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Visitors' Questions during March/April 2002

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Occasionally, we may ask people who have received responses to personal questions if they are happy to give their consent to posting on this site an extract of the response which they have received if we feel that it could also be of benefit to others.

Paul had been told by another medium that he had once lived a life as a member of a religious order in France and had been a hard line fanatic. This puzzled us as it was after a life which Paul had been told he spent in a Buddhist monastery, which on the surface seemed to be a failure of that life.

Hai: Hard line fanatics are prone to pain and disaster, because as you say, a hard line fanatic, hard line fanatics, must tread a hard line, a narrow line, a straight line, but if we give ourselves such a hard task, a hard narrow line to follow, we are prone to fall off, wander off, then the recriminations are horrendous.

Q: I can't understand why if Paul was in a Buddhist monastery before his fanatical days why he became a fanatic after this?

Hai: He was not a fanatic in the Buddhist monastery. Fanaticism was not encouraged. But he chose a certain life in a later life to experience what fanaticism meant.

Q: Two opposites then?

Hai: Two opposites indeed.

Chung Ching: It helps you to define your boundaries to try the extremes.

Q: So you would know before you came here then?

Hai: You would know on this occasion. Not all would know such things. As I have said, some are driven by their desire, by their karma to enter quickly into a new body on the earth plane. But there is opportunity to choose an incarnation for those who have moved to this point. "Rebirth" indicates more clearly I think that we move into a new frame. We put on a new cloak, to use the analogy I used last time and the new cloak, the new frame, may have many different qualities to the one of yesteryear. If we talk of reincarnation some people are prone to think of enduring qualities of the physical passing into the new body, the personality passing into the new body. But I would say to you that your personalities are what you have while you are on the earth on this occasion. Aspects of your personality are peripheral to your essence and you nevertheless have an essence, a spiritual essence, a spiritual being which is within, behind and greater than all the other qualities which you all display on the earthly plane. So it is as if you take on a mold when you come on to the earth plane. You take on a shape, a cloak, through which other people see you, through which you have to represent yourself. But it is in many ways an intermediary, a medium by which you express yourselves if you like and from that point of view it is not so different to what I am doing now. For I am using Paul's body as a medium for which to express myself but it cannot indicate or reveal to you the essence of my being. But yet it does reveal it to a point and through our communication you can interact with the essence of my being.

One night we were visited by a spirit called James and people present asked him questions on the theme of how spirits learn from reflecting upon their previous earth life once in the Spirit World.

Q: Since your transition to the spirit world have you learnt a lot?

James: I have indeed learnt a lot. I have learnt a lot in many measures because of reflecting on my experiences within the earthly plane. It is rather like you know, yes, it is rather like you know your camels and your camels have one hump or two humps. But the important thing about their humps, which I wish to bring to your attention, is that they store water, do they not in the form of fat? They store water they store nourishment, they store good sustenance and it is a bit like that, you see, when you come to the spirit world. Because it is like you have stored your human experience in your hump and you come to the spirit lands and you may draw upon this hump, this wealth of experience and reflect upon it adnausium and learn from it adnausium. It is like a reservoir of learning which you can revisit again and again and again and draw ever new lessons and development from it.

Q: Does this 'hump' hold just the precious lifetime or all life times which have taken place on earth?

James: Well, the most significant is the most recent lifetime, but you may also access previous lifetimes. But you may also have already fully explored the "hump" of these other life times on previous experiences within the spirit world. It may be that you have already exhausted your learning from these other "humps" as you put it.

Q: Do you have to review this by youreslf?

James: You often reflect by yourself, but it is most common to receive assistance in this matter from kindly souls who are around you, who may seek you out even, to assist you.

Q: Is that a very painful experience?

James: It can be extremely painful of course. Of course it depends on the actual situation, the actual experience which you are reviewing at the time. But it can be emotionaly tiring and disturbing. But you have so much help and sustenance around you, so much support around you, you are not left to suffer quietly. You are not left to suffer needlessly. For the suffering is a spur to learning, to growth, and this is the main purpose of the experience; that you may grow and develop, not for the purpose of merely of suffering. But sometimes we need to suffer in order to achieve a deep revolution within our centre. A deep turning, a revolution to the truth and love. But there is ready assistance as we have said.

Q: So is that the point where you decide to come back to earth?

James: You may decide to come back. You may even decide to come back before you have fully exploited and exhausted the reservoir of the "hump", but you may equally stay on in the spirit world and pursue some other occupation. I personally have chosen to stay within the spirit worlds and to explore my potential within this context.

Q: Do you have a particular function in the spirit world?

James: It is not possible to be a "drain on the state" so to speak, in that by our very existence we serve a purpose. By our encounters with others we serve a purpose. But you speak of roles. But I do not speak of definitive roles. I have several roles which express themselves when circumstance dictates.

Q: Can you tell us a bit more about your roles?

James: I do help people in reflecting upon their previous life and experiences in an informal way, in a friendly way, in a supportive way. And ,of course, by doing this it is sometimes useful to share your own life experiences and previous experiences with them. To share these also and to enter into a comradship and state of empathy with each other. It is all the more supportive then if this feeling of empathy can be developed between the souls. And I do my painting here of course, in my own fashion, and I have several roles as I say which are informally pursued.

Q: When people decide to reflect on their previous life do they do it at their own pace, in their own time?

James: Yes assuredly, they do it at their own pace in their own time.

Q: So is it possible for someone to be in the spirit world for hundreds or even thousands of years and not begin to explore that?

James: It would be unusual for such a long period of "time" to elapse, relative of course because you know the difficulty we have with your time. But it would be rare for someone to expand such a number of years before reviewing the reservoir of experience within themselves. If such a period of time elapsed it would be indicative of someone in the lower realms who was stuck, who cannot review their own life experience in a productive fashion without first moving onwards into another realm of the spirit lands. But there are many souls, as you know, who are in the lower realms who are stuck, indeed who are not capable, who do not have the opportunity to review their experience within these realms. Who indeed, just to the contrary, are often stuck in the experiences and habits of their physical life and perpepuate the difficulties they associate with them. A readiness to change, an openess to learning, is all that is required. But some are not open and some are not ready to learn.

Q: For the average spirit who doesn't go to the darker realms is it possible to give some idea in our time?

James: No, this would be variable. If you talk about the starting time for this, if you talk about the length of time it would take to dwell, to process the experience which they have carried with them. All of this is variable depending on the individual's soul and the individual's circumstance.

Jon from Kings Lynn in England asked the following question:

Q: I have been thinking a lot about going to Spain and walking the Camino. Maybe not tomorrow, but some time in the future. I know what I am looking for lies within - would this journey aid me in my search and help me discover what my purpose is in this lifetime?

Hai: All journeys are journeys of discovery. All journeys are journeys of self-discovery for those who approach them in the right way. There are those who would do such a journey and marvel at the sights which they see, marvel at the landscapes which they see, the scenery which they see and so on. And by the end of their journey they would have many memories, many memories of beautiful scenes, beautiful countryside, beautiful nature. But there are those who would look deeper, would look deeper on such a journey, would look within themselves, would reflect upon their selves, their wishes, their needs, their identity. And indeed the journey without would be mirrored by an inner journey, a journey within, which would aid the person to discover their inner most being, inner most self, their inner most wishes. Such a journey may be a spiritual journey. Such a journey may be indeed a journey of discovery of the self for those who approach it in the right way, for those who would seek to explore themselves as well as the outer world.

Question of the Month

Cindy from North Carolina in the USA asked the following question:

Q: Do you have any advice on how to get along with someone of a differet religion? How to let them know you do not want to convert to their religion and just want to be friends without hurting their feelings?

Hai: Well this difficult subject. This difficult matter. For religion is a troublesome thing, this religion, is it not? A troublesome thing. It evokes the emotions. It evokes the person to their deepest depths. This difficult question. Well we must try to answer difficult question. Difficult questions along with easy questions. Well this is the most important thing to do. Is to love other person, is to respect other person, is to respect beliefs of other person, without giving up, without changing your own convictions, your own beliefs, your own values, own deep feelings. We must respect the religions of others but be true to ourselves.

Therefore the bridge which we may build between ourselves, between each other of different religions, is a bridge based on love and respect. If we can build this bridge of love and respect we will bridge the divides of the different religions and we will forge relationships, loving relationships with each other in spite of our differences. Trouble is people often want other people to believe as they do, to believe as they think, because they cannot cope with people having different beliefs, different feelings, different thoughts to their own. Because they think "if these people have different thoughts, different beliefs, different feelings to my own, they are not with me, they are not close to me, they are not of one heart with me". But this is error. This is error. For we are all joined together at the most fundamental, deepest level in a unity of love. We are all of the One Heart. We are all of the One Heart. And no amount, no number of different beliefs, different religions, different values, different feelings can change this one iota. Nothing can change this one iota. It is as if you would carve the ocean with a sword. What use would there be to try to carve the ocean with a sword? A futile exercise eh, a futile exercise. And yet the ocean is like the ocean of our hearts. We are indissoluble, indivisible. We are a vast unity, a vast Oneness, a vast Suchness. There can be no true division placed between us. The ideas of men, the religions of men, the beliefs of men, the values of men are as nothing. But we must discover this of course. We must discover this through our own voyage of discovery, this vast Oneness. But in truth these religions which divide cannot divide. In the Essence of things they cannot divide.

Therefore I would say to this young person, I would say to her to show love and compassion towards her friend, to respect the religion and beliefs of her friend, but to make it clear that love transcends such religious beliefs. To make it clear that she loves this person regardless of their religion and beliefs. Whatever religion and beliefs they have they are worthy of love, worthy of love in full, in the deepest sense. Therefore she should try to convey this message to this person. That her love is unquestioning. It is full of acceptance for this person. And this love does not depend upon her converting her beliefs to theirs in order for this love and companionship to take place and to be full and to be rich.

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