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Spirit Answers to Visitors' Questions during July and August 2005

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The following are Hai's and other spirits' responses to miscellaneous questions recently posed by visitors to this web site or by personal visitors to our home. If you would like to ask a general question please complete the Question Form or post it in one of the Web Board's forums. Please do not use this form for personal questions relating to your own specific circumstances/issues. It is ok to use the form for questions which would be equally relevant to other people. If you have a question of a more personal nature please see the Consultations Page. Alternatively, you can post your question on the Web Board.

Anger, Irritation and Patience

One night we sat for our usual meditation. Hai came through first and as his answer to the first question developed he began to tell us a little of how he deals with certain people in the spirit world who seek him out in an attempt to make him angry. Shortly after Isleen followed and besides talking to us about some of Hai's strengths she also provided information about herself that we'd not previously known. Isleen decided this particular night that instead of giving us our usual meditation we might want to use the time to ask her questions. This was the first time Isleen had done this so we took our opportunity to 'put her through her paces.' We decided to put both Hai and Isleen's communication on the web site in its entirety because the theme here, which runs through the whole session, is probably close to everyone's heart. It is about anger, irritation, and dealing with those whom we see as our enemies.

Q: Can we be with people of like mind in the spirit world?

Hai: You will gravitate to those of like mind, but yet you will have a need to meet those with whom you do not have like mind also, for this is growth. If we are always with those with whom we have like mind we do not grow. Therefore it is valuable to have contact with other people, different people to test our metal, to test our patience, our tolerance, our understanding against. Therefore this is a useful tool. But we would not wish to set up home with such people, which would make for friction and unsettledness.

Q: So there is no peace and quiet in the spirit land?

Hai: Yes there is plenty of peace and quiet here but peace and quite does not always make for growth and development. Therefore we need a little un-peace, un-quiet (laughs).

Q: Do people sometimes come along and test your mettle?

Hai: Yes sometimes they do. They come and pose me questions.

(We all laughed at this because we thought Hai was referring to us)

Hai: Some people (in the spirit world) come to me with irritated questions, not like you here. But people will seek me out with irritation with questions about what it's all about.

Q: How do you deal with the people who ask questions with irritation, Hai?

Hai: Patience. They seek to anger me, they seek to stir me up, yes. To see the volcano blow, but they are more often than not disappointed.

Q: Do you sometimes get stirred up?

Hai: Only if it is conducive, only if it is conducive to their learning. They are shocked then and then sometimes in that shock they may see things.

Q: Presumably you don't do that with anger?

Hai: No.

Q: Do they think you are angry?

Hai: They know the true reason when it has happened.

Q: Is that what you did when in the monastery?

Hai: Yes.

Q: Do you tell people to go away sometimes when they keep coming back with the same problem?

Hai: Well some people go round in circles and they must make their decision. They prefer to go round in circles because while they go round in circles they do not need to make a decision. It is more comfortable to go round in circles, agonising, asking the same old questions. We must decide to step out along the path and even when we are unsure that the path is the correct one it is better to take that step for by stepping out along the path we learn and grow and develop. While we ruminate and go round in circles we learn nothing, experience nothing, but our own indecision.

Q: So do we still have worries when we are in spirit? I thought we would see everything clearly.

Hai: No you do not see everything clearly. You are calmer and more assured for you feel the flow, the heartbeat of God, much more so than is the case in this world except for those who have developed the gift of hearing. So you are calmer and more tranquil but yet there are questions to be answered, riddles to be solved.

Isleen followed. The conversation began with some social chitchat and someone asked if she had any plans to return to the earth plane.

Isleen: No but then you never know; things are not written in stone.

Q: Would you rather not come back?

Isleen: I have neither wish nor inclination to, but who knows if the circumstances came about and my 'beau' decided to return to earth, then perhaps I may be tempted.

This was new information to us. Isleen had told us some time ago that she was not with her husband in the spirit world and no one had asked if she'd met anyone else. The questions continued:

Q: Is he with you all the time in the spirit world?

Isleen: Yes.

Q: Has he been there as long as you?

Isleen: He was longer here than I.

Q: Waiting for you?

Isleen: No. Waiting for me to happen to him.

Someone else changed the subject and asked:

Q: If we are either male or female in our many different lives, why have you chosen to be female in spirit?

Isleen: Because I was female in my last life, Andrew and I quite liked it.

Q: Is it a choice you have?

Isleen: Yes.

Q: Can you leave that persona?

Isleen: If I wished I could, but I do not wish it, for in this persona, as you put it, I reached what you would say a fulfilment.

One member of the group had particularly noticed a change in the energy when Hai had left and Isleen came through. He commented on this and asked:

Q: Do you bring that energy with you?

Isleen: My energy is peace and serenity and patience and calmness. And I wish that you feel this energy, that you are able to draw upon it for your own strength.

Q: I'm not suggesting that Hai has a bad energy, Isleen. (This comment brought about some laughter)

Isleen: He has a strong energy; assurance, and confidence. Assurance above all else I feel. When you feel Hai's energy you feel this strong sense of assurance, like a mighty rock, which cannot be affected or eroded by the elements. It stands there serene in its own way with assurance above all else, strength, knowing. And those who come to him seek his knowing, but they seek it in words and it cannot be written or spoken. But this does not mean his knowing is any the less for it is an inner knowing, strength of knowing, a depth of knowing. He knows with his own inner blood, his own heart beat, his own inner being more strongly than any words or ideas could say.

Q: Could we ever get to that point, Isleen?

Isleen: Yes, it is the path which we must all enter upon, but it is a long path, a long, long path. But it is the heritage for all of us. It is the goal and the path for all of us when the time is right.

I feel we will talk tonight instead of the meditation. There is much feeling this night in this room so if you wish to talk, if you have questions we will talk.

Isleen was taken up on her offer and the questions (or questioning) began:

Q: Sometimes when I feel I am gaining patience something tests me and I fly off the handle. Is that a beginning to change when I recognise it?

Isleen: In truth yes we must recognise when we are losing patience, when we are impatient, yet we must more deeply understand the reason for our impatience, the cause of our impatience. If we could fully understand the root of our impatience then the impatience and its cause would be removed would it not? You must understand that the impatience lies within us and not in our outer circumstances. Though people may annoy us, may test us sorely, we should view this as a game perhaps, not as something that we should be irritable with them about, but rather an opportunity to grow, to understand ourselves. For in truth it does provide us with opportunities to gain understanding of ourselves, to understand ourselves more deeply, more fully.And with each test we may understand ourselves a little better, a little more deeply.

And yet we must also have patience with ourselves, for we have need of love and patience as much as anyone. But when we have caught ourselves being impatient we should ask ourselves; what is the root, what is the source, what is it that has made me react in this way? Is it a feeling of slight, is it a feeling of agitation? Is it a feeling of being devalued in some way? Whatever it is we should root it out and understand it, not from the point of view of blaming ourselves so much, but from the point of view of understanding ourselves more deeply.

Because if I give you an example for instance: If someone should slight you, you may become angry and impatient with them, irritable with them. But I ask you: If you were totally secure and at home and at peace with yourself, would you not rather be a strong rock which such a slight would not touch, would not agitate, would not aggravate because you are secure unto yourself, sound in yourself, strong in yourself? And you would rather perhaps be perplexed why this person should try to slight you in this way; perhaps because of some insecurity or inner problem of their own. But this slight would not touch you because you are like a rock in the ocean, a mighty rock that the waves cannot touch. Do you follow me in this my friends? So the source of the agitation or impatience is rather the question about ourselves, and understanding ourselves; for we may learn much from the felt slights of others.

Q: The problem is that we do things because we are conditioned, Isleen.

Isleen: To be free of conditioning is our aim and our goal. To be free of conditioning, to be free from being moved by conditions is our goal. You may sit serene in the midst of the storm. (Smiles). I do not pretend any of this is easy my friends, but you can see what I say, yes? And as difficult as it is to bring about, this manner of being, you can see its value as a whole? In truth we are all friends with each other whether our enemies see it or not and they each will in turn, in time, discover the friendship that exists between us. But they create a surface storm, a surface irritation, to cloud the venture, for they think they have need of the storm.

Q: Doesn't that create a difficulty in that to do that you would be very different?

Isleen: You are not so different; you have merely grown your leaves. Your branches have found the sun and they have grown and blossomed.

Q: But surely if we improve ourselves we cannot stay or remain within a group of friends and associates that live in a confrontational manner?

Isleen: You are not improving yourself. You are merely discovering your own true nature as in their turn they must discover their own true nature. It is best you stay amongst your friends who are confrontational, who are difficult. You may further refine yourself in this environment; it may be of some help too.

Q: I wondered whether the situation would be intolerable.

Isleen: No because you must then ask yourself, why you find this situation intolerable; and so we have more opportunities for self-learning. We must try to be big hearted and all embracing whatever the situation and circumstance, whatever people surround us.

Q: I was thinking about what Hai said: that like-minded people are drawn to like-minded people.

Isleen: Yes absolutely.

Q: So why would you stay with all these confrontational types rather than gravitate to someone who was at the same level of progress?

Isleen: You are on the earth plane and have little choice in the matter for one thing. People of this ilk will seek you out. People of this ilk seek Hai out because they like to rile him. (Laughs). They would like to disturb the still waters to see if any mud can be generated from the bottom. They are sadly disappointed.

Q: Hai has also said that it is not always a good thing to remain with like-minded people because by coming in contact with others with different views it can help us to grow.

Isleen: Yes, it can be very prescriptive and you would say "samey". It prevents growth, it prevents fulfilment.

Q: But would it? Surely if you are attracted to someone at a slightly higher level than yourself and they are likewise attracted to someone further along the pathway, you would all be going in the same direction and moving towards a hierarchy.

Isleen: The person further along the highway may be of necessity confrontational towards you to test your mettle.

Q: But that would be confrontation for the right reason.

Isleen: Would you always see it that way though?

Q: If you wanted to get on then yes you would accept it because you would know it was going the right way. You would intuitively know that surely, as hard as it may seem at the time.

Isleen: But if you are told that you are not good enough yet; then how would you feel about that?

Q: I would want to know why and would seek more self-learning.

Isleen: The fact that someone would tell you that you are not good enough of course would be a device to see your reaction.

Q: Would there ever be an occasion on the earth plane when we should just choose to walk away?

Isleen: There can be times when you just must walk away because there is nothing to be gained at that point in time. It should not be a case of turning your back upon the person of course but merely ending the conversation and confrontation and walking away, moving on, for there is nothing to be gained at that point in time. It would be hoped that the person would think and reflect, then decide on a different approach.

One of our group members described a situation of conflict with a colleague and explained that it was not until they had resolved their difficulties that each was able to find employment elsewhere. They parted as good friends. Isleen used this example to demonstrate her point.

Isleen: She had a trade off with you. She learnt things from you and you from her. She learnt personal qualities from you.

Q: We've had no contact since.

Isleen: You do not need the contact for you've had sufficient contact. Your paths met in a karmic relationship, which was between you, and you satisfied it and then you parted company and moved on. But the bonds are ever there.

Q: I feel quite fondly of her now.

Isleen: And so you find that the relationship was transmuted in your feelings and so it is in the due course of time with all relationships. Those that are difficult are transmuted into friendship and affection. So when you see your enemy think of them as your future friend of tomorrow.

The London Bombings

One night after answering a question regarding the development of mediumship, Hai continued going on to talk about an issue that was high in everyone's mind; the recent London bombings.

Hai: You are all too eager to do. You are all too eager to achieve. There is much merit, much usefulness in patience. Sometimes evil comes from impatience, from this activity and this need to bring things about. You have had this with your bombings. (Referring to London). Those who do these things are, in part, misguided, yet they are also responding to their own impatience and arrogance.

There is misfortune in the world. There is injustice in the world. The scales of justice are often out of balance so someone thinks they shall try to balance them by their own efforts. This is no use; for what happens when you bang down on the scales? I ask you; what happens when you bang down on the scales?

Q: There is a reaction.

Hai: Yes and so the scales fluctuate and go up and down, even more out of balance. So this is not the way; this is not the future. But if those who would see this injustice would meekly be patient, would do what is reasonable, what is becoming, what is appropriate to do within love, and they develop great boundless patience; this is the way. This is the way of productive change.

Q: Is there anything we can do to help bring about this balance?

Hai: You need to talk to people. You need to bridge links between your peoples and communities, both within your own country and overseas. The more dialogue in understanding that is conducive to that, the more willingness, the showing of willingness to understand, genuine willingness to understand, rather than winning an argument; this will bring about beneficial change.

You are all on earth. There is no longer anywhere to hide on this earth which is safe from the repercussions of misguided souls' injustice and oppression. The effects are felt like ripples on a lake. Therefore there is no escape. Everyone in their own way must do what they can to bring about change, positive change. We from our side try to influence things for good, try to convey beneficial influences, but we are not the ones that have to do the hard work. You are the residents of the earth at this moment in time and you must put your hand to the plough.

You know when you allow people into your country, people who perhaps have some right to come into your county; you bring with them their former allegiances, former concerns, and you must recognise and accept this. This is a problem that you must all resolve together, and this is why we spoke a minute ago of the need for dialogue, for communication, for understanding, for empathy. It is important to bring about this communication across cultures, across peoples, across nations, and reach an attempt at genuine understanding. Through understanding of what peoples' concerns are, through understanding their perceptions of injustice and oppression, a new greater understanding can be achieved and common action sought through the linking of hands and arms.

Therefore we would encourage you to work across your differing peoples, your multiple peoples, and work towards common understanding, agreement, and decisions on action that should be taken. This must come from the people, not from Government; it must come up from the roots of the people. It must make manifest their wishes, their direction which any government must then follow through in action. Governments will not solve these issues; will not solve these problems. The consciousness must rise up in the people. The understanding must rise up from the people. This is also why these people who commit these acts do great evil for they target the ordinary people. Not that it would be any more correct to target members of the Government for they too are people, humanity. The atrocities of one are not solved by committing further atrocities against them. Atrocity breeds atrocity. They just commit their own atrocity, which they are accountable for.

Q: Is it to do with their religion or what they feel?

Hai: They feel in part a sense of devaluation. It is not in essence to do with religion. It is to do in essence with a sense of devaluation, of being valued with low worth and they see this, they feel this because of the ways of the world and in the actions of your governments. Therefore it is not to do with religion as such. It is to do with feeling put down, undervalued, of not equal worth.

You humans are sometimes like blinkered horses; cannot see wide enough vision. Where injustice is ended there will be no soil for the weeds to grow. Where there is injustice the weeds will grow as in these ones who have committed this act. You root out the conditions for the growing of the weeds and the weeds will disappear naturally without effort. The actions of your governments sometimes are like those who have discovered weeds who think they shall nourish them by pouring fertiliser on them. Who in their right mind would do this?

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