is the present which holds the seeds of all promise.

Q: Q: Well, I agree with that. We do anchor ourselves in the present, but we're also curious about the past, our roots and where we came from. It is just out of interest.

Hai: Hai: Best thing to do with roots is cut them off. (Laughter)

Q: Could be quite painful.

Hai: Undoubtedly painful, but best thing to do with roots is cut them off. For roots restrict. Tree can't walk earth because of roots. Roots restrict our growth. Roots restrict our freedom of movement. Roots restrict our freedom of mental movement and spiritual movement. Therefore better cut them off.

Q: So are you saying by concentrating on what's gone before we're restricting our future growth?

Hai: By concentrating on what go before you restrict your vision of what may come, of what is possible. You anchor yourself too much and restrict your own freedom. We may apply this also to our own lives as individuals, for just as a society may anchor itself in the past and restrict itself by these roots as they are called so an individual may resrict themselves by being too anchored in the past, too restricted by their roots, which restrict and contain their freedom. Roots can be a great burden for people, would you not agree? We have our personal history, but if our personal history is carried around like a weight in a sack on our back this can greatly hinder us. It can become great burden. It can determine how we see ourselves and how we see our future and those around us. So we should look on each day as fresh new day. We should look on world as if we look on it for first time. Fresh eyes. Bright eyes. As if we see it for first time. And then we may really truly fully respond, fully, to it if we see it for first time, as if for first time.

The discussion then moved on to the subject of praying in relation to personal problems.

Q: If you are not quite sure which path to take in life will it be easier if you say a prayer?

Hai: Best to meditate, best to meditate on problem. Best to contemplate on problem. Meditate on problem and answer come from within. But also you may open yourself and make space for those who are in Spirit World to come to you with their advice also.

Q: So can a message just come into your head?

Hai: Then you feel certain and a certainty about it. But you must take responsibility for your own decisions as we say many a time. It is your life at end of day. You must make decision. You may receive inspiration. You may receive ideas and thoughts from others, just as you may receive advice from your earthly friends, but you must make decision at end of day. There are those who seek advice from relatives in Spirit Lands, but, not many in Spirit Lands any the wiser than when they left earth life. (Laughter)

Question of the Month

Q: You always say we should question what comes from spirit. I recently read an artical which said you shouldn't question spirit but always should go with any guidance unquestioningly.

Hai: No, no. What do you think of this thing that was said.

Q: I didn't agree with it.

Hai: Well you are right, are you not, for you are a wise soul. No, but what he may be saying perhaps is that as when our own discernment grows, when our feel for the ring of truth grows, we may acknowledge the truth when we hear it, spontaineously, without having to think about it, without having to think long and hard about it. We instantaineously know the ring of truth. Where we know the ring of truth we feel it's truth. Then of course we would wish to follow it without question. But I would say that always we should question and test what is given to us with the conscience of our own hearts, against the wisdom which we have built up in our own hearts, against the wisdom we have come to accept from others as feeling right and true and just and offering us the right direction for our lives both in this world and the next. There are too many who say "follow me, I have the truth"; "No, follow me, I have the truth; "That person over there is deceived"; "This person over here is deceitful" and so on. We must accept responsibility for our own actions, for our own choices. If we do so this provides the great hope for the deliverance of humanity. For we must test all against the human heart, against human love, against the welfare of all. You ask yourselves a simple question. Would it be a desirable thing to have our eyes poked out? So we form a question at this basic level and we come to the conclusion: this is a most undesirable thing. It is a thing that we would find hard to associate with love would we not. Therefore we form a judgement: we would never wish to poke anyone's eyes out or have our own eyes poked out. But if you look through your history, at the thousands if not millions of people who have had their eyes poked out throughout the ages of your history, in the name of truth, love and justice, we have a dileama, we have a contradiction to our basic judgement based on our own understanding of human love and what is for peoples' welfare. If we ask ourselves as a starting point always "what is promoting the welfare of others and what would not promote their welfare/", we have wise judgments which will follow from this. But there are those who start their deliberations from other considerations, blaming those for not following their own path and deciding therefore that such people should be punished in certain ways: "Such people are not worthy. Such people should be harmed for their own good." Is this not a contradiction to human love that some people should be harmed for their own good? We cannot possibly reconcile this with human love. But there are many who have advocated it throughout your ages. Your Aztec friend told you "better to throw away, better to abandon all religion than to abandon human love for your fellows." And this is an admirable precept of his. But we would not of course criticize religions fundamentally. For at their heart they have been based on love. They have promoted love. But it is in the hands of men that they have been contaminated and distorted and have caused such damage and untold misery.

Q: It would not matter about the religions being different if they could all accept each other.

Hai: Yes, this is so. They provide variety of opportunity, they provide variety of path which may be helpful to people in approaching the One Mind and finding their way. In the hands of men they become roads to hell. So we must question all things, all religions and test them against the cardinal principle of love.

Q: I have been thinking while you have been talking. How much knowledge do you need in order to make a correct decision?

Hai: You feel in your heart what you feel to be correct, what you feel to be just and wise. The important thing is that you approach these things honestly, with no self deception, with no attachment for end results for yourself. If you approach such things in this way, with love in your heart and the welfare of others in your heart, you will be doing the best you can. This does not mean that we will never make mistakes. For experience advances our wisdom does it not? We learn from our mistakes. We learn from our experiences. And we must expect this process to carry on. We cannot expect to be all knowing, omni-competent in all things. We are human beings and we must do the best we can. But if we act, if we do the best we can in this way, observing the principles which I have just expounded to you, we are doing our best and we will not go far astray. Those who have gone far astray have not borne in mind the welfare of others. They have attached themselves to their own goals and ends. They have presumed to know truth and wisdom and promoted their own version of it. In short they have been egocentric and attached to themselves and not the welfare and love of others. Ego is the root of all evil, all that is unskilfull in bringing us to the One Mind.

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