Spirits Speaking from the Heart at Tranquil Spirit - Public Demonstration of Spiritual Trance Mediumship / Channeling at Penticton, in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada. March 2006.

Channeling Spirit Communication through Spiritual Trance Medium

In March 2006 we took a trip through British Columbia and Alberta starting at Vancouver, then onto Victoriaon Vancouver Island for a few nights. We then came back to the mainland and travelled up to the Kamloops area coming down through Vernon into the beautiful Okanagan Valley area for a few days, staying in Peachland near the city of Kelowna.

Prior to going to Canada we had come into contact with members of the Celebration Centre and Metaphysical Society based in Penticton who took up our offer to do a demonstration of spiritual trance mediumship / channeling while we were in the Okanagan.

Beach at Penticton on Okanagan Lake Penticton is situated in a beautiful location at the southern end of Okanagan Lake. The lake has many sandy beaches. This is a view from one at Penticton.

SS Sicamous on Penticton Beach, Okanagan Lake One of the local attractions is the SS Sicamous, a fully restored and decked out 1914 paddlesteamer.

Smith and Company Coffee House, Penticton, Okanagan The venue for the Trance / Channeling Demonstration was the Smith and Company Coffee House, Winnipeg Street, Penticton. When we were told that the venue was going to be a Coffee House we could not help but laugh. Davia is forever telling us that the currency in the Spirit Realms is good quality jokes and he is always pulling our legs that we must come up with good jokes to qualify for the many tours he can provide when we enter the Spirit World. He often teases one member of our Home Circle that he is not visiting the right Coffee Shops (Houses). He tells him he must visit good quality Coffee Shops if he expects to come by good Coffee Shop jokes.

Demonstration of Trance Mediumship, Penticton, Okanagan Unfortunately, once indoors our digital camera let us down and most of the photos came out blurred but this one didn't come out too bad so we have included it. The trance mediumship / channeling demonstration was given for an audience of around fifty people.

The evening started with Paul giving some brief background information describing the processes involved in trance mediumship / channeling as it had been explained by members of the Spirit Group. Paul gave some background information on the members of the Phoenix Spirit Group and an indication of what people could expect. He encouraged everyone to relax and ask questions as this would greatly aid spirit communication.

The spirit communication commenced with Hai, the Spirit Guide who leads the Phoenix Spirit Group, coming through to speak to people. Hai was asked questions on a wide range of issues including the environment and the existence of ogopogo a creature believed to inhabit Okanagan Lake similar to the Loch Ness Monster. Hai's usual strong message of love and compassion came through clearly.

After an interval for a cup of coffee the session continued with communications from other spirits. WB came through and covered a number of topics, also sharing some details of his last life on earth. Davia then came through and was in top form with his sense of humour and fun.

The evening ended with Eileen asking everyone to send out healing energies to people in need.

An mp3 recording of WB's and Davia's communications is available from this page:

Recording of Spiritual Trance Medium / Channeling Demonstration at Penticton, in the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada. March 2006

Paul, Eileen and Emma would like to thank the members of the Celebration Centre and Metaphysical Society for the opportunity to meet them and their warm reception and their participation in the demonstration. This greatly contributed to making the evening an enjoyable event and we left feeling that we had made some new friends. Thanks also to David and his colleagues at the Smith Coffee House for the venue and the excellent coffee.

After leaving the Okanagan Valley we continued our journey through British Columbia and Alberta travelling through Oliver, Osoyoos, Nelson and Fernie finishing our travels by staying near Calgary for a couple of nights. In Calgary we came across a New Age Book Store in the Kensington District of the City which expressed interest in stocking our books for sale. The owner also expressed interest in hosting a demonstration at some time in the future as he had a venue within the shop.

We will be visiting British Columbia and Alberta, Canada, at fairly frequent intervals for the foreseeable future, so we would be interested to hear from any groups who may be interested in hosting a demonstration of trance mediumship / channeling while we are travelling in Canada.

We are also seeking contact with individuals living in the Okanagan who are interested in our activities. Please click here for further details.

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