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Spirit Answers to Visitors' Questions during November and December 2008

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. Please do not use this form for personal questions relating to your own specific circumstances/issues. It is ok to use the form for questions which would be equally relevant to other people. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Alternatively, you can post your question on the Web Board.

The New President of the USA: Barack Obama

The night following the Presidential elections in the USA, Hai was asked about Barack Obama.

Q: Will he be a good president, well I mean as good as we can hope for?

Hai: Yes as good as you can hope for.

Q: Better than George Bush?

Hai: Yes better than George Bush. But he (BA) is no saint; he is no paragon, yes. Therefore you should not expect this nor look to it to happen this way. This man is a human being; he will try to do his best but not his skills, nor the skills of any, would be up to the job so to speak.

After Barack Obama was elected we received a general question from someone in the USA. She asked:

Q: The USA just elected our first black president. What implication does this have on our spiritual advancement as a country?

Hai: It has potential for spiritual advancement - in so far as it is a coming of age of her country; in so far as it is elevating to position of high office in Government of a black person. Therefore this gives a focus to the American psyche, you may say, to internalise this, to reflect upon this, to acknowledge perhaps in reality the equality of white and black of different races. But it is also a challenge, yes, for some may take this change in their stride and embrace it, others may kick against this change and may not wish to accept it, may deride it, may cause conflict over it. Therefore, it is an opportunity we would say, but like all opportunities it depends upon how people respond to this opportunity. People must embrace it, yes. It is not important that it is this particular person; it is the principle of it, which is important. But people must embrace the opportunity and in so far as everyone can embrace the opportunity then it is an important opportunity for spiritual wisdom, growth, yes.

A Question About How To Help an Anxious Child and the Troubles in Mumbai, India

One night a person attended who was worried about their daughter who was currently very anxious and agitated. In answering Hai also made reference to the troubles in Mumbai, India

Hai: Loving assurance insessantly, constantly, but not worryingly, yes. You must just be reassuring, comforting, calm and relaxed. Do not let her agitation become, spill over, into your agitation. This is all you can do my friend, be reassuring, comforting, calm and strong.

Q: Is there anything in the complementary therapy line that will work?

Hai: You must try anything that helps her. It is not a case of anything in particular working or being effective; it is a case of what she experiences as helpful and reassuring. Love and assurance, calmness above all things. Good experiences. It is like you must ride the storm on a boat, yes and you ride the storm with calm assurance through all the troubled waters, never doubting. Your confidence will become her confidence.

Q: We talk about negative worry when I teach Reiki but it's not something I manage very well.

Hai: There is a story I must give you. the story I must give is of the squirrel, yes, the grey squirrel; the squirrel who reaps the harvest of the nuts from the trees. And the squirrel hides them in the ground, but he becomes worried about where he has hidden all these nuts, all these things for his winter store. He becomes very worried, very agitated and he scurries around looking for the different nuts full of agitation and worry and concern. But he goes home eventually to his den in the tree, in the hollow in the tree. He curls up and falls asleep. Long forgotten are the nuts, the worry over the nuts and the seeds. And so it is with us my friends, we scurry around worrying about all kinds of things, all manner of things. But if we return to our inner calm and quiet all these things may be forgotten, quietened in the quiet of our soul.

Therefore it is like your daughter. When her mind is agitated and worried she is like the squirrel scurrying around and worrying about where all the nuts are, that she has lost them, what has become of them? But yet she can find again that inner quiet of mind, that inner contentedness, that inner assurance of calm quiet where the worries of the scurrying squirrel do not occur, do not exist. So all the troubling thoughts must be let go and the thoughts of contentment can return.

The mind is like a wild stallion, it must be tamed, it must be harnessed, must be tied to a peg at times that it may not wonder far and worry itself. The mind can go in so many different directions and enter into so many kinds of trouble. You have found my friends this night (Mumbai, India, Nov 2008) many minds that have worried, that have wondered into troubling thoughts, troubling regions, troubling conditions and have brought down great trouble upon those whom they have come across. I speak of this happening in India but this is one kind of trouble, one kind of troubling mind, one kind of troubled mind. In their case it finds itself in pain, dissention, and creates trouble for many other people. But when the mind is troubled within itself it is a trouble mainly to its occupant, its main protagonist. Though there may be others who are affected, close family and so on yet they are the main recipient of the trouble, they themselves. But whatever causes the mind to wander off, to become agitated, distraught, unbalanced then it must be brought back to the halt, brought back to the peg in the ground to still itself, to calm itself.

So also if your daughter is able to experience something to focus her mind, to calm her mind; some interest perhaps, some hobby perhaps to occupy the mind then this in itself is constructive, productive of calm. Her mind must be retrained to be focused and calm.

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