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Visitors' Questions during January 2004

This page will be revised at the beginning of each month.

The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page.

Derek Chandler from Kent asked the following question relating to Consciousness

Q: A colleague similar to Hai whoes words have been recorded in a book "BEING with Shang-Li" notes that we have 3 planes, conscious, sub-conscious and the super conscious. Unfortunately these recorded readings do not seem to have continued in later book versions so I am still left with wanting more information as to how one might enhance one's ability to achieve the higher conscious areas.

Hai: He speaks of enlightenment ultimately. So there is nothing easy about enlightenment except that it is simplicity itself.

Q: Why can't we attain it then?

Hai: Because you make a hard task of it as many do. This person must transcend the limitations of his own ego, as all must to seek enlightenment. They must put aside attachment. They must put aside self and the mental framework of this and that, of self and other and so on. They must drop to the bottom of the ocean. (Smiling) You are quiet now. It is a state of trust, of openness. It is a letting go, a letting loose. It is a state of freefall, to discover the immense net, if you wish, but it is impossible to fall through. You must give up all conceptions, all deliberations. You must just let go and in this simple letting go we find enlightenment.

But this letting go it seems is no easy thing to do. It is like as if you had a ball of treacle in your hand, how difficult it would be to let go of a ball of treacle. But the difficulty is (laughing) you have all been cooking treacle a long time and so this is why it is so difficult to let go. You must put the cooking of the treacle to one side. I speak of attachment, of clinging.

Q: How would you translate that in every day life?

Hai: Translate what?

Q: Letting go of attachment.

Hai: Well ancient monk in monastery asked a similar question. He was given koan. Question to think on, to meditate and ruminate on. There could be various questions put to the monk. For example: "What do you hear when the stone cockerel crows?" Or: "What is the sound of one hand clapping." Each monk would come to Master all with many, many answers. They come to Ancient Master many hundreds of times with what they think is the answer, but the Master answers each time with a simple "No, no, no." Eventually the monk gets mighty frustrated, but eventually he gives up the effort and in that moment of giving up the effort he hear sound of one hand clapping — Enlightenment.

Q: Can’t we just say then: "We give up."

Hai: (Laughing). But you have not given up. You create a device. You say: "Ah, if I tell old Hai I give up", but you have not given up.

Q: If we are truthfull with ourselves how do we know when we have reached enlightenment?

Hai: You will be in no doubt, Les, no doubt. You will know.

Q: Well can you give us a clue? (Much laughter)

Hai: (Laughing). Yes I can. What is the sound of one hand clapping? (more laughter)

Q: Well is it a feeling then or will we have a mental message?

Hai: You will know.

Q: I was thinking about some egotistical people who might say they’ve reached enlightment when they haven’t.

Hai: Those who wish to delude themselves will delude themselves and they will come up with something they call enlightenment. But for those who know they will know they have not achieved enlightenment. They will know. It will be self evident that they have not achieved enlightenment.

Q: So is it just a select few that achieve enlightenment?

Hai: All must achieve enlightenment.

Q: Could it take several lifetimes to do that?

Hai: It could take aeons.

Q: Are there many enlightened spirits?

Hai: Yes there are many such souls.

Q: Is there a further stage beyond enlightenment?

Hai: Hai answered with amusement: I give you a big cone of ice cream, Janet, and I keep adding ice cream on and on and on. You will surely say "Enough!" after a while, yes? When you have your ice cream there is no need for more ice cream is there? It is like filling a cup with tea. You keep filling a cup with tea, it overflows to no purpose — so the tea is redundant.

Q: So when someone says they’ve "seen the light", is that what they mean?

Hai: It would depend upon what they mean by "seeing the light". When someone has experienced enlightenment there is no one answer; there is no one word which is right; that will come out of their mouths, and no one word which is wrong. It is rather that they express from their own inner being their sense of enlightenment. But someone else may speak of something else and yet this too may be enlightenment. For it is individual and yet in common to all.

Kelly from Florida in the USA asked about the possibility of World Peace and mentioned the work of Sir Harold Clemp

Hai: Yes it is possible for the world to experience world peace; it’s possible. He is right this person whom you speak of; that the earth plane is a plane for learning for evolution, for development, but yet it is also possible that the world will experience peace; peace will come into being. It will not be for some time yet, but yet it is possible that peace will be achieved; that people will learn that there are unproductive ways to resolve your problems; there are unproductive ways to work with people. And therefore they will learn that there are other ways; productive, helpful ways, and skilful, loving ways to bring about a resolution of your problems on this earth. Therefore, there will be an embracing of hearts, an embracing of love, an embracing of compassion to bring about this condition.

Q: Has there ever been peace on this earth?

Hai: No, not on this earth; not on this earth world.

Q: Has there been peace on other worlds?

Hai: On others yes, but yet you must find a way to bring about peace skilfully, in genuineness, in depth with genuineness yes. Because Lopaz has spoken to you of other worlds in the past; worlds where peace has been achieved but at great cost. He spoke to you of a world where he lived once, where all who lived there were under the eye, the eye of surveillance (smiling). Yes? He spoke to you of an environment where people’s behaviour and activities were monitored to the nth degree and therefore because there was control there was peace of a sort. There was a lack of burglary, a lack of crime, a lack of conflict. But this was because of the amount of control in this world; the sophisticated level of control in this world.

But this is spiritual poverty. For if we are constrained to behave ourselves through the gaze of another, through the manipulations of another, it avails us nothing. It speaks nothing of our own thoughts, our own love, our own genuineness, our own ability to bring about a revolution within ourselves. Therefore such a peace, such an order, is contrived. It is contrived to the detriment of the human spirit or its equivalent in these other worlds. Therefore, this was not good, not desirable. It was better to put up with some disorder, some chaos, some lack of discipline, that people may find truly their own way to a genuine love and compassion; a genuine desire for order; where disorder is impossible because of the inspiration, of the drive of the motivation of the people. Do you follow me in this?

Q: Would you classify this imposed peace that you talk of as a dictatorship?

Hai: Well it was in a sense a form of dictatorship and yet it was not in another because it was freely entered into by those who subscribed to it, who promoted it. It was not imposed in this sense, from above. But people became to relay on it, to embrace it as the salvation of their society, as the saviour of their society. Therefore it was no longer necessary to teach their young ones what was right and correct, what was morally impecable and so on, for the controls were such that it was impossible for anyone to do anything wrong without the ‘gaze’ knowing. Your science fiction writers have seen the possibility of this, but they have not witnessed the reality as some have.

Observation and judgement. Is "judgement day" a reality?

At the start of the meditation and psychic development sessions which we run at our home there is usually an opportunity to ask some general questions of Hai or one of the other spirits. On a particular night two members attending a session asked the following questions.

Paul: Can you help me to understand the difference between observation and judgment of external things?

Hai: Observation is merely observing. It is watching the passing show, the passing environment, and the passing scene. It is recognising it. It is being at one with it, but without passing judgement, without classifying, without categorising, without valuing this way or that. Therefore, if we are able to observe in this natural way, to be at one with what we see and where we are, yet without being attached to it, without judging it, without evaluating and analysing it, this itself is a discipline for enlightenment. But if we are constantly categorising, evaluating, judging, the splitting things one from the other, then this is not skilful in terms of enlightenment. You must make judgments of course in your daily lives. The judging faculty is there for you to make use of, but it must be recognised as a tool and not the repository of Truth. It is a device, which can be skilfully employed or not so skilfully employed. But it must be used provisionally. For in making our judgments, our evaluations, and our opinions we may be in error of course. We can go ary in our judgments. Therefore we must be careful in making them. We must use our tool cautiously and wisely and review its use constantly.

This prompted another member to ask a question about the idea of "Judgement Day".

Janet: When we go to the spirit lands and have our day of judgment........

Hai interrupted by shaking his head

Hai: No.

Janet: Is that a farce then, Hai?

Hai: (Smiling). It is not a farce. It is not real. It is not a day of judgment. You will re-evaluate your life, Janet, when you go to the spirit world and there can be others who will assist you if you wish, but it is not like a day of judgment. This image that people have been given is wrong, is in error. It is unhelpful, is false, and is primitive. You have been given this image, some of you, in your early life; but you have been given an image of Jesus with the good on his one hand and the wicked on the other. This is a simplification beyond simplification. It is unhelpful; it is unwise; it is not valid.

Yet we all must evaluate our lives. We must evaluate our development, our evolvement and this there is opportunity to do in a plentiful way. But it is self-evaluation as we have said before. It is looking within. It is looking at the unfoldment of our lives and making our own assessment. If we do not make a completely accurate assessment then we will have help to hand to help us with that and then if we still do not make an accurate assessment there will be karmic lessons to learn that we may achieve understanding. But not to wield the rod, but to help us (smiling) with grandmotherly kindness, to learn, to understand, to grow, to develop.

Question of the Month

Dale asked a question about working in the darker realms.

Q: I believe I have been trained all my life to go down to Darker planes and help the trapped spirits there; for instance getting them to realise they have died so they can start moving upwards. I have no real reason to doubt that this is real, yet doubts still creap in. What are the opinions of your group on this activity? Am I helping? Are people (some new age people) right when they they tell me I shouldn't be doing it?

Hai: There are plenty of souls who do this work from the other spirit realms and they are better equiped, are on the right kind of vibration to undertake this work. We, when on the earth plane, must assuredly send our good intent, our well wishing thoughts to those who are trapped in the darker regions. But the work is not appropriate to undertake from the earthly plane in the way in which he suggests. It is better to send healing and love mentally, generally, to all those in the darker regions. Or if we suspect that there are particular people who will be in the darker regions because of difficulties from their lives upon the earth plane then it is good to send them your individual thoughts of love and well-being.

But beyond this it is not necessary or appropriate to do more. There are those sometimes who are trapped spirits on the earth plane, whom we may come across on the earth plane while we are still in our earthly bodies. And because they are still attached to the physical plane, their vibration partakes of the physical plane, there is a transaction, an inter-changeability between the vibrations of themselves and the earth plane and it is more appropriate to help these souls from the earth plane. We can also reach out to them from the spirit planes, but it is possible for you to play a role in helping them to release themselves from the physical plane because of their ongoing association with it. So this is more appropriate.

Q: Why would the guides take Dale to these places, Hai?

Hai: I cannot understand this.

Q: Can you advise how Dale might best use his endeavours rather than in his current way?

Hai: He may use his endeavours to lift the veil, draw back the curtain between the two worlds that others on the earth plane may have access, may come to understand the reality of the spirit planes. So he can act in this way, as a go between. He can refine his skills in order to help to reveal the spirit lands to those who are still on the earth plane. If he should come across those souls who are earth bound, who are trapped on the earthly plane, he can also help with them. But we would suggest that this work is best not undertaken by one person alone but by at least two people in association with each other, in support of each other. We will also assist in the process. We will work with those who work in this way to help these souls.

Q: Do you mean the souls who are seen around places, but not necessarily the traditional types of haunting?

Hai: I mean those who are trapped. We may perceive them as hauntings, but they are trapped souls, souls who are earth bound. I have said before that sometimes these hauntings are almost, you could say, trapped vibrations. They can be trapped vibrations in the stonework of buildings or whatever and under certain conditions the tape replays. But these are not genuine spirits, these are fascimiles, holograms perhaps you would call them. They are not independent living entities. Whereas those souls who are trapped souls, who are earthbound, are living independent entities with personalities of their own; truly alive, living.

Q: Are there many of these entities which are trapped in this way?

Hai: There are quite a number, Tim, yes, quite a number; where they have had trauma of death or trauma of life they sometimes will be bound to their conditions and circumstances upon this earth plane.

Q: How do you help them to move on, Hai?

Hai: You must first form a connection with them, sympathetic vibration, simple openness to them, connecting with them. If you can form a connection with them they can then sometimes communicate, listen to you, take in what you are saying to them. This calls sometimes for great patience. For in many ways they are trapped, not just within the earth plane, but also within their own minds, their own souls and are not always responsive to the presence, the intercedence of others.

Q: Presumably a person who was not a practicing clairvoyant would not be able to connect with them?

Hai: You would not be able to connect directly but you can connect with them as Jacob (our spirit guide who takes us through development sessions) has told you, in different ways. You can connect through feeling, through sensing, through clairvoyant sight, through hearing clairaudiently, through clairsentience.

Q: Do you then tell them there is another life and encourage them to move on?

Hai: Yes you show some understanding of their condition. This is the most important thing. So you try to communicate, receive message, communication from them regarding their concerns, their trauma, their rationale for lingering. And in understanding, empathising with great sensitivity to this reason for their lingering you also help them and greatly assist them. For the bond of love and compassion transcends and remedies all things. So when you have shown compassion and understanding for their problem, for their experience, they then will be ready to listen to you, to think about moving on. And in this situation one of us from our side can reach to them and they will be responsive to us. They will see us, whereas perhaps in the past they have not seen us.

Q: So when we have done all these things would we then suggest to the spirit that they look around them and see if there is anyone there to help?

Hai: Yes you can say to them: "if you look my friend you will see those from the light who are trying to reach you."

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