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Visitors' Questions during March 2003

This page will be revised at the beginning of each month.

The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page.

On the Threshold of the Spirit World

Q: It is said that, as you die, you go through a tunnel and towards a light, but I have heard some people say that there is no tunnel; it is just another vibration. Once you leave your body you go into the next vibration rather than into a tunnel, which implies something physical.

Hai: Sometimes this tunnel represents the medium through which this change occurs. It does not happen in every instance; but it is symptomatic; it is an occurrence sometimes; with the transition from one world to the next. So, it may be that you will experience it. This may be so.

Q: Is it dependent on how much knowledge you gain here?

Hai: The time is not important for it is an experience; an intermitent transient experience between our worlds. It is of no great significance. What is important is the world, the life to which you move on into; beyond your experience of the tunnel. For the tunnel may or may not be an experience in your transition to the other world. But you speak of knowledge and indeed knowledge is important when it comes to where we will be; what will be our condition in the other world, the next world, the spirit world. For we are drawn to those events, to those scenes, to those conditions to which we are attracted because of our own development, because of the stage which we have reached in our development . We seek out, unconsciously perhaps; but we seek out those conditions, those surroundings in the spirit world, which are in harmony with our own thought patterns.

Another group member commented:

My future son-in-law went skiing this week and he was knocked unconscious and when he came round he said he'd been somewhere. It felt lovely. Everyone was in harmony and everyone was busy working. There was this wonderful feeling of harmony. And he was actually only out for 15 seconds, but he felt it was a lot longer. Had he actually experienced the spirit world?

Hai: Yes he had linked to the spirit world. This is true what he says: that there are many of us going about our business, going about our endeavours, our work, our vocation in the spirit world. Yet we are conscious of the interplay between these endeavours, between these activities, between these vocations. We are conscious of the interplay and conscious of the way in which these various endeavours link and unfold together, work in harmony with each other. It is as if these vocations have a life of their own, but have a life which intermingles and interpenetrates with that of the other and works all for the common good; for the overall plan of welfare.

Q: Does an experience like that help the person who receives it when they come back?

Hai: In so far as it stays with them. In so far as they think on it, that it may have some lasting impact. But as with all experiences, if we do not think on it, if we do not dwell on it to a point, then it will not have any lasting impact. It will fade with time as all memories fade with time.

Coincidentally another spirit also referred to the "threshold experience". She told us her name was Cynthia and that she lived in Chicago around 1920.

Q: Did you go through a dark tunnel when you went to the spirit world Cynthia?

Cynthia: It was quite a light tunnel as I recollect.

Q: We hear of people going through dark tunnels in the near death experiences.

Cynthia: Well that depends on whether you focus on the dark tunnel or the light at the end.

Spirit Lights

Q: If we can sometimes see spirit lights why can't we see the spirit light that dwells within the person? Is it because their body is too dense?

Hai: Yes, because the physical person is an interface between the physical and the spiritual. The spiritual and the physical are blended together in a physical expression of life. Whereas when you see spirit being or manifestation of spirit being you see a spiritual energy, an energy which may be perceived with the inner eye. And therefore it is easier to see this if you have awakened your inner eye. But it is no easy matter to see spirit entity of person in physical body for the blending of the spiritual and physical is such that there is a oneness between them and therefore it is difficult to separate out, to see the spiritual energy, the spiritual life-force.

War with Iraq - These communications came before the war started.

Hai: Your leaders must walk careful road now, at this time. They must step back and withdraw from acting in emotion, in anger. We pray for your world. You must pray. You must send forth your good wishes, your loving wishes to all countries in the world.

Q: Do you think there is any possibility that the other Arab countries will persuade Sadam?

Hai: It may be that they can influence events overall. They are in best position to influence events. They are not being used to full measure. But they are in best position to influence events, both in short and long term. By this you would avoid the "them and us" problem which you encounter, the division between the civilizations, the division between the worlds, the warrior religions.

A spirit who called himself Henry then joined us. The discusion of the war resumed and someone commented that the news had shown all the soldiers going off to the war and the camera had caught a little boy with tears in his eyes.

Henry: This is a problem. You send boats, you send men, soldiers to situation. You have your forces in this situation and it gathers momentum as if to say: "Well, we have them here. What shall we do with them now? What must we do with them now they are here? So we should use them." This is dangerous situation for situation then seems to build up a momentum of its own, a logic of its own. But this is not good.

Q: How can governments choose to go to war when they know that the majority of the people they have been elected by donít want a war?

Henry: Because this one know best (thumping his chest); this one know best, ha.

Q: Is it fear that makes them act this way?

Henry: They fear what may come if they do not do what they may do. They fear what may come if they do what they do. Therefore they must tread a middle path. They must tread path of love, and forbearance and moderation and understanding.

John who told us he had lived in the United States in his last life came through one night and talked about general strategy:

John: Are any of you folks any good at playing chess? Well you gotta be a mighty good chess player to tackle that foxy old feller Sadam. You gotta be a might good chess player to play with him. But thatís what you folks gotta do. You gotta get him in a kind of stale mate so he ain't got nowhere to move to; but without him feeling hemmed in like a bear with a sore head. Bears with sore heads, unlike the king on the chest table, have a habit of lashing out. But if you can bring him to a sort of quiet stale mate then you will be able to bring some useful way forward into being.

Q: How can we do that?

John: Well I speak to you, but it is your politicians who act for you. They gotta sort of tie him down without going to this war that some of them are so keen on. But they gotta use their influence to bring him to a halt, to leave him with no where else to go. But like I say without him feeling cornered, cause as you know a cornered animal is a vicious animal.

Q: How do you think our leaders can do that?

John: They gotta play chess expertly. So he looks at chess board and thinks: "If I go there and do that, that won't work. If I go there and do that, that wonít work", and so on; "Perhaps Iíd better just give them something of what they want".

Q: Won't that make him feel cornered?

John: No, no. If you donít corner him and heís standing eye to eye with ye. If he can survey the chess board and realise there is no mileage in trying to move anywhere or going anywhere, then he will come to a stop. Cause he wonít wanna lose power; he wonít wanna loose total face, so heíd sooner stay and keep his power than risk loosing it all. The trouble with them Americans (leaders) is that they're like the bishop, you see.

Q: The bishop moves diagonally?

John: Yes, but he can go from one corner of the board right to the other when there is nothing in his way; he can travel some mighty distance. But what would you say, sir, is his weakness? Heís a point to point kind of character. Like them horses riding point to point; straight line, blinkered vision, yes? Trouble is heís seeing his own direction all the time; point to point; straight down the line. No vision to the side and everyone can see him coming. Everyone can see him coming.

Q: What should he do; take his blinkers off?

John: Well you see another chess piece, your horse for instance, your knight, now thatís a different kind of person altogether, yes. You never know where that knight's gonna come from, yes? Cause he does two steps to the right, one to the left; two to the left, one to the right; two to the back and one to the side. He leads a merry dance. I donít know where heís gonna come from next, yes? So heís got more versatility than the old bishop. Everyone sees the bishop coming from a mile off.

Q: What would you say Tony Blair was?

John: I think heís trying to be a queen and I donít mean no disrespect by that. You see the queen faces all ways at once, yes? Yes heís trying to face all ways at once. Trouble is that can be mighty confusing. You can get yourself so you trip over your own feet. But Iíd say to you that some of these pieces are better than some others. You take the castle for instance. Now I just want to use the castle as a symbol for staying locked behind your doors. You see thatís no use either, staying locked behind your doors. You gotta go out there. You gotta be out there and confront the world; challenge the world when it ainít doing right. Itís no use staying like a castle behind your door and itís no use being some kind of porn, some kind of cannon fodder. So itís like a game of chess with a loving heart behind it; cause you donít wanna win, you just want a good outcome.

Cythia who we mentioned above also made some reference to the war.

Q: Was there anything in your life which you have reflected on since being in the spirit world that you would like to tell us about?

Cynthia: Well I think itís important to look ahead. I think itís important to look over the horizon at whatís coming; for though, as youíve been told, you canít predict the future, you can see the trend; you can see the pattern of the future. So it is worth trying to see the pattern, worth trying to see what might be coming over the horizon. So youíve got to work out: "Well if we keep doing this what will come of it? Whatís going to happen to us if we keep doing it this way? Whereas if we do it the other way what would that bring about?" So itís worth doing this I think, because that way you can try to foresee what might come of your actions and therefore you can temper your actions to bring about something more positive. Thatís what I would say, but then youíve all got to do it. Itís no use just one or two of you doing it; youíve all got to do it to get somewhere. But I would say it is certainly worth trying to do. For so many folks; they just open their mouth, they just do this or they do that and they donít think of the consequences of what theyíre going to do. So I would say itís worth thinking about the consequences before the consequences come about.

Q: Do you think that America should think of the consequences of war with Iraq?

Cynthia: I sure do mom. I sure do.

Q: The people are fearful of what might happen if they do not act.

Cynthia: Well youíve had other speakers along I know and youíve been talking to them about fear and you know what comes of fear. Itís not healthy to think in a fearful way; it gets you into a lot of trouble. So somehow or other youíve got to find the loving way. With the loving way comes loving results, sooner or later. Itís not an easy path but youíve got to do what you can to follow it. In the long term it will produce benefits to you all.

Q: Itís difficult for ordinary people because we all feel so helpless with the Government making the decisions.

Cynthia: Well youíve got to lift up your hearts in prayer and send out your loving vibrations. If you all do this you will feel the benefit.

Q: Do you think we can influence governments by doing that?

Cynthia: Yes, you sure can, but youíve got to speak up as well. Youíve got to speak your minds and hearts. If people donít know whatís in your hearts and minds then they cannot be affected by you to the same extent. So itís worth saying what you think.

Q: Our P.M. seems to think that all he has to do is to convince the people that Iraq is dangerous and we will all agree with what he is doing.

Cynthia: Well you know itís like as if you go and paint a particular ball black or something. Paint a particular ball black and that ball sort of sticks in your eyes, sticks in your vision, grabs your attention all the time; but youíre not noticing what all the other balls are up to. Itís like somebody goes and paints that ball and says "Look folks, keep your eye on that ball". And so everybody glues their eyes on that ball thatís been painted but theyíre missing whatís going on around them and what the other balls are up to.

Q: Well we will take your advice and do our best.

Cynthia: Well you can only try. Itís not easy I know. But I know this old world's been going for a long time and itís never been easy to change things. People keep making the same mistakes and writing the same old story once more. You know it might be a good idea if someone could sit down and write a new story.

Q: How can spirit affect the Presidentís state of mind?

Cynthia: Well, (smiling), we can try and drop a few words in his ear. He can listen you know. He can be a listening man. So we do our best to drop a word or two in his ear to give him something to think about. He puts on this front of being strong, of being sure of himself, of being definite, but heís not so definite as he makes out.

Q: So could he be swayed if everybody prayed?

Cynthia: He could be swayed if he had the right advice. Well, Iíll go now but I wish you well folks. I wish you a peaceful world. You can still have a peaceful world you know. I would not loose hope. I would not loose positive thinking on this because youíre at a sort of a crunch time in your development on this world. Youíre at a crossroads and as with all crossroads there is potential for great love; for great positivity to come about out of all this. But of course you could all go down a road which is not so positive. But let's all pray that your leaders and you all take the positive road at the crossroads. So my friends Iíll wish you well and I wish you goodbye and I wish you much love. Goodbye my friends.

War with Iraq - This is one of the communications which we have received since the war started.

Yocab, (this is the closest we can get to the name that was spoken), said he came from the Middle East, Iraq long ago, when it was part of Ancient Persia. There was some light-hearted chitchat about the countryside where he lived when he was on earth. His message later became very serious and we could feel the pain in his voice. He was eventually asked:

Q: Did you know the hanging gardens of Babylon?

Yocab: I knew the hanging corpses of Ashall...(?)(we couldn't decipher the name of this place); much cruelty sometimes; much cruelty. (Yocabís voice changed significantly and it became filled with emotion). What is it my friends that gives one person the sense that he has a right to hang people, to kill people. What is it? Why? It is as if one blade of grass cast his power over the whole field of grasses in a field. What logic is there in this my friends, what logic? It is laughable is it not if it was not so fearsome, so cruel; it would be laughable.

Q: Is that how you died?

Yocab: No I was fortunate; but I observed it.

Q: And it saddened you?

Yocab: Yes, yes.

Q: It must have been very traumatic. Did you feel very helpless?

Yocab: Yes, for this one blade of grass enlisted help, support, of thousands of other blades of grass, who were taken in by the pretence of this one blade of grass; that he had a right to do these things and therefore they lorded it over the other thousands of blades of grass which stood equally high in the sun. Oh, my friends, what a humility they will feel when they see their true position, their true stature; when they stand in their nakedness, one blade, one solitary blade by itself.

Q: Did you lose loved ones?

Yocab: Well I lost loved ones, but it was the loss of humanity which crushed my soul, my heart; the loss of humanity.

Q: Have you come to speak to us because of the things that are happening now? (War)

Yocab: Well these things touch me for they are in my home land. Yet I have no bond to these people who live on this earth of my home land at this time, for my kith and kin were long before they. Other civilizations have moved into the territory where I once lived; but yet I feel a connection with these people for they walk the earth which I once walked, the land that I once walked on. Therefore I feel an affinity. But in truth I feel an affinity for all people wherever they are, whatever they are, whatever their circumstances. I feel an affinity for my brothers and sisters. No good will come of this war, this hatred, and this harm. No good can come of doing harm to others but more harm.

You must bear sheaths of flowers as your swords. You must bear water carriers as your shields. You understand me? Love truly wins over hearts. Love truly brings peace. If we give with a pure heart; although there may be some who doubt our intentions at first; if we continue to give with a pure heart they come to know and trust our intentions and the foundations of friendship are established; the foundations of mutual love. Reach out to those who are oppressed my friends. Reach out to all who are oppressed with a helping hand of support. Do not let the single blade of grass promote its lie, its illusion; that others may be taken in and in turn lord it over the weak, the needy. I must leave you now my friends but go forward in great peace my friends.

Davia followed Yocab and explained that Yocab had been very sad about the situation when on the earth plane. He said that Yocab is happy now but had Ďrevisited his sadnessí in order to get his message across.

On the night that Henry came through he also spoke of a number of related topics:


Henry: We are all in harmony with each other, with our surroundings, with the world around us. Beautiful world. You are not all in harmony with your world; this is the trouble, this is the problem. Problems come about because you are not all in harmony with your world and each other. You must strive my friends for this harmony of mind and heart between each other. You must seek understanding between your hearts and souls my friends. Easy for me to say from where I stand but this is solution to your problems of your world. If you can but bridge the gap between your hearts, a none existent gap; if you bridge the gap you will marvel that you ever felt, that you ever thought there was a gap; for you will have bridged it and you will know the heart of your brother and sister. And you must build this harmony between you, all of you my friends. Between peoples of different countries. Between you and your physical world and all that exists in it; for there is divine harmony, infinite harmony, between all things. You must discover it my friends.

Q: Itís often Governments, not people, that cause the problems.

Henry: You create harmony in your everyday life. Everyone create harmony in everyday life and there will be harmony in your nation and harmony between your nations.

Q: So we all have a responsibility.

Henry: Everyone has a responsibility. You create one note of harmony, it contributes to all, the symphony of harmony, yes. It echoes a note and it reverberates and those may hear it, those may hear the note, the reverberation and it may echo something in their hearts and bring them to issue their own note of harmony.

Q: So the harmony starts here in our own family?

Henry: Harmony starts in each individual heart and reaches out to all hearts. Eventually it embraces whole world. Send your thoughts of love out my friends, on your internet, to people of other countries, to bridge the gap. To bridge the gap between your hearts.

Q: Is every one in the spirit world concerned about the situation?

Henry: We are concerned at times of concern, moments of concern; for there are many over time, but we do what we can to contribute to your peace and harmony. For we too have responsibility for having lived on the earth. We have responsibility for harmony also on earth between you all.

Q: I suppose that if we do not do our best, then when we come to the spirit world we will feel that burden of responsibility because we didnít do enough while we were here?

Henry: Yes, this is so my wise friend. This is so.

Past Lives and Karma

Q: Have you used the facility of the Halls of Learning to see the past?

Henry: We can see the past. We can see the future to a point.

Q: Is the purpose of seeing the future so that you can adjust it?

Henry: That we may guide our thoughts, that we may guide thoughts of others to avert what is unhealthy, what is illness. That we may bring about health and goodness, yes.

Q: Perhaps if you ever return to the world in a future time it will be a better world by then.

Henry: Well, a quieter world perhaps. But you can have quieter world if you all reach out with your hearts my friends; yes, you can have quieter world.

Q: When people arrive in the spirit world and realise that perhaps they could have done more to bring about world peace; do they then have a greater need to return quite soon to try to put right what they didnít do when they were here? Is that how it works sometimes?

Henry: This can happen; for people are aware, sensitive to what they have not done; what they have not accomplished, what they have not contributed to. Therefore they feel strong karma over this matter. Therefore they feel the need to influence things for good; to help to do good. So, like they forget to polish floor (with amusement); so they come back to help polish the floor.

Q: You can still help in the spirit world though canít you?

Henry: Yes, we can help in spirit world. We can help the world still. Sometimes though, we must come back to help in more physical, concrete way.

Q: Some spirits seem to return to an earthly life after a relatively short period of time and yet some seem to have been in the spirit world for hundreds of years. Are some less evolved and so need to return more quickly?

Henry: This does not follow, what you say, because you may have soul who wishes to experience many things; to grow through the experience of these many things. This is not statement about evolvement, stage of your soul. Itís a statement about your exploration, growth.

One of the members of the group explained that he felt more detached now. He still cared about things but was more detached. He asked Henry if he could explain this to him.

Henry: We slipped the thread with our knife. You are my friend. You grew attached to things in old days. This is common while you live on the earth plane, because you are attached to things. You see things from the spectrum of where you stand, where you sit. You see them through your own perspective; through your self-interest. Therefore you see them in certain ways, in certain light, but if you are able to distance yourselves, if you are able to look on things, experience things, without thinking: "What is in this for me? What is it that affects me in this situation? What will come of it for me?" If we are able to put aside these considerations and just to see thing in its purity, in its reality, in its nowness; then we are not troubled by the associations, by our egos which distort our vision; which distort the reality which we perceive before us.
So this great treasure, this ability to see the world with open eyes; clear vision without thinking: "What is in it for me? Will this affect me? Will this harm me? Will this assist me?" If we can look upon our environment, situations which come before us, which we experience, with openness, without thought of loss or gain, we are able to see them in their true light and use them, work with them for good rather than creating obstacles through our attachement to them and the outcome. Skillful living my friend.

Q: I sometimes feel like a bystander though.

Henry: You must not distance yourself too much. What you speak of is to remove yourself from situation in your mind psychologically. You speak of removing yourself, but I speak of middle ground where ego is detached but you are in harmony with situation. You are living in situation; you are at one with situation, without second thought for gain. But this is not detached to point you speak of. For if you detach yourself to point you speak of it is like you see show in front of eyes. Then we are disengaged too much. We cannot influence, because we are disconnected from it. So we must be connected my friend, but yet we must be detached in terms of our ego. But if you have accomplished some detachment my friend you should be able to re-engage without the attachment of ego. Then you will have achieved sklful living, balanced life.

Eileen stated that unfortunately it was now time to end the sitting.

Henry: We like sharing dialogue in conversation. This is the heart of love: gentle conversation. We wish you great peace my friends in your world. In your hearts we wish you great peace, freedom from troubles of mind, of heart, great contentment in your lives.

Interference with Evolution?

Tom from Ashby de la Zouch in the UK, asked: In January, Hai said that 'the physical human form was developed in order to provide an opportunity to experience on the physical plane'. Is Hai saying that evolution was interfered with in order to develop physical human bodies that spirits could wear like a cloak? If so, when was this process begun and by whom?

Hai: This person looks at things all upside down, from wrong perspective. He looks at world as if it is split in two, between the physical and the spiritual. This world is a Oneness. It is only a Oneness. It is not even correct to speak of physical and spiritual, but we speak of things in this way for the sake of communication, for the sake of trying to make things clear, yet we do the Reality a blasphemy, an injustice. For it is better to speak of energy or energies. It is better to speak of it in this way, for in truth the physical is no less spiritual than the spiritual; for they all partake of the one energy, the One Mind. Therefore, it is not correct to view this dichotomy in this way, to create this dichotomy, to talk of a spiritual and a physical, for all there is, is a Oneness, a divine Oneness.

Therefore, there is no separate process of evolution going along on its own beyond the reality of life, beyond the reality of the spiritual essence of life. The spiritual and the physical are one; they are blended together in Oneness. They are a Oneness. Therefore, to speak of a separate process is incorrect; is a disservice; is a misrepresentation of the Divine Reality. Therefore this situation, which this person portrays, does not hold true. It does not appertain to the reality of the world. There is no one to interfere with the physical processes. There is no one to interfere with the spiritual processes. For the Divine Essence is within them both, is within all, is within the totality of reality.

Q: One group member commented:

I understood that we are merely a spirit entity occupying a physical body?

Hai: This is true, but even to speak of a separate physical body is creating a two-fold reality; a this and a that, a dichotomy. Yet in truth the physical body serves the spiritual and for as long as your physical body is serving you; is serving to manifest you in this physical world there is a oneness between your spiritual essence and your physical body. Therefore, it makes no sense to talk of a dichotomy. It is true that when you leave your physical body you will be able to view it as an object, as something apart from you. But for as long as you inhabit it then you are at one with it. You are at One-ment with it. You are in togetherness with it. It is part of you; you are part of it. There is a divine fusion.

A Pivotal Time?

Michelle from Australia asked: Is it nearly the time and if so what should we do?

Hai: It is always the time. It is always the time to take the first step forward on the right road from having wandered off the right road as we all do.

The Fundamental Lesson?

Peter from Chester in the UK asked: Is there a fundamental lesson that must be learnt above all else, regardless of which plain we exist on?

Hai: To lay down the self without the act of laying down the self.

Q: That was short and sweet.

Hai: Short lesson, long time to accomplish; many aeons to accomplish in most cases. Not like learning times table.

Question of the Month

Marijuana and Mediumship

Q: Would smoking marijuana be detrimental to the development of mediumship? (The person also commented that she knew American Indians used to put it in their Peace Pipes).

Hai: We would say to her that it is best not to rely on the drugs of this world for these drugs bring about a transitory change, transitory development. It is best if you can practice your Zen (smiling) to bring about more permanent enduring change and development. For the development of which she speaks of are possible through other means than these drugs of which she speaks. They are possible through other practices, through meditative practices, through developmental practices. Thereby she may make them particularly her own. They will no longer be transitory, but will be permanent. They will be enduring. They will be aspects of herself which she has internalised; which she has brought about; which she has achieved by her own efforts.

So we would suggest that this drug is of limited use, of no necessity, when it comes to development. However, we would not say that it would prohibit her from her development. We would not say that it would prevent her from her mediumistic development if indulged in without excess, in moderation. It would not be detrimental to her development. But we would also say that there is danger with all these drugs. What starts off in moderation may become addiction in some form or other. Therefore we would counsel that it is better to avoid them in the first place. But it would not prohibit or prescribe her from developing her mediumistic ability merely by the use of this drug. But it is these other considerations which we would counsel her to think about.

with reference to the Indians and their peace pipes Hai joked about there being peace for as long as they smoked their peace pipes, but after they finished perhaps tomahawks come out pretty fast.

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