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Spirit Answers to Visitors' Questions during January and February 2007

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Formor post it in one of the Web Board's forums. Please do not use this form for personal questions relating to your own specific circumstances/issues. It is ok to use the form for questions which would be equally relevant to other people. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Alternatively, you can post your question on the Web Board.

Davia: Some of his Jokes and Philosophy

Just prior to Christmas we'd had instructions from Davia that we should collect all our Christmas cracker jokes so that we could read them to him on one of our sessions. We duly did as instructed and one by one read out the jokes we'd collected. Davia didn't seem particularly impressed saying that they were poor quality jokes and indicating that he will have to acquire the art of 'joke writing' himself, but saying that he would have to lower his standards in order to meet the quality required for Christmas Cracker jokes.

One night immediately following Christmas, Davia was as usual in top form and throughout the communications with other spirits he regularly 'chipped in' with his own comments. Just as Anna, our last spirit speaker was about to say her goodbyes one of our group mentioned Davia and his regular comments and light heartedness that night. We thought our readers (many of whom we know are Davia fans) would like to read what followed next.

Anna: He is such a free soul, free of all pretensions, free of all wishes, free. I cannot describe him. He is just an out-flowing of love.

Q: So has Davia learnt all his lessons, Anna?

Anna: He seems to have learnt a lot. (Laughing, she continued). He says he knows all the planning regulations.

Q: How did he gain all these skills? He must have had a lot of lives and the last was around three to four hundred years ago.

Anna: He did and they were all quite primitive by the standards and life that I had and you are having now. But that doesn't matter, because whatever kind of life you live and wherever you live you can learn all kinds of things.

Anna then went on to relay some of Davia's own brand of joke. He'd been true to his word and had started writing them himself.

  • There was a man, a man from a village where the monkeys had kept going to steal the fruit, so the man decided to find the monkeys and take them to task. So he walked out into the jungle and after a while he came to a clearing where he found all the monkeys walking, holding each other's tails and walking in a circle. And he said; "RIGHT I want the ringleader."

  • Below is another Joke from Davia. He was trying to help a group member to lighten up about his forthcoming hernia operation.
    What do you get if you mix an "ernie" with a "ah"?
    One group member quickly answered: "A hernia".
    After the laugher had died down Anna continued:
    Davia says; don't worry; they are going to "stitch you up".

  • What do a leaky roof and a balding man have in common?
    They are both thin on top.

    On another occasion Davia used Isleen to pass on some of his jokes.

  • Have you heard about the woodpecker who liked golf?
    He liked to get a hole in one.

    He made it up himself (Davia.) He says he has already got a patent on it. Copyright you say. He said you should put some on your website, for the children if no-one else.

  • What did the last ant say as he was making his way back to the nest?
    I'm running late.

    Even Hai does not escape from being used by Davia to communicate his jokes. One night he suddenly asked:

  • What does one duck say to the other duck?
    You're a quacker.

  • What's orange and black and flies from flower to flower and has an inferiority complex?
    A humble bee.

  • Do you know old Hank could spit out gum so fast, do you know what they called him?
    The fastest gum in the west.

  • Jake was a famous bank robber. He was slow with a gun but they called him 'quick withdraw Jake'
    He had a brother who was artistically inclined. He wasn't inclined to rob banks; he was artistically inclined. And he could run off a portrait of a young lady fast as you like, so they called him, 'quick draw John'.

  • Did you hear about the cricket that didn't like to play cricket?
    He was a grasshopper.

  • What's black and dirty and flies and lands on a churn of golden butter?
    A butter fly.

  • What did the big stone say to the little stone?
    You're a chip off the old block.

  • What did one bee say to the other bee on Valentines day?
    Be a honey to me.

Davia doesn't speak to us directly very often these days; he prefers instead to pass on his comments (and jokes) through whoever is talking to us at the time. One night we had a few new members to our meditation group. Davia can never resist introducing himself on these occasions and true to form at the end of the session he came through to meet the new group members. He chatted for a while joking about his enterprises in the spirit world and batting off the inevitable questions about the number of wives he has. Eventually one of the group asked:

Q: What is your ultimate goal Davia?

Hai: I don't need ultimate goal Jane. I just live moment by moment. That's my living goal. Live moment by moment my friends that's best way. Enjoy each moment full of fun, full of joy, full of life. That is the way to be my friends. Don't let your mind be troubled.

Davia then proceeded to tell us a story:

Davia: I had a friend once. He went on a walk deep into the jungle, into the valley and the valley was so deep you could not see the sunshine. It gets darker and darker as you walk down deep into the valley, deeper and deeper. And at the bottom of the deep valley there is a big stagnant black pool.

We meet again at night time after we had finished our day's journey. I asked him how he got on and he said to me. "I have miserable time, it was so dark and black down there in that valley and the murky stagnant pool stank like I don't know what", (Davia laughs) "stank like rotten meat one month old." And then he asked, "How did you get on Davia?" I said to him, I get on beautifully my friend. I walk along open path up mountainside looking at the beautiful flowers on my way. And when I got to the mountain top I saw the eagles soaring and I called to them to keep them company (laughs) and I basked in the sunshine on the mountain top looking at the blue sky as far as I can see and the beauty of the earth (laughs again.) Come with me up to the mountain next time my friend, I say, come with me up to the mountain next time.

When Davia had finished his story someone asked:

Q: So it's all about frame of mind?

Davia: Yes, but the point is that our frame of mind dictates opportunity. Our frame of mind dictates our experience each day. Well my friends it must be time for me to go. So my friends I wish you all happy hearts, easy minds. May the golden sun light all your days and the silver moon light all your nights. May the silvery light caress you. Goodbye my friends.

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