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Spirit Answers to Visitors' Questions during July and August 2007

This page will be revised bi-monthly.

The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. Please do not use this form for personal questions relating to your own specific circumstances/issues. It is ok to use the form for questions which would be equally relevant to other people. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Alternatively, you can post your question on the Web Board.

Sue from Liverpool asked a question about how people could go about finding a new direction in life

Q: If someone has started to wake up and realise that there is more to life than what they are doing in their career. They feel that it would be good to have a career change in some way as they feel stuck in their situation. The job that they do no longer makes them feel happy and fulfilled anymore and there is a need to change and do something new which is scary at the same time. How do they find a way of knowing where their talents lie especially if they have many interests and how do they choose what job to pick? Or would they be best picking an interest that they are most passionate about and develop that into a career?

Hai: You must look into all things. You must look into all the options, all these alternatives. You must weigh them up in the balance to decide what will bring you most fulfilment; there is no easy shortcut.

Q: If we follow our intuition do we generally end up in the career, which is best suited for us?

Hai: No, not necessarily. Some follow their intuition and end up in a career which is unsuitable for them. This is a thing of the heart and the mind this vocation, yes. You must look with your mind, but also feel with your heart to know what would be your desire.

Q: Isn't that intuition, Hai?

Hai: But you blend it with your mind. You use your mind also. You do not just listen to your intuition. You must blend them together.

The emergence of philosophical science

Someone attending a group had been watching a TV programme about how some scientists had been broadening their approach to what might be termed philosophical science

Q: There are now theoretical scientists who actually expand the boundaries of thought beyond what is provable and their attempt is almost to philosophise ideas even though there's no proof for them which is interesting as science has always tried to prove repeatable experiments. The fact that they are looking at different ways of thinking now suggests that there is possibly a window opening for progress. Does the spirit world have anything to do with this kind of influence or is it just a development?

Hai: Your minds unfold and explore new boundaries; to put aside the boudaries indeed for you to explore new realms of being and new dimensions. For your ideas both liberate you and constrain; you can see this my friend? For the idea which can give you insight is also the idea which can be your prison bars.

Therefore it is important to use ideas to help you to advance your understanding and knowledge but to be aware that these are limited concepts, limited ideas, constraining ideas also. Therefore it is important to be prepared to put these to one side that you may explore new boundaries, new horizons without limitation; yet always knowing the new ideas that will arise in this way will have constraints of their own. So you are in a constant dilemna, but in moving through the cycle of this dilemna you advance your understanding, your boundaries, broadening the boundaries that contain you.

These things can threrfore help, can be developed when humankind has reached the stage of development which you have reached. There is no magic in this. You will understand that when your forefathers lived in their caves and had to struggle to survive, all their efforts, time and energy were constrained by these limitations; by mere survival; the requirements of survival. And as your civilisations grew and developed and unfolded you had more time, more capacity, more ability to create new disciplines, new ways of living, new forms of activity which enabled you then to develop specialisms which in turn could develop forms, inventions, crafts, techniques and so on which could help you, be of benefit to your life.

This cycle has continued onwards through the ages. Knowledge is passed on from one generation to the next. Each generation stands on the shoulders of the previous one and knowledge is advanced accordingly. What is known is known, what is not known can be explored with each new generation. It's not that each generation is more clever than the previous generation. They stand on the shoulders of the previous generation without which they would know nothing. Therefore they are able in this way to extend the boundaries of their knowledge, to advance their knowledge in new ways, new dimensions. And so we have this process, this ever going process carrying on in your lifetimees also.

And therefore your scientists are able to engage in philisophical science, to extend boundaries yet further and this will continue for some time.

Jacob on the "New Age"

During a meditation a group member got an image relating to new influences coming to the earth. Jacob responded to what she had seen in the meditation.

Jacob: There are new beings coming into the earthly plane, new teachers. You should not make too much of this you understand. For there are many on your planet at this time who talk about new comings, new beginnings. It is true that there will be more teachers coming into your plane, to help you; evolved souls, advanced souls, to encourage and to help with the promulgation of wisdom. But it is not that it is so different to what has gone before. It is just that there is more of a special effort being made at this point in time. So there are no new gems in the shop window, just a few more. But they will be a help to the age.

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